How I Got Into Wearing Lingerie.

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How I Got Into Wearing Lingerie.My Mother and Farther split up when I was only five, I was the only c***d and I lived with my mother. It was the school summer holidays and it was the week after my f******nth birthday and I was wearing some nylon football shorts and a t-shirt. I was relaxing in my bedroom reading a book when my mother came home from work. She came upstairs and in to my bedroom and calmly said;”Mark how long have you been going through my lingerie drawer in my dresser?””What?!” I answered.”How long have you been going through my lingerie drawer when I am not at home?” She replied.”I don’t know what you mean mum.” I said slowly.”Oh come on Mark. It’s okay. I know how I fold my knickers and things when I do the wash and I am very aware when they are not folded the same when I go to put them on after I have put them away.””I don’t know what you are talking about mum.” Was my response.”Mark. Please don’t lie to me. I know you are enjoying yourself in my knicker drawer. It’s time you let me know.””And you won’t get mad?” I answered.”I won’t get mad, I promise. I’d just like to know when I put on a clean pair of knickers in the morning that they are indeed “clean.” Said mum.”Ok you’re right. I have been going into your knicker drawer.””Do you wear them? Have you ejaculated in them? Just what are you doing?” She asked.”No, no. I haven’t cum in them.””So that’s why I haven’t seen any girls in your life.” Mum Said.”I haven’t found one who interests me. Playing with your knickers is a way for me to relieve that tension.”My mother was dressed in her work clothes from the day. She had a dress that came just below her knees that flared out a little bit indicating to me she had a silky petticoat on underneath it. I knew she always wore very pretty lingerie under her work clothes because I was so familiar with her lingerie drawer.”Come with me to my bedroom. I want you to see something.” Said mum.I was hesitant at first but I got off my bed and followed her into her bedroom.”Stand right here.” Mum said as she pointed to a spot on the floor next to her bed. She was in front of me next to her dresser that had a mirror over it.”I want you to watch as I undress.””Are you sure mum?” I asked.”I’m sure. Just do as I say and start by unzipping my dress down the back.” She directed.I unzipped her dress and was correct in my assumption she was wearing a petticoat, all of her lingerie was white.”Now don’t say a thing, just watch.” She told me.I did as she asked as she let her dress fall to the floor. She stepped out of it and threw it on the bed. She pulled her petticoat down and slid it down her legs. As she stepped out of it she tossed it onto the bed also. She had on white nylon and lace knickers with a suspenders belt. She unhooked the clips on her suspender belt from her stockings and then unhooked her belt from behind before tossing it on the bed. She rolled her silky stockings down her legs and pulled them off. I could not hide the fact that I was quickly getting an erection watching her do this in front of me.”That’s a good sign. I see you’re enjoying what I’m doing. Take your shorts off and let’s see what’s going on between your legs.” She said as she pointed to me.I did as she asked and my penis was stiff and sticking straight up.”Oh this is silly. Take off your t-shirt and let me see how you’ve grown up.”I did as directed. I undressed till I was totally naked.”That’s a really nice penis you’ve got there for a young boy, and it looks thick too! A real man’s cock should be thick for a lady.” Mum said.”You look very pretty in your bra and knickers to mum.” I managed to squeak out.My mum always wore full cut nylon and lace knickers. I had worn them too when playing in her lingerie, but she filled them out much better than I did. She had a beautiful nylon and lace bra on covering her 38D breasts.”Well we can’t just have one of us naked. Let me join you.” Mum said.With that she unhooked her bra and let it fall forward revealing her large breasts. Her nipples were big and round. She tossed her bra on the bed and then went to the waist band of her knickers and slowly pulled them down. She was completely nude in front of me, and she had a thick black bush of pubic hair.”There we are. Now I’m naked as well and you have a hard penis. Does that mean you find your mother sexy?” She asked slyly.”I your very sexy mum. Your breasts are beautiful mum. You have a very hairy pussy