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Subject: Hot for Harden (4) This is a fictional story about a man I have become instantly infatuated with. I came across this perfect specimen if maleness recently. His name is Hunter Harden. All I can say is. “Have you seen this GOD of a man”. Utter perfection is all that can be said. I have never met him, ans may never. But I know he is gay and if ever given the chance. I am all over him. Enjoy. Hot for Harden (Part 4) ….. There I was at some party for a prevocative calendar release of hot hairy men. I had come there with my friend Randall that was part of the photo shoot team. His plus one as it were. But I was here to meet inw of the hot models of the calendar. Hunter Harden. A man that from the first image I saw of him I knew I needed to have. I was going forward to it too. But Hunter did not show. Something had come up. I had wanted just to go home after that. But thats whem I met Chris M. A gorgeous furry hunk that was eyeing me as I stood there next to my friend. “He with you?” He had asked me When he found I was not with Randall, Chris really became interested in me. Looking at me like I was dinner. It would be offputting to me had he not been so damned hot. And after some coaxing and a short chat. That and the fact that I was already pretty randy being there, Chris talked me into going into the back with him. “Lets go have a little fun” he winked So we walked through the crowds of people and through the main door. Then he took me to the right and up some stairs. Then when we got to the next floor Chris grabbed me. The hot hairy man pulled me to him and planted a hot kiss in me. “Come here” he huffed as he grabbed me . Then after a kızılay escort hot and wet kiss, he grabbed my hand and lead me up another flight of stairs. Then on the next floor I realized it was a hotel up there. He pulled me down the hall and we reached a room. We stopped at room 312. Thats when he reachrd into his pocket for a key card. He swipped it to the lock and the light flicked to green. The he opened the door, pulling me in with him. I was shocked that he seemed prepared for an evening hook up. Room key and all. “Wow. You were planning on getting lucky?” I asked “I usually do” he smiled. Then he pulled me back to him. Then Chris kissed me again. His hand was starting to grab at my clothes. He was pulling at them “Lets get these off” he said “Want to see this hot body” That’s what I wanted. Him naked as well. But I certainly obliged his request. I let him pull my short off. Exposing my naked chest. He smiled and then Chris went for my pants. He groped at my crotch as he unzipped me. Then as he pulled at my pants, he brought his bearded face to me. Then the hot bear kissed me. A delicious wet kiss. “Very fucking nice” he huffed “I am gonna fuck you go good” “Help me” He stopped as he pulled at my pants. Then I helped him finish pulling them down. And the I was down to my briefs. Chris grabbed at my bulge. Groping and rubbing at it. My body was quickly responding to it. I felt as my dick pushed back at his hand. He sighed as he felt it throb. “Feela real nice” he said. “Gonna first suck this baby off” Then he kissed me again. He then moved sown my body with his mouth and tongue. I fwlt the beard as it raked across keçiören escort my smooth chest. Felt as his wet tongue dragged over my flesh. And Chris slowly moved down my body. His hand was still rubbing at my crotch. My dick was quickly hardening to him. Then after a bit more tongue play moving down my belly and to the edges if my briefs. “Looks real nice” he said Then he dropped to his knees and kissed my tenting cock. Then I felt his mouth move over the covered tip. He munched on my cock like this and I groaned from the pleasure of it. He did this for a bit more before Chris then just pulled down my briefs. My dick fell out at him and he quickly grabbed at it. “Very nice indeed man” he said “Gonna love sucking this ine” And thats when Chris went down on me. I gasoed as I felt his mouth slip down my dick. The man slurped sown my hardened dick. His tongue danced along the sides of it. Slurping wet saliva over my shaft. “Fuckk. Awe yeah man” I sighed “That feels so good Chris” “That mouth feels soo good” I touched his head and rubbed my hands through his hair. Caressing it as I let the hot bear suck on me. And he really was doing a great job at siphoning on my dick. That mouth slurped up and down my dick over and over again. Then he pulled up and off me. His tongue then proceeded to flick at the head of my hard dick. Back and forth over the tip. He even tried to dig into the piss slit. I groaned again. Deeply. “Awee fuckk. Yess!” I moaned “So fucking great stud.” “Suck my cock spme more baby. Yess” “Delicious dick” Chris stated And then he slipped down my dick again. I groaned get again as I felt that warm escort ankara wet mouth suck me down again. And it was soo good. I pushed back atbhis handsome face as he continued to give me blow. “Yeah boy. Soo fucking good” he said as he came up off my dick again He took in some air and then again swooped back down. The loud slurps filled the room we were in. Then as he blew me I felt his fingers as they rummaged around near my ass. Rubbing near it and around the hole. And then he thrist a finger into me. I groaned again from the nice deep thrust. “Ughnn. Awe fuck man” I crowed “Thats good too Chris” “Do that. Ohh yes, do that” So he did. Chris thrust his finger back in. Slamming into me over and over. And as he sucked my cock more I felt as he pushed a second finger into me. “Awee fuckk!” I howled “That’s it baby. That’s it man” And my hips started to thrust. That and my balls started to pull up. I was gonna blow. And I called out to him about it “Shiit. Awee fuckk Chris!” I then yelled “I am gonna blow dude” “Gonna fucking bust!” “Fuckk!” Chris pulled from my dick just as I started to shoot. Stroking it as I exploded in his mouth and on his bearded face. Shot after wonderful shot of my cum release. I jumped at his gripping hand as I blew my lod on him. I heard him hum as he kissed my dick, and let cum splash all over his face. “Hmf, hmf, hmf. Fuckk” I crowed still Then my spasms subsided as I lay there. Panting heavily as I tried to gather a normal breath. Then I looked down to see the hot man belowm. His beard and face had my cum on it. Then he crawled up on top of me and planted a kiss in my lips. He gave me back some of my cum he had taken in his mouth. And the taste of the two was great. “Soo good” he stated “Fucking great load baby” Then I licked at his beard to clean his face off. Tasting my cum some more. Then as I looked up at the hot bear I told him I wanted to do him now “Your turn” I huffed…… To be continued