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Karl and I headed over to the frat at that point. “Hey didn’t expect to see you guys here now you have your own place.” “Hey Jared. If our own place hadn’t been vandalized we wouldn’t be here. Don’t know how long this is going to last. We have to wait until the police release the scene.” “So tonight at least, and tomorrow night?” “If we’re here the door will be firmly closed.” “Well that’s a shame.” Obviously the topic of discussion around the house was the report, with opinions varying as to whether or not we would be seeing another investigator. “If they want to get this over and done with the two sides should agree on an investigator and agree to be bound by his conclusions.” “That would be the way to do it Kurt but why do I have my doubts anybody will actually make that suggestion?” “Hell given half a chance I’ll make the suggestion Den.” “They’ve only told you what’s going to happen so far. What makes you think they’ll even give you the option?” “Not a damn thing Den, but we can always hope.” “Let’s head over to the cafeteria and get some supper Den.” “Yeah I suppose we had better before they shutdown for the night.” Karl and I walked over to the cafe and we walked in we were spotted by Aiden and Gordon, as well as Pete and Susan. “What the hell are you guys doing here?” I quickly explained the situation to them. “Damn, no wonder Paul and Cam took off out of here like their tails were on fire. How bad is the damage?” “No idea really. The police wouldn’t let us into the apartment. They did say something about our computers being smashed. If we’re real lucky it was just the monitors.” “Hell Den, the erdemli escort way your lucks been running since you woke up they smashed the towers and all.” “Always a possibility Pete and if that’s the case we’ll deal with it. We’re actually in good shape if they didn’t find our backup drives.” “And if they did?” “Then I’m screwed, at least for one class. My portfolio for the practicum was all on the computer. I’ve got the printouts that I had to show, but I doubt like hell the Prof would let me rebuild my portfolio. It would be too damn easy to make changes.” “He’ll have to cut you some kind of slack wouldn’t he?” “Hell if I know Gordon. He knows where I was going with it, but nothing says he has to give me any consideration at all.” “So we going to see you for jogging in the morning?” “Yeah I’m pretty sure we have a set of stuff over at the frat for just in case. If not, I’m sure we’ll all survive a few days without Karl and I being there.” It dawned on me at that point that it was a good thing I left all of my gymnastics equipment at the rec center. Karl and I eventually finished our supper and our conversation and headed back to the frat for the evening. We did hang out with the brothers for a bit before we headed upstairs to my room. I didn’t have any of my books with me and neither did Karl. It was too early to sack out and neither of us was really “in the mood”. “Den, why does shit always seem to happen to us?” “Hell if I know, unless we’re paying off bad karma from a past life.” “Shit man at this point we should have paid off several lives worth if that were the case.” “If you want to go that route love, we may just be getting it all out of the way in this lifetime.” “So what are we going to do for the couple of hours before we crash?” “Hell if I know. We’ve got no books, no computers, no tv up here at least.” “Hell might just as well go back downstairs and hang out.” “Who knows they might even have something good on the tube.” We headed back downstairs and ended up just shooting the breeze with the guys for a while. The main topic of dicussion was still the report and just what might come of it. About 11 we headed upstairs and were pretty soon sacked out. Friday morning and we were up and out and over to Cochran hall for our jogging. “Any word from your dad how bad things are Paul?” “Not yet Den. When we left at about 10 last night they still hadn’t let dad into the apartment.” “Sounds like we’ll be spending the night at the frat tarsus escort Karl.” “Yeah with the door firmly closed and locked.” At which point I had to explain open door night to the guys. “I bet that can get interesting. Ever take advantage of it Den?” “That Paul is not a topic for public discussion. I told you once before that a gentleman doesn’t tell.” “So you did take advantage of it.” I simply kept on jogging. There really wasn’t anything to say and Karl knew about it already so there wasn’t any problem there. Soon enough we got our laps completed and Karl and I headed