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Subject: Hunter and Buck Johnson Fuck This story is 100% fictional. Any similarities to people dead or alive is an accident. If you like Nifty, donate to them! They need your money fty/donate.html —- Author’s Note: This one is gonna be raunchy, perverted, and hopefully fun. If you hate father and son sex or sleazy, horny, (older) teens you’ll hate this. —- Hunter Johnson was hot as shit, and he was well aware it. Not just hot, but sexy. It wasn’t just the 6’9 bodybuilder frame with 21 inch biceps, pillowy pecs, and a swinging horsecock–he had this sort of confidence and charisma that backed it up. He’d always been a sort of cocky guy, which was understandable. He liked the stares, the attention, the reputation he had. He wore his clothes tight and short, squeezing his extremely muscled but not shredded body in all the right places. His facial proportions were as strong as his body’s, with a wide and forward nose, thick lips, and bushy, low brows. He had this almost mischievous look to him, frequently smirking and cutting up, always doing or thinking something–usually horny. He was known to be quite the fucking pervert. He loved to get and keep it nasty and wild. Raw, dirty, passionate fucking was his favorite thing in the world. Spit, piss, and some rough and rude humping was just about a given for him. He kept his hair slightly grown from a buzzcut, finding it more simple to do that himself that way. A coarse circle beard grew from his large face. Around the age of 13, he started getting insatiable. He’d always looked a little bigger and older than his age, but once his cock went from 4 to 6 inches, he started looking–and acting–like a young man in a class of middle schoolers. He spent more time on the farm and in the home gym, refining his rapidly growing and filling body. He was out running around with high schoolers and their adult friends by then anyways, so his personality and humor matched theirs. And his fuck hunger matched a pornstar’s. That’s how 14 year old Hunter ended up with his first son, Buck. The mother was a lady in his trailer park who sat out all day smoking cigarettes. She was cheap and trashy, and her pussy felt more like a handshake than a bearhug. But that’s how Hunter liked `em, after all. She did the bulk of the raising of Buck, with Hunter acting more as a visiting brother to his young son until after he had went off to college. And if he had gotten attention growing up, he definitely got more of it once he got there. Hunter had never been a good student, but he had been a damn good football player. At least, in his small high school of 450 students. In college, he was fine, but it was clear his goal was to have fun playing the game more than anything. He sat the bench a lot, but that was fine by him. More time to ogle the cheerleaders in their short skirts. His real goal was to get as much hole as possible by the time he graduated with his bachelors of general studies. Hunter was an overtly hyper masculine and openly horny man. Truthfully, a perv. Unashamed and held back by nothing, Hunter was known in his frat for being nude more often than not. This openness with sex naturally led him to discovering his open sexuality during his time in college, finding more and more fun in holes of all kinds and even some backdoor fun for himself. He wasn’t straight or bi or anything, he just liked to fuck. After busting open any hole that could take him in college, he worked odds and ends jobs for folks in town who needed a strong hand to help build, move, or grow something. He had moved back into the trailer park he grew up in, and Buck had moved in with him. Buck was 16 now, and just as much his father as his mother. He was just as rowdy and attended school about half as much as his dad even did, spending more time out fishing or pumping iron. And of course, he spent a lot of time fucking. But unlike his dad, he realized his bisexuality much earlier and had been getting fucked as long as he had been fucking. He was down for whatever and known for his promiscuity and slight sleaziness like his dad had been when he was in high school. Given that both men were sexually open, ravenous, and just a little depraved, it was really only a matter of time until they were fucking too. Especially given that Hunter was only double his young son’s age. It started one day when Buck brought his girlfriend at the time over to the trailer before