How Master Loves Me

30 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


There’s a soft click as I close the door as quietly as I can. Gently, you use your body to press mine to the door. You’re taller than me, so the top of my head barely reaches your broad shoulders. You place my hands on the door, always being gentle, but it’s full of authority. You are in charge. You gently pull my hair back, letting it cascade down my back, exposing my neck. My breath hitches as your hands glide down my sides stopping at my hips and your warm breath caresses my bare neck. Your lips lightly brush my skin, causing a pleading moan to escape my lips. almanbahis Suddenly your right hand pulls my hips to yours as you left hand comes up and turns my head; your lips capture mine and I gasp in surprise. I can feel how much I have turned you on, and I smile. You push up my shirt and you back up enough to pull it off. I push myself back against you, craving your touch. To my surprise, you are shirtless too. The feel of your warm skin against mine stokes the fire within my stomach. You caress my sides, arms, stomach and breasts; each caress is firm and fiery, almanbahis yeni giriş yet also gentle and loving. I feel you undo my jeans as I feel you kiss my shoulder. You kiss down my back as you lower my pants. I lift my feet, so you can remove them completely. I now stand before you, with my hands still on the door, in only my black bra and panties. You turn me around, slowly because you don’t want to aggravate the problem with my ears, and you pull me against you. My hands rest upon your chest as you place one hand on the small of my back and almanbahis giriş one on the back of my head. You capture my mouth again. I run my hands lightly over your nipples as I wrap my arms around you. You softly moan in response and I smile; I know you are gonna get back at me for teasing you. You pick me up and carry me to your bed. You lay me down and soon you are over me. I stare into your eyes as I run my hands up and down your chest, making sure to brush over your nipples again and again. I know this pleases you. Your nipples are as sensitive as mine. You kiss my mouth again before trailing kisses down to my breasts. Even though it’s a front clasp bra, you decide to pull the cups under my breasts, pushing them up. I knew you were going to get me back for teasing you earlier, and I was right.