I’ll Lead

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The ballroom was loud and bustling. I was bored and looking forward to heading up to my room. The two day Financial Industry conference sponsored by a myriad of Mutual Fund companies to peddle their latest investments had too much information packed in too short of a time frame. I glanced at the glass doors across the room that led to the hotel’s foyer, as I politely listened to one of the attendees bragging about the fortune he had amassed by investing in crypto-currency. I followed the path of his hand as he reached for the inside pocket of his jacket. He pulled out a business card and said, “Give me a call if you want to make money,” he winked, grinned, and whispered as he leaned closer to me, “a shitload of money.”I reached for the business card that the overly eager stock broker offered me. I would thank him for the offer, excuse myself, and head up to my room. Before my hand reached the rectangular card, a slender hand gently gripped my wrist. I turned my head and gazed at the long, delicate fingers with manicured nails painted blood red on the cuff of my jacket’s sleeve.”Would you dance with me?” A sultry voice asked.I lifted my head to look at who the bold lady was that had asked the question in a confident and calm tone that suggested the answer to her question ankara travesti could only be yes. I turned to the stock broker, nodded a silent good bye at him, and offered the bold lady my arm. She hooked her elbow around mine and we made our way to the dance floor.”I’ll lead,” she coyly grinned as she pivoted gracefully to face me and placed her right hand on my left shoulder and gently gripped my right thumb in her left hand.I placed my left hand on her right hip and pulled her towards me. Our bodies were separated by a few inches, but I could feel the heat radiating from her sleek body. She slid her hand down my shoulder and along my arm and gripped my wrist. As we swayed to the music, she pushed my hand lower on her hip until my fingers rested on the curve of the top of her ass cheek. She smiled and returned her hand to my shoulder.”I won’t break. You can hold me tighter,” she playfully said with her lips curled into a mischievous smile. She studied my face for any reaction that would confirm I picked up on the meaning of her words. Words, which she meant as a dare – not as a fact. And I was certain she was scanning my face and looking for any stiffening of my body for any sign of hesitation or uncertainty on my part, of her intended meaning travesti ankara and innuendo.I grinned back at the intriguing beauty that had my heart beating quicker and pulled her tighter against my body. “Why would I want to break you?” My voice matched the same confidence and calm tone that hers had when she asked me to accompany her on the dance floor. Before she could reply, I lowered my head and brushed my lips against her cheek. “I like your scent,” I whispered.She brought the back of my hand to her lips and gently grazed them across my wrist, then upwards to my knuckles. Her bottom lip peeled away from her teeth as it caught against my skin. She gazed in to my eyes and studied me for a moment with her mouth slightly open. She kissed my knuckles and whispered, “I taste sweeter than my perfume.”My cock twitched and shifted between our bodies. Her smile broadened, she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth and pushed her hips forward, trapping my cock tightly between our bodies which made it twitched harder.I pulled her tighter to me and whispered back, “It’s not your perfume that I was referring to.”Our eyes locked, the room floated away, taking with it all the noise and bustle. All I could hear was my heart pounding in my ears in perfect cadence ankara travestiler with the throbbing in my cock. “I was about to leave the party and head up to my room,” I confessed to her.She let out a soft laugh, tilted her head back to look up at me, and asked, “Do you still want to leave?”I flashed a smile at her with a glint of fang to make my intentions clear to her, and replied, “More so, now that have I met you.”She paused a moment, narrowed her eyes and chuckled, “You are a rogue, sir. I was correct in my observation of you. I know your type.”I tilted my head and innocently asked, “Type?” She wasn’t buying my innocent act for a second. She was sharp, a seasoned player. The hint of fang I flashed at her had not gone unnoticed.She slid her hand up my shoulder to the back of my neck and pulled me to her as she pushed her full, large breasts hard into my chest. She let out a soft gasp and replied, “Mmm, I was referring to the type of guy that women stay away from if they’re looking for a serious relationship. The type of guy every girl should be lucky enough to experience.”I smiled and replied, “I see. The type of man,” I paused long enough to curl my lips into a crooked smile, “that is capable of taking the lead?”She nodded and pressed her breasts harder against my chest. She gasped, “You are going to make me work hard, aren’t you? To answer your question, yes, I am drawn to a man that can lead.” She pressed her belly hard against my fully erect cock and added, “I’m certain we’re on the same page, don’t you agree?”