I was groped

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I was gropedMy husband loves to hear about every single detail of my sex life before we met and one time I told him of being groped on the bus ride home from school when I was a young girl. As we sometimes do I was telling him about this incident as we were making love and it excited him so much that he came very quickly. For some reason this particular incident aroused him much more than some of the other things I told him. When I told him that I actually got some enjoyment out of this intrusion by a strange man he hopes we can someday recreate the incident so he can watch. I was just turning into a woman and becoming curious about sex at the age of 14 when I experienced this incident. I had a girlfriend who had met an older guy and he was teaching her all about sex. It seems we talked almost every night about her experiences and I was getting extremely excited and a little jealous too. My body was starting to form, developing small breasts with sensitive nipples and my hips were rounding a little. I still looked young girlish and had never had a boyfriend but my girlfriend’s stories were filling my head with sexual images and it seems that is all I was thinking about for a period of time. Instead of doing our homework my girlfriend would provide the intimate details of each experience she had with her boyfriend. She was two years older than me in age but seemed ages older than me in confidence and experience. We would sit on my bed, as she would describe to me how they would meet at her house or his house depending upon whose parents were away at the moment. I would get all the details about how they kissed and how it felt to have her nipples lightly twisted and then sucked, as the two of them lay naked against each other.I can’t describe to anyone how flushed and excited I was when she told me about holding his warm hard penis in her hand. I could only imagine a lover for myself that would show me all the things that my girlfriend was now experiencing.This day at school she was telling me about what her and her boyfriend had done over the weekend when her parents grandbetting giriş were away and what she had told me filled me with lust and envy. I so wanted to have that kind of experience. So it was images of the two of them filling my thoughts as I got on the packed bus on my way home. I only provide this information because it might be hard to believe how a female actually comes to enjoy being felt up by a stranger or strangers in a public bus or subway.I know many men will seize the opportunity to take advantage of a young girl or woman if she is vulnerable. Some will say it is only a small percentage of perverts but I know from experience that there is a wide cross section of men who, when presented with the target of an innocent shy girl, will take the situation as far as they dare.I was about 5’3″ at the time, I’m now 5’6″, slim but starting to develop some curves. I was in the traditional school uniform for my catholic school of a dark blue pleated skirt and a white blouse. It was a warm day so I did not wear a coat.I was pressed in tight standing in the middle isle with an old woman in front of me and a tall well dressed man standing behind me. I noticed the cologne he was wearing and thought it smelled nice. I didn’t think anything of the pressure against my back and butt cheeks because I was pressed up just as tight against the old woman in front of me. I also didn’t think anything about the extra warmth I felt directly between my cheeks. It was the normal condition sharing the public buses with loads of school k**s and early commuters from work.The bus would shake and my ass would move innocently against the man behind me. I was even feeling a little embarrassed for him that the shape of my body must be outlined against his leg and I couldn’t really move to avoid it.We rode for a few stops like this and then at the next stop the bus became even more jammed and I was forced back even tighter against the tall man with the nice smell. I even turned to apologize for crowding him. He just smiled back. It wasn’t too long grandbetting yeni giriş before I felt something distinctly new. I felt a warm touch to the back of my lower thigh. The only way that could happen was for my skirt to be lifted up a bit.I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know if it was an accident or what. I had no experience to go by. I was thinking that it’s just the crowd and my skirt must be a little twisted, no big deal. I’m sure it’s nothing. But then I felt a little more than just pressure against the back of my thigh. Now it felt like fingers moving over my skin. It was unmistakably the hand of my sweet smelling passenger behind me. The others pressed around me were facing the wrong direction or I could see where their hands were.My face immediately flushed and I wondered what I should do. Why was he doing this to me? I had been warned about the behavior of schoolboys by my parents but there should have been no reason to fear a grown well dressed man on a public bus. The odd thing though was this had started just as I was going into my own reverie thinking about my girlfriend and her boyfriend touching each other. It was just at that moment that I made the connection between what was going on against my leg and the man behind me. I was a little embarrassed but strangely flattered too. I was very conflicted in my emotions. I knew it was wrong but I had been filled with sexual thoughts and proud of my developing breasts and this attention from an older man seem to validate my feelings.I didn’t move a muscle and this made him bolder and his hand inched up to cup the cheek of my ass and now of course I knew it was much more than accidental. My mind raced thinking that I should move away, I was also embarrassed that someone else could be watching but I was also transfixed at how nice it felt.Then the hand moved some more between my thighs brushing against my almost hairless pussy with just the thin fabric of my cotton underpants between his fingers and me. I know he felt me stiffen but he could not see my inflamed grandbetting güvenilirmi face, as I just stood there frozen.As he kept his hand between my thighs the motion of the bus created a very pleasant friction that sent juices lubricating my pussy like I had never felt before in my young life. His fingers soon crept under my panties and he must have been emboldened when he found out how wet I was because he quickly placed a finger inside of me and gently moved it back and forth causing even more juices to seep from the pores of my vagina. I squirmed and shuddered at this intrusion but could only grip the handhold tighter so I wouldn’t fall into the old woman in front of me.I couldn’t believe the feeling that was going over my body at the moment. I had touched myself many times after my girlfriend told me her stories but I had never given myself an orgasm or come even close. It was just a slight pleasant feeling that my own fingers gave me. But this was entirely new. The finger of a strange, good looking older man was touching me in a way I had not even touched myself. It may have been the fingers thickness or the way it was just gently probing inside of me. I couldn’t really explain it to myself at the time about why it felt so good.I was nearing my bus stop but I did not get off so as not to break the connection. We rode for another few blocks that took maybe 5 minutes and I just stood there in the aisle and let this strange man finger me the whole way. I was even shaking a little bit from the electric feelings that were coursing through me. I didn’t want it to stop, but soon the bus was emptying and I guess he was afraid of being caught so he stopped and brushed past me to get to the door. As he stepped down he turned to me and as we looked into each other’s eyes he smiled and I smiled back. I never saw him again and it was a few years before anything like that happened again but I masturbated many nights thinking about him.I’m sure I would not have enjoyed the encounter if the events leading to it had not occurred, my arousal from my friend’s experience and my recent awareness of my new body. He was also older, well dressed and as I said wearing nice cologne so I was reluctant to confront him when I first noticed him touching me. I’m sure this is how fetishes start.My husband has encouraged me to explore this area of eroticism and has actively encouraged it.