Invitation to dinner with friends (Part 1)

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Invitation to dinner with friends (Part 1)John and Ann received a card from their best friends. Inside the letter was an invitation to dinner in a town approximately two hours away:To our best friends,Saturday night is your 20th anniversary and we want to spend it with you. Be ready at 5:00PM for a Limo ride to a four-star restaurant with our best friends. All of this is on us.Love. Tim and Kathy.”I told you I thought Kathy was up to something.” Ann said putting down the letter. “She told me to keep this Saturday open.””Sounds like a real good time to me.” John said thinking about the limo trip. He and Tim had tried to get the ladies boozed up in the past but they had always stopped before they really let go.”I’ll call Kathy now and tell her we will be ready.” Ann said as she walked to the phone.Tim was thinking the same thing as his friend John when Kathy was on the phone talking to Ann about their limo trip on Saturday night. His desire for Ann had reached a peak over the summer while they shared a beach house on the Jersey shore. He had left the beach a little after Ann did while John and Kathy enjoyed the waves. As he rounded the corner of the house he heard the outdoor shower running. He knew Ann was washing off the sand. He dropped his gear on the table next to the shower and looked under the shower door to see Ann’s bare feet with water running off them.”John.” She said. “Is that you?”Tim chuckled thinking he would pull a joke on her. “Yes.” He lied trying to disguise his voice.”Good.” She said as she suddenly opened the shower door and stood naked in front of him. Her hair was covered with shampoo and he could see soap all over her face. She couldn’t see him. “Would you get me a clean towel?” She asked.Tim stopped and stared at her naked body. Her breasts were magnificent. They were so round and full. Her hard nipples pointed upward while resting on top of her mounds. Her soap-covered stomach was taunt and muscular as it led down past her navel to her blonde mound of pubic hair. He could barely make out her slit through the light fuzz. His prick hardened as he looked at his best friend’s wife’s naked body.Tim realized he needed to grab a towel. A pile of them rested on the table next to him. He grabbed one and quickly put it in her hand. She closed and locked the door. “Thanks honey.”Tim moved into the beach house and took a shower inside. He masturbated as he closed his eyes thinking about Ann’s body.Kathy lost sight of John as he dove into the large wave breaking down on them. She held her nose as she lowered herself in the water. The wave was the biggest one yet. So big, it tore off her bikini top, which she didn’t realize until she the wave passed over her and her head came out of the water. She saw her top floating away towards the shoreline.She moved quickly to grab it but another wave hit her from behind and tossed her face down into the surf. She tried to breath but took a big drink of water which some of it got into her windpipe.”Cough, cough.” She choked loudly as her upper body rose out of the water. Suddenly she felt John’s arms move around her. “Take a breath.” He said as he pulled her under with him just as another big wave cracked down on them. Her body was crushed against his and one of his hands curled around her bare breast.She knew he didn’t do it on purpose. At least she thought he didn’t do it. As they surfaced again his hand moved off her naked orb.”Are you OK?” John asked. Only their heads and shoulders were out of the water. He looked through the water and could see her dark nipples on her creamy tits. Her hands moved quickly to cup her chest as the water receded.”No, I’ve lost my top.” She said in a panic voice. John tried not to laugh because she was so upset. He looked around and noticed it floating about 20 feet away. “I’ll get it for you.”Another wave mashed Kathy down and her hands moved off her breasts to enable her to keep her balance. As the water lowered her naked breasts once again moved out into John’s glaze. She took her time this time covering them with her hands as she watched him moved slowly towards her. “Take your time why don’t you.” Kathy laughed as she realized how funny this was. She knew he had seen her treasures and it gave her a sexual rush between her thighs.”Is this yours?” He laughed as he held it up in front of him.”Yes! Give it to me.” She cried while holding out one hand while her other arm and wrist tried to cover both breasts.John laughed and decided to see how far she would go. “Nope. Not until you remove your hands.””No way.” She giggled.”What?” He said holding his hand to his ear.”No fucking way.” She giggled again.”OK. If that’s the way you want it.” John said as he lowered his hand with the top into the water. He moved it down into the top of his swim trunks. His prick was sticking