I’m A Gloryhole Girl!, Chapter 2

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Later that night about 7:30, I found myself parked at the back of the red barn. I had dressed as inconspicuously as I could, hoping to not be noticed going into the place. I didn’t know what I should bring, but I figured I would find out for the next time – if there was a next time!I went straight to the counter where, sure enough, Jenny was working.”Hi Jenny, well I’m here. I still can’t believe what I’m about to do but I’m here, so show me what I’m supposed to do.””Hi, Kim. Follow me and I will get you going. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to the way things work and the other girls are really helpful, so don’t be afraid to ask questions if you have any.” Jenny led the way upstairs and I picked out a locker for my clothes.”Now what did you have in mind for your first day?” she said, as I undressed. I got completely undressed, figuring if I was going to get as much action as I had been told, I would be pretty sweaty by the end of the shift. I wanted to have clean clothes to put on afterward.”Well, Jenny, to be brutally honest, it’s been a long time since I felt a nice hard, fat cock inside me. I don’t have a boyfriend and the pickings around here leave a lot to be desired.”On top of that, all I’ve been thinking about since my visit here was how it would feel to be stuffed full of cock. So if it’s okay, I would like to start out in the straight fucking area.”Jenny smiled. “That’s perfectly fine. Most girls start off with blowjobs, but I can understand your wanting to get that itch scratched good and proper.”Now, whenever you come to work, me or whoever is running the place at the time will ask you a few questions so we can try to send you the clients you want to do.”Since you have chosen the straight sex section, let’s start with the size you are looking for. I assume if your itch is bad you aren’t looking for the smaller guys are you?””No, I would like medium to bigger men. I am not a slut, but I’m no virgin either!””Okay check. Now, how about race? Do you have a preference there?””No, not as long as you don’t send me some big black bahis şirketleri buck with a telephone pole for a cock! I like them on the big side, but I don’t want to get ruined for anyone else!” I blushed as I talked to Jenny. Here I was talking to a girl I hardly knew about what kind of cock I wanted fucked by! I was amazed at my own wantonness and the sluttiness of it all! I was ordering cock like it was on an ala carte menu!Jenny giggled. “Okay, I won’t send Mandingo your way then!””Mandingo?””Yeah, he’s a famous black porn star. Supposedly he has a twelve-inch long cock that’s six inches around! I don’t know if it’s true or not but he looks impressive on the videos!””Oh my God! No, I couldn’t handle Mandingo! I have to walk out of here!””I know what you mean. Now, do you prefer cut or uncut cocks?””I like them cut. I don’t want to mess with the foreskin.””I don’t blame you – I like my men cut as well. Okay, last question, are we riding bareback tonight, or do you want them to wear a condom?”I blushed again at Jenny’s question. I had made sure I took my birth control pill so I wasn’t too worried about that and like Jenny had said, there wasn’t much worry about STDs hereabouts.”I want to ride bareback,” I said firmly, “I love the feel of skin to skin and the feel of a man cumming inside me. I love to be filled with a man’s cum until it’s oozing out of me.” God, I sound like such a slut! I thought as soon as the words came out of my mouth. Fortunately, Jenny just smiled approvingly.”That’s good. Most men don’t like to wear them either. They say it cuts down on the sensation. So if you can go without, you will get a lot more clients. And more money!”With all the questions answered, it was time to get to work. It was a good thing too – my pussy was already drooling with the anticipation of being fed. Jenny showed me the cubicle I would be working in and I entered feet first into it.The mattress was comfortable but very firm and thankfully, the sheets were clean on it as well. I put my feet through the hole in the wall at the front bahis firmaları of the cubicle and then shimmied down until my ass just rested on the front edge of the mattress and the wall was right at waist level.Jenny told me to put my legs in the rests on the outside of the cubicle and I found them, placing my calves in the padded rests.”Now I’m going around to strap your legs in place to make it more comfortable for you. But before I go, this is the panic button. If you get a guy who is doing something you don’t like and he won’t stop, just push the panic button.”Also, if you just want out that will bring someone to help you. We want this to be fun for you as much as it is for him, so think sexy thoughts and enjoy yourself.” Then Jenny handed me a small squeeze bottle with a pink gel in it.”Here this will make it more fun. It is a gel that makes you nice and slippery but also gives you a very pleasant boost in the sensation department. Makes that cock feel incredible! Just put a little on your pussy lips and clit and then hang on honey!”Jenny turned to leave then stopped. “Oh by the way, if you like this and decide to come back, you might want to wear some stockings or even fishnet stockings and CFM heels. The guys like the way it looks when they fuck you.””CFM heels?””Come Fuck Me heels – you know the strappy stiletto heels like strippers wear.””Oh. Well, I have the stockings and I have some heels but not stiletto heels. But maybe I could get some if things go well tonight.””I will try to send you as much business as I can. You are lucky… there aren’t many girls working right now.”Then she closed the door to my cubicle and I was alone. A minute later I felt her fastening the velcro straps around my thighs. At first, I felt a twinge of panic, being strapped down with my ass and pussy exposed and open. But I calmed myself knowing that I had the panic button I could press if I needed to.I picked up the squeeze bottle and looked at the gel again. I squeezed a little out on my finger and tried it. It looked like pink gel toothpaste kaçak bahis siteleri – it had the same semi-transparent look to it.The gel was cold, but warmed up as I rubbed it on my pussy. It made my pussy lips tingle and I tried a little on my clit. I massaged the pink gel into my clit until my little button became swollen and very, very sensitive.I felt so shameless and slutty, lying there with my legs splayed wide and my naked sex out in public view, all the while rubbing myself and getting hornier and hornier! It would have been so easy to finger myself till I came… I was primed and ready.But I had done that too many times already and I was here to try and change that. I didn’t want to waste a good cum when there was so much hard cock around to do it for me!I lay there with my dripping pussy ready and eager to be used, the gel driving me crazy and the temptation to finger myself to a crashing orgasm getting harder and harder to resist. I hoped a willing cock came along soon – I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out!After what seemed like an eternity of torturous waiting, I felt something brush against my ass. I wriggled down a bit more letting whoever was on the other side I was ready for them.This was it – the moment I had been waiting and fantasizing about for the past two days! I was glad I took the time to shave my pussy that morning when I showered… when I first got to the gloryhole, I was going to start out with the pussy-eating station.But the closer I got to the place, the more I wanted a hard cock instead of a soft tongue to get me off. Either way, a slick, shaved puss would be a good selling point!Suddenly, I felt a hand rubbing my mound and a thumb brush over my clit. God! I thought I was going to cum right then! That pink gel was amazing! I moaned aloud and my unseen lover must have heard me because I felt two fingers push their way into my waiting pussy.He curled his fingers up a bit and using his thumb on my clit he began finger-fucking me, getting me even hotter and making me moan and squirm as he brought me closer to my orgasm. He knew what he was doing too, because just as I thought I wasn’t going to last, he stopped. I lay there panting and moaning, my legs trembling as I felt him tracing his fingers down the backs of my legs.