How I Became a Hotwife Ch. 02 [Exposing myself]

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At around that time, even before we were to start our new lifestyle, I found out that I was pregnant. It must be due to my daily teasing that my hubby getting so excited, he would shoot tons of cum deep inside my belly. Should I have considered that to be unlucky since I was about to proceed with these hotwife actions or should it be a blessing as my pregnancy actually increased my sex drive! I had checked around with my friends who had been pregnant before and some like it too but some just simply avoided sex. Guessed every women were created differently. And of course, I had my minor symptoms of prenatal depression at times but was surprised that I was able to divert my attention through sexual activities. During my pregnancy I was quite horny and needed sex or release more often than usual. My pregnancy did not dampen my spirit but instead it pushed me to a new high. I conveniently made it a big excuse to justify my extra sexual needs in front of my hubby. He was more than happy to see me in that wanton state and went all the way out to make sure I was sexually happy. As continued from my last chapter, my hubby had finally decided on who the first guy should be to start me off to a journey of uncharted sexual territory. He told me to consider his best buddy, Eddie, as long as I did not have any objections. Eddie was a nice guy, he would drop by, hang out or grab a nightcap at our place once to twice a week. He was divorced about the same time when I got married to my present hubby. We pitied him as his wife left him for another guy. Often, he would mention to my husband that he was very lucky to have a wife like me. I was very sure that he seemed to be eyeing me at times. Couldn’t blame him. It was partly my hubby’s fault because he was the one who changed my style of dressing. So I ended up dressing very free and casual, even when he was around our place. Guessed we were both guilty! Sometimes, I would wear an oversized t-shirt with a big and low-front neck drop. It was impossible to miss my hanging breasts whenever I bent forward, especially when serving him tea or passing things to him while he was istanbul travesti seated.I could recall the first time he saw me in that position while I was serving him tea. He stared in disbelief for several seconds. I knew he was enjoying the sight but I pretended not to notice it. The whole afternoon I tried hard not to make it too obvious but being so horny, I ended up making it easier for him to see. And moreover, it was usually sleeveless as I had cut those sleeves off cause it was cooler that way. I knew that whenever I lifted my hands up, anyone nearby could clearly peek at my breasts from the sleeveless holes. Remember, I did not wear any bra because my husband tossed out most of mine. I would sit in the center or in a triangular sitting position, to make sure he would have a good view from the side. Sometimes, I would intentionally lean forward putting my hands on my knees or raising my hands up in gesture while chatting. As my nipples hardened, I could tell he would see that I was starting to become aroused.Most of my casual t-shirts I wore, were several inches above my knees, barely covering my bottom. The moment I bent over, whoever was behind me would be treated to my exposed panty show! I loved to be comfortable in my own home, so I usually did not like to wear any shorts but wore only thongs or strings. Whenever he Eddie was over at my place, I loved to pull my g-strings up, making the thin strings cut into my clit and pussy. My g-strings were so thin that it could only partially cover my asshole whenever I bent over. That was the view he saw when I did it with my ass towards him, pretending to talk to my hubby. It always made me very aroused. My hubby loved to show me off, they loved to see my show and I loved to show. All for good clean fun! It was a win-win situation for all! And all of them ended up with a huge bulge in their pants or shorts, including my hubby’s! At that time, my hubby was already pressing me to have more fun with them but I was not ready yet. So they always ended up in my bathroom, jerking it out. The minute they had gone, my hubby and I would end up having istanbul travestileri super sex! About few months later, Eddie had already seen almost every part of my body, albeit indirectly. My breast, my nipples and my round, curved ass had always being exposed on every occasion when he was around. But I still kept my modesty for my most precious jewel, my pussy, which was always shielded by my tiny panties. The closest he had seen was through my skin-toned, translucent panties. His eyes almost popped out as he thought I was not wearing any panties on when I came down to get a glass of water from the kitchen, and he had been there drinking alone. I was wearing a totally see-through white lingerie that just covered my panties but it did not make much different since it could be seen through anyway. I did not know he was there but the kitchen lights were on, I should have known better but I just took it in my stride. He stared directly at my boobs for a moment and I knew he could see my tits clearly. I pretended to ignore it and went on to the fridge to get my drink. He told me he could not sleep and since my hubby had already fast asleep upstairs, I decided to spend several minutes chatting with him. I sat directly facing him, with my panties almost completely visible to him if he cared to see it. Needless to say, his eyes were busy looking up and down. He could not decide whether to look at my breast or my panties! I decided not to make it too awkward and told him that I usually slept in this kind of comfortable nightwear. He complimented that it was very nice and sexy, that it fitted me well. Slowly, I spread my legs apart so he could see clearer. I was very sure he saw my trimmed bush and the outline of my slit through my erotic transparent panties.Just at that moment, I then realized that my bottom part of my panties were soaked with my hubby’s cum and probably some of my juice too. We just made love about thirty minutes ago and he had shot everything inside me. I was too lazy to wash it off and now those sticky juices were flowing down and flooding my panties. Glancing down with embarrassing, travesti istanbul I saw our mixed liquids sliding down my thigh! I was very sure he noticed too since he was clearly observant. He just smiled and I smiled back in return. And this time, he said directly to me that my hubby was a lucky man. I was very sure he had double meaning in this statement. I glanced down at his body and was taken aback that I could see a little of his shiny, red cock head peeking out from beneath his shorts. It was obvious, he did not wear any underwear. I could not be sure if he had intentionally exposed himself to me or if it was on accident. I could see he was trying very hard to control his hard-on as the outline of his cock through his soft shorts was quite clear. I thanked him for his praise of me, feeling my ego grow. Eddie naughtily said, “If you were my wife, I would love to keep you warm in bed every night as well. My ex-wife can’t even compare to you at all.” “Oh no, you are embarrassing me,” I said. “No kidding, Jen! Just look at your breast! They are so beautiful and full whereas hers are sagging and ugly.” I was not sure if he was trying to score points with me or still upset with his wife for dumping him. Whatever it was, I know that my mind was playing tricks with me as well, because I kept glancing at his partially exposed hard penis. He noticed me eyeing his hard-on at times but he did not bother to cover it as he enjoyed tempting me. I quickly made my exit and bade him goodnight, afraid that I might lose my control if I stayed there. After that incident, several more similar situations occurred. Sometimes, he would wait until I came down to the kitchen at night and he would pretend to walk down and chanced upon me. I always left him high and dry while I would go to my husband, if he was still awake, and straddled him until I came. I was positive Eddie would jerk off by himself after I left. Every time these incidents happened, I would describe everything in details to my hubby. He was excited, and would push me towards doing more with Eddie. So, while I hesitantly agreed to include Eddie into our bedroom activities, I was still very shy and awkward to physically do it. I wanted it to happen slow and natural. I still had my pride and did not want Eddie to think of me as desperate for him. I must say that my hubby managed to get it going quite well.