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Subject: Incubus Chapter 3 Chapter 3 I am hungry. My essence burns with need driving me towards the next feeding. I must choose carefully again. Tho I am not discriminatory I find that the reward is much greater if the subject is a little willing. I have left Pete and his father enjoying their new found recreation and as I pass by their stateroom I look in to see the boy’s legs waiving in the air as his daddy takes him again. I need more and I need it now. I sense a bunched energy ahead with just a hint of sensuality lying under the surface. As I near I can smell the lack of experience. The burning desire that does not have the confidence or the understanding to express itself. I enter the room to find two teenaged boys of around 14 years of age. Both are lazing away the afternoon on the great ship playing cards. I sense the infatuation of the slightly younger one who’s eyes seem to wander repeatedly to curve of his friends crotch. The older boy is oblivious to the attention as he focuses on winning the game. Almost I swoop in then and take him but I hear the door to the room opening. “Oh, sorry boy’s.” The man entering says. He is wearing a stewards uniform and carrying a cleaning kit with him. “I thought the room was empty. Would you like for me to come back again later?” “No it’s alright Andy, as long as you don’t mind us being in the road.” “Not at all fellas, it shouldn’t take me too long anyway.” I watch the 22 year old room steward with his short dark hair make his way into the room and begin to tidy up. The younger of the two lads on the sofa switches his attention from the bulge in his friends pants to the beautiful curve of the stewards arse. The man seems unaware but I see the faint smile curve the corner of his lips. `Ha, I have him,’ I think, and making my choice swoop in to take possession of the only one in the room who is completely oblivious. The older teen freezes just a moment as I take possession and I feel his rising confusion. He has stopped playing cards and his younger friend is looking at him/us with puzzlement. I see his face with the spotted freckles across his upturned nose almost alter to one of concern but I crease the face I am in possession of into a smile and sink my right eye into a wink. “Wanna have some fun?” I say. Cory, for that is the boy’s name, (and I have never met a Cory who didn’t like a cock up his arse), answers my grin with one of his own. All the while the trapped boy pounds at the mental walls inside his own brain. “Sure Harry. Waddya have in mind?” “Why don’t we see if we can get Andy neckid.” I say with a leer. “Whaaat. Why?” “Just to see if we can. It will be hilarious.” I say judging the sudden pulse in my friends throat to mean that he is not only in, but he is excited by it. “How we going to do it. We can’t just ask him to hang it all out can we?” Cory whispers leaning in towards me. I am already beginning to feed from his excitement. “Why don’t you go turn up the heating in the room first of all and I reckon I have a plan that might work.” Cory stands up and moves surreptitiously towards the climate controls in the suite. He switches it up and soon the temperature inside the room begins to rise. Andy doesn’t seem to notice at first but shortly the first rivulets of sweat begin to trickle down his brow. He is stripping the master bed and the boy’s can see him swipe a hand across his brow as he continues to work. I lean in to Cory and say, “Now we need to take our shirts off.” Cory swallows hard and his eyes widen as I begin to slip out of the Hawaiian shirt I had on exposing the white Tee I had been wearing underneath. He doesn’t move or breath as I drag the fabric up and over my head exposing my smooth teen chest. It is nicely developed with defined pectorals and small perfectly round nipples. I lean back on the sofa and look at my friend. “Well waddaya waiting for. Get it off dude.” I whisper and Cory begins to drag the black T-shirt he is wearing up and over his head. He holds the crumpled cloth in front of him with uncertainty and I lean forward and grab the material wrestling it from him. We both laugh and this attracts Andy’s attention. “What’s going on out here,” he laughs. “It is getting a bit hot perhaps I should turn the thermostat down.” He queries starting to move towards the controls. “Um Andy.’ “Yes.” “We don’t want you to turn down the heating. We like it like this.” He frowns, but is caught having to acquiesce to the wishes of the guest no matter how young. “Oh ok then. I still have a bit to do before I am finished but maybe ankara escort I can come back when you are done.’ “Na, I reckon it would be good for you to do it now.” “Oh sure.” He turns to go to the master bedroom but I stop him. “Hey Andy.” “Yes, Harry isn’t it.” “Yep, well I thought seeing as we are all guys here and my folks are out for the rest of the day in a seminar, you might like to take of your shirt. It would make working in this heat a bit more comfortable for you no?” I say this with wide innocent eyes leaning back on the couch with my right arm raised up behind my head exposing the few wispy hairs that have started to grow there. “Aw, I don’t think that is such a good idea fellas.” He says and almost as if on queue Cory gets in to the conversation. “What you worried about Andy. Not like anyone will see you.” The man hesitates and then grins at the boys. “Alright then, but you two better say nothing or I could be in a heap of trouble.” We both nod He unbuttons the white stewards shirt and begins to slide it from his shoulders. I look at his well formed musculature and slightly hairy chest and lick the lips of the boy I am holding captive. He is confused and still battering against his bonds. He doesn’t understand what is going on but he will. Andy once again returns to straightening the room and as he turns I admire the slender hips and narrow waist that frame a muscular arse. Cory leans forward. “We did it dude. That was amazing. I didn’t think he would go for it but he did.” “We are not done yet.” I say and stand up unbuttoning the front of my khaki shorts and letting them drop to the floor. Underneath the boy I control is wearing spider man silk boxer shorts. “Dude.” Cory gasps. “Do you mean really naked?” I nod with smile and am rewarded by a slack jawed look of horror. “What you worried about man. Just us guys. If I can get him naked you get to be my slave for the day. If I can’t, well then I am yours ok.” Cory looks at me and then frowns. “Ok man, deal, but are you sure you’re ok. I’ve never seen you like this.” “Of course I am mate, just a bet ok. Now you get your shorts off too ok.” “No way Hosea.” He says with a bark of laughter. “Yes way. It is the only way this will work. Now you gunna get em off or do I have to get em off ya?” I say sitting up and menacing forward. He laughs and holds up his hands, “Ok man, I give.” He lowers his brightly coloured drawstring shorts to expose a purple pair of jockey shorts underneath and then sits back on the sofa with his hands covering his groin. Cory has nice shaped legs and a long torso with a swimmers body and I run my eyes in appreciation over his near naked form. The delicate manipulation of this situation has delayed my feeding but I feel the reward growing as the excitement in the room rises. Andy is finished in the bedroom and returns with a cloth to wipe over the furniture in the lounge. He stops in surprise when he sees two near naked teens splayed back on the furniture but he says nothing as he continues to complete his work. The sweat is now running in little trails down his back and I lick my lips in anticipation. “Hey Andy, do you wanna cold drink. You look kinda hot.” “Well actually, I could really use one. It is cooking in here.” “Why don’t you sit down and Cory will get you one.” I nod at Cory and he raises his hands as if to say, `what the fuck dude,’ but he gets up and goes to get the cool drink. His perfect little arse wobbling in his purple undies as he does. I watch Andy swallow as his eyes follow the jiggling globes. Cory returns holding the glass in one hand and covering his jewels with the other and gives the drink to Andy. “Thanks man.” Andy says and takes a swallow. “Why don’t you sit down with us for a bit?” I say and indicate the arm chair at the end of the suite. Andy nods and sits himself down sipping his drink. “What sort of undies you wear Andy?” I ask and he coughs with surprise. “Well you can see I got boxers and Cory here wears jocks so just wondering what you wear.” “Hmm, well I wear pretty much the same as Cory there. Just some plain old briefs really.” “No way. I wouldna guessed that. I don’t believe you. Go on then show us.” “What.” “Show us. You said it was pretty hot in here and we are in our undies, so what’s the big deal, show us.” Andy stops and stares at me closely for a second and I think he almost has an inkling of what I am doing and I feel the eroticism level ramp up as he says, “Ok then, it is just us.” he stands and undoes his pants pushing them down and exposing ankara genç escort a basic pair of white jock pants with a very interesting if somewhat