upward as he placed the top under it.”Now you have to find canlı bahis it.” He said as he raised his hands up out of the water.Kathy’s face went from laughter to fear. Shit. He put it in his trunks. She didn’t dare reach down in there to pull it out.”Come on John. This is not funny anymore.” She said as she moved deeper into the water. She knew she had to remove her hands from her breasts.”You know where it is so if you want it you have to get it.” He laughed as he moved closer to her.Kathy looked quickly to the shore to see if Tim and Ann were still there.”They left about 15 minutes ago.” John chuckled.Kathy had never touched another man other than Tim. “OK. But turn the other way.” She said. Her face was bright red from embarrassment as she moved up behind his back. Her short arms reached around him, which brought her hard nipples to push into his bare back.John’s prick was throbbing as he felt her fingers move down his flat stomach to the top of his suit. Her small hand moved slowly under the waistband.Kathy was breathing heavy as her fingers moved under the elastic band. She hoped to find the top and pull it out quickly before she touched IT. But, John had pushed it all the way under his balls.”You didn’t make it easy did you?” Kathy asked as her fingertips moved into his large mound of pubic hair. She wondered why she had not touched his penis as her fingers moved down until she touched the base of his shaft. She stopped. She realized his prick was pushing his trunks outward because it was so hard. Her fingers continued down until she found his hairy balls. She knew she could not stop as her fingers moved over his family jewels until she finally found her top. Her fingers wrapped around the material and her hand moved back outward. She thought she was home free until another large wave hit them from behind knocking them both off balance.Kathy didn’t know which way was up as her body was smashed by the wave. She tried to grab onto John and suddenly her hand wrapped around his hard prick. She held on to keep her balance. It throbbed in her hand. John’s arms moved around her to stand her up straight in front of him. Her face came out of the water as she gasped for air. Her naked breasts were now only inches from his chest. He could see small goose bumps around her hard tips.Kathy opened her eyes and saw him smiling. She suddenly realized his prick was still in her hand.”You are so bad.” She whispered as her fingers slowly moved over the edge of his prick’s crown. She realized he was not circumcised as her fingertips exited the top. Tim was circumcised so this was the first time she had ever touched an uncut prick.”I’m bad?” John asked as he turned to watch her place her top on her bare breasts.”Yes.” She giggled as she pushed him away and swam back to the shore. John had to stay in the water for a while to let his bulge go down. As he exited the water he noticed Kathy walking off the beach.Ann finished her shower and put on her robe. She tied her hair up in a towel and moved out of the outside shower. John must be inside she thought as she entered the house and heard the shower running in the hall bath. She needed the air dryer from the bathroom so she opened the door. She could see John’s naked body in the frosted glass. She thought she would scare him as she slowly slid open the door. She froze as she saw Tim standing naked under the water spray with his hard shaft in his hand. He was stroking it.”OH!” She exclaimed as her eyes froze on his uncut prick. “TIM!””ANN!” He yelled as he quickly turned his body away from her. She looked at his firm naked ass.”Oh, my god. I’m sorry. I thought you were John.” She said as she backed quickly from the shower and out the bathroom door.Ann dried her hair in her room and moved out to sit at the table. She noticed the back door open and Kathy standing in the doorway.”Have a good time in the water?” Ann asked. She noticed Kathy’s body was glowing red.”Ah. Yes. I guess so.” Kathy mumbled feeling guilty about what had just happened. “I think I’ll join Tim in the shower.”John came in after Kathy walked into the bathroom. “What’s wrong honey?” John asked seeing Ann’s troubled face.”Nothing.” She lied. The more she thought about it the wetter she became.When Tim came out of the shower later and saw Ann he looked to see if she was upset but saw a smile instead. She knew he had seen her naked and she had seen him. It didn’t bother her. It excited him even more.”I really like being with Ann and John.” Kathy said as they rode in the limo to their friend’s house to pick them up. Kathy was wearing a long dress with the slit halfway up her thigh. Tim had noticed she put on her new Victoria Secrets sheer thongs and bra. “Me too.” He said as he took another drink of the champagne. He hoped the three bottles would be enough to loosen up the women.Ann was also wearing a sexy dress that bahis siteleri was very short. The