heading out to get some booze from a şişli travesti nearby place he knew would hook him up. Within minutes of leaving, Hunter moved in on the poor girl and was flirting with a bluntness only he could get away with. Buck walked into the trailer with whiskey and beers in tow only to see his girl with her legs folded to her head and his foot and a half taller dad jackhammering her with his overgrown meat. She was shrieking and howling, so Buck knew what was up by the time he got out his truck anyways. Luckily, he just wanted a chance to get at her ass while his dad finished off in her now stretched out cunt. Since then, the two men had been about the best damn wingmen possible for each other. They’d barhop together and help charm in pussy and cock for each other before fucking side by side or together. Buck looked about old enough for most places, and if there was any question, all it took was some sly talk from Hunter to get his son in. Wasn’t like the local places cared anyhow. For Hunter, it was just getting off how he needed to. For Buck, he was just happy to have a buddy who could match his pace and fuckhunger. One day, the father and son were awfully horny, even by their standards. Hunter was content with turning on a DVD of his and jerking until he was bored, but Buck was clearly needing more. He kept draping one leg over his Dad’s, climbing up and on him repeatedly, half humping like a stupid dog. “I need dick somethin’ bad, pa,” he said, grinning. Hunter smirked back, gripping his son’s meaty cheeks. “I’ve already fucked ya’ once, boy!” “Well fuck me again,” he cooed grinding his thick hairy ass on his old man’s thigh. Hunter gripped tighter and almost growled, feeling his cock stiffen more between his legs, his huge balls dangling against the edge of the couch. And so they did, Hunter pinning his son against the sofa and jackhammering his baseball bat cock in and out of his son’s fuckhole. Hunter blew his second load of that day into his son’s blown out ass that farted it out nearly immediately. But Buck was still wanting more. “Fuck it, use the apps!” Hunter said, grinning and proud moreso than annoyed. If he was a breeding bull his son was a ready heifer, although he was known to dish some dick out too. He was living up to his father’s standard. “Well I’ve gotta go, boy,” Hunter said, standing up and sliding his jeans back on, adjusting his still semi’d cock over to the side before throwing on an old shirt and some sunglasses. Hunter was supposed to be getting something moved to a local farmer’s place before it got bright out, and he was running out of time to do so. He didn’t really have much time to be seeding the boy in the first place. So Hunter got in his truck and went down to the spot on the farm with the trailer he needed to hitch, did so, and drove it up to the Riley farm. He was cutting time short for sure, and he ended up needing to get some gas on the way. So as he rolled up to the destination and saw James Riley outside on his porch having his morning coffee, he groaned. He was going to be less than happy that Hunter wasn’t technically late but not ready nearly enough in time. That’s just the man James Riley was, though. He liked things done on his time and in his way. He was known for his gruff nature–his high pay was the exchange for a demanding and mean boss. He was a big, hulking man like Hunter, but less tight muscle and more pure heft. Hunter was bulky and rounded but still shredded; James was a tank. He hopped out and saw the old man tapping his feet and prepared himself for a lecturing. The broad bodied bodybuilder-built man stood wide and crossed his arms as James approached, ready to hear him out and apologize. It was his fault, really. “Johnson! What took you so long!” He sounded less pissed than anticipated, more genuinely curious. Hunter grinned and rubbed the back of his head. “Ahhh, boy held me up. You know how he is.” James grinned, his mustache bristling out. “Hey, I hear ya’. Buck’s a handful, huh?” Hunter nodded. “Yeah, you could say as much.” James just beamed wider. “Actually, I wanted to ask you somethin’.” Hunter cocked an eyebrow, adjusting his stance. “Uh huh?” James pulled his phone from his shirt’s front pocket and started tapping and swiping. His huge hands and wide frame made his phone look almost comically small as he tapped at it with his thick digits. Then, he pointed it towards Hunter’s beylikdüzü travesti face, who’s eyebrows shot up at the sight. It