Hot time with young black guy from Ghana at bus st

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Hot time with young black guy from Ghana at bus stI was about 80 miles from home on business and forgot some crucial material for a meeting. I had a package sent via a busline as it was the only way to receive it on time. I got to the station and found out the bus was running 90 minutes late. I was rather perturbed and went to sit in the near empty waiting area which had about 5 people sitting in an area that could hold several hundred people. I spotted a thin, cute, very dark-skinned black guy sitting by himself near the entryway. He was SOOOO pretty and had a very smooth, hairless body. He had shorts on and his shapely legs were beautiful. I went up to him and asked if I could sit next to him. His English was very bad, but he said OK. I sat next to him and I soon learned he was from Ghana visiting for the first time and hoped to not have to go back. We made small talk for a few minutes and I worked up the nerve to ask how gay men were treated in Ghana. He stated they had a tough time and that there was a lot of hate crimes towards gays. I asked him if that was one of the reasons he wanted to be in the U.S. He said he just wanted to be with someone, male or female, as long as they loved him. He also told me that his tuzla escort ride was not arriving for at least 5 hours. I came right out and told him I thought he was really cute and asked him if he wanted to go somewhere with me until his ride came. I was lucky enough that my rental car was a nice van with tinted windows in the back.We left the station and walked toward the parking lot about 300 yards away. Half way there, I touched his hand, and as he didn’t pull away, I gently took his hand in mine. We walked hand in hand to my van. I opened the passenger side, let him in and got in the driver’s side. I drove across the lot and parked facing a wall so we couldn’t be seen. I leaned over and kissed him. He had the fullest, sexiest lips and he was quite aggressive with his tongue. I got in the back and after fighting with the rear seats, finally got them down. We layed down and kissed for several minutes while I unzipped his pants and pulled them off. He was VERY nervous, but very excited. I reached in his underpants and felt a soft, but nice big dick. I pulled it out and whispered in his ear that I hoped he liked what I was going to do. He gently put his hands on the back of my head and guided me toward his cock.I’ve had the tuzla escort bayan pleasure of sucking 100’s of dicks, but this one just seemed so special. He put his cock in my mouth and I ran my tongue around it while it got very hard. It was such a pleasure as he laid back and I serviced this little cutie with the smooth body. I caressed his wonderful legs and sucked that gorgeous dick for about 5 minutes until I felt him tense up and he got super hard. I soon tasted his wonderful cum in my mouth. It was one of the biggest loads I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting. After he was done, I kept his dick in my mouth as it softened. I then kissed my way up his gorgeous stomach and chest and then kissed his soft lips. I asked him if he would stay there and he was very agreeable. I told him to let me know the first second he was ready for round 2. I wanted to go down on him again so bad it drove me crazy. After about 20 minutes, he put my hand on his dick and I went straight down on him and repeated the first time again. Fortunately, this time he took much longer to cum, which was good for me as I LOVED sucking his cock. It seemed like 2 minutes to me, but it was probably a good 15-20 minutes before he shot another load in escort tuzla my mouth.Since we had lots of time to burn, we cuddled and kissed while waiting for him to be ready again. It was very hot in the van and his smooth body was glistening with sweat. It was so hot to lick his smooth body and taste the drops of sweat that covered his body. As always happens when I am lucky enough to pull a marathon blow job session with a guy, the 3rd time was very quick. We were both drenched by this time and we wrapped our wet bodies around each other. It was getting close to the time for me to get my package from the station, so I ran in and got it and returned to the van. When I got in, he was laying on his stomach and appeared to be asleep. I started kissing his ankles and worked my way up his beautiful legs. His ass was so firm and smooth and I gently pulled his butt cheeks apart and started licking his asshole. He started to moan as I shoved my tongue as deep in his ass as I could. A few minutes later, he rolled over and pulled my head to his dick and I eagerly started sucking again. He didn’t last long and came again, though there was little cum.When it was time for him to go inside for his ride, we kissed passionately. He had no phone and didn’t have a number for me to call. I gave him my number hoping to hear from him, but never did. I loved every second with him (his name was Paul) and I am so disappointed I never talked to him again.