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After Jennifer left, Scott decided to move back into the dunes, away from the squealing kids and the mis-aimed beach balls and the flying sand. He and Jennifer lived together and worked in the same office and had happily elected to spend this Saturday together at the beach. But Jennifer had to leave early for an appointment with an out-of-town client.As Scott trudged through the loose sand into the dunes, away from the sight of the water, he lost his bearings enough to wonder if he was straying into the gay part of the beach. He dismissed this as a concern and put his big towel down as soon as he came upon a large enough flat surface between the dunes.He was sensually alive to the warm sun and the firm but pliant sand underneath his towel as he stretched out on his stomach. Perhaps he’d take a nap.“Hello, there. Would you like some sunscreen? You look like you’re getting a little broiled.” The low, kind voice came from behind him. Tom didn’t turn over to look at him but prepared to tell him to bug off. Such an offer certainly wasn’t innocent. But he stopped himself and let the realization surface that this was, şişli escort after all, why he had come to this place.“Sure. That would be great.”The man began at his ankles and spread the lotion up each leg in efficient, neutral strokes, moving up under the hem of his trunks only enough to protect him from the sun. Scott was vaguely disappointed.“You’ve got great muscle tone. Long muscles. Do you swim?”“In college. Not so much anymore.”The man, whom Scott still had not seen, shifted so he had a knee on either side of Scott’s waist and swiftly rubbed cream along Scott’s arms. When he got to the shoulders he slowed down and leaned into a massage. It felt great. Scott swelled a little in anticipation of where this was going. He had no clear notion of such things. But the heat of the sun and the heat of the situation melded together under the man’s touch, and Scott was overcome with a languor that would have prevented him from moving even if he had wanted to.When the man had moved halfway down Scott’s back, he shifted again so he was kneeling at his side. He moved his hand in slow circles and let his mecidiyeköy escort fingers slip under the waistband of Scott’s swim trunks, just far enough in so that they drifted into the top of the cleft between his buttocks as he stroked across. Scott swelled further.The man gave up any pretense of a platonic application of sunscreen and hooked his fingers underneath the elastic on either side and began to slowly slide the suit down. When Scott’s backside was completely exposed, he applied sunscreen in slow circular motions with both hands. Scott was now half erect, and when the suit was pulled down further, his cock was dragged with it and wedged between his legs. Through all of this, he had not moved an inch, both savoring and fearing what was happening.When the trunks reached Scott’s knees, the man paused for a while. Scott felt bound. He sensed that the man had the same perception, that they both relished the suggestion of submission.Finally, the man removed the suit entirely, and Scott lay naked. He was now fully hard but slightly uncomfortable.“Lift your hips just a little bit,” the man said, and Scott complied. He felt a hand push in between his groin and the blanket and hook his stiff penis. It was pulled around until it lay comfortably against Scott’s abdomen. The feel of the stranger’s fingers sent erotic shivers through Scott’s sex. When the man slid his hand out, Scott began to shift gently side to side, to provide some relief to the tautness. “No, not yet. You need to stay still. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves.”The next thing the man did was to pull Scott’s buttocks apart, gently, but as wide as possible. “Displayed,” he said, and then let go. “Hidden.” He did it again. “Displayed. Hidden.” Scott’s cock throbbed at the objectification. His breathing accelerated.“OK, now I want you to pull your knees up to your sides. Stay as flat to the ground as you are able without pain. Don’t stress too much here.” The man touched the strong ligaments that held the front of Scott’s thighs to his pelvis. “If you were made of rubber, you could stay flat to the ground, but you’re not, and you’ll be in this position for a while.” Scott adjusted himself until he was comfortable but in an embarrassing situation. “You need to feel very exposed. Just imagine what I’m seeing from here.” The man put a thumb on either side of Scott’s asshole and pulled it open. “And this is good.”