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If you had a cock and I had breasts we would be even bigger sluts than we are without them. And as they are our fantasy inventions, they would be designed with our own tastes in mind.

If you had a cock it would be the cock you grieve for; only average in length but solid and thick and angry and heavy; with a big meaty head for cramming into tight orifices and full pendulous balls that held a never fully drained reservoir of fresh cum. It is the cock of the prize quarterback, the celebrated teenage swordsmith, the trainee gigolo, that older boy with his fingers in your knickers on the school playing field.

If I had breasts they would be the breasts I long for; a full D Cup, held high under my neck but both dangling with perfect symmetry like two ripe pears to just above my rib cage. They would be topped with outsize dark aureole and thick stubby nipples for chewing on. They are the breasts of the common page 3 girl, the young Latin peasant girl forced into prostitution, that girl at school in the year below you in the tight purple tank kırklareli escort top, who despite you being a spotty geek, told you her size and admitted they could never be big enough.

If you had a cock I would rub it through your trousers trying to make the whole thing show clearly through the fabric. You would be frustrated by the fact that flaunting your magnificent appendage left people at best indifferent, at worst disgusted. I’d delight at you playing with it, slapping things with it, feeling its weight and bulk, constantly jerking it to test your technique, fascinated by that delicious moment when the electricity travels from your prostrate and fizzes up through the shaft, both your balls and your eyes seem to disappear back into your body; then there is that agonizing moment as the head of your cock bulges with the pressure of unexploded cum before that sweet release and jettison, like breathing again after being under water for too long.

If I had breasts I’d squeeze them into ridiculous lingerie and tight kırşehir escort tops a size too small. I’d write dirty words on then and go to work with it hidden under my clothing. I’d rig up an industrial cleavage and bend over far too often, run for the bus far too often, offer them to strangers far too often. I’d crush them and scratch them and tie them and hurt them to feel what others have felt at my hands to see if I liked it. I’d try and suck my own nipples, like you do when you want me to cum quickly. I’d cuddle them and give them names and walk around topless at home, pressing them onto mirrored surfaces to admire my own lascivious beauty, and against windows hoping to be seen by others who could only agree.

If you had a cock and I had breasts I would kneel before you and suck you, so we could both feel the power of my submission. I’d rub my nipples against yours until our cocks were rock hard and facing each other, so we could wank both at the same time with one hand each, or hold hands and try to fence with our waggling, kızılay escort dripping cocks. I’d pull back our foreskins, rubbing the purple heads against each other, mixing our pre cum together and feeling that electric surge each time we touched each other just below the crown on the underside – almost painful yet totally addictive, like putting your tongue on a live battery.

If you had a cock and I had breasts I’d want you to fuck me very badly; first on my back, so I can feel my tits wobble right under my chin, then from behind, feeling their weight and watching them bounce against each other, knowing you had just felt for the first time that empowering moment when you see your own cock disappear into another’s hole, feeling the foreskin peel back and the cossetting, welcoming warmth of that hole as it engulf you.

If you had a cock and I had breasts, I’d hold them for you to fuck like cheap objects from a tawdry sex shop; accepting the invitation you would rut against them, holding my head up so I can look you in the eye as you spasm and quiver, learning how to time that final orgasmic surge on the upward thrust, just like your husband does, in order to deposit another wad of your own muck over my breasts, neck and chin.

If you had a cock and I had breasts it would be weird. But Big Fun.