I soon Usurped my own Mother

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I soon Usurped my own MotherAs a young girl being brought up in a naturist environment, I witnessed the darker debauched side of ‘Free Sex’, today it would be referred to as ‘Swinging’, except back then, everyone remained focused on their own needs, and youngsters would just sit around and watch the adults do it.My own mum, was one of the stars back then, she had a huge appetite for sex and most of the men would ‘Bag Her’, just for the sake of saying they did so. She was a typically tall Scandinavian woman, with a great physic, loved being amongst men of all ages, and as I watched her typical greeting, of full mouth on mouth kissing, she would drop her hand and fondle their cocks and testicles, while some of the men would look at me and smile, my own nudity exciting some more than my mothers fondling did.My mother drank heavily, mixing her base alcohol, popping pills, while the men took turns with her, in full view of everyone else, she would asyabahis yeni giriş make for good viewing as she genuinely had a fearsome catlike manner when fucking, especially during triple penetration.It was during such an act that I got involved, while mum was active on the couch, I was invited to sit on an older lecherousness mans lap.I sat snugly into his lap, my small bum encasing his rapidly thickening cock, his arm around my small waist, holding me onto him, his other hand freely fondling my puffy nipples, as my breasts were in their early stages of development, the swelling starting on my nipples and flowing down around 3cm of fatty tissue.Mum was buried beneath three men and making a lot of noise with the penetration, she was too far gone with the drink, d**gs, booze, and sex to notice her daughter being used on the chair, with a thick cock nestling between her ass cheeks, its owner forcing me down on it while asyabahis giriş he moved effortlessly, brushing my sleeping clitoris with his cock head, an act I admit gave me new sensations, an act I found myself mimicking whenever he stopped, I just kept moving.He brushed my long blond hair from my ear and nibbling on my lobes, occasionally sticking his tongue inside and swirling it around, forcing his saliva deep down into it, mimicking the cock currently fucking my mother, the same frequency and equally squishy noises, and his dirty mouthing of my own comparable nature to my mothers.I sat with my legs d****d down the side of his, and his erection was obvious as it now stood proud between my legs, ‘Shove it in her’, was the comments from the man sitting on the arm of the chair we occupied, his sitting there blocked my view from my mother, effectively shielding me from others in the room, not that they cared, but as he commented, asyabahis güvenilirmi he applied copious amounts of saliva to his fingers and applied it to my folds of labia, massaging me and the cock between my legs, I had seen men do this before, kiss and touch each other, so him touching the man between my legs seemed normal.I could feel my hips forced forward until his cock head lay between my labia, my hips held in a vice like hold, the man sitting on the arm still covering my cunt, his fingers guiding the cock into my opening, as I resumed my own movements on it, not realizing he was sliding inside me, the feeling of fullness only apparent, with the different of my actually stopping and feeling the internal pressure deep inside my tummy, my hand feeling between my own legs and only feeling his balls, his cock firmly inside my me.Having been penetrated the man on the arm of the seat pulled my head back and started kissing me on my mouth, soon other men realizing I was fucking joined us and soon my mouth was sucking on them, just like my mother, yes I was a chip off my mothers being, and the men around me were all striving to be with me, suddenly I felt I had usurped my own mother, and I felt good about it.