Hot Holly – How i met Holly

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Hot Holly – How i met HollyHow I met Holly.I moved into town in the middle of summer. That day the temperature at 1pm was close to 108 and sweat was dripping from my body when I tried to open the front door my brand new key. As usual with new keys it was difficult to get into the lock but after some struggling and cursing I got the door open.A wave of cool air greeted me and I sat down on the cold tile floor to get the heat out of my body before I had to go back out and unpack my car.I got a small drink of cold water from the refrigerator and went back out in the heat.When I walked out the front door I was greeted by a tall, slender, dark haired woman with a pretty face. She was wearing tight white shorts and a bright pink tank top. She looked fit and fresh like there was no heat or anything. Fresh out of one of those models catalogs.She said her name was Holly and she lived just two houses down the street. If I was interested bahis firmaları in a cold drink or some refreshments. I said that that would be great but that i had to unpack my car first. Specially some groceries before they spoiled in the heat.Well, she said, the invitation stands, just come on over when you are done, I live in the yellow house just over there. The front door is not locked, so if I do not answer the doorbell, just walk in, when I am in the back of the house I can’t hear the doorbell.I thanked her and said I may just come over later.Sweating and cursing some more I got my car unpacked, put the groceries in the fridge and was ready for a nice cold beer. When I say down on the floor, my furniture comes tomorrow, I remembered the invitation. I looked at my watch and though that 4:30 pm was an ok time to go over there. You know, not to close to dinner time to feel imposing on peoples plans.I walked over to canlı bahis the yellow house and rang the doorbell. A faint “ding-dong” sounded. I waited for a minute and decided to ring it again.After another minute or so I pushed the door open and walked into the giant living room. All white marble tites and nice and cool. I was suddenly aware of my sweaty condition and was about to turn around and get a shower at home when Holly walked in.She changed her pink top into a net top with her tan nipples sticking through. She quickly put her hands over them but I had seen enough to make my jeans feel pretty tight.She has a ring on her left hand but not on her wedding finger I thought. But I was cautious, new to the area you never know what hot headed husband is gonna be storming in in the next couple of minutes.After she had turned around, she asked if I wanted a cold drink. Obviously my sweaty appearance did not get unnoticed. I bahis siteleri said that a beer would be nice. She walked to the fridge and bent over to get a beer from the bottom shelf. I had another glimpse of her breasts and hard nipples poking through this net top. Shivers ran down my spine and I was not feeling anything else then the bulge in my pants swelling bigger to a point where it is uncomfortable.She turned away and popped the top of the bottle. She put it on the bar and walked away.I grabbed the bottle and took a good sip. Wow, I thought, that is a good begin! She came back with a light vest d****d over her breasts. We drank our beers and she talked about her husband being away on business trips all the time.Then the phone rang. It was her husband. She was told to get to the airport in an hour as he would be flying in on the next flight. I finished my beer and started walking to the front doow when she asked me if I wanted to come back another day?I shrugged my shoulders and said that I usually do not date married women but that she was also welcome to come and visit at my place some time to grab a beer and talk.That is how I met Holly.