I Fucked My Neighbor,s Wife!

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I Fucked My Neighbor,s Wife!The Night I Fucked My Neighbor,s Wife!It was about 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and by then we were all really falling down drunk, and we had been smoking pot that night too, so not only were we drunk and high, we were horny from the pot! Stacy and I were in the living room mostly naked and we had been listening to music and dancing while Cheryl and Greg had been outside for a while. Stacy did not have on a bra that night and was letting me suck her tits. I love her dark nipples! She had on short-shortsI and I pulled her panties aside and started playing with her pussy. I was finger fucking her wet pussy and I she liked it! The next thing I knew we were both completely naked! She had her legs spread wide open and rubbing her pussy for me to see right there on the love seat and before I knew it, I was shoving my cock deep in Stacy’s pussy! I was fucking her hard too and it felt really good! I liked watching my cock slide in and out of her wet shaved pussy! It was exciting knowing we might get caught any minute by Cheryl and Greg ardahan escort and yet there we were naked and fucking each other! I just kept fucking Stacy until I cum in her pussy! She had gotten me so horny that night. After that we both needed a drink, so I got up to get us one. On my way to the kitchen I looked out the door I saw Greg up behind Cheryl and he had her skirt pulled up above her ass! She was bent over the top railing of the deck and I saw Greg pulling her panties down and as they fell on the the deck I saw Cheryl step out of her panties in her bare feet. I could see Cheryl’s ass and pussy in the moonlight as she bent over on the top deck rail! Cheryl pulled her ass cheeks apart, just waiting for Greg’s cock, and I saw Greg slide his cock up in Miss Cheryl’s waiting wet pussy! Then he started fucking her pussy from behind while he had his arms around her squeezing her tits! Cheryl seemed to be really enjoying it too. She didn’t say anything or try and stop him,….. and I didn’t say anything because it was making artvin escort me very horny watching Greg fucking my wife’s pussy right out there on our deck! Cheryl was practically naked too! Her ass, pussy, long legs, and bare feet were all in full view for everyone to see! All she had on was a loose fitting see through top and she pulled that off as Greg started fucking her pussy! There she was compleatly naked now out on the deck while greg was fucking her pussy! Greg was really fucking her pussy hard too and Cheryl was really into it that night. I heard her say, “Fuck my pussy Greg Fuck me!” I just stood there out of sight watching Greg fucking my wife’s pussy until I heard her scream “Oh Fuck” as she was cumming! Greg was holding on to Cheryl’s hips tight and he just kept on fucking her until he cum in her pussy! I think that was the first time Miss Cheryl had let Greg cum in her pussy! I could not believe what I had just seen! Not only was Cheryl letting Greg fuck her little pussy and she let him cum inside her, and she was escort bayan compleatly naked on the deck!! In all fairness Cheryl was so drunk and high I’m not sure she even remembers that night. I was so excited from watching Greg fucking my wife out there I almost cum just watching! Then I got my drink and went back to the living room. Stacy had fallen asleep while I was in the kitchen but she was awake now was getting dressed. She was talking as she was getting up to out on the deck to smoke. I went first to make sure the coast was clear. lol. Cheryl and Greg were pretty much dressed by now. They were siting down and pretending like nothing had happened just smoking and talking. I saw Cheryl grab her panties off of the deck and she quickly sat on them just as we walked out! lol. Stacy had no clue what had just happened! lol, and I never said anything. Cheryl was usually pretty drunk when she let Greg fuck her alone, or let us both fuck her together. It was great when Cheryl let Greg and me both fuck her pussy at the same time, and back then it happened a lot! We both fucked Stacy too when Greg would allow it, but didn’t happen very often unless Greg went home mad and Cheryl went to sleep. I got to fuck Stacy’s pussy a lot back then! That was a sex night I will never forget! I really wish we still had sex nights like that!