How Far Would I Go For Love 4

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 It had been two weeks since Julie called the French Ambassador, Claude Duvalier. Julie had filled out two missing person reports, after waiting the required three days. The police had closed both cases after discovering a marriage certificate with the names of Jerry and Hanna signed by a retired state judge. Also, a video of a man and lady, arms around each other’s waist, boarding a plane for Sao Palo, Brazil. They had one-way tickets. The video didn’t show their faces, but Julie did identify the clothes as items that both Jerry and Hanna had worn in the past.“Ms. Tanner, I’ve talked with the Senegal ambassador, Muygono Rhotan. He also feels that this is curious. We’re investigating a few things. You continue with your life as best you can. When we have anything, we’ll be in touch. If anything comes up that you feel would help, please contact either myself or Mr. Rhotan. I’ll make a few calls.”“Thank you very much for your help, Mr. Duvalier,” said Julie.“I know he did love you, he told us at the park. All will work out, I’m sure.”oOo“Georgiana, you’re sure this will work. I want him broken and as my slave.”“You’ll never break him with torture. This is called thought reform. The subject needs to agree to it. Have you ever taken a slave who was against it,” Georgiana replied.“No, but I want him to suffer.”“Jake, that’s making it personal, you need to make him a party in what he’ll think is his choice.”“Okay, I’ll try it as you suggest, dearest cousin.” “Mr. Ranthom,” said Jake Kruthers. “You’re a most worthy slave in training and to show that I’m not as bad as you think. I’m having a doctor give you an exam. Next, your training is changing, starting today. Right now, you’ve had a jar of baby food with three sippy cups, a bottle equivalent, of water in the morning and the evening. Here’s the offer, I’ll be splitting your time between the chair and a St. Andrews Cross. You’re familiar with them and even tried one at the store. Half the day in the chair and the other half on the cross. You’ll be allowed a half-hour every four hours, to eat, take a shit, walk around a bit and shower. If you behave, you’ll get a meal of two jars of baby food with the three sippy cups. Mike, Robert, and Tom are looking forward to be your personal trainers. Mr. Ranthom, please look at the monitor.”He lifted his head and saw Jakes face with a sarcastically taunting smirk.“If you do misbehave, you’ll get another four thirty seconds of electro-shock punishment. Now, doctor the patient is yours and just so you know, the doctor isn’t one of mine. Your offer will begin after the exam, the evening meal is coming.”During the exam, Jerry’s brain noticed something about the doctor’s eyes. They were blinking in a pattern…That’s familiar…code, yes Morse Code, now what is he sending.A half hour later, the doctor came out and got into a waiting limo and called a number from the phone on the back seat.“Talk to me.”“He’s lost fifteen pounds, bursa escort has lice, and is sleep deprived. He needs a bath with a good lice remover. Get one and clean the room, and clothes of everyone in the room and move him from the room. I gave him a B-vitamin shot.”“Is that all?”“Medically yes. The patient is in no current medical danger, but baby food isn’t meant for adults, from a nutritional aspect.”A panel slid open. “Thanks, take the envelope. Remember that we never talked, and you didn’t see anything. Where would you like to be dropped off?’In a van a block away, two men were watching the video feed of the car. Recording the target limo.“Have video of target A’s vehicle. One male party got out and went into a building, appears to be unoccupied. He was inside for about an hour before coming out. He entered the limo which left a few minutes later, then the van left. Sending copy now.”At the French embassy, Colonel Arbiteau was viewing the tape and sent instructions to see if they can ID the man who was transported by the target vehicle. He sent a request to ID the man and as an afterthought, to get info on the empty building and the vehicle was sparked in front of.Later that day, Jerry, was tied to the St. Andrews Cross.“Slave trainee, I hear that you’re familiar with being called trainee. To show you some kindness, if you give me a blow job, I’ll let you off the cross for another half hour,” Mike said.“Mike, I was thinking, shouldn’t we teach him the proper greetings?”“Good idea, Tom. Trainee, when you or one of us, enters a room, you greet us by saying; ‘Salvete servi domini nostri.’ It means, greetings servant of our Master. When one leaves the room say, ‘Ego ante te fuit.’ It means, before you I lived,” Mike said.“Let’s practice. We’ll leave the room and greet you then you greet us.”Mike and Tom left, closing the door. There was a knock and Tom entered, saying.“Salvete servi domini nostri, trainee.” Tom looked at Jerry, who softly responded, “Salvete servi domini nostri, Tom.”Sao Palo, BrazilThe investigators had been asking about the newly weds and been able to take multiple pictures. Yes, a very happy couple enjoying their honeymoon. The pictures had been wired back to New York and they’d even been able to plant a listening device in the couple’s room. Unfortunately, asking questions has its own problems.The following is the only recording they got.“Crap, people are asking about us. What should we do, Santo?” Sally said, pleadingly.“Pack our bags, Sally, and then set this place on fire. No calls to master, they might have bugged the phone. We’re Brazilians now.”“Uh, Santo, if they could’ve bugged the phone then could they have bugged the room?”Santo’s eyes grew. He grabbed two bottles of 151 rum and started pouring them around the room. They each grabbed a carryon bag. Santo lit a cigar, puffing vigorously. He laid it on the carpet placed some tissue paper over it and it caught fire bursa escort bayan and spread to the 151 rum. They quickly left the room. oOo “Good morning sunshine, you’re finally awake. How are you feeling?”