I Sucked

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I met Michael through Craigslist. I know, trashy, right? But that’s exactly what I was in the mood for – something easy, with no strings – and that’s exactly what I found.

It was July 2006, and my libido was in overdrive. I responded to a few posts on Craigslist in the morning, all for local play, but once the advertiser responded, I lost interest. There needs to be a hint of chemistry, a spark of something interesting in order for me to meet a random guy. That probably sounds strange to you – I mean, these are just random hookups, so why am I so picky? I don’t know, other than to say that I am.

I finally gave up on CL and ran out to do some errands, hoping to otherwise pre-occupy my mind. Of course, that didn’t work, so as soon as I got back home, I hopped back onto Craigslist. This time, a new post caught my eye: a local guy who was working all night, alone in his office building, and wanted someone to come to his office and fool around.

I responded to the ad, and Michael’s response kept my interest. We emailed a few more times, discussing logistics and what we were both looking for. He sent me a picture, and I was relieved: a nice looking Mexican guy, short and skinny, with a mustache and small goatee. Facial hair does it for me every time. He seemed excited about the idea of a bigger woman, so that was also a relief for me. We emailed a few more times, and soon I was on my way.

It was already dark when I drove to his office building. I was wearing the same thing I ran my errands in earlier that day – a pink tank top and a khaki skirt, nothing else but shoes. Michael was having a smoke outside when I arrived, and soon led me upstairs to a conference room. I’m normally the aggressor when it comes to men, but I was determined that this time I’d act coy.

We talked for a few minutes, neither of us making a move. Michael went to check on his computer in another room, ostensibly submissive cuckolds porno so we wouldn’t be interrupted. When he came back, he hesitated a second, then pulled my chair closer to his.

He leaned towards me and began kissing my neck, then my ear, then moved to my mouth. We kissed for a bit, hungry tongue kisses, before he began kissing down my neck and into my cleavage. He started to fondle my breasts and kissing the tops of him.

I pulled back, away from him. “Do you want to see them?” He nodded. “Then take them out.”

He pulled down the top of my tank while I wrestled the straps off my shoulders. His mouth immediately went to one, sucking and licking and teasing my nipple. When his mouth wasn’t sucking, it was softly saying things like “such big tits…such nice skin…” I gently chastised him into remembering my other breast, and his mouth quickly moved to it. He bit gently, and tugged on the nipple, twisting it. I moaned my approval as I played with his hair.

He began alternating which breast he paid attention to, and took as much of one in his mouth as he could. I’ve seen a lot of this world, but there are few sights as beautiful as a man’s mouth wrapped around one of my breasts. The whole time he was sucking, I was rubbing his cock through his jeans. Ready to escalate things further – and forgetting my pledge to be coy – I asked if he wanted me to suck his cock.

He leaned back and I got on my knees, then undid his belt and jeans and fished his cock out. His cock was probably 6″, not overly thick, and cut. A decent cock by any standards, certainly. I took it in my mouth, as deep as I could, all of it at once. Then I started licking on it, sucking hard, hearing Michael moan and tell me how good it felt. He still had his jeans on, so I couldn’t totally go to town on his rod, but I did my best.

He held my head down, sex parties porno a move I’m not too fond of, but I kept bobbing away for him. His hands were kept busy, moving from my head, down to squeeze and lift my tits, then around to caress my back. I pulled off his cock after a few minutes and he wrapped my tits around it. His precum was leaking and lubricating my boobs, making it easier for his cock to slide in between them. Every now and then, I leaned down to lick his precum up, a move he seemed to like.

He also liked completely covering his cock with my tits, my “big tits,” as he said, so that you couldn’t even tell a cock was in there. A new form of peek-a-boo, if you will. I finally took his cock back into my mouth properly, and used my hands and tongue to coax the cum out of him, swallowing it all. He kissed me after that, as he had when I was licking his precum, deep tongue kisses. A man who’s not afraid of his own cum earns a special place in my heart.

His hand then moved under my skirt, quickly finding my clit, which he began rubbing in earnest. He kept that up, gently pressing on it, until I told him to put a finger inside me, and he did, feeling just how wet I was. He pumped my pussy with his finger for a bit, making that delicious squishing sound, and added a second finger when directed.

I came after that, but not as hard as I could have. I held myself back a little, thinking that a puddle of cum on the conference room carpet may not be such a good idea! As it was, my juices still dripped down my leg. We pulled ourselves together, visited our respective washrooms to clean up, then went outside for a smoke. When we were both done, I said I was going to go. After all, we had both cum, why bother sticking around?

We began kissing goodbye, and though I had every intention of making a quick getaway, his hands grabbed my ass and pressed me against spankbang porno him. On their own accord, my arms wrapped around his neck, and I offered no resistance when my tits were hauled out of my shirt. The cool night air immediately caused my nipples to tighten and harden, and he again lavished them with attention.

Soon, his hand reached under my skirt and made a beeline for my clit. The exquisite rubbing began, and I was soon keeping my arms wrapped around him for support. That position – legs spread, arms on his shoulders, foot in the air – got to be a little much for me to take, so I suggested we move over to my car. I sat partially on the hood, my skirt pulled up so the still-warm engine was against my bare ass. His fingers dove back inside my pussy, two fingers this time, and his thumb strummed my clit. I lay back on the hood of my car, legs spread, tits bouncing, while he pounded my pussy.

It felt so good! An attractive man was exclaiming over my tight, wet cunt while he pounded it…the night air and danger element heightened my sensations…my tits were full and bouncing with his pulses…it doesn’t get much better! I reached down and began rubbing my clit, letting him watch that while he still worked his fingers in and out of my slippery hole. For some reason, it was hard to cum, even though everything felt so good. I finally did cum, coating the hood of my car. I lay back for a moment, collecting myself; when I stood up, I felt a little weak.

We pressed together again, kissing, and I felt his hard cock against my stomach. We switched places so he could lean against my car, and he pulled his pants down, letting his hard cock into the night air. I squatted down and deep throated him, a move he definitely noticed. After a few minutes, the position started to get to me, so we got in my little two-seater and adjusted the seats for maximum pleasure. I cranked the A/C and went to town, the steering wheel jostling my still-bare tits. He began jacking his cock while my mouth was still on it, and he came not long after, shooting his spunk down my throat.

After that, we kissed again, and I tucked my tits back into my shirt. He left the car, and I waved goodbye, and that was the end of Michael…or was it?