was his son, Buck, on the hookup app he liked to use. “This `yer boy?” James said a bit lower. The display name was “taking loads” but, it was very clearly him in the picture. Hunter exhaled and itched the back of his head. He felt sheepish for just a moment before snapping out of it. Who gave a fuck? It’s just sex, and what man didn’t wish they were scoring constantly at that age? “Yeah it is, but I don’t really-” “Johnson, I don’t give a fuck if `yer boy likes takin’ or givin’ it up the rear. It’s all just fuckin’ sex.” Hunter grinned wide. “That’s good to hear, man.” Hunter guessed it would’ve made sense that he was okay with it if he found Buck in the first place. James looked back up from his phone. “But listen, that’s not it.” Then, he tapped some more before turning his volume up and pointing the screen back to Hunter. On the screen was a video–the quality wasn’t great but you could get the gist. It was a video of Buck’s face going back, with a big, huge man just absolutely railing the fuck out of the kid. They were both drenched in sweat and– Hunter’s eyes widened. Well shit, it was him! It was a video of him fucking the snot out of his son! Hunter looked up to James feeling nervous. Gay sex one thing but father and son fucking was another. Their relationship was no secret around the parts, but it was speculation more than anything. But James just grinned again. “How long you been fuckin’ Buck?” Hunter saw that grin and immediately loosened back up. “Shit, couple of years now.” James beamed wider. “Is that so? Well damn.” Now Hunter was comfortable. “Boy can’t get enough fuckin’ dick. That’s really what held me up from gettin’ out here. He wanted to keep goin’ but I told him to just find some on the app!” The two men bellowed with laughter. Hunter was beyond relieved that James was relaxed about it all. “So how’d that happen? You and `yer boy,” James said, a bit more hushed and serious. “Aw, well, one day he brought his girl over and I ended up gettin’ in her pants while he was out. He came back and just joined in, so hell at that point might as well!” James grinned. “Well shit, if I knew it was that easy I’d have moved in on my boy’s girl already!” “Austin? Now didn’t he just get married?” Hunter said with a laugh. “Shit I’d bang my boy and his wife!” The two men were half guffawing at this point, Hunter slapping his truck in amusement. Turns out James was more like Hunter than he realized! “Tell ya’ the truth, James, I didn’t realize you were such a fuckin’ horndog!” James just smirked and put his hands on his front, pulling his pants up a bit. “Boy, I’ve been gettin’ around since before you could touch `yer dick.” Hunter raised an eyebrow and smirked. “Well I’m sure you know how I am. It ain’t much of a secret.” James nodded big and slow. “Oh trust me, Hunter, people have talked about you and that thirst of `yers since you was in high school. I really figured it was Buck when I recognized him, given.” He said the last bit playfully, looking Hunter in the eyes as he said it smiling. Hunter just kept that smirk on his face and puffed. “Well, shit, like father like son.” “Well does his daddy take dick like he does? He’s a fuckin’ champ.” Hunter eyed James up and down. His stance was wide like Hunter’s, but his wide body leaned forward a little, like was half popping his crotch out. Hunter grinned and looked at James over the top of his sunglasses. “Well I’m more used to giving but I definitely like it up the ass. Are you wantin’ to fuck?” James licked his lips. “Well I reckon I might.” Within minutes the men were in the garage, bumping and grinding their fronts as they made out. Hunter leaned back against the wall as James pressed into him, forcefully sliding his bigger tongue into Hunter’s mouth. Hunter sucked it and groaned, rubbing the older man’s back and beginning to peel off his worn out shirt. The two men stripped down, and Hunter dropped to his knees in front of James and pressed the farmer’s cock to his face. It was nowhere near as long as Hunter’s gutpuncher, but what it lacked in obscene length it made up for in sheer girth. Hunter’s cock was thick but this tool made it look like a straw in comparison. Hunter took the tip into his mouth, sucking the still hardening penis as it reached its full length of around istanbul travesti 7.5 inches, more and more of it sliding into Hunter’s willing mouth. The muscular man rubbed his chest, pinching a puffy and huge nippple as he nursed