Imogen…A story for a perfect lady xx

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Imogen…A story for a perfect lady xxThe first time I saw her was in the supermarket. I’d popped in to get some milk and a pizza for my tea and I saw her futher down the aisle. It was a hot July day, and she was wearing a little flowery dress. I distinctly remember that moment. It has stuck in my memory ever since. She was slim, with red shoulder length hair and as I slowly walked up the aisleway between the fridges I took the oppurtunity to look her up and down. Damn, she had a nice body!! When I got a little closer I could see that she was also absolutely stunning! She had a basket full of shopping and as she passed me she smiled at me. I just hoped that my mouth wasn’t too wide open and my draw wasn’t dragging along behind me! I had met an angel in the supermarket! I smiled back, collected my pizza from the fridge, and walked back down the aisle towards the checkouts. She was walking in front of me and my eyes were drawn to her incredible rear. We both joined the “10 items or less” queue and as I was standing just behind her I was breathing in her intoxicating aroma. I was close enough to reach out a hand and I wanted SO much to run my hand up her thigh and between her legs but I resisted the temptation. When I’d paid for my shopping I could see her disappearing across the car park and I thought that would be the last I ever saw of her. I’d encountered her only the once, but I knew I wouldn’t forget her anytime soon…..The second time I saw her was about 4 months later, again at the supermarket, but this time she was on her way out as I was going in, and she was struggling under about a ton of shopping bags and not looking at all happy. She had 3 or 4 bags in each hand, and I couldn’t watch her struggling. I’d have offered to help pretty much anyone in a similar situation, and I asked her if I could help her to her car. She thanked me and beamed that incredible smile at me again, and for a brief moment time stood still….My goodness, she was as amazing as I remembered her. Even wrapped up in her winter coat she looked stunning. I let her carry a far more managable one bag in each hand, and we walked together to where she had parked. “This is very kind of you. I hate doing all this supermarket shopping! I’d rather be clothes shopping!”, she said. “It’s very much my pleasure!”, I replied, and helped güvenilir bahis her load her bags into the boot of her car. “Thanks love”, she said when the bags were all in the car and I held open the drivers door for her as she got in. I was thinking that had it still been the summer then I’d have got a perfect view up her little dress! I went back to the entrance to the shop and went in and got my weekly shop. I was in SUCH a good mood now! Not only had I seen her again, but I’d spoken with her AND, in a tiny way, had helped her out. Life is good sometimes! I thought about her the rest of the evening! She was certainly having a strange effect on me. I don’t think I’ve ever been so smitten with someone!The third time I saw her, I knew that fate was shouting and screaming at me…..It was another 6 months later and a Saturday night and I went into town for a couple of drinks. It’s pretty rare for me to take a complete day off….Being a musician, and also as a song writer, if a tune comes into my head then I have to do something about it. The computer is nearly always on, and I’ll record at least the melody if nothing else so that I can at least come back to it at a later date to do something with it. As I often do, I was noodling away on the guitar and got a good chord progression going. I ended up refining, editing and just generally getting into the groove of a new tune. By the time I looked at the clock again it was 9 hours later and my eyes and ears were starting to hurt so I decided to treat myself to a drink or two….Anyway, there I was on this Saturday night watching the world go by and being thankful that I wasn’t as pissed as that group of blokes over in the corner! That’s when the door swept open and a group of 8 or 9 females came in. The leader of the bunch had an “L” plate on and a pair of devil horns on her head. They’d all obviously had a few drinks, and were laughing and giggling as thehy came in to the place. That’s when I saw her…. She was wearing a little dress again, and I instanly smiled when I saw her. The group ordered their drinks and were all standing around by the bar gossiping and just having a pretty nice time….Sadly, the group of pissheads in the corner had also seen them….A couple of them came up and started trying to chat the group up. The “hen” of the female group was güvenilir bahis siteleri loving it! Her last night out as a single lady, and she wasn’t exactly trying to beat them off with a stick! A few of the girls and the blokes started chatting. But then the one that I’d first encountered nearly a year ago glanced over at me, then looked again as she recognised who I was and gave me a little wave and another one of those amazing smiles…..I smiled back and winked at her and she manouvered her way through the group and over to me. “Hello!” she beamed at me. “Do you remember me?”