is it a dream

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is it a dreamWell I have always wanted my wife to have another man, plus I have slight bi tendencies so this is my dreamWhilst out at work my wife phones to tell me that she has a surprise ready for me when I get home. Eager to wonder what I start to think she is up for a good nights work out. I arrive home to find that she is dressed in some kinky gear. The black print always does it for me and she knew this so off upstairs we goInstead of joining her in bed though was asked to get naked then sit in the chair she had positioned near the bed. I was up for the role play so did as was asked and positioned myself just on the edge as she had asked then she fastened my hands and feet to the chair. She then began to tease me to an erection without actually touching me. Then she climbed on the bed. Now this was a site to behold she began using her various toys on herself making her creamy and juicy. This could be smelt and heard cleanlyAfter a few shakes and quivers from her massively aroused body she then did something totally unexpected and received a text message. Nothing could prepare me for what happened next. She came over to me and began to kiss my now massive mariobet güvenilirmi erection not sucking but just kissing the tip which was just a little wet with my precome. She then removed a new top from a box it was a vibrating butt plug to which she began to lube then inserted in me wow the rush of expectancy overwhelmed me and I could feel my cock twitching eagerly. Then she turned it on and shuffled me back into the seat so it would not fall out, but to be certain she then fastened me down to the chair. She then left the room About 5 minutes letter she returned with ….a young man behind her. He was already totally naked and erect I could only guess how this had happened. Without even looking at me he joined my wife on the bed licking her pussy fingering her arse and generally having a damn good time. He then inserted his cock deep inside her. What with watching them and this butt plug vibrating it was all too much for me and I ended up shooting a load without a single touch. Seeing what had happened to my wife she just smiled before giving out an all mighty scream as she had a very intense orgasm. He then removed himself from my wife mariobet yeni giriş and he ushered my wife to clean itNow that was something much unexpected as she had never done this to me in 20 years of marriage. She was sucking and licking all of the cream from him, just as I was thinking that was it this young man came over to me he sucked my cock back to full life whilst my wife just laid there on the bed he then stood up and shoved is cock in my mouth whilst he asked my wife to get on all 4 doggy style he must have thought he was ready for her again but instead of fucking her creamy cunt he shoved it in her tight arse. Now again I had never been able to stick more than a finger or tongue in her arse before but this lucky young stud had just taken her anal virginity. God did it look good (btw hard as hell whilst typing). So this guy is there pounding my wife making her have another orgasm whilst I am sat here with a massive erection and nothing I can do about it. My wife must have decided she had had enough so they crumpled in a heap on the bed. My wife turned to me and asked if I was ok, was I ok is that the best she could ask. My arse mariobet giriş by now was numb from the butt plug as it had been in there for a good 45 minutes whilst all this had been going on. She asked me if I was still willing to be tied up but in a different position. I thought what the hell in for a penny in for a pound so out of the chair and face down on the bed was the next place for me. Now at this point I thought this guy was going to leave but he stayed in the room, my wife positioned her sopping come filled pussy in my face and instructed me to lick, many times I had cleaned her out but this was another man’s seed, I then felt this guy climb on the bed and wow what a thing it was in a split second he had climbed on the bed stuck his cock in and made me again shoot without touch. My wife must have found it so erotic also as she squirted all over my face. Now I had the urge to try a man and boy am I glad I did but in this way it just made it so much more. The guy didn’t shoot but just pumped me for a while before pulling out and shooting he load all over my wife’s tits kissing her on the lips he then left, gone as swiftly has he had arrived the ropes then removed my wife asked me if I had enjoyed smile on my face I said yes, then it was my turn to make love to her not just once but all night I managed to come another 3 times Then its time I got up for work, wow it was a dream or fantasy or both Maybe I should just ask her