How I Became A Cuckold Partner: Part 1

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Our story begins way back in the mid-1980s, when we were dating, and decided to buy our first house together. Angela and I had been dating for around two years by this point and were both very happy together and planned to marry in a few years. Like many, back then, we decided to get on the property ladder first and made a bid for this lovely little Victorian terraced house in East London. It was close to both our jobs and close to family as well, and it only needed some minor TLC to bring it up to standard. Our sex life was always good and as we were both young and fit (She was twenty sex hikaye and I was twenty-two). We were, shall we say, energetic and frequent, sexually. Angela was a very petite and beautiful girl. 5’2” tall and very slight in build with very small but pert A-cup breasts. Her tummy had always been toned and flat since we met due to her sporting pursuits. Her energetic lifestyle always kept her weight at around seven-and-a-half stone.Her toned legs and tight little bum drew admiring glances from men, often, especially when she wore tight jeans or shorts with high seks hikaye heels. She had gorgeous green eyes and short, jet-black hair styled in a typical eighties, boyish look which was very much “in” at the time, and it suited her face perfectly. What she lacked-or felt she lacked-in the breast area she made up for with her perfect ass and legs. Unusual for a girl so tiny. If you combine the singer Sheena Easton, with say Demi Moore from her role in the film ‘Ghost’ you will have a good image in mind of Angela facially.Her elfin looks often made people think she was much younger than twenty. She had a flawless complexion and beautiful, soft skin. Angela got looks from men often during this time, and her style of dress was fashionable but also very feminine, and she loved looking sexy for me when we were socialising, etcetera.She loved dressing in revealing clothes, too, especially if we were going out to a pub or a club and I would frequently dare her to wear a skirt or dress short enough to flash her stocking tops. She usually wore high heels, I think, due to being so short, but I know she enjoyed them as well as wearing them for me. Frequently, she would wear silky blouses or shirts without a bra. She did not really need to, anyway, her being so small-chested, but her tits were firm and needed no support.