full package in the front. I hear Cory gasp beside me and both his hands are needed now to cover his groin. “They are pretty basic dude.” I say as Andy sits back in the chair letting his legs flop apart and putting his cloth covered equipment on display. “Yeah well not all of us can pull off spider man boxers arsehole.” He laughs as we join in. I am leaning back in the chair and innocently lift my leg until my foot is balanced on the couch. The effect is to open the loose fabric of the silk boxers and offer Andy a view of my hairless taint. I am pretty sure he can almost but not quite see my hosts little puckered cunt if he wants to. He doesn’t disappoint and his eyes are locked there. The beads of sweat running down his brow are not just from the heat now. Cory is sitting next to me staring as if he is in some twilight zone but his boy cock is hard as nails and his breathing is rapid. Judging the time is right I run my hand up my leg and snag it in my boxers pulling it so my 4 inch cock pops into view. It is hard and straining with the foreskin pulled back exposing the head. I notice Andy’s cock is getting hard and I point to it. “Can we see it.” “Do you both want to.” He replies with a soft throaty voice. I nod and look at Cory who is swallowing hard. “Yes.” He says with a croak and Andy nods before standing up and pulling the front of his undies down letting his hard rod free. He holds it with his hand around the base and I lick my lips. “Nice dude.” I say as I rock my small teen hips and push my boxers to the floor. Andy sits back down on the seat as I stand up and move towards him his eyes never leaving my boyhood. My hosts little arse is plump and well made and I spit in my hand before pushing it into my boy cunt. Without taking a pause I straddle him and lower myself onto the rigid pole, sighing with pleasure as I force the virgin boy cunt down and down. My host is in shock but I feel him open up as I relax his muscles. With a grunt I force the last of his manhood in my cunt and wriggle back and forth as he groans. Behind me I hear Cory gasp, “Oh my god Harry, I didn’t know you could do that.” I turn to look over my shoulder and smile at my friend before leaning down and working Andy’s briefs off his legs until he kicks them away. “I win dude. He’s totally neckid and you’re my slave for the day. Now get that cute arse over here and suck my cock slave boy.” Cory doesn’t have to be asked twice and he leaps from the sofa his hands now leaving his groin to expose his erect small cock pressing with a small wet patch on his purple briefs. I feel Andy’s hands grip my hips as he starts small thrusts in and out of my stretched hole and I watch as Cory leans down and parts those full lips before taking my dick in his mouth. He is a beginner so I give him some encouragement and he is soon working my pole like a pro. I look into Andy’s eyes as he fucks me and I nod towards Cory’s still brief clad arse. Andy nods and his hand snakes out between my friends legs while I run my hand down his back until I am sliding in under the top of his undies. Andy lifts the material away and exposes the boy cock which is hanging down between his legs. He begins to flick a finger back and forth across the little cock until it spasms and thrust forward hard against Cory’s stomach. He groans and lifts off my cock looking with pleading eyes at Andy. “Come on little dude.” He says and Cory sheds his underwear before climbing onto the arms of the chair and presenting his dick to Andy who doesn’t disappoint him. The man’s tongue lashes forward laving the small pole and jiggling the balls underneath. From this angle I see a beautiful boy arse winking at me as the small hips thrust back and forward and I can’t deny that I want it. I have started to rise and fall with more frenzied motion as I dive forward to stick my tongue into the puckered ring. Now I am really feeding as Cory gasping looks over his shoulder at me licking his little boy pussy while I bounce on Andy’s cock. I wink at him and point to my hard cock. “You wanna try it?” I say and am rewarded by an uncertain nod from my friend. He pulls back from the suckling man and lowers his arse towards my bouncing cock. Andy knows the drill and slows his fucking until we accomplish this docking manoeuvre. I have always enjoyed the reaction of a host when they first feel the fullness of penetration antalya escort followed by the warmth of a willing arse clasping their own cock. Without exception there is a feeling of surprise at first but then it is almost as if a switch is flipped and a cock hound