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INSIDE MAPLE GROVE – CHAPTER 8A story about one black family’s bid to conquer Boston’s EliteA Fantasy created by Ted Guy based on an idea by Julie Van.(Please read previous chapters to get maximum enjoyment).Chapter 8 – Double delightcontinued from Chap 7…….Michelle Jackson was sitting on her terrace enjoying the weather and some tea contemplating taking a dip in the hot tub to ease away the aches of the day. Although she didn’t actually do very much “hands on” treatment anymore, in the private physiotherapy practice she owned, one of her team was on vacation and two of her regular, very fussy and very wealthy clients, had insisted on seeing the boss for their treatment, which happened to coincide with her having to see two of her regular clients who were both pro football players, both bigger than her husband so manipulating their limbs was a task even for someone with her physique. Mind made up, that she would have a soak, she was just about to go change when her son Aaron appeared from inside the house and was accompanied by two females, one of whom she recognised as Nicole Brown, a close friend of Stella Harris’s, who lived at number 1 Maple Grove. Nicole Brown was one of the few wives Michelle liked probably because she actually worked and was a partner in a very big law firm specialising in family law.Nicole was a pretty lady who still had a nice figure although as she turned 50 she had seemed to be on the back foot with the battle of the pounds. The female Michelle didn’t recognise but Aaron very quickly introduced her as Jessica, Nicole’s daughter who had just finished her law degree and was now working as a junior in the same law firm. Jessica was blonde, tall, slender and very attractive. Aaron explained that he had bumped into them both at the Black Lives Matter march he and Abbey, his sister, had attended in the city earlier. Michelle had hoped to go along herself but work had gotten in the way, so she was eager to hear about how it had gone. Aaron told her it had been a great event, well attended and he had been surprised to see Nicole and Jessica there until Nicole told him she had actually represented several Black people on a pro bono basis, who had been the victims of hate crime and she was looking at setting up a mini practice within her firm, headed up by Jessica. During their chat Nicole had constantly complained about her shoulder hurting as a result of Stella getting her to try tennis as a means to keep in shape as she had wrenched it trying to master the overhead serve. Aaron, finding out she hadn’t yet managed to find a good ther****t had told her she should come back to the house with him as his mother, Michelle, had her own practice and she could surely recommend someone, hence the three of them had appeared on the terrace.Whilst the last thing Michelle wanted to do was work she felt compelled to honour Aaron’s promise, “I will çankırı escort deal with him later!” she thought to herself, so she told Nicole she would be glad to help out and suggested Nicole come with her to her treatment room so she could make an assessment. As they headed off Aaron managed to get a quick quiet word in Michelle’s ear asking her if she could spin things out a little as he quite fancied making some seductive inroads on Jessica. “OK” Michelle said with a smile as she thought to herself maybe Aaron should be praised for initiative later and not chastised.So Michelle showed Nicole through to her treatment room and started off by taking some notes regarding her injury, how, when level of pain, level of improvement and so forth, then asked her if she could take off her blouse and take a seat in a chair in front of a mirror. Nicole removed her blouse to reveal a very nice pair of breasts, easily a C cup, beautifully encased in a very nice pink satin La Perla bra. “Oh wow, I love your choice of lingerie.” Michelle said. “Pink is my favourite colour, is it satin?”“Thanks, yes it is.” said Nicole. Michelle then did a physical exam of Nicole’s shoulder and had her move her arm around quite a bit in various directions during which Michelle noticed Nicole staring at her reflection in the mirror. Michelle gently pressed her fingers in the area of Nicole’s collar bone asking her if the pain had radiated out from the shoulder then kept pressing her fingers into the fleshy part at the top of her breast. Nicole was still staring at their reflection and Michelle thought she detected a degree of attraction between the two of them.“Ok” said Michelle “I think I could do something to help but the joint needs to be warm and relaxed.” She suggested a spell in the hot tub, telling Nicole she was planning to get in herself anyway, also that she could find a swimsuit for Nicole as they were roughly the same size. Nicole agreed and off they went to Michelle’s bedroom to change. Meanwhile Aaron had managed to get Jessica into his bedroom so they could log into his computer and check out forthcoming Black lives matter events in the area. Jessica sat in his chair looking at the screen whilst Aaron stood at her side, swapping his gaze from the screen, to Jessica’s long slender legs and to her pert breasts all of which her very short, very thin, summer dress showed off very well indeed.Aaron asked Jessica why she had gotten interested in the BLM movement and she told him that a couple of years ago she had gone out with a black guy from the football team and she had experienced prejudice against both him and her and being in the law profession she thought it was a good way to help other victims. Aaron’s ears pricked up when he heard Jessica mention she’d had a black boyfriend and thought he would explore more. He asked her if it çankırı escort bayan had been serious and she told him that it had purely