I. Rising Storm

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“This is crazy, you know?” She stood half blocking the open doorway and looked at his handsome face intently, vaguely scared.

“I know,” he said softly, “but it feels crazy right, too.” She recognized the huskiness of desire in his voice and felt its echo in her body. Both knew this encounter would end in sex.

“I don’t usually do this . . . ,” she began, but his eyes caught hers and she stopped. “I mean, we just met, I don’t even know your name and you don’t know mine and we’ve both probably had too much to drink. My apartment is a mess and . . . ” she trailed off helplessly. He watched her, amused but determined, and she knew she would be lying to herself if she said she didn’t want this. It was too late, anyway.

His face bent to hers and kissed her lips. The kiss was momentarily soft, then—pretenses abandoned—it ground into her hard and urgent. She grabbed his face instinctively as the kiss smoldered and their tongues writhed. Then his hips and thighs drove her back into the room until with a thud her back collided with a wall at the same time that the door, carelessly kicked, clicked shut. Her thoughts were racing but indistinct; her need overwhelmed rationality, and the brief moments of hesitance—What the fuck am I doing? I don’t know this guy—were drowned by the thudding of her heartbeat in her ears. Against the wall his lips never left hers, but his hands were suddenly everywhere: squeezing, cupping, groping, matching the urgency of his lips and tongue. She was warm, flushed; the clothes, oppressive. She could feel his hunger for her in every inch of his being. A muscled thigh forced her legs apart and she clamped down on it, grinding her body into it, arching back, her eyes closed to all but sensation. She felt a violent jerk as he removed her t-shirt with a sharp, indifferent rip. He pulled her close with his arm in the small of her back, pulling her against his chest until her own hands found the buttons of his shirt. His lips were like warm and savage, moving now to her throat, teeth grazing her naked flesh. In the next moment her bra clasp was open, and she sucked in her breath quickly as his hands found her breasts, squeezing them, massaging them, his rough thumbs flicking across her nipples. “Sorry about the shirt,” he mumbled from her throat.

For a moment, panic chilled her. Her nipples were hard, resistant. What if . . .? She shivered, lightheaded. This is reckless, crazy, dangerous. But there was no time to think now; she could only react. Their bodies writhed together, they devoured each other. The warmth returned as his teeth captured a nipple and his tongue flashed across it, back and forth, sending a surge of sensation racing tinglingly through her body. Her hands fumbled with his jeans, unbuttoning them, unzipping them, reaching into them to pull out the thick, soft warmth of his already swelling penis. “Weren’t things getting a little too snug in there?” she whispered.

He drew in his breath raggedly as her hand closed on his penis, and for a moment he braced himself against the wall to regain control. Fuck, she’s hot! he thought. Her body arched against the wall, hair in tangles, a strand of it caught in her oblivious open mouth. Her lips were warm and had responded to his kisses, pressing back urgently. He felt her squeeze his cock and blood rushed into his shaft, once again stealing his breath. “You got a pretty good handle of that, don’t you?” he said. He expected a smile but he saw only desire. She wants to fuck as badly as I do! The recognition of her lust brought him suddenly, perilously close to cumming. Slow down, slow down, not yet. He backed up a moment, unfastening the button of her jeans as her hand began to jerk him of slowly with delicious pressure. He stared at a lamp across the room, a small brass lamp and tried to note the details of it. I gotta think of something else. But her hand felt too good and his desire to watch his cock slip into her wet, swollen pussy was too insistent, too urgent.

Desperately he devoured one of her nipples again as he unzipped her jeans felt her instantly freeze for a second, her hand clutching him, then, as she caught her breath, resume jerking anime porno him almost as an afterthought. Breathing harshly now, he knew he had escaped for now. But the alcohol was clouding his mind. I’m gonna make you feel me like you were feeling that music on the dance floor, he thought. The vision of her undulating form flared behind his shut eyes as his hand cupped her pussy through the soft cotton of her panties. This is gonna be a fuck, and you’re gonna know what it means to be well-fucked. Her panties were damp when he rubbed his hand up and down them. When he opened his eyes she was looking at him with her guileless blue eyes, staring at him with mute but urgent hunger. He throat felt thick and swollen suddenly, and he felt cheap, for she was beautiful.