and it looks wet.” I said as my young penis throbbed in front of didim escort her.”Well, your hard young penis has got me a little excited, and my pussy lips are a little wet. But enough about me, Why don’t you come over here and let me watch you pick out a pair of my knickers you want to wear.””Really? You want to see me wearing your knickers mum? I asked.”Oh yes darling, that’s just a start honey. I have some plans for you.” She said as she smiled.I did as she instructed and selected a red pair of knickers with lace around the leg openings and the waistband.”Well go on. Let me see you put on my knickers. It’s just you and me in the bedroom, so no one will know. Let me see you in my knickers.”I stepped into the knickers and pulled them on over my throbbing young cock. A tiny wet spot of pre-cum was visible on the knickers at the tip of my penis.”Look what you’re doing…….don’t you cum in mummy’s knickers.” She said sternly.”Maybe you do belong in knickers. I might get you to wear them everyday.” Mum said.As she said this my penis immediately began to soften and shrink in the knickers.”Oh look……My knickers fit you nicely. Why don’t we pick out a nightie for you to wear in bed tonight.”As my mother opened another draw I spotted the pale pink sheer nylon and lace nightie that was my favourite.”Which one is your favourite?” She asked.”I like the pale pink one.” I replied.”Oh, that’s a long one and very pretty. Here I’ll get it for you.”My mum was still completely naked as she got the nightie and slipped it over my head and let it fall.”Wow, you look so pretty! You make an excellent young girl.””Well I’ll tell you what darling. Tonight I want you to sleep with me in my bed. We’ll be two girls on a sleep over.””You’ll be in a nightie won’t you mum?” I asked.”Of course. And a pair of knickers also. Why should we sleep alone when we have each other?” Said mum.My mother had been standing in front of me totally naked for so long it was becoming natural for me to see her this way. I almost wanted to tell her to stop when she went about selecting a pair of white nylon knickers and pulled them on with a pale blue sheer nightie.”So Mark, pull back the covers and get into bed. I’ll be back in a second after I have been to the bathroom.”I did as she asked and got in bed under the covers. The feeling of my nightie on my knickers was wonderful. The nylon sliding across my nipples also gave me a thrill. My mum returned to the bedroom and climbed into bed next to me. As she turned out the light we both just relaxed on our backs and I had no idea what she had in mind next.”So Mark…….would you like to feel my breasts?” Mum asked.”I would like that mum.” I replied.”Slide your hand over my nightie and feel my nipples. My nipples are really hard right now.” Said mum.I did as she asked and felt her full breasts under the nylon and lace of her nightie. Her nipples were big and plump and growing larger as I gently stroked her.”That’s nice darling! I’m enjoying the slow stroking your doing to my breasts. You are really making me feel sexy.” Mum said.I kept stroking her breasts as we pulled closer together in bed. She began to let out little sighs with each stroke of my hand.”Mark honey, I’d like to kiss you while you stroke me. Is that okay with you?” She asked.”Yes mum, I would like to kiss you.” I replied.With that my mother’s lips met mine and she pushed her tongue into my mouth as we began a deep and long tongue kiss. I felt my young cock getting hard in my knickers. We tongue kissed in a passionate way for several minutes as our bodies came together in a very intimate cuddle. As I continued stroking her breasts, I felt my mother’s hand sliding down between my legs as she began to feel my young cock. My cock had gotten very hard.”Ohhhhhhhh………..Mark darling, you have a really nice, hard cock!” Mum said.”Kissing you and stroking you in your nightie has given me a really hard cock.”With that my mother kissed me deeply again and then pulled back and said;”It’s okay darling. It’s normal for a young boy to get hard when playing with a girl. Put your hand between my legs and you’ll see what I mean.”I did as she instructed and slid my hand up under her nightie and between her legs. When I felt the lace and the nylon of her knickers they were soaking wet.”Oh, did you wet your knickers mum?” I asked.”No darling. It’s what happens when a girl become excited. My pussy lips between my legs plump up and didim escort bayan get very wet in anticipation of a hard cock sliding between them. Would