back to the frat. Once we got showered we headed over to the cafe for breakfast and then it was off to classes for the day sans books. While I waited for Karl to finish his last class I went over to the rec center for a general workout. I did all of the stations on the weight machine and a few miles on the bike and then I hit the pool. Aiden and Gordon were here today and when I headed for the whirlpool they were right there with me. “Heard anything about moving back in yet?” “Not a word. Makes me wonder how bad the damage is.” “Well as long as they didn’t smash any walls or windows it should at least be livable.” “I hope they didn’t do any structural damage. That’ll take days if not weeks to get repaired.” “Here’s hoping the cops got there before the guys got too carried away. Den, will you try to move back into a dorm if it is going to be weeks?” “No idea at all Gordon. We’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it. Karl and I wouldn’t be in the same dorm unless the college gave us a break.” “Damn I didn’t think about that.” “I’m hoping to be back to the apartment by Sunday night. Any word on your stepdad Aiden?” “Nothing new other than they intend to release him from the hospital.” “Well that’s a good sign isn’t it?” “Yeah I guess. Like I said before Den there’s no love loss there.” There wasn’t a good thing to say so for a change I kept my mouth shut. We soaked for a while longer and finally I decided to hit the showers. I headed back to the frat and found Karl there already talking with the guys. “Hey Den. Guess what?” “Not in the mood Karl.” “Fine then. Somebody got smart and now the national board from the frat and the school are in the process of selecting a neutral investigator.” “Well at least then we’ll only have to go through this bullshit one more time.” “Yeah and then somebody will dream up some new bullshit.” “Always a possiblity Adam and akdeniz escort then we just deal with it. Eventuallly those bringing the shit up will get the point that we aren’t going anywhere.” “An event devoutly to be wished.” “Amen.” “What are we doing for supper Karl?” “Let’s head out anywhere.” “Works for me.” We took Karls care for a change and after driving around for a bit ended up at Rons. Gladys was soon enough over to get our order. “Damn Dennis you look like 2 weeks of bad weather.” “What can I say, our apartment was vandalized. Something like that doesn’t usually put you in the best frame of mind.” “I’d say not. No special tonight so the usual?” “Works for me.” “Me too.” We were nearly finished with our food when Paul and Cam came in. “Hey guys, dad called a little bit ago. They finally let him in the apartment. The flat screen is going to have to be replaced and some of the appliances. Luckily there’s no holes in walls. Near as he can tell it was only the monitors that got smashed so you should be alright there. Dad said he’ll have it cleaned up in time for you guys to move back in Sunday afternoon.” “That sounds great. Anything we can do to help him?” “I doubt it Den. Something like this he likes to work alone.” “Sounds like we need to stop by Wally World and look at monitors on the way home Karl.” “Yeah sounds like.” “Ok, we’ll catch you in the morning.” At which point Paul and Cam went over to be with some of Pauls buddies. Karl and I headed out shortly after that and did stop to look at monitors. We picked up a pair of 23 inch standard display monitors and put them in the trunk of the car and headed back to the frat. “We going to file against the renters insurance?” “If these are the only things we need to replace I don’t think so. The two monitors don’t even take all of the deductible.” By the time we got back to the frat it was well past 8 pm. We pretty much stayed right downstairs so there weren’t any misunderstandings, or temptation on our parts. Eventually we did head upstairs and I noticed that there were still a few doors open. I don’t know about Karl, but I sure as hell made it a point not to look. We made it to my room without any problems, but when I started to strip down for bed, Karl was right there with his arms around me and nibbling on my ear. “Really Karl?” “Not like there’s an all day practice tomorrow.” “No but I did intend to work out at some point.” “At some point?” “Yeah I told Randy Porter that I’d try to make the game tomorrow.” “The game starts at one. You’d have plenty of time between jogging and then for a workout.” “True enough. The hell with it, come here lover.” Karl and I savored each others cock for who knows how long before we fed each other our loads, and very shortly after that were asleep.