“Sick, where am I and who are you?”“I’m Doctor Benjamin Morrison, please call me Ben, and you’re at Binghamton General Hospital. If I may ask, what is your name?”The young lady’s eyes rapidly scanned the room. The doctor and a nurse, with Rebecca on her name tag. “I don’t know my name.”“While you were in and out of a comma like state, you spoke a foreign language, one of my staff said it was Filipino. Does that help? Do you mind if I call you Jane? That’s a common name for ladies with amnesia.”“No at least not now and Jane will be okay, until I do remember, thanks for asking, Ben.”“Your blood toxicology came back with a large amount of eszopiclone and a minor amount of heroin and valium. No, nothing to be concerned about. Have you been under treatment for sleep disorders or substance abuse?”The young lady struggled to remember, “I don’t think so.”“Nurse Jones, let’s begin a Flumazenil treatment.”Her eyes tell me she likes the doctor. He likes me and he likes her but he’s able to keep it hidden. He stands close when he can, his words are formal but the tone is soft and inviting.“Yes, doctor,” she replied.“Do you know where you live?”An image flashed through her mind. Her parents would take her there when she was a kid. The Statue of Liberty, yes, she remembered that.“New York City. My parents took me when I was a kid.”“Thank you very much for that. You’re healthy and if you’re willing, would you like some company for dinner tonight? Granted a hospital room isn’t a great place for a dinner date. I’ll have our administration contact INS to see about who you might be.” oOo“Georgiana, there seems to be progress with my trainee. Over this week his greetings and farewell’s have increased to sixty percent of the time. The three are doing exactly what you suggested by being nice, calm and nonthreatening.”“I told you that it would work. From what you say another two or three weeks and he’ll be yours.”Jerry was giving Tom a blow job. Maybe I should bite it off?  That wouldn’t be safe. WAIT! That’s it. The doctor’s message in Morse Code; She’s safe! Hanna is safe. Now, how to get out of here.“That’s a major improvement in your skill, trainee. Hey, I know you may never like it, but you seem to be accepting it. Who would you like a BJ from,” Tom asked.“Mike, that way I’ve experienced all three of you and given to all three.” oOoAt the French embassy, several bits of information came in a few days later. The building was owned by Kruthers and Associates. The bank that Jerry Ranthom works at had called the bungalow where he and his new wife were registered to leave a message that he had to return on the next flight home. They had been informed that a fire had broken out in that bungalow and the newlyweds escort bursa were missing. The information was shared with the Senegal embassy. The last piece of information came in late that night, close to midnight. A delivery drone working in the area of that building, had a ping on a military tracker, belonging to a Lt. Jerry Ranthom.The Senegal embassy was busy the next morning. Muygono Rhotan, the ambassador, was in contact with his country’s president and was given approval for his idea. He sent the order to his secretary and she made a call.Ben stopped by ‘Jane’s room. “I hope you don’t mind but I have some clothes for you to wear for dinner. Nothing fancy but better than hospital smocks or gowns. A pair of jeans and a shirt. Nurse Jones suggested your size.”“Thank you, Ben. Where are we going for dinner?”“Oh, there’s this very exclusive and romantic place…the hospital cafeteria. I’ve a good friend who runs it and he helped me out.”They got to the cafeteria and in a section in the back, was a table for two. “You aren’t on a restricted diet, so you can have anything, no alcohol is served but the coffee is surprisingly good.”This is a great dinner and Ben’s on the dreamy doctor side but what do I do? Who am I? Does he know about Rebecca…no, he’s clueless.They walked back to her room; Ben holding her hand. Once in the room, Ben pulled her to him, kissing her, a soft yet passionate kiss. She responded slowly wrapping her arms around Ben, who reciprocated. Her nipples got hard when Ben massaged them, their tongues dancing. They laid on her bed and Ben’s hand slid between her legs.“That’s a very unusual bedside manner, Ben.”In between kisses, he replied, “Are you complaining?”“Not in the least.”That feels so good.She responded by stroking his cock. Ben moved a hand under her shirt to massage her breasts and that started a slow undressing of each other. She moved to lick his cock for a while.“No, Jane, you’re the patient, you lay back and let me treat you.”Ben marveled at her body and her somewhat Polynesian features. Her straight black hair flowed a few inches past her shoulders. He kissed her neck and ear slowly and evocatively. Jane’s sounds of pleasure and her hands moving through his hair, spurred him on. He passed her belly button and reached her mons, when he spoke in French,“Tu es belle.”She moaned, “Oh, Jerry!”Ben pulled back and looked into her eyes, “Who’s Jerry?”Jane started crying, “I don’t know.” oOoJulie had been out of her mind during all this. Several of her friends had stopped bye, and she spent time at Club Erotes. She had a few sessions at Club Erotes, but it wasn’t the same. She picked up some people at a bar, but the sex was just sex. Done by rote, going through the motions, it was empty, without any passion or meaning. Her heart was broken. One night she got a call, no ID on it.“Hello, can I help you?”“Ms. Tanner, please step into the hallway. Claude sent us.”She ran to the door to open it. Four people entered her room and Claude was there with two officers from the NYPD, he kept her out of the room.“Relax, Julie, they’re checking to see if your room was bugged. These detectives have a few questions for you.”