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Subject: I Want You To Meet My Son: Chapter 9 I Want You To Meet My Son Chapter 9 “Hey, Big Al…” greeted Doug, walking into the local diner. “Usual?” asked Big Al, from behind the counter. “You know it….” winked Doug, heading down the back of the diner to a quiet booth, where he could see Ian Langford waiting for him. Ian and his son Xander had only recently moved into the neighbourhood. Doug had connected with Ian when Xander and Doug’s son Freddy had gone on scout camp together. “Thanks for coming…” said Ian, as Doug slid into the booth. “No problem, buddy…” smiled Doug. “What’s up?” “This…” said Ian, sliding a large envelope across the table. Intrigued, Doug opened the envelope – he pulled out the stack of photos that it held. Doug flicked through the photos – they were mostly of Ian’s son, Xander. It looked like they’d been taken on the recent scout camp. There were photos of Xander naked on the bus, photos of him naked in the shower. There were photos of Xander sucking a man’s thick cock – Doug easily recognised it as Scoutmaster Hartshorn’s cock. There were photos of Xander grinning happily, his face covered in multiple loads of cum. “Looks like the kid had a good time…” shrugged Doug, putting the photos back into the envelope. “Where did the photos come from?” “The police…” sighed Ian. “We’re totally fucked. I’m totally fucked. I’ve fucked everything up.” “Let me guess…” said Doug. “You’ve had a visit from a Sergeant Hastings?” “Yes…” nodded Ian. “He said that he knows everything.” “Tell me what happened…” said Doug, indicating to Big Al for a refill on their coffees. “He came and saw me at work…” began Ian. “He just turned up at my office and asked to see me. You can imagine the speculation that it causes in the office when you get a visit from a uniformed cop. He came in, sat down, and asked me why I had entrusted my son to a registered sex offender. I said that I had no idea what he was talking about, but he said that Scoutmaster Hartshorn had been kicked out of the scouts years ago. There had been some complaints, and he’d been placed on the sex offenders register. Did you know that?” “Yeah…” nodded Doug. “Yeah, I knew that.” “But you still let him organise camping trips for the boys?” gasped Ian. “He still goes around calling himself Scoutmaster Hartshorn?” “Well, Scoutmaster Hartshorn does sound better than Registered Sex Offender Hartshorn…” shrugged Doug. “I’m guessing that that’s where Sergeant Hastings got the photos from – he would have had plenty of leverage to make Hartshorn sweat. What else did Hastings say?” “He wanted information…” replied Ian. “He wanted names. He showed me photos of different men and their sons – asking what I knew about them, asking me what I’d seen or heard.” “How forthcoming were you with that information?” asked Doug. “I told him I didn’t know anything…” said Ian. “Which is pretty much true – having only just moved here, most of the photos he was showing me were guys that I didn’t recognise.” “But you recognised the photo of me…” said Doug. “I’m assuming that Hastings showed you my photo. I’m guessing he showed you a photo of Father Murphy as well. He probably also showed you photos of Hartshorn’s sons – Zach and Miles. You told him what you know about us, am I right?” “Yeah, you’re right…” nodded Ian. “Sorry, I didn’t know what else to do. I’ve totally fucked everything up.” “You did the right thing…” shrugged Doug. “Hastings knows a fair bit about us all already. Lying to him would have just made things worse – it would have just given him more leverage over you.” “Fuck…” sighed Ian. “So, that was it?” asked Doug. “He didn’t say anything else? He didn’t ask for anything else? He didn’t charge you or arrest you?” “No, that was it…” confirmed Ian. “He made notes of everything that I told him, then he left. He said that he’d be keeping a close eye on me, that he’d be back to see me again soon.” “Sounds like you got off fairly easily…” said Doug. “I did?” asked Ian. “That’s getting off easy? What do you mean?” “He raped Freddy…” said Doug. “Made me sit there and watch him while he raped my son. He’s