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Subject: Hunting-with-Dad-3, Gay incest I want to say thank you to my proofreaders, JG and RG. Without your help, I don’t think I would have enjoyed writing this as much and learning from you has been an experience on its own. This story is fictional to include all names, locations and events. It has been a massive undertaking as I have never written anything like this before. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I have writing it for you. *** Now that Little Red had received his father’s and my Grandpa’s loads deep in his ass and the loads from all of the fathers all over his back, he was about to be released from his bonds. Grandpa and Mr. Red maneuvered Little Red so he was now upright. They loosened a rope and lowered him onto his feet, and it took a moment before Little Red was able to stand on his own. Grandpa put his hand on Little Red’s shoulders and said, “I welcome you into manhood and dub you Mr. Sage.” The men began making loud roars and howls in approval of their new addition. “Mr. Sage, it’s time to release the new members from their bond and let them run free with supervision.” Grandpa added. Mr. Sage walked to Mr. White who was now bowing towards the group of men and boys. He placed his left foot on the small of Mr. White’s back, and reaching down he wrapped his fingers around the metal rod with a swing tug the ball was freed and Mr. White seemed to enjoy it. “Mr. Black, come take your ward. Teach him our ways and fill him with all the knowledge he can endure,” Mr. Sage announced. Mr. Sage did the same with Mr. Brown, who is the ward of Mr. Green and Mr. Purple was the ward of Mr. Orange. Mr. Sage then approached us boys, “Boys teach Little Blue our ways and show him how we accept and love each other.” The other boys helped me onto my knees, and each one took their turn kissing me on the lips. I wasn’t sure what to do, but after a minute I just relaxed and soaked up their passionate kisses. Little Green was now licking my lips with his kiss, and Little Grey joined in. I hadn’t noticed Little Orange had gotten up and laid down behind me until I felt something on my inner thighs. Looking down I saw Little Oranges hair as he placed his hands on my hips and pulled my ass onto his face. His tongue began flicking at my hole and it felt amazing. Little Green moved down my body licking and kissing my nipples and belly button as he made his way to my dick and, without hesitation, took it in his mouth. Little Grey took his place behind Little Green and began licking his hole as well. At times, I seemed unable to breath as the waves of pleasure washed over me. Looking around was a sight to behold, as all of the men were enjoying each other as well. Mr. Black was laying down with Mr. White’s ass over his face, while Mr. White sucked Mr. Black’s cock. Mr. Brown and Mr. Purple we kissing each other while Mr. Orange and Mr. Green were right behind them kissing as well. Sage was laying down while my dad was sucking his cock. I couldn’t see where gaziantep escort Grandpa was, and I looked around at the other groups of men playing for a moment until I found him, Mr. Red was sitting up holding Grandpa’s back while Grandpa was sliding up and down his cock. Grandpa was moaning so loud it was all I could hear, and he gasped for air with every drive of the cock up his ass. Eventually, my Dad called for grandpa to come over, he got behind my Dad and plunged his cock right into his ass. Dad let out a yelp followed by a loud moan. I couldn’t believe my eyes, Grandpa was fucking Dad! I wanted to go over and join them but I knew the rule: only men play with men and boys play with boys. I focused back on our little boy group, still having my ass licked and dick sucked, I was in heaven. Little Green stopped sucking my dick and looked up at me.. “Little Blue do you want to enjoy what Mr. Blue is enjoying?” I nodded, but quickly added, “I’ve never had anything in my butt hole before.” “That’s not what I mean, just relax and enjoy this.” Little Green stopped sucking my dick and turned around. When my little hard dick was resting in his butt crack, he reached under and grabbed my dick, aiming it for his hole. It was so wet and tight, and as he pushed against my dick I watched as it slide into his hole. His insides were so hot, it was the greatest sensation I had ever felt. After a minute, he started rocking his butt back and forth. I looked at my Dad to see if he was watching as I fucked my first ass, although he wasn’t, Grandpa was, with a big smile on his face. Grandpa kept fucking dad until he let out a loud moan and slumped over him. When Grandpa regained himself and backed away. Dad crawled over Mr. Sage and straddled his cock, in one quick motion he took all of Sage’s cock inside him. Then Mr. Red stood in front of my Dad, he took his cock in his mouth and started sucking. It was a father-son sandwich with my Dad in the middle! Watching my Dad getting fucked while I was fucking Little Green was causing something to happen down below, it felt like I was going to pee. The kind of pee when you first wake up, the first moment as it starts to leave your piss slit and your body just relaxes. It felt like that was about to happen, so I stopped fucking and got to my feet. “What’s wrong Little Blue?” Mr. Red asked. “I have to pee really bad.” I replied. “Take a deep breath and count to five.” I did as instructed. “Do you still have to pee?” “Not any more.” Feeling relieved. “What you were feeling was the beginning of your first orgasm, it’s normal. Every guy has them when he is enjoying pleasure.” He informed me. He tapped my dad on the shoulder, and he stopped sucking Red’s cock. “Blue go over and enjoy your son’s first orgasm with him.” As Sage pulled out of his ass, Dad came over to me, helping me back to my knees. Squatting over Little. Green, he took my dick in hand and guided it back into Little Green’s wanting hole. “Take his hole suriyeli escort like the Stag took mine.” He placed my hands