Indian guy meets nastiest Latina

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Indian guy meets nastiest LatinaWARNING: Very dirty content ahead. Not for those easily offendedI turned the steering wheel of the Jeep Wrangler left as I merged North into Biscayne Boulevard and breathed a deep sigh. It had been over 3 months since I’d moved to Miami and it wasn’t all what I’d imagined. I’d seen many videos depicting the glamorous party lifestyle and the beautiful women that populated this city. Of course, those videos didn’t show you how unrealistic that lifestyle was. So far, I’d spent 90% of my waking hours slaving away at my new job, and had zero pussy since arrivingI pulled up the Jeep into my driveway, walked into my front door and the first thing I did was pour myself a Cuba libre. I walked out of the back door of my rented house and sat on a sun lounger next to the sad-looking pool. Slaving away all those hours meant no time for pool maintenance, much less swimming. As I took a sip and contemplated the turn life had taken, I heard the faint rhythms of a reggaeton song coming over the other side of the fence. In the house next door lived Maria Andrea (we’ll call her Maria) and her mother. I hadn’t really interacted with them much beyond the casual hello’s, although I had helped them clean out their eavestrough once when I saw them struggling (ironic considering I didn’t have time to clean my pool, I know) and in doing so knew that they were from Venezuela, from where they had escaped with next to nothing as a result of the regime’s crackdowns. For someone that had to start back from scratch, I was really in awe of how generous and welcoming Maria was, in contrast to the all the superficial skanks that otherwise seemed to be the dominant female life form in Miami. I headed to the fence and figured I’d say hello, because if anything could lift my spirits it would be the sight of Maria-Andrea’s 1000-watt smile and twinkly brown eyes. And so I peeked over the fence, but got to see a lot more than just Maria’s smile….Lounging next to the pool next door was Maria, soaking up the rays of the Miami sun…topless, and near naked except a tiny black thong. The sun glinted off her sunglasses as she lay, her golden-brown skin glistening with oil in the sunshine. Her thick honey-coloured hair descended in loose curls to her breasts, rounded mounds with the golden brown of her skin contrasting against the dark blackish-brown of her nipples. The strings of the thong rose up against the curves of her substantial hips, which descended into luscious thighs…….my appreciation for her legs was interrupted by an “ahem”. My gaze darted back upwards to see Maria’s sunglasses down and her brown eyes glaring daggers at me. “Been there long?” she asked pointedly. “Uhhhhhmm…. sorry I didn’t mean to pry, I was just taken aback…” I blabbered , continuing “I just heard the music and came over to say hello that’s all”. Fuck…was she gonna bahis şirketleri call the cops on me?She broke into that 1000-watt smile “Well come over and say hello properly then” she beckoned. I was at a loss for what was happening here…did she want to poke my eyes out herself? Anyway, I didn’t have much of a choice…I walked over to the gate in our fence, entered and walked over to the pool in Maria’s house. As I approached her, she hopped up and gave me a hug. “Holaaaa papi” she purred, adding: “how you been?”. “Ok…just been working my ass off” I offered, still uncertain of what she wanted despite her friendliness. “You work too hard…. sometimes you need to relax” she said. “I think you may be right” I said, actually relaxing a bit. She winked and said “Of course I am…. you need to feed that brown anaconda of yours sometime”“MY WHAT?” I asked. “You’re not the only one having a peep” she smirked “Your window faces mine, and I saw you changing the other day and saw the fat anaconda between your legs, bebesito” Ok, now we were talking. I suddenly realised that as we were talking, Maria had sidled up close to me and was caressing my arms. I leaned in and planted a kiss on her lips as my arm simultaneously grabbed the side of her curvy hips. She put her hand under my head and drew me in closer, her tongue working mine. Maria’s hands were nothing if not dextrous. No sooner did I pull away from the kiss that I realised she’d undid my pants and was pulling my boxers down…..right there in the backyard of her mother’s house. Well. who was I to question her judgement. She smiled as she took my anaconda (hey, her words not mine) in her hands and caressed it with her sharp nails. She went down on her knees, using her hands to guide my steadily hardening cock into her mouth. Her mouth felt like wet velvet wrapped around my cock as I ripped off my polo and then put my hand gently on her head. She took it deeper in her throat till she gagged, and my cock slipped out of her mouth, it’s brown surface glistening wet with gobs of her saliva. She then used her hand to pull back on the foreskin and run her wet tongue over the pink head of cock, flicking the tongue repeatedly back and forth over the tip as I grunted and sighed in agreement I was reminded how petite Maria was despite her curves, no taller than 5 ft 1…she made good use of this height difference between us next, sliding down under my balls and taking them in her mouth. She ran her tongue all over my left nut till it was dripping wet with spit, before moving slowly over to my right, all the while her hands stroked my cock back and forth. After months of blue balls I was actually surprised I hadn’t exploded already, but the feeling of Maria’s soft tongue on my balls almost got me there. Time to repay the favour and save my best for later.I reached down and helped her up, simultaneously bahis firmaları going down on my knees. As