i reached the moutain top

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i reached the moutain topI had to be all of 18, and he was 23. It was our first time alone. We watch a movie, but i cant recall what it was. He rubbed my shoulders and back as we watched the screen,tickled my neck and smelled me. When the credits began to roll he gently kissed the back of my neck, and it sent a chill through me. Just like that my pussy was wet, and wanting him. I wasnt “fast” so i didnt have much sexual experience, but i knew i was about to gain some that day. From behind me he grabbed my double D’s, my nipples were hard for him already so he pintched them.I closed my eyes and adiosbet yeni giriş moaned, and i squirmed in my seat. I could tell he liked the sound of my moan. He came around to the front of me and unbuttoned my shirt, un hooked my bra, and started sucking my big hard nipples. Then he opened my legs and licked his two fingers and began to rub my clit, while still sucking my nipples. It felt so good i wanted to cum, but he wouldnt let me. He told me to lay back on his bed, so i did. Again he opend my legs but this time when he spread my pussy lips he put his mouth on me. adiosbet giriş His tongue was so soft and wet, and i was extra wet. As he licked me, i played with my nipples, and just when i thought i was gonna cum he shocked me. He pulled my legs up in the air and started to lick my ass and i just melted away, i couldnt take the feeling, the pleasure. He went back to licking my clit but he soon had a finger in my ass. This was my first time even thinking about anal sex, i always thought it would hurt. He was gentle and he knew what he was doing. He let me cum on he tongue, and then adiosbet güvenilirmi he asked if he could cum on mine. Of course i let him, i was so turned on i took his big long black dick into my throat and didnt mind gagging on it. He liked choking me with his dick. Finally he bent me over and slipped into my dripping wet pussy. He fucked me in every position he could think of. He might let me rest for a few min but then he was right back up in that gushy pussy. He said he liked it wet and tight like mine. Then he stroked my pussy a few more times, and he rubbed pussy juice on my ass to open it up. He slid in my ass with ease, he said i took it like a pro. I sat back on that big dick and bounced on it till he bust his hot nut in my ass. HE made me feel so good, he was my first anal and i love him for that. Cause now i drive men crazy when i take it up the ass.