on Little Greens hips as I thrusted forward. I felt empowered, like Little Green was mine and no one else could have him. Dad stood before me as I kept pounding away at Little Green, his hard cock was pointed right at my face. The smell was amazing, much like earlier but more energized. I felt myself reaching my first moment of climax again. Dad could see that I was holding back and said “Let your nut fly.” As I let myself accept what was happening, I gasped for breath and started to shudder as I had my first orgasm. Dad leaned down and kissed me passionately before standing up and walking back to his group. After Dad walked away I looked down and noticed some cum on Little Green’s back, I leaned over and licked it right off, it was from Grandpa and I wanted more. I pulled out of Little Green and called Dad to come back, he walked over and knelt down. “Can I get more of the sperm from your butt?” I asked. He whispered into my ear, “Not until you’re sixteen, that’s when you become one of the men. I can’t wait until your ceremony kiddo.” Again he walked back to his group, and instead of climbing back onto Sage’s cock he laid down face up and offered his ass to Red, and moaning loudly as Red wasted no time in mounting him. I walked over and sat down next to dad and just watched. I didn’t notice Grandpa had left until he came back into the room with something in his hand. He unscrewed the lid to a little brown bottle and inhaled deeply, you could almost see his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Walking around the room, each man took a deep breath from the bottle, and the intensity of their fucking and sucking increased. When he came over to where dad was getting fucked and I was sitting he handed the bottle to Sage. Dad, Red and Sage all took their turns sniffing from the bottle before the cap was put back on. It wasn’t long until Little Green was ready to cum, Little Orange and Little Grey licked at his dick head until he started to produce his nectar. They lapped it up and began kissing each other, while they stroked their boy dicks. Dad still needed to cum and made no qualms about letting the other men know. Grandpa instructed Dad to lay on his back, he rammed his cock in deep, and Dad moaned with ecstasy. I loved watching Grandpa fuck Dad, it was passionate and manly at the same time. Within minutes Dad began shooting his load over his hairy stomach and chest. Dad got a worried look on his face as he realized Grandpa wasn’t going to stop pounding his hole anytime soon. Red took the brown bottle and gave it to Dad, and he took a few big whiffs before putting the cap back on and relaxed into being used by Grandpa. By now the only men left to cum Sage and Red. Sage was fucking his Dad like he had fucked Grandpa earlier. Red was moaning and enjoying riding his son’s young cock. Sage suddenly leaned rus escort forward and put Red on his back. He was fucking harder and faster; moaning and grunting until his cock pulsed and delivered its load into his Dad’s hole. With everyone’s balls now empty, towels were handed out and we wiped ourselves and each other off. It was late and you could see it in everyone’s eyes that we needed to get to sleep, morning would be upon us very soon and we still had hunting to do this weekend. With everyone now nestled in their bunk, it wasn’t long before sleep overtook us. It wasn’t long before Dad woke me and whispered, “Do you still want to lick the cum out of my ass?” I nodded furiously as he pulled me out of bed and quietly led me back into the playroom. Bending over he exposed his used hole and motioned for me to start licking. I stuck my face right in and licked his hole, I could feel he was pushing it out for me to get deeper inside. Viola! Atlast I could taste my prize, salty musky and thick. Each lick produced more and more of the man nectar I began to love. “Do you want to feel it going inside you?” he asked. “Yes I do Dad. I want to know why you moaned so loud when they shot inside you.” I replied. Dad rolled over with amazement in his eyes, he didn’t think his son would become a cum pig so young. His cock was hard again and pointed right at me. Without saying a word I started licking his cock head, it was salty and tasted of dried cum. It wasn’t long before his cock head was in my mouth, he pulled back his foreskin to expose all of it for me to enjoy. Dad took his hand and pushed some cum out of his ass onto his fingers. He told me to sit on him like I did before, without hesitation I climbed on. Sliding myself down until I was able to feel his cock. He rubbed the cum from his fingers onto his cock head and my boy hole. He then started to jerk his cock, he was getting close to cumming he slid me down farther as he sat up. I was now sitting with my hole pressed right against his cock head. He told me to start pushing out, as I did so I could feel his cock entering my hole. Dad could feel it too, he started unloading his cum into me. It was amazing feeling the four hot jets of my dad’s cum shooting into me. Dad picked me up as he laid back and sat me on his face. He told me to push out again as he began sucking on my hole. All of the cum was being stolen from my butt and I didn’t know why, Dad left my hole wanting more cum. He explained to me that what we just did could get him in trouble. Suddenly, my world had changed, I was sitting up on the top bunk. Looking over the edge Dad was fast asleep and snoring. This night had changed me forever; even my dreams know something is different between Dad and I. TO BE CONTINUED!!! *** I’d like to thank everyone for reading this chapter of my story. This is my first attempt at writing any Gay Erotica. I hope you enjoyed it, and if you have any input, please feel free to email me. I’d really love to hear feedback from all my readers!!! My email is ail, and again, please feel free to write me about anything. And please remember that Nifty needs your support to keep offering free hot porn. fty/donate.html Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0)