“I think i can…” and I did. pt 3

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“I think i can…” and I did. pt 3As Cassie and I cuddled closely on my queen size bed, the thoughts got louder and would not stop screaming at me. I’m not sure what happened but when I awoke in a hospital bed, I knew it was bad. Cassie was still by my side talking to nurse about what happened. “…Started violently shaking and he wasn’t breathing. Once he calmed a little I was able to do cpr and call 911” She sounded tearful. I sat up slowly which caused them both to jump. I spoke softly to them “It’s ok. I’m alright. Thank you Cassie” Neither of them would stop staring at me, it was making me a little paranoid. “Are you ok Cassie?” I asked her. she walked over to me and kissed me hard on the lips. “You died Leon!” her steel blue eyes stared deep into mine and I knew she was telling the truth. “You had a canlı bahis seizure and then your heart failed. They tried bringing you back but…” She broke off and turned away. It was starting to feel like a crappy soap opera. “Look Cassie i’m alright. Nothing to be afraid of. See?” Just then the doctor and the morgue attendant walked in. The doctor nearly passed out looking at me. “Geez do I look like a zombie or something?” I said trying to lighten the mood. Once the doctor regained composure he talked quietly to the nurse. She rarely spoke back mostly just nodded or shook her head. After 5 tense minutes he walks over to me and says “Mister Scott, what do you remember?” I racked my brain for a few minutes and in very short detail told them about my encounter with Cassie and the movie we were watching. “Mister bahis siteleri Scott…” “Its Leon doc” “Sorry Leon, how long ago was that?” I looked to the window and saw nite. “Im assuming a few hours ago maybe…” The doctor got level with me and looked me straight in the eyes “Leon, you’ve been dead for almost 24 hours” Now I know i’m not the smartest guy in the world but usually means dead is dead. “Maybe i’m just a medical miracle. So when can I go home?” “Not any time soon Leon, we’ve got test to run and we have to make sure your ok. It might be a day or 2 before you can leave. I’m sorry for the inconvenience but its protocol” Well this sucks, stuck in the hospital for a couple of days. “Its fine doc. I could use a few days rest” I chuckled softly and reached for Cassie. “Thank you for staying güvenilir bahis by my side. You really didn’t have to do that” She smiled sweetly at me and said it wasn’t a problem. The doctor and nurse both walk out and converse in the hallway. The morgue attendant was long gone. “Was I really dead for a whole day?” Cassie just nodded her head, tears still fresh in her eyes. “Geez, so it was a seizure…” Cassie nodded again. Just then the doctor walked back in “Leon you might wanna get something to eat and rest a little, once the MRI tech comes back we’ll start testing, Miss Lito you can stay with him if you like” With that he left for the evening, his nurse following close behind. Cassie sat on the bed next to me and held my hand. I slowly started drifting off when i noticed the voices had stopped. A little peace and quiet will do.Authors note: There isn’t a niche for this so i’m labeling it as mind control. though there is a severe lack of of it in this story, i will make up for it. Thanks for reading. I appreciate any feedback