Her mind was blank, but her body was almost overwhelmed with sensations. I’m wound sooo tight. . . .please touch me there, yes, there, please . . . . Staring into his dark eyes she willed him to rid her of the underwear, to slide his bare hand against her swollen labia and to tease her clit. Is he nervous? But instead he slipped his hand under the elastic, sliding it across her shaved flesh, down in a tide of pleasure across her clit to her swollen, wet lips. She knew this was what she had missed for months, too many nights with Internet porn trying to accomplish with her fingers and toys what ten seconds of his hand were doing right now. He had slowed up for an agonizing moment and she remembered his penis, which she began to jerk again, the thick hardness of it too sizable for her delicate hand to encircle. She registered the size of his penis primally with a surge of pleasure at the thought of it deep in her body; this, just as his lips and tongue and teeth renewed their assault on her throat and his finger roughly grazed across her exposed clit. She surprised herself by cumming suddenly, violently. One hand crushed his penis, the other pushed hard against his unyielding chest. Her belly bucked sharply, bucked again, but as quickly as it had slid across her clit, his hand was gone. Where the hell? He had pulled away from her, pulling his penis free from her hand, too, but her eyes seemed drugged, thick-lidded, her head adrift. He was jerking her jeans down sharply to her ankles and laughed nervously when he lifted her lightly off the floor and carried her toward the bed. They had moved beyond the need for words.

He dumped her on the edge of the bed, not brutally but urgently. Her ass was firm, tight, and round as she kicked at the jeans that held her ankles, balancing on her arms with her shredded shirt and open bra dangling. Fuck it, I want this now. He pushed her down against the bed, pulling her panties aside so he could rub his hard cock head up and down her wet pussy lips. He felt her surprise when she ceased struggling with the jeans that imprisoned her legs, but there was no time to waste in removing clothes. He grabbed her hips and rammed his cock as hard and deep as he could into her, crushing her ass against his hips as he felt her pussy yield bit by bit until all eight inches were in her. Her pussy was tight and warm, a revelation after the long dry spell he had had. Shit, she’s squeezing me. He leaned forward, reaching past the dangling shirt and bra to squeeze her breast hard, pulling on her nipple as he let go. The he began to fuck her hard, deep, and gradually faster and faster.

“Fuuuuck,” she heard him breathe raggedly, his thighs trembling slightly before he fell into a rhythm, out and in, out and in. She was helpless, her legs imprisoned, her body impaled by his, her hands clinging to the comforter so that each powerful stroke threatened to tear the sheets loose from the bed. Faster and harder and deeper he fucked her, his hands gripping her hips, his breath raw. The scent of her wet twat was heady in the air. Their bodies smacked together, creating wet, sticky noises with their friction: his balls, wet from her juices, smacked against her warm flesh with each thrust. There was nothing she could do but feel. “I’ve missed this so,” she cried softly. “Me, too, baby. Me, too,” he replied. His voice was warm and husky with feeling. Her tears had caught asyalı porno her off-guard, though they were tears of pleasure. Am I a whore for loving this? But he feels so good, I need this! If only mom and dad saw their precious angel now! She felt intoxicated, sinful, and very, very alive. When he paused and pulled out, she rolled over onto her back, finally escaping her jeans and shirt and bra, wriggling out of the wet and bunched underwear. Her eyes moved from his naked chest, tantalizing beneath the unbuttoned shirt, down to his erect wet penis. Hard and glistening wet from being in her, she wanted to taste those eight thick inches.

He was reading her body language intently. Take it, baby, take it. He wanted nothing more, but somehow her beauty had disarmed him, and for a moment he hesitated to bring his cock to her lips, but she grabbed his wet shaft and pulled it to her waiting lips. He watched her close her eyes as she slid it into her mouth as far as she could before closing her lips around his thickness. He watched it half of it disappear, amazed that this was happening, but soon the sight of her languid lips closing around his shaft sent warning signs through him again. I don’t want to cum yet, but . . . fuck! His thought was emphatic, triggered by her swirling tongue on his shaft and tip, lapping off her own pussy juice hungrily. In spite of himself he moaned. He shut his eyes tightly so the sight of him fucking her face wouldn’t drive him over the edge too soon. He grabbed her head with both hands, preparing to fuck her throat deeply, but the sensation of her tongue was so intense he shivered.

She could feel him yielding to her and she sucked and licked him, and she felt his trembles as her tongue flicked over his shaft and caught a pearl of precum oozing from its tip. Mmmmm. . . . I’d forgotten how much I love this stuff! Sucking his smooth balls into her mouth, she jerked him with her hand while she sucked off her own juices, tugging softly on his balls before letting them go to trail her tongue up his shaft again until she could take his head again and impale her mouth on him. She drove her head steadily down until his smooth hard penis gagged her, aware of a reassuring hand stroking her hair when she did. Her throat rebelled, but she forced herself to plunge deeper, gagging again. His hands were on her. Popping his penis out of her mouth, she jerked it up and down with her hand tightly clenched around it. Then she squeezed it tight and moved her hand up from his balls to the tip of his penis, turning it purple and forcing another sizable drop of precum from it. This she caught with her tongue, spreading it across the tip of his cock before sucking it back into her mouth again. She felt a flush of warmth rush into her loins. “Am I doing okay?” she asked, noting his hardened nipples. He could only nod.

