House Hunting With Suzy

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My wife, Marge, and I had known Don and Suzy for three or four years. Don is medically retired from the military; something with his heart. Suzy sells real estate near our second home. Ever since we found our mountain cabin through another agent, they have been giving us a hard time about not using through them.  My wife became a senior partner at her firm, so we had to look for more property, or at least more expensive property for our second home, for tax purposes. I called Don, told him I would be up for the weekend to look at houses and could Suzy be available. He insisted that we stay with them, even though we had a place less than a mile down the road. I like Don and Suzy, but she has high-pitched coquettish voice and the most sugar sweet manner. It is utterly distracting. Not that she is bad to look at. She has a great body for a woman of her age and she always dressed to the hilt. Upon my arrival, we all hugged but Suzy’s hug was just a little longer and a little more passionate than I remembered in the past. She grabbed my face and kissed me full on the lips while Don watched intently. “We’re really glad to see you,” she said, as Don chimed in too. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into their home. It was not a modest home at all. Situated on the major hill in the valley with 360-degree mountain vistas, they had built it with money from their real estate business. Don showed me to the guest room and pointed out the guest bath, towels, and other amenities. He said Suzy would be ready to take me to see some places that she had picked out, based escort beylikdüzü on our requirements. I jumped in the shower to take a quick one. I toweled off and left the bathroom with the towel around my waist. As big as I am, the towel would barely fit, so I had to hold it at the knot. Suzy caught me coming down the hall and yanked the towel away from my loins. She grabbed my cock, playfully squeezed it, and skipped off down the hall with my towel. I looked to see if Don was watching. He didn’t seem to be in sight. I ducked into the guest room and dressed to go look at prospective homes. I came down the stairs to find them sitting on the couch giggling. I asked, “What’s so funny?” They answered in unison, “Just an inside joke!” and left it at that. As I proceed down the steps, Suzy’s eyes never left my crotch. Her lips parted and she unknowingly licked them. A quick grin came to her face and she said, “Let’s go find a new house for you guys.” I asked if Don was going to come and she said he would meet us for dinner at the local watering hole. As I sat down in the huge seat of her Cadillac STS, she slipped into her seat. She had on a yellow long sundress. It was open backed, cut low in the front and had very high slits up the sides that revealed all but her ass and her tits. It rode up on the leather seat and showed her upper thigh. She did not seem to have on anything under that dress. Her breasts were unencumbered by a bra, but there was probably one built into the dress. What do I know about sundresses? I escort akbatı only know how to take them off. We rode by the first few places while she told all about the history and financial arrangements to be had at each home. I did not even like the outside of any of the first three places she showed me. I knew Marge would want more than just a good view. None of them had any pizzazz. The next place was stunning. It was the place she had really picked out for us. As soon as I got to the huge hand-carved double doors, I knew this was going to be perfect. She grabbed the key from the lock box, unlocked the door and pulled me into the stunning home. She droned on and on, in her high pitched voice, about the features and benefits of the place and the house’s history, until I couldn’t stand it any longer. I blurted out, “Can you talk with your mouth full of my cock?” She grinned from ear to ear and said in a deep husky voice, “I thought you would never ask!” Without a second thought the pretty yellow sundress dropped to the floor and revealed her completely naked mature body with great tits and cleanly shaved pussy. She seemed to blush a little. She quickly dropped to her knees on the sundress and deftly pulled my cock from my shorts. Before I could even feel guilty about getting a blowjob from her, she began to stroke my cock to life. She engulfed the whole seven inches into her mouth until it hit the back of her throat and began suck on it like a high quality vacuum cleaner. It was incredible. She seemed to really relish escort beylikdüzü her job. She paid close attention to licking and stroking my balls while she completely swallowed my cock. She squatted on her heels with her knees wide apart. I marveled that I was standing in a elegantly appointed and fully furnished great room with fantastic mountain views but I was not able to take my eyes off this skillful woman who was giving me a hummer. Suzy slipped her other hand between her legs. She was feverishly grinding her hand into her cunt and stroking her clit in unison with her hand strokes on my cock. I had my answer because she did not say anything until she felt my hot jism hit the back of her throat. She swallowed all of it and continued to suck for a few more minutes on my softening cock until it stood at full attention again. With her blowjob completed, she stood up, spun around, bent over at the hips, spread her legs, grabbed her ankles and presented her generous round ass to me. She said, in that deep husky voice that only seemed to be in evidence when she was sexually aroused, “Fuck me hard and fuck me now! Stick it in my pussy and ream it out with that beautiful thing. Hurry up! I want to come now! Ahh! Stick your dick in me, now!” All I could do was stick it in and hold on. With her standing on her four-inch heels, my cock was perfectly in line with her cunt. I grabbed her hips and plunged deep into her cunt in one quick stroke. She let out another, “Ahh!” I began sliding into her sopping wet pussy with long slow deliberate strokes. She had the instinctive ability to use her pussy muscles to milk my cock. She took her hands off her ankles. She moved the sundress from beneath her but not before some of her pussy juice dripped on it. (Will that leave a stain?) One hand went to her tits to caress each in turn.