on James’s cock. He slurped more down as he intentionally coated the thick fuckstick in slobber. “Atta’ boy, suck that fuckin’ hog down, you hungry bitch,” James said, gripping the built man by the head and pushing it into his padded base. Hunter relaxed and let it slide down as he suppressed a gag. The young sleaze bobbed his head eagerly and slobbered up the wide dick in his mouth even more. He focused on the tip, circling his head as he suctioned tighter and really worked around the tip. James just responded with a grunt and a twitch until Hunter slammed his head back down, taking the full length in. Then, he moaned and pulled his cock from the man’s mouth. “Fuck, boy, don’t make me shoot yet!” “Do that in my ass!” Hunter said, grinning, looking up to James with slobbery lips. “Don’t mind I fuckin’ do,” James said, grinning back. The men readjusted, Hunter laying down over some old boxes and junk, his ass poked out and ready to get railed. James came up behind him, slapping his pecker against Hunter’s hairy ass and sliding his meat inbetween the thick cheeks. “Mmm, don’t just tease me, fucker!” Hunter said, flexing his hole against the bulkier man’s sausage. “Shut up, Johnson,” James said before playfully swatting the man’s behind. James pushed forward, his tip meeting resistance against Hunter’s hole. Hunter grunted and relaxed, letting the tip push into his easily fuckable hole. James hummed in approval and started working in more of his wrist thick pole. Hunter relaxed his hole against James’s thick pecker, letting the blunt shaft slide deeper into his slicked up manhole. Hunter bit his lip and closed his eyes, squeezing up a bit as the last few inches pushed in and James began humping in and out. It didn’t take him long to get into full pumps, Hunter’s hole opening up wide for the fucking. He might not have taken it as often as he gave, but he sure did fucking give it a lot. Hunter gripped the boxes and relaxed his hole, panting with each hard thrust from the sweaty and horned up man. “Yeah, fuck me man! Fuck yeah!” James took that as encouragement and gripped Hunter’s hips tighter, fastening his heavy thrusts into the muscular man. Both of them were sweaty and stank of working man, Hunter’s usual tan and slight burn flushing as James used his manhole. He was full on pounding Hunter’s ass now, huffing and grunting as his heavy balls swang against Hunter’s ass and the clap of his cheeks rang out. Hunter was just whooping and whining in encouragement as James just got rougher. James let go of the man’s hips and began slapping his ass as he fucked him, the sound of his palm meeting skin ringing out with the clap of his ass in the garage. He was fucking Hunter out, his asslips completely relaxed for the overly thick cock in him. Then, with a mighty grunt and pump in, the boxes shifting underneath, James started busting his load into Hunter. The two men groaned as the farmer came deep in the horndog. James pulled his cock out from the fucked open hole, a trail of seed drooling down. Hunter farted, the cum squirting out of his still breathing gaped ass. “Fuck, man!” he cried out in pleasure. James grinned and slid his pants back on, stuffing his still wet dick back into his jeans freeballing. “Alright, Johnson, let’s get to it! Lots of work today!” Hunter stood up shakily, his hole still oozing cum as he grinned and wiped the sweat from his brow. The garage reeked of mansex and stale smoke as he slipped his clothes back on and checked his phone. Two texts from Buck. “Six loads tonight! This one guy with a big hog wreck me!!” Hunter grinned and sent a quick congratulations back before slipping the phone in his pocket and walking out with James to unload the trailer he had brought over an hour earlier. This probably wouldn’t be the last time they fooled around today, or in the future. —- New one from me! Parts will switch focus between Hunter and Buck and both of their escapades together and separately! The piggy slut father/son dynamic is something I’ve always loved and I’m hoping I can really milk the potential from the setup in this series. Next part will focus more on Buck and his sexy happenings, so anticipate that if you love horny pervy boys. Always appreciate emails giving comments, critiques, and proof of loads. Down to talk dirty with like-minded guys. You can find some hot pictures with accompanying blurbs and short stories from me over at Newtumblr. Username is jghast31. Same for Twitter!