you like to put your hard cock inside my pussy? I’d really like it if you did.””I’ve never done that with a girl before.” I replied.”Oh ok. I would love to feel your hard young cock inside me. Can you pull down my knickers and I’ll show you what to do?”My young cock was harder than it had ever been and it was throbbing with every beat of my heart. I was too sexually excited at the moment to concern myself with the fact that this was my first ever sexual intercourse experience and it was about to take place with my own mother. And while I was dressed in her sexy underwear!”I’ll take your knickers off and you tell me what to do next mum.” I said breathlessly.Her knickers had gotten wetter as I reached for the waist band under her nightie and began to pull them down her legs. I pulled them off her feet and as I did this she began to spread her legs wide open forcing her nightie up to her waist.”Now slide your finger between my legs and tell me what you feel.” Said mum.I did what she asked.”I feel you are very wet. And I feel a hard bump at the top of your lips.””That’s my clitoris. It gives me extra sexual stimulation. Rub your finger over it.”I did as she asked as she gasped for air.”Oh baby………..that feels so good! You are good to me. Now lift up your nightie and take off your knickers. I want to feel that hard young cock of yours.”Again I did as she told me.”Now get on your knees between my legs and I’ll guide that lovely hard cock inside my hairy pussy.””I’ve never done this before mum.” I said with a little hesitation.”There’s nothing to be afraid of darling. You and I are going to enjoy each other.” Said my mother.As she was saying this she reached out and gently put her hand around my hard cock. She began pulling it toward her and I felt the my cock-head touching her wet pussy lips. She slid the head of my cock up and down her soaking wet lips and then in an instant she inserted my erection inside of her waiting pussy.”Oh my God, you are hard darling!” She said as she gasped.”Ohh my god it feels so good to mum.” I replied.”Push deeper darling. And remember to tell me when you are going cum.” She said.I responded as I slid deeper inside of her until our bodies met each other. We were in full sexual copulation.You see. That feels good.”You’re not done yet honey. Now slowly pull your cock back and then push it all the way inside me again.” Instructed my mother.I did as she told me to. I pulled back once and pushed forward once.”That’s good darling. Now do it again and again and a little bit faster each time.” Said mum.I kept doing as she asked and felt her pussy getting wetter and wetter. Our pubic bones were touching as I plunged my swollen, hard young cock in and out. My mother was gasping for breath as I felt her cunt tighten around my young cock.”Oh God…..Oh God! I can’t get enough of your cock! I’m fucking my own son and I love it!”As she said this I had a feeling quickly come over me. I did not stop thrusting I just leaned into my mother and whispered in her ear;”I’m going to cum and I can’t stop it.” I said quickly.”That’s it! Pull out!, Pull it out!” Said my mother in a panicked voice.I was in the middle of thrusting forward while all this was happening and I instantly felt my young cock squirting a stream of cum.”You’re cumming! You’re cumming! Mark, pull out now darling!” Mum said loudly.I pulled out as quickly as I could and my cock was still shooting out thick white creamy cum that landed on my mother’s thick bush of pubic hair. Since I was a young teenage boy I had a very heavy load of semen built up in my balls.”I felt you cum inside me! Your sperm is in my cunt! You could get me pregnant.” Mum said.She got out of bed quickly and went into the bathroom. In a few minutes she returned to bed and slid in next to me and began kissing me deeply with her tongue in my mouth. I returned her kissing as I stroked her breasts through her sheer nightie. As she and I cuddled she whispered;”Well, we now know you can ejaculate a huge load of cum.””I’m sorry I didn’t know I was going to cum. That was the first time I have ever done it, and it was inside my own mother.” I said meekly.”It’s okay darling. I really enjoyed you cumming inside me. I had two orgasms when we fucked. I’m going to have to start taking birth control escort didim pills since I don’t want you getting me pregnant and us having a baby, but I do want us to have sex on a regular basis.””It really felt good when I came inside you. I’m looking forward to the next time we make do