also given Kevin’s gaziantep escort son Bradley a good going over – used the kid like fleshlight. I assumed that he had young Xander in his sights. Maybe he still does.” “What?” gasped Ian. “You think he’s going to want to fuck Xander? But he’s the police! Couldn’t we report him to someone?” “Think through what you’re suggesting…” said Doug. “He knows that we’ve got no come-back against him.” “I don’t get it…” said Ian. “Why’s he doing this? If he’s just a perv who wants to fuck our sons, I guess we could have come to some arrangement. Why’s he threatening us all?” “I’m not sure…” replied Doug. “I guess that it’s some kind of power-trip that he gets off on. I can’t deny, being in the room with him while he was brutally raping my son was fairly intense – I’d never really experienced sexual energy like it.” “You’re saying that it turned you on?” asked Ian. “I know you get turned on watching other guys with Freddy, that’s why you whore him out. What made this different?” “I don’t know…” shrugged Doug. “It was a situation over which I had absolutely no control, and I could literally feel the physical force of his lust and desire as he unleashed himself on my boy – there was a depth and power and darkness to it that I’d never experienced before.” “Fuck…” mumbled Ian. “That does sound pretty incredible. So, what do we do?” “About Hastings?” asked Doug. “Not much we can do, at this point. We’re just going to have to let it play out a bit longer and try and figure out what he wants. In the meantime though, I could do with blowing off some steam – the combination of Big Al’s coffee and talking about Hastings’ motivations has got me all juiced up.” “Yeah, I know what you mean…” nodded Ian. “Could we go to your place to watch some vids?” “Actually, I’ve got a better idea…” grinned Doug. “Leave your car here and jump in with me – let’s go have some fun.” Doug mischievously refused to tell Ian where they were heading, but it was only a short drive until they were pulling into the parking lot of the local recreation centre. “The gym?” asked Ian. “The swimming pool…” said Doug. “Hartshorn’s son Zach is in charge of swimming lessons here. He messaged me this morning to let me know that today might be a good day to drop in and see him in action.” “We’re going swimming?” asked Ian. “I don’t have any swim-shorts with me.” “Don’t sweat it…” winked Doug. “I’ve got you covered – I brought a spare. Come on, let’s go and see what young Zach has got in store for us.” Doug confidently led the way into the pool’s changing rooms, unselfconsciously stripping off. He handed a small lycra swimsuit to Ian. “This is a bit tight, isn’t it?” asked Ian, struggling to pull the Speedo-style swim-briefs up over his thick thighs. “You look good…” winked Doug, as Ian managed to get his ass covered and tuck his cock and balls into the skin-tight swim-briefs. “So do you…” acknowledged Ian, admiring Doug’s muscular physique, his prominent bulge barely contained by the obscenely tight lycra swimsuit. Feeling a little self-conscious, Ian followed Doug out pool-side. The pool generally seemed fairly quiet, but Doug soon spotted Zach over on the far side. “Mr Petersen!” waved Zach, clambering out of the water as he spotted Doug walking towards him. “Hey, sport…” grinned Doug. “Don’t want to disturb you if you’re in the middle of a lesson, but you mentioned that today might be a good day to drop in?” “Yeah, totally…” nodded Zach. “I’ve just got a one-on-one private lesson with young Hector here. Hector’s grandfather brings him each week. The old man just sits on a chair at the side and watches, but I get the feeling that he likes to watch – if you know what I mean.” “Got it…” nodded Doug. “This is my buddy, Ian. You had his son, Xander, on the recent scout camp.” “Hey…” nodded Ian. “You’re Xander’s dad?” asked Zach. “He’s an awesome little guy. He seemed to have a great time on camp!” “A great time being molested by you and your father?” said Ian. “Oh, it wasn’t really anything like that…” mumbled Zach, looking nervously at Doug. “Relax…” grinned Doug. “Ian’s suriyeli escort cool. He’s just a bit pissed that you got to fuck his son before he