How I Started being an Exhibitionist

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How I Started being an ExhibitionistI was in my early forties when I finally succumbed to the urge to show myself naked to a strange man. I was always proud of my body, with my large breasts, thanks to my Greek grandmother, and my not-too-big other parts, thanks to my French grandmother, who I suspect also gave me my appetite for sexual adventure.I always enjoyed surprising my lovers by letting a house-gown fall open when they least expected it, or let my tits show as I leaned over to pour their coffee at breakfast. Even after a night of being naked in bed together, the brief flash of my big tits was a great turn-on, for me as well as my partner.My long-time best-friend and occasional lover was Alex, a great exponent of all things kinky. He was a good bit older than me and not always able to get his cock hard enough for a real fuck, but he still needed the regular relief of a good ejaculation, and sometimes I would help him with my hands and mouth. If I was really lucky I might get him hard enough so that I could straddle him and take his penis into my vagina. When that happened, I could feel him getting really hard as he neared his climax and the feel of his cock spurting inside me would make me cum.In those years, my only approach to exhibitionism was when we did a role-play in which I pretend not to know he is peeking while I undress, posing to admire myself in the mirror while wearing panties and bra, knowing how much he loves seeing my breasts supported by the 36D cups and my panties enticingly hiding the details but not the swelling of my pussy lips.I slip my hand down the front of my panties, moaning softly as I caress my wetness, making my body quiver as the pleasure begins to surge from the core of my femininity down to my toes and up my tummy to my breasts and then all over my body.Now I want to be fully naked, to feel his eyes caress my flesh as surely as if they are his hands.I pull the panties down, my back to him so that he can savour the gradual appearance of my crack before the smooth roundness of my buttocks is exposed. I run my finger down the full length of the tight cleavage canlı bahis of my bottom, down to my anus, remembering how it felt if it was a tongue, not a finger, making that journey which even today has the extra thrill of a taboo.Now I bend over to do something to my toes, giving him not only a full view of my bottom, but also a glimpse of my lower lips, already swollen and glistening. I put my hand between my legs from in front so that he can see just my fingers exploring the outer part of my vagina, teasing the lips apart, one finger entering slowly, resisting the temptation to plunge inside and push me to an orgasm, wanting to prolong the enjoyment of my solitary viewer.Now I straighten up and stand sideways to give him another look at my tits in the brassiere. I undo the bra straps, holding the cups in place for a moment, then letting first one boob, then the other, fall out and hang freely in all their seductive glory.Now I am fully naked. I stand proudly, hands on hips, enjoying the effect I knew I was having on Alex as well as the delicious sensations in my own body. The anticipation of what is to come, the fulfillment that my body needs, is almost unbearable.I can hear his breathing, almost growling, and I know he has his cock in his hand, stroking it with whatever firmness and rhythm he needs to get himself to cum.I can no longer ignore my own needs. My knees are shaky, and I get myself to the bed, lying across it with my legs apart, giving my “secret” voyeur a full view of my pleasure garden. One hand is caressing a breast, making the nipple stand out, while the other is between my legs, first rubbing my lower lips together, now pulling them apart. I am so wet…A finger is on my clit…it feels so good…rubbing gently in slow circles, the little mound swelling…I have to rub harder, faster…oh the pleasure!My back is arching, my hips rising as if to take in a lover and for a moment I think about asking Alex to join with me, to put his cock into my cunt, to fuck me into oblivion. But I know that probably wouldn’t work so rather than risk spoiling the event I return to my own masturbation.I bahis siteleri am rubbing fast and hard now, each breath becoming a little cry, but the orgasm is eluding me.I open my eyes and see that Alex has given up the pretence of secrecy and is in the room, standing over me. He is still fully dressed but his cock is in his hand, jerking almost to the same rhythm as mine, his eyes fixed on my cunt.The sight of his cock further stimulates me and I want to see his sperm spurting, but it is still not enough for me. My other hand leaves my breast and goes to my crotch. I am still rubbing my clit, and now I insert a finger into my vagina. Oh, yes….Now another finger…my cunt is not as tight as it used to be…I insert a third finger…oh yes…the wetness…the heat…In and out my fingers go, round and round on my clit…I am fucking myself…it is so good…My whole body is tense…Oh God, I must cum! Deeper, deeper, faster, faster…building up….yes…yes…NOW!I explode; I think I scream, very loudly… My body shudders. I convulse…once, twice…maybe more…oh! OH! Electricity…yes, YES!Did I cum twice, or was it just one long orgasm? It doesn’t matter; I gave my body wjat it needed. I am beginning to feel calmness, contentment.My fingers are still inside me. My vagina is in spasm, holding tight as if not wanting to release the invaders. My clit has had enough, so exquisitely sensitive that I cannot bear any movement.I have totally forgotten Alex. The poor man is still stroking, a look of desperation on his face as he chases his elusive orgasm. I reach up and gently replace his hand with mine. He is not at all hard, but not totally flaccid. I remember with a twinge of sadness how it used to be, how hard it would get, how he could control and prolong his erection to give me…and so many other women…as much as they needed, and then give them then more.I sit up so that my face is level with his crotch. I undo his belt and let his trousers and briefs down. His balls look tight…I cup them in my hand, one finger teasing the space between balls and anus. He always liked that, and still does. He makes an “mmmmm” of appreciation.I güvenilir bahis am gratified to feel his cock getting harder in my hand. I stroke it…it is still a good length. Not the longest or thickest cock I have ever known, but more than adequate.Again I think of getting his cock inside him, but I don’t want to risk him losing his erection. and besides, my own sex organ is quiet now.So, I stroke him, enjoying the act of giving pleasure. After all that has gone before, it does not take long for the touch of my hand to get him to his climax. For a few moments his cock is rock hard, I am holding him firmly but not to hard, moving up and down, getting faster until I feel his penis begin to spasm, and he spurts, three or four good spurts, hard enough to splash on to my face. He softens almost instantly and he bends fown and kisses my head.We say nothing, for after all our years together there is no need for a “thank you” or any words of endearment. He lets me go to the bathroom first and I leave the door open so that he can watch me sponging between my legs then patting myself dry. I wonder if I am getting more pleasure out of being watched than he is out of doing the watching.How exciting, I think, if a stranger should walk in and see me tending to my woman’s place… ***************************Dear Reader,Male or female, old or young, whoever you are. If you got this far, then you must have got some enjoyment out of this contribution from an older lady who likes to remember the joys of her past and still enjoys stimulation, whether it’s with company, or on-line chat, or (all too often) just my trusty fingers and vibrator..To be honest, this was not really the story I started to write. It was supposed to be about my first real venture into exhibitionism, but I got carried away by my recollection of the pleasure I got from that role play. Yes, I did get aroused while I was writing this. I once heard a best-selling author say that if she did not get aroused while writing sex scenes she knew it was no good and that she would need to rewrite it.I did have one hand “down there” all the time while I was typing and yes, I had two orgasms. I don’t think that qualifies me as a best-selling author, but it was nice.Please let me know if you liked this, and if you would like to read more from me. Katie