is born. The trapped boy inside me has been through all of these emotions and is at present totally engrossed in the feelings I have given him. The feeding is good. Cory is struggling with the new sensation in his little hole. He is willing but it is hard the first time and I help him with advice. “Push out dude as I push in and it won’t hurt so much. Relax buddy.” He does so and I feel my glans enter his tight cunt. We sit like this for a few moments as he adjusts and then he begins to move, slowly at first but with building pressure. He breath is hoarse and every now and then a small “Oh fuck,” can be heard. I see Andy’s hand moving in Cory’s groin and I know that the man is helping things along in his own way. We remain fucking like this for several minutes until I push Cory up and off me and disengage my stretched cunt from the hard cock inside it. “Ok slave, on your back man lift those legs.” Cory lays back onto the glass coffee table and opens his legs to me. His blue eyes flutter closed as I push into him again. I look around to see Andy sliding his hand up and down his wet cock as he watches me fuck my friend. “I think my slave would like to see if he can fit that,” I nod towards his cock, “in his mouth.” The steward gives me a devilish grin and stands up to position himself above my grunting friend who looks up with wonder at the offering coming his way. His small teen hand wraps itself around the shaft and positions it at his lips where he opens wide and accepts the offering. “Attaboy.” I say and I hear him giggle around the invader as he slobbers all over it. Inside me Harry is in a world of confusion. `Don’t you like this,’ I think to him. `I am not sure what to think. Never even thought that this was possible.’ `Doesn’t that little asshole feel great wrapped around your cock.’ `Well it kinda really does but it’s so gay.’ `Fuck that.’ I say and then add. `Oh one minute, “hey Andy can you finger fuck me while I fuck my mate, two fingers dude.” Andy shifts and obliges me as I thrust back onto him. My rounded buttock quivering with each jab. `See, it might be gay dude but it fucking feels awesome.’ Our hips are quivering with each thrust as I watch Cory’s lips stretch obscenely around the cock in his mouth. `Oh fuck.’ My captive groans and before he can release I pull out and instruct Andy to swap places. He does so and Cory looks up at him with wide open blue eyes. “I don’t know if I can take it.” He says, and I reassure him that he can. Just relax and push out man. I crouch down and put my arms around his neck and we both watch the big cock broach his asshole. It is at this moment that the greatest amount of energy is released and I suck it in feeling almost drunk with the power of it. My mate is jerking back and forth moaning like a whore as the duo race towards their release. I feel Harry embrace the feelings with abandon and he desires to suck his friends cock into his hot little mouth. I oblige and soon Cory grunts and cries, his arse spasms hard onto the invader as his thin watery spunk spills forward into Harry’s waiting mouth. Andy is pushed over the edge not only by the feelings on his cock but by the scene he is witnessing and pulls his throbbing tool from the tight little fuck chute as his cum spurts from his cock. I am still feeding and I eagerly grasp the shaft licking up the spend along with the arse juices. Finally I am seated and I fall backward resting on the sofa. Cory raises himself on his elbows and looks at me with a grin. “That was fuckin awesome man.” He says and I smile at him as Andy lifts himself to his feet. “That was certainly an experience little dudes.” The steward says and waits for my reply. I choose this moment to slide from my captives body returning control to him where I wait to see the fall out. Harry sits up as he realises he is back in control and his face sets in a frown. He looks at Andy and says, “dude it’s fuckin hot in here. Can’t you turn down the heating.” Andy flinches back and stands up. His flaccid cock flapping in front of him he goes to comply and stops in front of the dial. “What temperature do you want sir?” He says and turns to the boys who are looking at him with straight faces. “What do you reckon Cory. Is 21 degrees C a good temperature for fucking.” Cory smirks as he climbs onto his hands and knees pushing his buttocks out and swaying his back. ” s’perfect I reckon.” He says, and it really was. End chapter 3. Let me know if you like it guys. For this is the last one unless I hear if you want more. ail. Capitol E at the start. Please donate to . Cheers. E.