hem came up to the middle of her thighs. She selected her black thongs and decided not to wear a bra. She giggled as she looked at her hard nipples poking out the front of her dress. “Hurry, they will be here soon.” John yelled. She opened the top of her dress and lightly sprayed some perfume on her naked breasts. Why did I do that? She asked herself with excitement.Kathy’s mind was on John’s hard prick as she stroked the champagne glass up and down. She didn’t complain as Tim moved his arm over her shoulder and down into the top of her dress. As his hand slid under her flimsy bra she moaned while it touched her hard nipple. He pulled the dress strap aside and her bare tit was exposed.”Tim.” She whispered. “Can the driver see?” She looked ahead at the dark screen over the seat.”No honey.” He laughed. Tim really wasn’t sure but the thought of someone watching them have sex excited him even more. Tim’s mouth moved down over her chest until his lips tightened around her hard nipple.They were so lost in their passion they did not notice the limo pulling into John and Ann’s driveway. Suddenly the door opened and both the driver and Ann stood looking at Tim’s mouth as it came off Kathy’s breast. “OH!” Kathy exclaimed as she pulled the bra and dress up over her naked mound.”Luckily I was first.” Ann laughed as she moved into the limo with John behind her.”What did I miss?” John asked.”Nothing.” Kathy lied. She was embarrassed the driver, a large black man, had seen her naked breast.”Then why are you so red?” John asked with a chuckle. He suddenly realized the two- hour limo trip might be a good place to warm these women up.The limo driver said his name was James and for Ann and John to sit in the seats across from Kathy and Tim. The three bottles of champagne were on ice between them. At first the two couples were laidback and reserved. It took a few minutes to drive through their town. They realized they could see out the windows but others could not see inside the limo. Kathy told them the driver could not see or hear what was going on in the back.The two couples sat as their excitement grew and grew.”We didn’t even give you guys a kiss.” Ann suddenly realized. She moved off her seat and leaned over the ice bucket to kiss Kathy on the cheek. John reached over and took Tim’s hand in his. “Yeah, we want to thank you both so much.”Ann backed away to allow John to lean over to kiss Kathy. She watched as John’s lips moved to her cheek and slowly to her lips. Kathy’s eyes widened when his moist lips touched hers. Ann quickly moved her face forward so Tim could kiss her. They had both noticed their spouse’s lips together and didn’t blink as their own lips met.Kathy’s eyes and mouth was open as John’s tongue slithered into her mouth. She could see Ann and Tim’s mouth also locked together. Her own tongue moved to find John’s. He was the first man she had French-kissed other than Tim since she had been married.Ann didn’t plan on frenching Tim but when his tongue pressed open her lips she didn’t complain. His tongue sucked hers into his mouth.Kathy didn’t know how long they had been kissing but suddenly the limo stopped. The two couples broke apart and fell back into their seats. Ann’s short dress moved up to the top of her thighs. Before she could pull it down Tim had seen her black thongs resting between her milky thighs.”How about some champagne?” John asked as he poured some glasses. As Kathy leaned forward to take the glass from his hand her dress opened and he could see most of her naked mounds. The edge of her pink areole peeked out at him.It was almost a half-hour into their trip and after two glasses of champagne when the women really started to loosen up. Both Kathy and Ann were giggling and didn’t care if their dresses were showing the man across from them their naked thighs and panties.John started the flashing first as he grabbed Ann’s short dress and pulled it up over her panties. “JOHN!” Ann giggled as she tried to pull them back down. She wasn’t upset at all and was excited as she looked over to see Tim’s hard-on sticking up the front of his pants.Kathy was laughing as she watched her friend’s feeble attempt to pull down her skirt. She stopped laughing as she felt the cool air on her own thighs. Before she could stop him Tim had pulled her dress up over her own sheer panties. She looked down to see her dark bush on display through the nearly invisible material. “TIM!” She screamed as her drink spilled down her arm onto her naked thighs and thin panties. If the panties weren’t invisible before they were now. Even her pink slit could easily be seen through the damp material.”Oh god. I’m sorry honey.” Tim said.”Take this.” Ann said offering a cloth napkin.Kathy took the napkin and moved it to cover her nearly naked güvenilir bahis crotch. She pressed down to dry her panties and her fingers pressed against her swollen clit. They could all hear