been fun and, to Aaron’s surprise, great sex. “He was hung like a bull, just over 8 inches.” Jessica told him with a giggle.Aaron smiled and told her that wasn’t a big cock and she teased him back “What? Yours is bigger is it?”Aaron smiled and undid the tie of his shorts telling Jessica she was welcome to check if she didn’t believe him. The thought of giving Jessica a goof fucking was already making his cock twitch and the sudden bulge in his shorts hadn’t gone un noticed by Jessica. She was intrigued and couldn’t help herself as she slid Aaron’s shorts down and his now semi erect cock sprang out before her very eyes. “Holy shit! she exclaimed. Aaron chuckled as he said “I told you. It’s all yours if you want it.” Jessica already had her hand on his cock before he had finished the sentence and she set about stroking and sucking Aaron’s cock to it’s full erect 10 inches.At the other end of the house Michelle Jackson and Nicole were standing in front of the large mirror in her bedroom and Nicole was just about to ask where she could change into the swimsuit Michelle had picked out for her when Michelle promptly peeled off her white T shirt and slipped out of her shorts to reveal her toned body to Nicole who couldn’t help stare at Michelle, standing before her in her white panties and bra. Nicole had a friend who had dabbled with girl on girl fun and suggested she try it and she had been tempted but had never seen a woman who she found attractive, until she had set her eyes on the tall, dark beauty before her. She felt a tingle of arousal within her but though making any sexual suggestion would be unwise. So she quickly stripped her clothes off and suggested that Michelle could use the chance to try on her La Perla bra as they were about the same size. Michelle didn’t hesitate to take up the offer and they both removed their bras and Michelle quickly put on the pink satin bra Nicole had handed her. Nicole thought the pink satin material looked fantastic on Michelle and she suddenly realised that in addition to the tingle in her pussy her nipples had hardened, a fact that hadn’t gone un noticed by Michelle.Michelle asked Nicole if she had ever had sex with a woman and as Nicole shook her head Michelle took hold of her and said, “Well we will get to the shoulder later.” just before she unclipped the pink bra and kissed Nicole full on the lips. Nicole could almost feel her wetness as they embraced and let their tongues explore each other’s mouth.Back in Aaron’s room both he and Jessica were naked and Aaron was busy returning the oral favour, with his head buried between Jessica’s legs, his tongue darting in and out of her pussy and flicking back and forth across her swollen clit. escort çankırı Jessica’s groans and panting breath told him she was close to her orgasm so he locked his lips around her clit and sucked hard as she arched her back and began to shudder.As Jessica came down from her orgasmic high she sighed at Aaron “Oh my god, that was awesome. Are you going to fuck me now.?”Aaron, always one to oblige a pretty lady, rubbed his huge cock against Jessica’s pussy “Oh yes ma’am” he said as he began to push his huge cock into her tight pussy. Aaron began to fuck Jessica nice and slowly he thought about giving it to her nice and rough but he liked her and she was on the side of black people so he made their first sexual encounter as pleasurable as he could given the fact she was a slender white girl taking a huge black cock. Jessica was in sexual heaven, enjoying the feeling of fullness Aaron’s huge cock was giving her, so much better than any other lover she’d had before. After she had orgasmed twice more she was past caring at the fact she wasn’t on birth control and as Aaron finally began to reach his own orgasm her long legs wrapped around him and Aaron gave one last deep thrust before his baby cream began to pump deeply into Jessica’s womb. Michelle and Nicole had taken their embrace to the bed and were locked together with Michelle straddling Nicole’s face and her fingers rapidly rubbing against her clit as she squealed and gasped beneath Michelle, her moans muffled by Michelle’s pussy running against her mouth. Seconds later Michelle felt Nicole’s nails dig deep into her buttocks as her whole body tensed and then shook before a long jet of pussy juice squirted from her pussy. Michelle clamped her hand onto Nicole’s pussy as she squirted twice more, she then ground her own clit onto Nicole’s mouth and had her own orgasm, flooding Nicole’s mouth with her own cum juice. Michelle finally rolled off Nicole and they lay next to each other both panting. “Holy shit, I have never squirted before.” said Nicole as she felt her own juice running down the inside of her thighs. The two kissed and then Nicole saw the time. She told Michelle she had to go and wondered where Jessica may be. “Oh I’m sure she is being taken care of darling.” said Michelle. As Michelle walked Nicole down the hall to the stairs they both heard the orgasmic screams of Jessica coming from Aaron’s room. The sunlight shone on Jessica’s face and she opened her eyes to see the note left on the bed by Aaron. “Had to leave for work, my mom will take care of you, talk soon, Aaron” It read and he had written his cell number beneath his name. Jessica’s pussy was throbbing and she put her hand between her legs and felt the sticky cum from the four loads Aaron had given her dripping between her swollen lips. She got up, showered and dressed before going downstairs. Michelle was in the kitchen. “Morning sweetie” she said. Before asking Jessica if she wanted some fresh coffee. As they drank coffee Michelle smiled at Jessica and told her Aaron had said they’d had fun and he liked her. “I’m sure you two will have fun again soon.” Michelle said as she waved Jessica off. Cont’d…….