mentioned, her pettiness meant that I could actually crane my neck and reach her boobs. I took the left one in my mouth, my lips running over the sensitive brown surface of her nipple which was rock hard by this time. She moaned, and I continued to play my mouth over the surface of her left breast, slowly making my way to the right one. It seemed like her right breast was even more sensitive, Maria letting out a sharp “Aiiii” as I gently pursed my lips on her right nipple. After making her breasts feel my appreciation for a good 5 minutes, I moved deftly over to her back, my lips kissing the back of her neck as I used my left hand to lift her hair while the right slipped under her thong. Her right hand was already in her vagina, even as her left continued to play with my cock. I made my way downwards, kissing the small of her back as my hand pulled down the thong. My face drew level with the most beautiful ass I had ever laid eyes on, Maria doing Latinas everywhere proud with a perfect peach of a bottom with thick cheeks, a pronounced cleft and silky-smooth honey-colored skin. The beautiful soft flesh gave in and swallowed my face as I planted dozens of kisses on its smooth surface. I could worship this thing for days…I pulled my face back, freed my hands and separated the cheeks to reveal a beautiful puckered dark asshole, the darkness of its cavity standing out against the surrounding skin. Maria guessed what I was going for, bending over to ease access to the hole. I buried my face in the mound of her ass, taking in the sweaty, sexual scent; and ran the flat of my tongue against her asshole. “Aiiii papi” she yelped in pleasure, letting out a little giggle as my tongue made its way around what was clearly the most sensitive part of her body so far. I ran my tongue all over the asshole, coating it in sticky saliva. Maria’s moans had reach fever pitch now, and she reached her own hands back to separate her ass cheeks and gape her anus, and I thrust the blade of my tongue deep inside her anal cavity as she positively screamed in ecstasy. Sounded like she was primed and ready…. I swung over and lay down on my back, and my hands moved Maria’s hips over till she was straddling me reverse cowgirl style. She eased my bare cock using a fluid sitting motion into her pussy, which simultaneously felt tight and soft, like a wet pillow enveloping my cock. She then began some form of Latina magic I didn’t think was possible in real life, shaking her hips and booty to literally ride my cock without using her legs. Her big juicy ass danced and clapped on my cock almost to the rhythm of the reggaeton that was still playing on her speaker, punctuated by her “Aiii, Aii” every few seconds. This continued for a good 5-6 minutes, her hips working kaçak bahis siteleri tirelessly (they really didn’t lie), and the motions combining with the warm Miami breeze to carry the aroma of sweat and passion from her moist pussy and asshole to my face, making me even harder if that was even possible I felt Maria come, her back arching, the grips of her thighs on mine tightening almost vise-like just before her entire body convulsed and I felt the contractions of her pussy, and a wetness spreading over my crotch area as she screamed “Si Papi, ven!” and gasped for breath. By this point her entire body was wet with sweat, combining with her tanning oil to make her body glisten in the sun. Maria may have come, but I was just getting started. I wanted to do her doggystyle so I could feel that ass even better. I stood up, my cock rock hard and ready to do some more damage. Maria however made a tap out motion and said “My pussy cant take it anymore”. Disappointing as that sounded, I was ready to sit down and call it a day but this lady named after the virgin was about to show me just how filthy she could be….Wordlessly, she grabbed the bottle of suntan oil by the side of the pool and proceeded to squirt some on my cock and rub it a little. She then bent over on her knees and used her hands to gape her asshole wide open, its dark secrets inviting me. I didn’t need a second invitation….I moved up behind her and eased my lubed cock into her tight warm asshole. She yelped a bit, but after wiggling her hips to ensure a better position she seemed to settle down. I started thrusting, slowly at first and then more violently and deeper into her rectum, my hips making a staccato slapping noise against the fat cheeks of her ass.Now both my skin and Maria’s were different shades of dark brown, but at this time I noticed something in a slightly different color on both our private parts, and noticed a change in the smell of our passion that I had been enjoying so much till this point. Maria seemed to notice it as well, turning around and saying “ooops” with an impish expression her face as she looked back at me. The dirtiest outcome that we could have imagined had come true, but when we had gone so far already, this only served to turn us on more. I redoubled my efforts to slam my cock deeper into Maria’s ass, and felt my loins build up for a truly titanic release.Maria felt this too, and she had one last nasty surprise waiting for me. She disgorged my cock from her ass and swung around, her mouth ready for the release. When it came, the blue balls that had been waiting months for a real release did just that, my cock positively heaving and throbbing as a wave of cum erupted from them and into Maria’s mouth. Maria gagged, but to my surprise she actually kept sucking, draining every drop from my balls like a vacuum cleaner and into her mouth, before swallowing the cocktail of my cum mixed with the juices from her own ass with a pronounced gulp.I’d like to end here, but rest assured a love like ours can’t be finished with a one-part story. Maria and I will be back with more ?