her weak moan and she pressed and moved the cloth over her soaked pussy.”Let me do that.” Tim joked as he reached for the napkin.”You’ve done enough.” Kathy said giving him a dirty look.She moved the cloth away and quickly dried her legs. She had reached the point of not caring if John or Ann could see her dripping bush or slit. She opened her thighs slightly to dry between them which gave away most of her pink secrets. She closed her legs and pulled down her dress. Her panties were still soaked.Kathy hit Tim on the arm. “Now my panties are wet!” She screamed.They all tried not to laugh at her statement and held back until Kathy realized what she had said. Suddenly they all broke out laughing.John poured some more drinks. He wanted to keep feeding the fire.”I can’t sit here like this.” Kathy said as she reached her two hands up under her long skirt and slowly pulled down her damp thongs. John tried not to watch as she pulled the thin rolled up silky panties off her feet. She was careful not to spread her legs.Both men now sported raging hard-ons. Both women had dripping pussies.”Want to dry them over here?” John asked Kathy pointing to the small vent by the door.”Sure.” She said with a smile. She slowly rolled her sheer damp panties open and handed them to John. She did it to get back at her husband but to see John holding them by the vent was making her pussy wetter and wetter.”Wow!” This has started to be one hell of a trip.” Tim stuttered. Tim was not a booze drinker himself and the two glasses of champagne was giving him a buzz.A “Good time rock and roll” song came on the radio and suddenly the two women were once again hopping and bopping on the smooth leather seats. John smiled as he watched Kathy’s body turn and twist. She must have forgotten about her missing panties because she once again opened her legs as she twisted in front of him. John’s eyes didn’t miss the periodic flashes of her hairy pussy or her hidden pink slit as it peeked out at him.Ann could see the bulge of Tim’s prick and wondered how it would feel. She had been a virgin when she married John and had never touched another man’s hard prick. She could see Kathy flashing her husband her naked pussy and decided to do the same for Tim. John and Kathy were so locked into each other they didn’t notice Ann’s fingers sneak up under her short skirt. Her eyes were locked on Tim’s face as she quickly pulled her black panties down and off her legs. She hid them in her purse and sat back up in her seat. Now things would be even. Her body movements soon matched Kathy’s as her ass rose up and down on the soft seat. She knew when Tim got his first site of her blonde mound when his mouth opened as wide as his eyes.Ann decided to take the teasing to the next level. “I want to sit on that side.” She giggled as she moved up and across. Tim thought she was going to sit on the seat next to him but suddenly her almost exposed ass landed on the large tent in his pants. “Ahh.” He exclaimed as his prick pushed up against her soft cheeks. Her hands moved up around his neck and her braless breasts crushed against his arm.Kathy looked at John to see if he was upset with his wife’s action but instead saw him motion for her to do the same. She didn’t miss a beat as her body flew across and fell down on him. She expected to find his bulge, but instead found his hand waiting for her ass. He softly lowered her ass until she felt both the fingers and his hard-on pressing up against her.”Now we rock!” Ann yelled as her body rose and fell on Tim’s lap. Her legs were facing away from John and Kathy and Tim’s hand was resting on her bare thigh just under her short skirt. Her body shook and trembled with the music as her legs spread slightly to alert Tim of the open passage to her wetness. She didn’t know if he would take the next step.Kathy felt John’s fingers massaging her nearly bare ass and his fingers slowly pulling up the back of her dress. She thought he didn’t have a chance since the dress was so long until his fingers suddenly found the slit in her dress. She gasped when his fingertips caressed her naked thigh just under her ass. He was only a couple of inches from touching her pussy. So far it had been teasing. Once his fingers touched her pussy she knew a new game was starting and she was not sure if she wanted to play.Ann wiggled her body to the side, which moved her thighs down Tim’s hand. Even if he were afraid to move up under her dress she would do it for him. Tim felt the material of her dress move over his hand and froze as the soft hairs of her pubic mound brushed against his fingers. Ann’s thighs opened more to allow his fingers to brush against her wet slit.Kathy’s hand grabbed John’s wrist to prevent him from moving his fingers up into her dripping pussy. But, he was too strong as his fingertips crawled under her soft ass cheeks to the small strip of skin between her ass and her pussy.