did. We’re here to have some fun.” “Cool…” smiled Zach. “I’ll just go and explain to Hector’s grandfather that I’ve called in some extra help for today’s lesson.” “Zach’s got a rocking body, doesn’t he?” observed Doug, as they watched the teen swim-coach walk over to where Hector and his grandfather were waiting by the side of the pool. “He looks like a young porn-star…” agreed Ian. “Those swim-briefs must be about three sizes too small for him – they leave absolutely nothing to the imagination!” “Right, we’re all set…” confirmed Zach, returning to the pool with Hector in tow. “The grandfather is very pleased with all the attention that young Hector here is going to get in today’s lesson. Hector, this is Uncle Doug and Uncle Ian – they’re going to help build your confidence in the water.” “Where would you like us?” asked Doug. “For this exercise, we’re going to stand in a triangle shape…” explained Zach. “Hector, you’re going to swim from me to Uncle Doug, to Uncle Ian, and then back to me. We’re not going to be far apart but I don’t want you getting tired out, so when you reach Uncle Doug, grab on to him and get your breath back, same with Uncle Ian and same with me. Okay? Let’s get into position and give it a go.” Doug winked at Ian as they positioned themselves in the water. Doug could feel his chubbed-up cock already becoming uncomfortably constrained within the tight lycra of his swim-briefs. “Okay, Hector…” instructed Zach. “Off you go – swim to Uncle Doug!” “Good job, buddy…” beamed Doug, scooping Hector up into his arms once he’d paddled the short distance. Doug held the boy in an affectionate hug, enjoying feeling his smooth body pressed against him. “Now, swim to Uncle Ian…” instructed Zach, as Doug reluctantly released the boy into the water. “Nice one!” encouraged Ian, scooping Hector up into a bear-hug. “Back to me now…” instructed Zach, watching Hector paddle across. “Excellent – that was perfect. Now, we’ll do it again – this time, as you go around, I want you to decide which of the three of us smells the best, okay?” Hector nodded enthusiastically and then launched off to paddle from Doug, to Ian, and then back to Zach. While he was being held by each of the men, he nuzzled into their necks, taking a deep sniff, trying to determine who smelt the best. All three men took the opportunity to feel as much of the boy’s body as they could. “So, who was the winner?” asked Zach, once Hector had returned to his arms. “Um, I think it was you…” decided Hector, nuzzling affectionately into Zach’s neck. “Okay, we’ll do it again…” grinned Zach. “This time, as you go around, you need to decide which one of us has got the tastiest nipples.” “Nipples?” asked Hector. “Yeah, these things here…” pointed Zach. “You have to give each of our nipples a bit of a lick or suck on them a bit to figure out which of us tastes the best, okay?” Hector nodded enthusiastically and once again launched himself into the water. Once he got to Doug, Doug held him in his arms and guided his mouth to one of his nipples – growling with pleasure as he felt the small boy sucking and slurping. This was repeated once Hector got to Ian – the boy latched on to one of Ian’s nipples and worked his mouth over it. When he returned to Zach, he eagerly tasted the teen’s prominent nipples. “So, who was the winner?” asked Zach. “Um, I think it was Uncle Ian…” decided Hector, clearly enjoying the game and the attention he was receiving from the men. “Okay, I think we’ve got time for one more…” said Zach, looking over his shoulder to where Hector’s grandfather was sitting – acknowledging that the man was giving him a thumbs-up signal. “This time, you have to feel each of our swimsuits and decide who has got the biggest dick.” “I have to feel their dicks?” giggled Hector. “Yeah, that’s right – just like this…” demonstrated Zach, rubbing the palm of his hand over the front of Hector’s swimsuit. “Do you think you’ve got the biggest dick?” rus escort “It’s definitely not me!” giggled Hector. “Okay, I’m ready!” Hector launched himself into the water and made his way from Zach, to Doug, to Ian, and then back to Zach. At each stop, he was scooped