In-Car Entertainment 3

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You have to leave early to get to your office in the morning before I wake. Not long afterwards, you call me from the car park, about to go into work, but I am still asleep and cannot take the call, so you have to leave me a voicemail.”I’m so horny this morning,” you say. “I’ve been half awake, thinking of you all night long and really didn’t want to leave you alone in bed today. But then I didn’t think I could wait until tonight, so I brought my bullet vibe with me, and hope I get a chance to use it at lunchtime! I will be thinking of you then. Please think of me, too. Bye for now”I know that you often use your car as a safe place to escape from office politics and gossip at lunchtime and relax in the peace of the car park, which is actually quite large and pleasantly mecidiyeköy escort landscaped. So when you return to the car at lunchtime with your coffee, I am there waiting for you already, leaning back against the door.”O my God,” you say, “I didn’t expect you to get here! Are you feeling horny too?” You press your body against me, placing your feet either side of mine and pushing me against the car door with your hips You have to hold your coffee and lunch pack to either side so that only our bodies connect. I take advantage by slipping my hands inside your jacket and up to your breasts, where I play with your erect nipples through the sheer material of your blouse.You look around to check that none of your colleagues is within sight, then with şişli escort both arms still outstretched, you kiss me hard and deep, your tongue exploring my mouth. “No-one knows about us,” you say, “but I’ve been fantasising all morning, and I think they could tell I was excited about something. I was only expecting to sit in my car and use the bullet, to give me some urgent relief, but now you’re here for real! Let’s get inside. It will be warmer in there.”We sit alongside each other, and you put aside your coffee and lunch. You say, “I don’t think I need these anymore. I have better things to eat.” You reach for me, stroking my cock through my jeans, leaning across to kiss me passionately again. I am already hard from the expectation of this meeting, and you have been getting wet all morning in anticipation of the orgasm you had promised to give yourself today.You take a mouthful of hot coffee and swallow. “What would you like now?” you ask. I simply look down at my cock trying to escape out of the top of my jeans, and you adjust yourself to reach over to me. It is very awkward in the confined space of the car, but at least it is our own private territory and safe from view if any of your work colleagues should appear.You kneel on the driver’s seat and take another mouthful of hot coffee, swirling it around before you swallow, then unbutton me and pull my briefs down under my balls to reveal the full length of my hard cock, with the swollen head already throbbing in anticipation. You lower your head and your hot mouth engulfs the head of my cock, sucking hard around every contour and engorging it even more with your warmth, while your hand strokes the shaft of my cock steadily, up and down.