Fuck, he thought, watching her lap up his precum and feeling his cock throb in her tight grip. She released it and he saw her belly convulsively, then she sucked his cock back into her mouth, her blond hair falling around her face as she bounced on his shaft. Her nipples were swollen and hard, delicious to look at, and he felt his cum building inside as he thought her on her knees hungrily swallowing all of his cock. His hands cupped her head again, and he began to fuck her throat with slow deliberate thrusts, forcing her to slow the pace that would have had him cumming in seconds. His body shuddered as he mastered the sensation, fighting off orgasm. He wanted to lift her from her knees, to love her, to marry her.

Instead, he pulled her off his cock. “Not yet, baby, not yet. I want to cum deep inside you.” He shifted her onto her side, pulling one leg against his bare chest, straight in the air, and shoving the other to the side so that he could slip his cock deeply into her pussy. He watched it disappear between her swollen pussy lips and saw them tug at it. It was just a matter of moments now; he was giving in to the sight, the smell of her pussy warm and intoxicating, the waves of feeling it that arced through his body as he fucked her. Clutching her leg to his chest, he had the leverage to fuck babes porno her hard and now began to pick up his pace slowly, enjoying her increasingly loud reactions. “Omigod, yes . . yes . . yes, yes, yes, yes!” she screamed as his cock pistoned in and out of her fast and hard, balls slapping wetly against her body. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum . . . .

The sight of his cock disappearing in her drove his cum toward release, and he paused, leaning over to catch one of her nipples between his teeth and tease it with his tongue. Her body kept bucking against his, though, and he let go her nipple. Fucking her now with furious abandonment, he felt his own heart pounding hot in his chest. He looked down at her, at that beautiful flushed face, hair still trailing everywhere. She was lost in the moment, her body jerking around at the mercy of his fucking. He wet a finger with her pussy juices.

Conscious thought was gone. Her fingers and toes grew tingly and light. She had lost control of her body and felt weak and limp, but her hands tried to dig into the sheets to hold her body in place. She became aware of his finger pressing against her anus I the same moment that it slid in; now it was moving in rhythm to the thrust of his hips. She came hard, deliriously, and came again. “Oh, baby,” she managed.

He felt her pussy clench tight around his cock when it was deep in her body, and this time he could escape no longer. Shuddering and collapsing convulsively atop her, he shot hot cum into her in thick, forceful spurts. They could feel each other cumming: she, when her pussy wasn’t clenched, and he after his cock had spasmed within her. Their bodies were consumed with a fierce fire, and even as these urgent flames softened, satiated, they clung to each other as their bodies wracked with pleasure and bucked and writhed and slowly settled together. His cum mingled with her juices and they could feel the cum oozing out, but they were clinging to each other now, kissing, hands sliding and rubbing and holding. His kisses were gentle and suddenly loving, hers softer and deliberate. Their lips shaped wordless thank you’s for the spent bliss they had shared. Their legs intertwined, warm flesh against warm flesh. His penis was still in her body; she could feel it slipping out with one last spasm. He raised his hand to her face, brushing back the tousled blond hair and tried to speak, but his heart was in new territory; it was too full of confusion and warmth and unwonted vulnerability. “Shhhhhh,” she whispered, placing her finger against his lips. He kissed it gently. She snuggled closer to him.

They became aware of their surroundings again. A soft rain fell against the window pane and occasionally the building creaked or groaned against the wind. She listened to the even sound of his breathing, strangely calm and reassured by this stranger’s steady heart. He held her close, his body spooning against hers from behind. He did not want the arm he had draped over her to crush her, though his other arm was painfully twisted beneath him. It didn’t matter.

His hand roamed softly over her body again, more leisurely now, more appreciative of the warm and vital beauty beneath them. Who is she? How the hell can I ask that now? He savored the feeling of the swelling of her breasts, the hard nipples that glided beneath his lightly hovering palm. It traced her face, her cheek, her throat and shoulder and arm, sliding down across her hip and behind it to glide smoothly across her butt. Her own thoughts were hovering in the same realm, but at his touch, she stretched her hand reached down and closed it upon the warm, soft, sticky thickness of his penis, squeezing it as she leaned forward to kiss him. His hand kept wandered, up and down her body. “I’m Allie, by the way,” she said, laughter in her voice.

“Ethan,” he murmured. “I hope we can do this again some time.” When his hand strayed too close to her pussy, her legs parted and his fingers found her pussy was drenched again. In her hand, his cock began to throb, but he gently pushed her hand away, guiding her to rest her back flat on the bed as his mouth trailed kisses down to her nipples, sucking and releasing them, down across her tummy, across her smooth shaved flesh until it turned her body electric by sucking her warm, swollen lips into that warm, skilled, and hungry mouth.

The night wasn’t over.

It hadn’t even really begun.