House Sitting Ch. 04

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Jasmine and Shelly Play

Jasmine filled a bowl with warm water and soap and turned toward the breakfast bar. Shelly had drifted off to sleep and was passed out amongst the remaining fruits and cheeses atop the bar. Jasmine moved toward Shelly, her sexy petite frame swaying as she walked. Jasmine moistened the towel and gently began washing Shelly’s face. Her milky white skin was soft yet firm as Jasmine cleaned the smell of sex from Shelly’s body. Shelly seemed oblivious with being washed as her naked body lay on the bar.

Jasmine carefully washed Shelly as she slept. Her emerald green eyes were intense as she took in Shelly’s nakedness. Her own naked tan body seemed much darker next to the film star. Jasmine could feel her own lustful desires stirring within her as she touched and caressed the sleeping beauty.

Jasmine finished washing Shelly and began to gather the remaining fruit and cheese from around her naked body. Due to her short stature, Jasmine needed to crawl on top of the breakfast bar in order to reach everything.

While crawling on her hands and knees, naked and damp from her own washing, Jasmine’s own animalistic urges began to take over. She found herself unable to concentrate on anything other than giving in to her sexual lust. Jasmine enjoyed being naked and often carried out her maidly duties in the buff when she was home alone, which was often.

This evening’s events had awoken within Jasmine her own naughty desires. Combined with exploring Jack’s meaty package and washing Shelly’s naked body on the breakfast bar, she was horny beyond control. She needed a release and now!

Jasmine assessed her situation. Here she was in the kitchen naked, horny, and alone with the similarly naked yet sleeping Shelly. This looked promising.

Jasmine cleared the food and placed the bowl of water and towel on the far end of the bar. She quietly climbed down from the bar and walked into the pantry adjacent to the kitchen. She was in charge of stocking the house with food and often ordered items that could satisfy more than just a hungry stomach. There in a basket on the bottom shelf was something that might prove satisfying for her immediate needs.

She knelt down and felt for one that was large and bulbous with a slight curve that resembled an erect cock. “Yes!” Jasmine excitedly exclaimed as she found the perfect sweet potato for just this recipe. She grabbed the plump potato and some extra virgin (how ironic) olive oil and headed back into the kitchen.

Jasmine placed the sweet potato and olive oil on the bar and climbed on top, positioning herself next to the still sleeping and naked Shelly. Jasmine’s excitement was beyond measure as she laid next to Shelly, both of their naked bodies touching one another. She had fantasized about masturbating with another girl but never thought it would actually become a reality. This was a bit of a stretch since the “other girl” was sleeping but at least she was trying something new, right?!

Jasmine opened the bottle of olive oil and poured a generous amount into her hands. She grabbed the sweet potato and slathered it in oil. Her hands seemed even pendik escort smaller as she gripped the large potato. She wondered if her eyes weren’t larger than her pussy as she studied it. She liked the way it was irregularly shaped. It was fat and skinny and angled in such a way that excited Jasmine.

She stroked the length of the potato with her fingers. The little bumps and knobs on its surface were wet from the olive oil. Jasmine’s neatly trimmed pussy was dripping wet as her thoughts grew wild with anticipation. She leaned back against Shelly’s naked body on the bar. Jasmine gripped the sweet potato in both hands as she spread her legs wide in order to insert the mammoth spud into her aching pussy.

Jasmine rubbed the small end of the potato lengthwise along her pussy. The coolness of the vegetable sent a chill up her spine as it touched her dripping wet pussy. She slowly inserted the potato between her lips. Jasmine tightened her grip and proceeded to push the potato in as far as she could take it. A few inches went inside her as the bulbous spud spread her pussy wider than she had ever experienced before.

Moans of bitter sweetness escaped from Jasmine’s mouth as the initial pain of the enormous potato gave way to sheer pleasure. Jasmine proceeded to work the large potato in and out of her wet pussy, gradually relaxing enough to take in more and more. The knobs and irregularities of the potato raked across Jasmine’s clit as she thrust the beast in and out of her wanting pussy.

Jasmine’s head was thrown back and her eyes were closed tight as she pressed against Shelly’s naked body. Her hips were heaving up and down in time to meet the thrusts from the potato. Jasmine was breathing heavy and moaning out loud. She opened her eyes and watched the mammoth vegetable plunge into her body, her pussy spreading wider than she ever thought possible. She was now able to get nearly ¾ of the potato inside of her. The sensation was unreal as her whole body tingled with pleasure.

On the brink of her climax, Jasmine thrust the potato into her pussy as far as she could. Her back arched with pleasure as the spud lodged deep inside of her, spreading her pussy lips and pressing against her clit. At that precise moment she let go of the potato. Jasmine opened her eyes to see the huge sweet potato stretching her pussy to the extreme. She could only see the bottom ¼ of the sweet potato, the fattest part. She would have never believed something as large as this could fit inside of her.

The sensation was beyond her wildest dreams as Jasmine sat upright on the bar, her hands on either side of her for support. Jasmine felt more alive and aware than she could ever remember. Her nipples were hard and erect. Every pore on her body seemed to come alive. As she got on her hands and knees, Jasmine lowered her face and chest to the cool bar allowing her pussy, still filled to capacity with the sweet potato, to rise defiantly.

With one hand Jasmine reached her plump derriere and began to tease her tight anus. She loved the way her tanned, plump ass looked from this angle. Her finger circled her asshole before pressing inside. The feeling of her finger escort pendik in her own ass while the sweet potato filled her pussy was pushing Jasmine to orgasm.

Again, Jasmine moaned with delight as she fingered her asshole. She was near climax when she felt someone touch her from behind.

