I held the dong, he had the control

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Big Dicks

I held the dong, he had the controlI watched him intently, he was growing into a handsome young man, it only seemed like yesterday when I held him in my arms, as a new born baby, now he was all grown-up, developing by the day, and even I, his auntie, could feel the need for him, something most middle-aged women might be horrified to admit to, but I ached for sex, it had been more than a year since my last penetrative intercourse, and even then it was a clandestine quickie, from his estranged father, my divorced sister’s husband, he fucked and dumped his load into my eager and desperate pussy, then turned and left with another woman.The occasion that night was his sons f******nth birthday bash, we got drunk and he flattered me by saying he always had the hots for me, so we went into the bathroom and I bent across the bathroom sink, after dropping my knickers, and he was inside me, took a few shakes, then the warm tell-tale deposit, and out, all before my knickers came to rest around my shapely ankles, a classic wham bam thank you maam, if ever there was one, and as I never had the chance to cum myself, I really dont count it as a screw, just a deposit.My mind has been dwelling on sex lately, I guess I am lonely and need a long term partner, I laugh as I think how desperate I have been, my last close encounter was a few weeks back, in the local sex shop, dont ask me why but I was passing it, and a dildo in the window caught my eye, actually it was a vibrating dong, black of course, a pigmentation that contrasts well against the pale skin of white shaved women, so I got brave and went in, only to find it empty, save the shop owner, an old Korean man, who sat down the far end at the cash registrar.I walked around, feeling strangely excited amongst all the sex aids for women, I could feel my nipples harden, knowing he was watching me, ‘I bet he must be thinking if I am horny’, my mind was running away with itself and I went across to the vibrator and dildo section.I looked around me surreptitiously for cameras, my eyes scanning the tops of shelves as I drank in the feast of pleasure aids on display.I picked up the one that had caught my eye in the window outside, and weighed it in my open hand, judging it to be a good kilo, 22cm length, with 7.5cm girth, a lifelike dong of some American black guy, molded just to slide inside some Swedish girls cunt, on the other side of the world, what a fucking irony, I thought.There was a small cough and I almost jumped out of my skin, tempobet giriş as he had surprised me deep in my train of sexual tribulations, ‘Sorry madam’, he said somewhat apologetically, ‘I did not mean to startle you’. It was the old Asian from the other side of the shop, I guess he needed to be close when a white girl visited his shop, judging by the look of him, his needs must have been greater than mine, but watching a girl shop in a sex shop might have it benefits, especially when she shops for cock-like implements, things she will put in her pussy.’You surprised me’, I said softly, ‘I never heard you come up behind me’, I continued, strangely not embarrassed to be seen holding the ‘King of Dongs’, something I only realized I was holding, as I waved it around, expressing myself, then we both had a laugh as I held it in front of me, standing upright, with my fingers tightly wrapped around its base, just above the balls, I looked at him, then it, then back to him, ‘Impressive’, was all I could say, then somewhat naughtily, dont ask me why I did it, but I fondled it, as he watched me, perhaps that’s why I did it, because he was looking at this bold, young pretty white girl, fondling a huge black cock.I looked at him again, and in a serious tone asked him how much this cost, ‘For a pretty girl like you my dear, I can make you a special deal’.I felt a twinge in my pussy as he spoke, was this dirty old Asian guy about to proposition me, surely he was not going to try and fuck me, even in my desperate advanced state of my ‘Hawaiian Disease, Lack-of-Nookie’.’How much does it cost’, I asked him calmly, my new boldness even surpassing my own expectations, ‘120 Euros’, he snapped back. ‘Wow’ I thought, a bit prohibitive even for a horny girl like myself, I shook my head as to emphasize its prohibitive cost, adding ‘Too expensive’, for good measure, so he understood , but I fondled it a little more, showing him my reluctance to let it down.He remained silent, just watching me carouse the shelves, in the end I turned and asked him if I was holding him back, did he want to close the store to go home. ‘I have closed the store, I lock up when I come down here to see you’.Again dont ask why, but I just sensed this little old man had a big desire for me, and I suddenly felt braver again, I definitely felt horny, but I also was certain I was not going to perform or attempt to relieve myself on him, but I had something he wanted and the tease in me came to tempobet yeni giriş the fore, we were alone, locked