Hot Stepdaughter Part Two

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Hot Stepdaughter Part TwoThe very next morning was Saturday. My wife didn’t have to work so she slept in. I left the bed quietly and walked down the hall to Connie’s room. I tapped lightly on the door. Connie called out a little louder than I thought prudent, “Come in Daddy.” I opened the door and gasped at my beautiful daughter, naked on her bed, with several fingers inside her cunt. She pulled her fingers out and said, “I am nice and juicy for you Daddy.” I took her wrist in my hand and sucked the cunt juice from her fingers.I tried casually to close the door, but didn’t really get it shut.Connie sat up and tugged my underwear down, smiling when my cock popped out. “Treat me like your slut Daddy. Take me and do whatever you want.”I grinned lasciviously, moved my right hand slowly to her 34B tits. The nipples were like little pebbles, nice and hard. I put my thumb and forefinger on one of them. She mewed when I twisted the nipple then pinched it hard. I moved my mouth to her other nipple and bit it not really hard but enough so she squeaked. I put one hand behind her back and with my other hand I shoved three fingers into her cunt. I lifted her up from the bed that way and started kissing her mouth hard.I set her feet on the floor, released my fingers from her cunt and pushed her shoulders down so she was kneeling on the floor. I grasped her head and said, “Open up your whore mouth!” She grinned and did that. She was leaning against the wall. I drove my cock into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged on it the first time, but the rest of the time she took it well.Neither of us saw her mother’s face looking through the slightly open door.I fucked my daughter’s mouth for probably ten minutes then knew kadıköy escort I needed to come inside that delicious cunt one more time. “On the bed slut.” I patted where I wanted her, which was with her knees just on the bottom edge of the bed and her on all fours. I stood behind her and slapped her ass hard one time. It left a wonderful red imprint of my hand. “Fuck me Daddy please. I want your cum inside of me again.” I patted her sweet ass now. With my left hand I used my thumb and forefinger to spread her cunt lips. With my right hand on my shaft I pressed the swollen purple head of my cock into my step-daughter’s cunt. I heard a low hiss and figured it was Connie.”So you like Daddy’s cock don’t your babygirl?” She moaned and pushed back onto my prick while I just stood there. She fucked me languidly, her eyes closed. I heard another sigh and was startled when I looked to the door and saw my wife’s smiling face. She didn’t see that I saw her, but I could see that she was naked and had several fingers inside her pussy. When her eyes eventually looked from where my cock was going into her daughter’s cunt to where I was looking at her in shock, she shook her head and put a finger over her mouth to signify it was okay and don’t tell Connie.I was kind of blown away by this, but decided to take the opportunity. I held onto Connie’s hips now and said, “Baby, I’m going to need to come soon.” She moaned and said, “Shoot it all inside of me Daddy! I want to feel your seed shoot inside of me. FILL ME UP!”I pounded her hard now, watching her sweet young body move with my strokes into her. Connie put her head and shoulders down on the bed now. She reached between her legs üsküdar escort with a hand and felt my slippery shaft as it slid out of her and then moved it when it slammed back into her. She moved fingers inside her cunt then where Daddy’s cock met her slippery lips. She felt all around my shaft as it was in her. Feeling it slide into her and then moving the tip of her finger over the head when it was pulled almost to the entrance.”Oh Daddy, your cock feels so much better inside me than Scott’s does. I haven’t told him you are fucking me. I don’t think he needs to know about this.” She giggled and said, “Mother would shit if she knew you were fucking me.”I thought about that. My wife was looking at me now with a ‘well what are you going to do now’ look.”Connie baby,” I said sliding into her again. “What if your mother knew about this and was not mad at all? Would that bother you or would you like that?”Connie almost commented rashly, but thought it over and said, “Well…if she knew you and I were fucking…and if she agreed you could fuck me whenever you or I wanted…that would be pretty cool.”Quietly her mother said, “Connie.” I watched as her daughter looked to the door. She pulled away from me and shrieked. Her mother walked into the room then. She was naked and her fingers were shiny. It didn’t take Connie long to figure it out.”All right Leon. Fuck your daughter! I will sit on the bed and touch her while you fuck her.”Connie’s eyes were wide open staring at her mother. My wife leaned over and ran her hand over my slippery cock. “Here, let mama help.” She held my cock and guided it to the juicy opening of her daughter’s cunt. She kept her hand on my slippery tuzla escort shaft as I pushed the head into Connie’s pussy. She released her hand from my shaft and stared in close proximity as my cock moved in Connie’s cunt. “Are you ready to cum Leon,” she asked. I grinned and patted her should and said, “Huge load in my balls for Connie Baby.””Then DO IT!” She stood so Connie could see her fingering her hairy cunt while her Daddy fucked his daughter. “Shoot it in her Leon! Unload in her Baby!”That was all I could stand. I grabbed Connie’s hips and pounded her cunt like a madman. There was indeed a huge load in my balls. I emptied them out into this sweet girl in long delicious spurts. Connie pushed back against me as she felt my cum shooting into her. “OH fuck me Daddy! Give me all your seed Daddy!”At last I was spent. I pulled my now slightly curving cock from her cunt. My wife took my cock in her hand and knelt in front of me. Connie and I watched in awe as she took the cock that had just been inside her daughter down her throat. When she had me cleaned she told Connie “Over onto your back honey. Momma needs to taste that full cunt you have there.” Obediently and in shock Connie did as she asked. When her mother opened her mouth over her daughter’s partially open cunt Connie screamed. I watched my wife of twenty-six years lapping noisily at the semen filled hole. When she was done she moved to Connie’s face and started kissing her mouth. Both women wound up with large amounts of semen in their mouths. When her mother closed her mouth and swallowed, Connie did the same.Later that night my wife confessed to me that she had been fucking her boss at work for years and had felt guilty about it. She was very happy that I had finally seen how hot my step-daughter was for me. The three of us were naked for the rest of the day and anytime we were all home together. Eventually though Connie had to tell Scott she wouldn’t be seeing him anymore. She didn’t tell him about the fucking she was getting at home.