How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 7

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How I lost my virginity to an older man, Pt. 7It was Thursday around dinner time and my phone was vibrating. i always set it to vibrate when i am around my parents. They ask too many questions if they hear me talking to someone. i guess they get concerned whether i will end up coming home ripped again. They don’t really care about me drinking a little. As a matter of fact, they let me drink a couple of beers as long as i say i will be staying home for the evening. Whenever i come home smashed they just tell me i shouldn’t do it again. i think that’s strange because they always drink a lot. But they are all about responsibility. Especially my father.Anyway, a wave of anxiety overcame me. When i looked at the ID, i was relieved to see it was my friend Matt. He said he’d bought some killer weed and bunch of our friends were going out to get ripped and asked me if i wanted to go. Normally i would have been down with it, but i made an excuse and said i’d see him over the weekend. As i was hanging up, i got another call.“Hi, Terry, how you doing? I’ll be home in about a half hour so you can come by whenever you want.”“Okay. i’ll be there in about an hour.”I arrived about eight and he answered the door and this time he was wearing normal length shorts and a tank top.“Come on in. How you feeling today? Did you get some sleep last night?” “i feel sort of edgy but a little better. i did sleep pretty well last night, thanks.” i didn’t mention smoking a bone to relax.We were in the kitchen and he artemisbet yeni giriş took a beer and a soda out of the refrigerator. i asked him if i could have a beer.He said no because i was u******e. i told him about how my parents let me drink at home and besides, i wouldn’t say anything to anybody.He didn’t believe me at first. i swore to him that it was the truth. He hesitated before saying okay. He grabbed another beer, started to hand it to me and pulled it back.“You’re not lying to me are you? I’d be very disappointed if you’re lying to me. I want to be able to trust you, Terry, so just don’t ever lie to me okay?.” i swore that i never would lie to him and i hoped for the same from him.He gave me the beer saying, “Okay. I believe you, but make sure you don’t tell anyone. We both can get in big trouble over this even if your parents are cool with your drinking. Do your parents know you are here?”“No.”“Do they know that you’ve been hanging out here?”“No. i don’t tell them what i do. They don’t care anyway.”“Did you mention anything about what happened the other day? To anyone?”His question intensified all the feelings of embarrassment i had been experiencing since that day. “No. id never be able to tell anyone about that. My parents would freak.” “Okay, good. Let’s go sit in the living room okay?”He took the Lay-Z-Boy and i sat on the couch.i looked over at him as he tipped his head back, closed his eyes, and took a few gulps of beer. My gaze shifted instantly, artemisbet giriş uncontrollably, to his shorts. i quickly looked back at his face, afraid that he had noticed. i was so relieved to see that his eyes were still closed.What was going on with me? i couldn’t believe i allowed myself to do that again. And i became completely disgusted with myself for the way i felt when i saw that he was not wearing underwear.i was so totally overwhelmed! i could feel my penis starting to harden a little. i changed my position so i could conceal the growing bulge in my pants. i took a couple of big gulps of beer and looked away.“So, you feel up to talking, Terry?”“Okay, but you go first,” i said quietly. i wanted to get away again so badly but i wanted to hear what he had to say even more.“Sure, no problem. Well, I thought over what you said. I want to explain something to you.” He took another sip of beer and said, “Logically, sexuality breaks down into four categories; straight, bisexual, gay and asexual. Everyonefits into one of those four categories. Would you agree with that?”“Yeah, i, i guess that makes sense,” i said hesitantly.“Right, that’s logical isn’t it? Now then, there are circumstances, like when straight men or women are incarcerated for long periods of time, where things happen and one or the other or both people are not gay or bi. Then, when they get released, they revert back to exclusively heterosexual relationships. They’re responding to a force of artemisbet güvenilirmi nature. Did you know that?”“No, i didn’t.” i continued staring down at the floor wondering he would say next.“You have to understand that for most people sex is a very powerful force that often can’t be denied no matter how hard they try.”i said i didn’t know about all that and he said, “It’s absolutely true. There have been many studies done on that subject. It happens very frequently. You can Google it and read about the statistics.””Yeah? Okay, i’ll check it out.”“Okay. Then there are instances where people are bisexual and may or may not be consciously aware of it. Often, for the unaware, something happens that makes them aware.” So that leaves two groups remaining. The asexual group and the absolutely, no question about it, gay group. Does that make sense to you?”“Yeah, i guess so, but where does that leave me?”“Terry, look at me.”i looked up at him. He smiled and said, “That’s what we are going to try and find out, right? But first, I need another beer.”“Can i have another too, please?”“I don’t know if you should, Terry? Your parents will get upset if you go home smelling of alcohol.”i told him that wouldn’t be a problem because my parents would be asleep by the time i got home. i rambled on about drinking fairly often at home and with my friends and was used to drinking and that if he thought i was starting to get ripped he could cut me off.He thought about it for a moment and said, “Well, I guess it’s okay since you’re parents let you, but it’s at my discretion, okay?”“Definitely, yes. Thanks.”He went to the kitchen and i stayed seated. i tried to take my mind away from what i was feeling so i wouldn’t get any harder. A minute later he returned with a couple of tall boys…