in a sex shop, so why not.’Is that the biggest cock you have on the shelf’, I asked, a surge coursed through my body, as I threw it in his face, ‘You like to Fuckee big cocks’, he retorted, I never expected that, ‘Yes, yes I do’, I fired back, and his wizened face broke into a large smile.’He brushed past me and picked up the dong I had been fondling a few minutes ago, ‘Here’, he said handing it back to me, ‘You put this in your pussy, and see if you can take it’.I took it in my hand, the feel of it melting into my skin, its perfect molding, feeling as if it was made for me. I looked around for a toilet, then asked him where, ‘No, no, you do it here, I watch’.I was lost for words and as I stood the dong came to life, firstly a gentle but discernible vibration, then the head started moving from side to side, ‘Now you see why cock cost so much’, and as he spoke the penny dropped for me also, he wanted to fuck me with the toy, and he would be on the controller.’How much discount’, I asked him, ‘70%’, he fired back, then he added quickly, ’20 Euros’. We stood looking at each other, then I simply said, ‘OK I will do it’, and stuck my hand out, which he took in his and we shook on the deal.’You do it here’, he said pointing to the floor where I stood, I nodded my consent, and turned and put the dong back on the shelf, and took my dress off.He was watching my intently as I stripped down to my undies, ‘Here come’ he said and I followed him into another room, full of clothes, he showed my rails of nets and crotch-less knickers, stockings and peek-a-boo cut out nipples brassieres, ‘You put some on and you keep too’, so I stripped off naked, and got dressed in the dirties kinkiest undies I could see, finally rejoining him in the main shop, and lying down on the floor to let him masturbate me to orgasm with the dong.I have to admit I came within a relativity short time, this thing was good, and he was good with the controls, I lost count of the numerous vibrations and thrusting modes he put it into, my orgasms were coming quicker, one after another, six and counting, and I was writhing on the floor like a girl possessed.’I cum’ he called out, I did not know he was having wank, but by then I was exhausted, and only glad to bring it to a close, so as I opened my eyes he was perched above me, and as I was holding the dong inside my pussy with both tempobet güvenilirmi hands, he shot his sperm onto my face and into my mouth.’WTF’, I thought, then with resignation, because it was coming to an end I took him into my mouth, and crushed his small Asian cock between the roof of my mouth and my tongue, rolling him around and swallowing the last of his seminal flow.I got up onto my feet, and for the first time felt ridiculous in this sex undies gear, I need to get dressed’, I told him, about to make for the room where my underwear was discarded, ‘No, you finish please’, I looked at him, ‘What do you mean’, I asked him, a little confused as tho what he meant, ‘You must lick cock clean’, was his abrupt reply, so I stood there licking this monster black dong until he said it was clean, at which I handed it to him and he said it was fine for me to go get dressed.He went to the cash registrar part and I went in to retrieve my underwear, which was now gone, I could not find them, so desperate to get to fuck out of here I dressed over the sexy undies and made my way to him, where he had packaged the dong in plain brown paper.’That was good’, he asked me, to which I replied it was, the he asked me for the full cost of 120 Euros, ‘What the fuck do you mean’ I asked him, ‘We had a deal’, to which he replied, you used it now you must pay for it. I could see there was no use in arguing with him so I turned to leave without paying, but he called back, ‘You pay, or I call Police’.I was both angry and shocked, mad with myself for letting my body dictate terms, ‘You cant fucking prove I used it’, but he smiled, pointing to the CCTV cams around the shop, especially where I lay, and had multiple orgasms ‘You lick cock, we have DNA, now you fucking pay and do as told’. I was shocked, numbed by the realization he had filmed me and I reached into my wallet and meekly used my credit card to pay for my expensive toy.’You must give me full address please, and I complied, with phone number, home and mobile, which he dialed to ensure I was genuine.’Now’ he said, ‘I keep your undies and sell them dirty, for good price, Asian men like white girls soiled knickers’, so next week you bring me more, one for each day, and I pay you for new ones’.I was about to protest when he added menacingly, ‘I know who you are, where you stay and phone numbers, I show video, so you do as I say’. I nodded, I knew when I was beaten, I complied, and in a few weeks I went from delivering my soiled knickers to having them taken down by the men in question, for an extra charge for him of course, now there are no problems with my sexual functionality, the little room where my knickers disappeared, has a bed in it, and I manage 10 men a night, what a silly little cunt I am.