Jasmine opened her eyes to see Shelly, now fully awake and still very naked, standing behind her. The look on Shelly’s face let Jasmine know just how interested and excited she was at the sight of her solo show. Just then a flood of emotions ran through Jasmine’s mind. Would Shelly tell Bill about this? Would Jasmine lose her job? How could she let her sexual appetite get so out of control?

Jasmine held her position as she contemplated what her next move would be. She pulled her finger from her asshole and proceeded to stand upright. Both Jasmine and Shelly were now standing on the breakfast bar, facing each other. Jasmine could not help but notice the six-inch height difference between them.

Jasmine looked up to make eye contact with Shelly. Just then Shelly broke the silence by saying “You sure have a unique way of getting your daily fiber intake.” They both began to chuckle at the play on words. The laughter caused Jasmine to lose her grip on the sweet potato. The bulbous spud slipped out of her stretched vagina making a slurping sound as it plopped onto the counter top. The sensation of the large vegetable exiting Jasmine’s pussy sent tingles up her spine. Her legs felt week as she struggled to remain standing.

Shelly and Jasmine watched the sweet potato as it rolled on the countertop, finally coming to a rest next to Shelly’s foot. The potato was dark and wet from Jasmine’s juices and the olive oil. Shelly reached down and grabbed the potato, gripping the fattest part. She brought it up to her face for a closer look. She was intrigued by its shape and size and how much of it was able to fit inside of Jasmine.

“You sure can take a load, can’t you?” Shelly said out loud while still gazing at the mammoth potato. She continued, “Makes me wonder just how much of this beast I can handle.”

“No time like the present” Jasmine replied. “There are more to choose from in the pantry if you’d like one smaller or longer.”

“This big fucker will do just fine” Shelly retorted as she sat down on the edge of the breakfast bar and began positioning herself. She opened the bottle of olive oil and poured some onto the potato. The oil oozed onto the potato and down her arm pooling on her belly.

“I may need your assistance with this huge potato” Shelly mumbled as she lay back on the bar spreading her legs to ease the spud inside of her.

Jasmine dutifully replied, “I would LOVE to!” hoping she didn’t sound too eager to please. Jasmine crawled between Shelly’s legs and watched as she massaged the potato in and out of her accepting pussy. Shelly had both hands wrapped around the potato and was slowly inching it further and further into her as her body heaved in excitement.

“Oh Fuck!” Shelly cried out. “This is unreal.” Shelly’s pussy was bursting as half of the sweet potato was jammed into her. “I think that’s as much as I can handle pendik escort bayan Jasmine,” Shelly said with abated breath.

Jasmine watched Shelly as she removed the bulbous beast from her red hot pussy, her own sexual fire once again growing inside of her. Jasmine’s lust and desire to orgasm consumed her. She couldn’t resist the temptation any longer. She laid back and began to finger her aching loins with uninhibited force.

“I can’t hold back any longer Shelly! I feel like I am going to explode if I don’t release this pressure” Jasmine moaned through clenched teeth as she finger fucked her pussy, pinching and squeezing her protruding clit. Jasmine’s body was bending and wiggling with pleasure as she satisfied her carnal needs.

Shelly eagerly watched with hungry eyes until giving in to her own naughty desires. She too was turned on by the mammoth spud and wanted to feel the satisfaction of orgasm. She plunged three fingers into her gaping vagina and laid back onto the bar enjoying the moment.

Moans of sheer pleasure and heavy breathing filled the kitchen air. Jasmine and Shelly watched one another as each touched themselves and worked closer and closer to orgasm. Jasmine fingered her pussy with one hand while rubbing her chest and nipples with the other, making sure to rub her wetness all over her sexy body. Shelly had one hand in her cunt while the other toyed her asshole.

Jasmine was the first to cum. She yelled out with pleasure as her hips heaved upward as she climaxed, both hands rubbing and massaging her dripping pussy. Juices ran down her inner thighs and plump derriere, pooling onto the countertop. Jasmine lay motionless as she enjoyed the feeling of total release.

Shelly was still pleasing herself just a few feet from Jasmine. Her mouth was open wide as she breathed, her eyes locked on to Jasmine. Sweat glistened off her naked body while her hands worked their magic on her pussy and anus. Shelly removed her fingers from inside her pussy and brought them to her lips. She licked the sweet juice seductively, enjoying the taste of her own wetness.

“Can I have a taste?” Jasmine seductively whispered as she crawled on her hands and knees toward Shelly. Without saying anything, Shelly spread her legs wide as Jasmine’s full lips and tongue entered Shelly’s moist cavity.

Jasmine eagerly tasted Shelly’s pussy as her free hand rested on top of Jasmine’s head, gently pushing her face further into her. Jasmine tongue-fucked Shelly’s pussy while Shelly continued to finger-fuck her asshole.

Shelly couldn’t hold back any longer and began screaming out loud. “Eat that pussy Jasmine! I’m going to cum all over that pretty face of yours!” Shelly’s body was tense as her hips heaved up and down. Jasmine continued to eat Shelly as she delighted in the taste of another woman’s pussy. In a sudden burst of energy and emotion, Shelly pulled her fingers out of her ass and grabbed Jasmine’s head with both hands, forcing her face against her pussy. Shelly cried out in orgasmic pleasure as she exploded in climax.

Jasmine drank in Shelly’s juices until her orgasm was complete. Both Shelly and Jasmine relinquished their grasp on one another and melted into a heap of nakedness on the bar. Both of them laid there in complete abandon enjoying their current relaxed state. It had been an action packed evening of new adventures and carnal bliss.