….If she only knew! “Of COURSE I do!” I answered, “I remember you from last July! I remember the exact dress you were wearing, and the exact smell of you. I know you had 6 items in your basket and that you’d rather be out buying clothes!”. She looked a little bewildered, but smiled again. God I loved that smile! It was pretty busy in the pub, but I offered her my seat at the bar and asked her if she’d like a drink. She acceoted and we got talking. Her name was “Imogen, but you can call me Imy”. Her name was as beautiful as she was! We started talking about interests, and music, and we both decided we’d go down to another place that had a band on playing 80’s cover music. She went back and spoke to her friends, and a loud roar went up when she obviously told them that we were going to go somewhere else….I was so embaressed!!! I wanted to tell them that it was strictly above board, but they were too pissed to care I think! So there we were, the lovely Imy and myself, in a bar in a quieter corner of town watching a mediocre band doing mediocre cover versions of mediocre songs….But all of which were better than my efforts at stardom! She asked me if I was telling the truth when I’d told her earlier that I’d seen her 10 months ago, and I told her exactly what she had in her basket, exactly how she smelt, and exactly where I’d wanted to place my hand at the time! She giggled her lovely giggle and leant over to whisper into my ear “Well, I’m here and there’s nothing to stop you doing that now”. I looked deeply into her gorgeous blue eyes and I knew she was being honest with me….She smiled again and opened her legs very slightly with a raised eyebrow…..I leant over to her and smelt that incredible smell again and replied kaçak iddaa “well, this is a little public….But we could go back to my place?”. She agreed and within 30 minutes we were alone in my house….As soon as the front door closed behind us we kissed deep penetrating kisses. Our tongues touched. Mine explored her mouth, and hers mine. I held her hips and kissed her deeply. I was so hard for her and she didn’t let me down…As we kissed, her hands went down my chest, over my tummy and down to my hardness. She unzipped my trousers and eased my erect cock out of my and boxers and trousers and then slowly sucked on me on her hands and knees. She looked up at me and my cock twitched as this beautiful vision pleasured me. She was amazing. Not only was she a vision of perfection, but her tongue was taking me to places I’d never imagined. We were still in my hallway and my cock wanted her. Every single little square milimetre of her perfect body…..I held her hand and helped her to her feet. Her mouth tasted of my cock and I wanted more! We went up the two stories to my bedroom very slowly, pausing to kiss every few steps. Imy was going to be my best song ever…And I wanted it to be perfect for her. When we got to my bedroom, we were both SO ready for everything. My cock was hard and twitching for her, and her pussy was soaking wet from her juices. I told her to hold her arms up, and when she did I slowly slid her dress up over her head. She was wearing the most amazing underwear and black stockings that I’d somehow failed to notice earlier. I held her against the wall and undid her bra….Sucked on her nipples until they were erect and begging for more attention. My hand went from her stocking tops to her pussy…I rubbed her very gently through the silky material. I wanted her pussy so much right now. I led her to the bed and gently laid her down…..She was still wearing her underwear and I kissed her all over. Her tummy, her lips, her forehead, her lips again, her tummy, and then her pussy…..She smelt amazing through her underwear. I pulled her panties aside and tongued her lovely wet clit. She moaned gently and thrust herself to me. She wanted me so much and I wanted her. I wabted to make her cum like she’d never cum before, and I wanted to be hers totally. She came many times as I licked her lovely wet pussy, and I came for her as she sucked me. I came on her lips, her cheeks and her beautiful breasts. She wanked me to ejaculation more than once that night…..The fourth time I see her will be absolute perfection……xxxxxxxxx