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HOW TO CATCH WOMEN ATENTION1. PreselectionYou must be desired by other women. This can be called pre-selection. If you are seen as attractive for other women, say your “quote on the market” will rise. Women like guys who are coveted by other women.They think, “If he is courted by others, surely he must have some attractive thing.” Preselection is evident when you are always surrounded by women in a social environment. Another way is through some value demonstration stories.2. LeadershipYou must demonstrate leadership. Definitely this is the element with the greatest impact. As the woman is independent and likes to be in charge of things, they always admire a guy who is a leader.You can “subcomunicar” suua leadership in several ways. Since stories you tell to decisions. In a story like, “the weekend I met some friends at home …”, its leading characteristic is implied.3. Positive VibeYou should make women feel good near you. Have a sense of humor. Major brands use very well the mood to entice you to buy. However, bursa escort the humor that seduces and captivates the female attention is not the mood clown.It’s that subtle, intelligent and refined humor, in the style James Bond. Never try to force a joke, much less try to laugh at his own joke. Seem a guy entertaining and humorous in a natural way, without seeming to appeasing.We all like people with high energy, raising our spirits, which are very well prepared, happy, optimistic. Usually we avoid that discouraged friend, who has no courage or energy to do anything.Women also. If there is a group of girls dancing on a dance floor, super busy, it will not do to approach as if in a funeral. You have to at least balance the current state of energy to be compatible with the group, or woman, which is intended to address.4. No reactivityYou should not be reactive to the behavior of others. The non-reactivity reports that you have a strong reality enough to not be shaken by the behavior of others.Suppose you bursa escort bayan approach a girl who was not at all receptive to you by several factors. Or she was not going through a good time – like being in PMS – or his approach was not very good. Basically, no matter the reason.The fact is that you can not let this behavior influences their other approaches that day, much less give up women. Have your own values ??and do not let other people influence your mood.5. Social IntelligenceYou must be a sociable guy. Their social intelligence is crucial to attract and conquer women of high social value. Men who can talk and interact with people generally find it much easier to conquer women.If you are in an environment with several friends or acquaintances, you already have a social proof effortlessly. In unfamiliar surroundings, you can emulate the same thing, making it seem as if it’s a popular guy in the room.6. Sexual ConfidenceYou must demonstrate 100% confidence in your putter. Since the approach to the escort bursa time to pull the trigger, never hesitate. Guys who are not too sure of themselves, of their approach or the development of their game, just curling up with women and failing to reach its goal.Trust is one unshakable inner feeling that ends up being captivating. The good news regarding the reliability is that you can create it from scratch, depending solely on you.7. Going BeyondThe most important elements to hook the female attention in a positive way are these.There are several other factors such as: do not seek external validation, do not be needy, be smart, have determination, understanding women, protect the one you love, honesty, creativity, vulnerability, and many others that can also be worked when the basic elements already they are dominated.You can become irresistibly attractive to women, developing their characteristics and attitudes alphas. But what to do to have this kind of success and seduce beautiful women? The answer is simple: you must enable the attraction triggers.Until next email with more tips for you to be successful with women.Google Tradutor para Empresas:Ferramentas do Google TradutorTradutor de Web sitesGlobal Market Finder