up into the arms of the man where he giggled and squirmed as they teased and tickled him while he tried to wrap his hand around the prominent bulge in their swim-brief, their hard cocks aching for the boy’s touch. “Okay, who was the winner?” asked Zach, wrapping his arms around Hector – his hands firmly grasping the boy’s ass. “Um, it was pretty close, but I think it was Uncle Doug…” decided Hector, his arms affectionately around Zach’s neck. “I think you’re probably right…” laughed Zach, planting a sloppy kiss on the boy’s cheek. “You’re a little champion. Right, I’d better get you back to your grandfather before I lose all self-control. Guys, I’ll see you in the showers in a minute?” “Holy fuck, I’m so hard…” growled Ian, as they watched Zach carry young Hector back to where his grandfather was waiting. “Come on…” winked Doug. “The fun isn’t over yet.” As Doug and Ian were adjusting the water in the open row of showers in the changing room, they were soon joined by Zach. “You’re such a fucking cock-tease…” growled Doug, tweaking one of Zach’s nipples. “He’s a cutie, right?” grinned Zach, untying his swim-briefs and stepping under the cascading water. “I was hoping that we’d get to fuck him…’ said Ian, releasing his rock-hard cock from his lycra swim-briefs. “I’m working up to it…” shrugged Zach. “I’m pretty sure that the grandfather is a perv, but I don’t want to spook the horses. I’m kind of enjoying edging myself with him.” “Enough edging…” growled Doug, pushing Zach down onto his knees so that he was eye-level with Ian’s hard cock. “I think you owe Uncle Ian a bit of relief.” “What if someone comes in?” asked Ian. “Then we’ll tell them to join in or get the fuck out…” shrugged Doug. “This little cock-tease is totally legal.” “Ungh…” moaned Ian, as Zach slurped his mouth up down his hard cock-shaft. “Fuck yeah.” “Is this how you made young Xander suck your cock?” growled Doug, taking hold of Zach’s hair and driving his mouth forward – pushing more of Ian’s cock down into the teen’s throat. Zach didn’t reply, he couldn’t – his mouth was full of cock – but just the suggestion was clearly a turn on for Ian. “You fucked his kid’s ass, as well, didn’t you?” growled Doug, pulling Zach off Ian’s cock so that he could catch his breath. “Uh huh…” nodded Zach, nuzzling his face into Ian’s balls. “His cunt was so fucking tight. We all fucked him – I fucked him first, then my brother, then my Dad. We fucking bred that little cunt-boy with our loads.” “Hear that, Ian?” asked Doug. “This little faggot has been molesting your son. Only seems fair that you get a bit of pay-back, right?” “Fuck yeah…” growled Ian, spitting into Zach’s face. “Show me your cunt, faggot!” “Are you going to fuck me, Uncle Ian?” moaned Zach, eagerly positioning himself on the floor on his hands and knees – arching his back to present his fuck-hole to Ian. “I’m going to breed you like you bred my boy…” growled Ian, spitting into the palm of his hand and smearing it over the head of his cock as he lined it up against Zach’s smooth fuck-hole. “Ungh…” grunted Zach, as Ian pushed forward. “Yeah, that’s it…” urged Doug, moving in front of Zach so that he could push his cock into the teen’s mouth. “Don’t go easy on him – fucking tear that ass up. This kid can take it – his old man has been using him as a sex toy his entire life. He wants it hard. He needs it hard. He was made to be used by men like us.” “Ungh – fuck…” grunted Ian, slamming his cock in and out of Zach’s stretched fuck-hole. “Imagine that you’re fucking your son, Xander…” growled Doug. “Imagine that it’s Xander’s tight cunt that you’ve got your cock in. Imagine that you’re Sergeant Hastings, fucking your son, Xander. Fuck him like that. Fucking rape him. Rape him like a bent cop would rape him. Rape your fucking son!” “Ungh – fuck!” gasped Ian, his orgasm crashing through his body. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Take my fucking load you fucking cunt-boy! Fuck!” “Nothing hotter…” grinned Doug, leaning forward and kissing Ian deeply and hungrily. “Nothing hotter than seeing a man unleash his true sexual power.” Follow the author on Twitter @GTV_AfterDark