it.” I said.”I want you wearing lingerie always when you fuck me. I’ll lay it out on the bed for you and help you put it on before we get into bed together.” Said mum.”I love wearing your knickers and your nightie, but your bras are to big for me mum.””I’ll go shopping tomorrow and buy you some smaller bras. They will fit you better and you’ll love the feel.” Mum said as she again began to kiss me and thrust her tongue into my mouth.Since I was in my early teens, my ability to have an erection quickly after having intercourse was in full swing. As my mother continued to kiss me and our tongues danced together I felt my young cock getting hard inside my knickers.”I’m getting hard again mum.” I said as I started to breathe heavily.”Oh darling, let me feel your cock again. Is it hard enough for us to fuck again?” She asked.As my mother stroked my hard young cock through the knickers she could tell I was hard enough to enter her again.”You are really hard Mark! I want you to fuck me again. I want you to do me again lover boy. I’m so turned on by you! Keep the knickers on. Mum pulled my hard cock out of the leg hole of the knickers and told me to lie on my back.”I did as she instructed and she pulled her nightie up and put her knees on each side of my body as she straddled me. She let her nightie fall down and it covered my hard cock and her wet hairy pussy. She reached her hand under the nightie, grabbed my cock and put the tip of it into her cunt lips. Then she quickly lowered her body toward me and completely engulfed my erection in her body. With our pubic bones touching I felt her pussy muscles squeezing my hard cock and then loosing, then squeezing again. It was as if she was milking my penis with her vagina.”Oh my God……..I’m going to cum again!” I said in a loud voice.”Let it come darling. Let it out, fill mummy with your cum.”As she said this my young cock squirted a stream of cum even more than the first time. I gasped for breath with each squirt and I let go of four thick streams of cum. My mother did not pull off; she pushed down on me tighter as I ejaculate deep inside her.”Oh darling……..You can really cum! I feel you so deep inside me! I love looking at you in your nightie and knickers cumming inside my pussy.”With that she lowered her face to mine and we kissed a really deep long tongue kiss as we were tightly coupled together at our genitals. Again I felt her pussy lips squeezing me. She relaxed and laid on top of me with my young cock still deep inside her. We stayed joined this way for at least the next five minutes as I softened ever so slightly.My mum whispered in my ear; “I’m going to pull off now and clean off. But I want you to know this was the best fuck I have ever experienced. I want to fuck you again and again. Please tell me you want to fuck me too.””I want to fuck you more than ever mum!” I replied quickly.”That is so wonderful. You and I are now lovers. But I only want you dressed in my lingerie when we fuck. It really adds to the excitement.” Mum told me.In the weeks and months after that my mother and I had sexual intercourse nearly every day. I always ejaculated my load of cum inside her. Our sex life continued for the next five years. My lingerie wardrobe grew too as she bought me very pretty items to wear when we fucked.I managed to meet a girl and ask her to marry me. My active sex life with my mother in a way caused a disappointment in me when having sex with my girlfriend. The sex was good, but it was not as good as when my mother and I fucked.Still, my girlfriend said “yes” and we set a date for our wedding. We were living together for a year before the wedding and sexual intercourse with my mother fell to nothing. On the night before my wedding my girlfriend spent the night at her mother’s to get ready for the big day. I spent the night in bed with my mother. We had full blown sex three times over a seven hour period. It was the most intense fucking I had ever had. The night before my wedding my mother and I fucked as if it would be the last time ever. It was only two months into my marriage that my wife had to go out of town for business. Even though I was a newlywed, I did not hesitate to spend the night with my mother and she did not hesitate to fuck me in ways I had never experience with my new wife.My wife and I have been together now for over 33 years. She has been aware that I was in a steady sexual relationship with my mother during my teenage years, and has always let me visit my mum for a weekend every month.