Hot Sex with Trainee

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Hot Sex with TraineeBeep beep. My mobile buzzed. I got the list of new trainees who would be joining my company. There were three of them. Two girls and a boy.I’m yashwanth, 24 years, well built, and very handsome. I work in a good software company in Hyderabad and had been blessed with a good and pretty girlfriend. But, I always had relations with girls who found me very irresistible.The day arrived when the three people came. They had just passed out of college and were ready to join the company. Out of the two, one girl caught my attention. Her name was Harushi. She was 21 years old. Sizes were around 34-28-36. Fair looking and decent height with long hair. I never had bad intentions on her. Slowly, the training started and we got to know each other. She was an engineering graduate in CSE and she was from Bangalore. She was a gold medalist in her college. She never had a bf before nor was in a relationship. I was surprised as to how such a sweet girl wasn’t committed. She, however, told that she had a very close friend whom she used to share everything with.Over time of a month, we used to talk daily. Since she was in a training period, she used to stay in a hotel sponsored by the company. So, she used to talk late in the nightstand we got to know about each other. She once admitted that she had a crush on me but she was unlucky since I was married. I didn’t reply back but then, that was the time, I got my dirty mind running. I wanted her on my bed. I imagined her husky voice, those decent boobs, long hair, and bouncy ass.I was eagerly waiting for a chance every day. Time was passing by and she would leave in a month. I was desperately hoping for a chance and one day, I came to know that she wasn’t feeling well and hence didn’t come to the office that day. So, that evening, I paid a visit to the hotel room. I then came to know the actual reason. She had fought with her best friend because he thought she was giving him less priority these days. I told her that both would be fine, but she broke down and was crying. I then decided to take her out and told her to get ready. She reluctantly came out with me and I took her to the restaurant downstairs of the hotel. I consoled her a lot halkalı escort and touched her hand. She immediately pulled it back. It was an awkward moment for both of us. To calm down the situation, I asked her if she would want a drink, to which she replied she didn’t have the habit. I ordered one for myself and the wine in me started kicking in. I told her to have one as it would make her forget the memories temporarily. After a lot of deliberation, she drank a peg. She liked it and she also joined me in drinking. The drinks also started to affect her. Slowly, I touched her personal life and asked her if she loved her best friend. She told yes and although she knew he loved her, her family wouldn’t agree. I could see the sadness. This time, I again touched her hand and she didn’t tell anything. I told her not to worry and to relax. She told her she’s disturbed and not in a state to relax. I told her that we stop drinking and go up. She nodded and we went back to her room.I forgot to mention that she was wearing a green saree with a golden blouse at that time and was looking gorgeous. We sat down in the room and checking her laptop for the next day’s plan.While doing that her pallu just slipped off her shoulder giving me a full view of her cleavage. She saw me and covered it quickly adjusting her pallu. I told her that she is really beautiful and that I like her. She was shocked. However, she said that she respects my feelings but cannot accept it as I was married. I then told her that I want to have sex with her then and there. Before she could say anything I placed my lips on her beautiful red lips and started kissing her. She was struggling to get rid of me and pushed me hard. I again went near her and planted another kiss. Due to the influence of the alcohol, she wasn’t in a proper state to completely get rid of me. Slowly, she accepted my kiss and responded. By this time her pallu was already dropped on the floor, I rolled her saree and removed it completely, she was only in her blouse and satin petticoat and it was so fit that I can see her panty line. I turned her back and pushed her on the wall. She was standing facing towards the wall.I was kissing şişli escort her bareback and all exposed body. She was letting out soft moans. I unhooked her blouse and kissed her back over her bra. Then I turned her around and in one go I removed her blouse. She was standing there only in her red lacy bra and petticoat and face towards the floor in shyness. I took her face in my hand and kissed her again, she then removed my t-shirt and I undid my jeans. I was there only in my red underwear. She removed it and I wore the condom which I had brought along hoping for a situation like this. I made her lay on the bed and took off her petticoat and she was lying there only in her red lacy bra and panty. I started licking her each and everybody parts, I was sucking her boobs over her bra and she was enjoying it. I made her bra completely wet with my saliva, moving down I reached her cleaned shaved pink pussy and started licking it over her panty which was already wet. I removed her bra and panty and she was completely naked. I wanted to give the first orgasms of her life. I was eating her pussy like mad. I then inserted my middle finger in her pussy. It was tight as she was a virgin. I was licking and fingering her and her moans increased.She cums for the first time in her life and let out a sigh of relief and her satisfaction was on showing on her face. I lubricated her pussy with my saliva and applied the same to my penis. I made her lay on the bed in a missionary position and placed my dick on her pussy.She asked me to go slow as this was her first time. I assured her of me being gentle. I was kissing her and gave a small push, with the push she moved up, I asked her to hold the bed and stay there, gave another push and the head of my penis went in. She was in pain and asked me to stop. I console her and asked if she is OK. She was OK to go ahead. I asked to look at me and with one stroke I gave a hard push and my full 6-inch penis was inside her. She screamed in pain and hurt my back with her nail. I wait for a few minutes and then started to go in and out, starting from slow to fast I started stroking her hard. Her pain vanished sarıyer escort and she was enjoying and moaning with every stroke, I fucked her in the same position for 20 minutes and was about to cum. I loaded all my cum with full force inside her. She came at the same time and sighed relief. We hugged each other and lay there for a while. She was in pain, however, she said that she loved her first sex experience with me.We then went for a shower and started cleaning ourselves. I thought it was the golden opportunity to break her anal seal.I turned her around put her legs apart and started licking her ass hole. She was moaning gently as I licked, “Uh-uh that feels so good, please don’t stop.” As her ass hole got wet due to shower, I moved from her hole and rubbed my cock against her wet pussy collecting the juices. It was time for her to lose her anal virginity. I positioned my self behind her, moved her legs apart revealing her hole. I slapped her ass cheeks hard a couple of times and began pushing my cock in her ass. She screamed when I entered. I pushed my cock halfway and kept it there for some time. She stopped screaming. I grabbed her shoulder and pushed it further in with a thrust. She shouted, “Please no more, it is hurting.” Her ass was tight and I had to go slow as her ass hole was pressing my dick hard. But I decided to go full in before I came.After a moment with another final big thrust I was totally in her ass, it felt great, entering her virgin hole. She gave out a scream at the pressure. I gave her a moment to settle and then started slow thumping. I grabbed her boobs, twisting her nipples, and pushed her body up. After a slow few strokes, she said, “You can go faster now.” She was ready to get her ass ravaged now. I pulled her hands behind crossing them together and grabbed them hard with one hand and grabbed her throat with the other. She was so right now. I increased my speed and she shouted. After almost 15 minutes of intense thumping, I was close to cum, I let go of her hands and grabbed her shoulders pulling her closer to me. I increased my speed for the climax. After a couple of minutes, I came in her ass. We moaned together loudly with pleasure as I launched a huge load of cum inside her ass.As it was her first time we did not go for any more sessions for the next day.However, we had 5 days more before she would go back to Bangalore and we explored all possible positions and enjoyed a lot.give me your feedback at &