House guest lll

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House guest lllRebecca couldn’t take her eyes off it. She imagined she was kneeling in front of Bob mouth open waiting to be fed. She was brought back to reality with the sound of Megan’s voice. I, Im sorry, she stuttered. Did you say something. Megan smiled, seeing Bobs robe slightly opening as well. I said, I couldn’t get the day off. But I can work half a day, and I’ll be back. OK, Rebecca answered. Finished eating Megan and Bob dressed for work. Rebecca laid back down on the couch. After they left, Rebecca went to take a shower. Walking down the hall she stopped in front of their bedroom. Pushing the door open she replayed what she seen last night. Standing next to the bed Rebecca pressed her hand against her pelvis. Closing her eyes she seen Megan düzce escort laying with her legs wide. Her tits swaying like waves as Bob fucked her. Bringing her other hand up she rubbed her stiff nipples. Unable to take it any longer she pulled her night gown off and laid on the bed. Eyes closed she pulled at her nipples. Yes, she moaned. Bite them, imagining Bob sucking and nibbling her stiff nipples. Spreading her legs, Rebecca rubbed her pussy. Spreading her fingers, she rubbed the outer lips. Bringing her hand back up, she pressed on her clit, and rubbed. A trickle of her juices ran through her swollen lips, down to her ass. Megan realized she forgot her pass card for work. Entering the apartment, Rebecca wasnt on the couch. Going to her room escort düzce to find her badge she heard sounds coming from the bedroom. Walking softly, she leaned against the wall. Peaking in the door way, she was stunned at the sight in front of her. Rebecca now pushing her fingers deep into her wet pussy wildly. The sloshing sounds could be heard as she drove her fingers in. Megan smiled when Rebecca yelled, harder Bob. Fuck me hard. Megan felt her own pussy moistening. God, she thought. Why do I have to go to work today. Bringing her fingers to her mouth, Rebecca moaned, let me taste you. Megan rubbed her own crotch through her pants. Trying to be quiet Megan reached over to the dresser. Collecting her badge, she watched the show her sister düzce escort bayan was giving a minute more, then left. Sucking her fingers Rebecca imagined Megan sitting on her face. Licking on either side of them, then pushing her tongue between them, she moaned loudly. Covering her mouth, and pressing her knees together, Rebecca looked around. Sitting up, she thought she smelled a hint of Megan’s perfume. Covering herself with her gown she looked around the apartment. Finding no one, Rebecca locked the door and took her shower. Getting in the car Bob said, it’s about time. We’re going to be late. Putting her hand on Bobs crotch she said shout up and drive. Smiling Bob said, don’t start something you can’t finish. Unbuckling his belt Megan said, don’t worry. I won’t. Moving the back down some he said, now this is more like it. Megan adjusted herself and laid across the seats. Taking Bobs dick into her mouth and closing her eyes she pictured her sucking Bob as he ate Rebeccas pussy.