It Had Been A Long Day

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It had been a long day. Actually, it had been a fucking long week. The project Sarah was working on was not going to plan, and she had been working flat out all week to put it right. She hoped her boss appreciated it. The only thing Sarah knew for sure was that her boss wanted to fuck her- he had made that very clear. She wasn’t exactly complaining- she had never been above using her sexuality to get on at work. Naturally flirtatious, she knew her well-cut blouses and skirts kept the men on their toes. It wasn’t that she didn’t fancy him- Stuart was attractive for nearly 50- but his wife also worked for the company and she definitely didn’t fancy the hassle.

Still, it was nice to know someone desired her. She hadn’t had a man in some time. Not only that, it was Friday night, and Sarah had not a single thing planned for the weekend. Not for the first time, Kate had blown her out when that waste of space boyfriend Carl had come calling. At 38, Sarah was way too old to go clubbing by herself, but she was not going to fucking sit at home on her own all weekend. It wasn’t often that Sarah wished she still lived with someone. Since she split up with Chris five years ago she had enjoyed the space of her own place, but tonight she wasn’t ready to be on her own.

Sarah finally left work. It was a warm summer’s evening, and the sun lifted her spirits as she walked down the hill into town. Her flat was only fifteen minutes’ walk away, but on an impulse she turned towards Regent Street, heading for her favourite bar. Bar 47 was halfway down the street. In a town of Wetherspoons and Slug & Lettuce it kept a fiercely independent spirit, quietly deterring the hordes of 18 year olds with their alcopops and cheap lager, and retaining an older loyal clientele. This afternoon there were free tables outside where smokers hunched over their contraband, but Sarah headed indoors into the cool and dark. One large glass of wine later she settled into a chair, picked up a copy of Metro that was hanging around, and idly scanned it as she tried to shake the weight of the week’s work from her mind.

* * *

Mark stared into his pint. Finishing work early was a rare treat and enjoying a quiet drink by himself an even rarer one, but he was wishing he’d bought a newspaper to pass the time. Not only that, but it would have been a good prop to help him take a better look at the woman sat in the corner. Her dark wavy hair fell to her shoulders as she unselfconsciously tucked it behind her ear. As Mark surreptitiously watched, she crossed her legs as she turned the page of her newspaper. Her skirt finished just above the knee, and Mark took in her legs and heeled shoes. Then she turned towards him slightly, folding the paper in half, and Mark caught his breath. She was wearing a blue fitted blouse which served to perfectly accentuate absolutely fantastic breasts. He was an unashamed admirer of big tits and he felt his cock begin to stiffen as he enjoyed the view. Suddenly, perhaps sensing him, she looked up.

* * *

She sensed him before she was even aware of it. She glanced up and noticed for the first time the guy sat on a stool at the high table in the centre of the room looking in her direction. He smiled briefly, but as soon as she returned the smile, he looked away. He was pretty good looking. Tall, young, decent suit, dark brown short hair, strong profile- he definitely ticked Sarah’s boxes where men were concerned. She smiled again, inwardly this time. What was she going to do, pick up a guy at 5.30 on a Friday afternoon? It seemed unlikely. Still, he had been looking at her, hadn’t he?

She decided to go to the ladies’ room. She’d have to walk right by him on the way there and back. If he wanted to talk, maybe he’d say something. She was definitely up for a chat at least. If he wasn’t interested, well, so be it. She got up and crossed the bar slowly and self-consciously. She couldn’t stare at him, but she wanted to know if he was looking, so as she passed him she glanced over. He seemed intent on looking at his glass rather than her so Sarah walked on to the bathroom. She felt a little disappointed- he had obviously just been glancing around and happened to catch her eye. She really should go on a date olgun porno or something. Or something- it was the touch of a man she wanted, his body against hers. Was it getting hot, or was it just her?

* * *

Mark felt his face redden. Christ, she’d seen him looking! Instinctively, his hand went to his pocket. He’d smiled at her as a sort of reflex to cover his embarrassment. Still, she had smiled back, but he’d had to look away. Shit. He was so out of practice. Mark went back to studying his pint intently, but out of the corner of his eye he saw her get up and walk in his direction. Bollocks. What was he going to say? Best just keep staring at the drink, he thought. When she walked straight past, he was confused for a moment, but glancing in the mirror behind the bar, he realised she was on the way to the ladies’. She had smiled at him, though, hadn’t she? Perhaps she did like the look of him? Mark knew he should at least talk to her- if she wasn’t interested, she’d soon tell him. His cock started to get hard again as he thought of those beautiful big tits. He imagined undoing her blouse to get a better look. Fuck, he needed another drink. He half-turned towards the bar- and as he did so the woman was coming back across the bar, looking straight at him. He smiled at her. “Hi,” he said without thinking about it, “would you like a drink?”

* * *

Sarah was on her way back to her seat. To tell the truth she had already half-forgotten the guy- her thoughts were on the way home, to her evening meal, her glass of wine, her long, slow, sexy wank… when he said hi, she was almost surprised. Recovering her composure quickly, she smiled back. “I’d love one.”

He smiled again. “I’m Mark, by the way.”

“Sarah,” she replied, suddenly feeling like a teenager. He was very attractive when he smiled.

“I’ll just..”

“I…” they spoke at the same time. They both smiled, more nervously this time.

“White wine?” he asked. Sarah nodded.

“I’ll just get my stuff from over there.” It’s just a drink, she thought to herself. Maybe I’ll get a date out of it, maybe not.

Sarah found that they chatted easily. He was funny, charming and 29. 29! Shit. Still, he seemed to like her and unlike most men, didn’t stare at her tits all the time. They were very big, she knew, and demanded attention, which generally she loved, but it was nice that he looked her in the eye most of the time. She did catch him secretly appraising her body from time to time- why not, she was doing the same. He was slim, which Sarah liked- muscle bound men tended to love themselves just a little too much, and a fat stomach was definitely a turn-off. More than that, she really fancied him. As they talked she found herself imagining what it would be like to kiss him, to touch his skin, to feel him against her. There was a real spark and she didn’t want to let it go.

* * *

Mark couldn’t believe how well it was going. She laughed at his weak jokes and didn’t seem to notice when he checked out her body. She was wonderfully curvy. Her arse was probably a little larger than she’d like, but it went perfectly with those fucking big tits. Even when he discovered she was 38, he didn’t mind- he’d always fancied older women, and anyway he’d be in his thirties very soon. Plus his cock was telling him he really wanted her- it had been straining at the leash the whole time they had been talking. The more they talked, the sexier he found her, and there was a real spark between them. Problem was, their drinks were nearly finished and he hadn’t worked out what to do next. When a gap occurred in the conversation, he said tentatively, “Time’s getting on- would you like to get something to eat?”

* * *

Sarah felt a nervous feeling in her stomach as she had an idea. “Would you like to come back to my flat? It’s only five minutes away, we can relax and I can make us both some dinner?”

Just for a second, he seemed to hesitate, but then he eagerly agreed. Leaving the bar, they chatted a little nervously on the way to hide the tension. Sarah had a feeling it would be a while before they got around to dinner.

Her flat was small but welcoming. The front door opened straight into the outdoor sex living room. She showed Mark to the sofa while she went into the kitchen and opened a bottle of wine. She sat down next to him and placed their glasses on the table. Sarah looked up, and their eyes met. Sarah realised she could wait no longer, and leaned towards him. He seemed nervous, but Sarah had drunk just the right amount of wine, and was more than pleased to be in control.

* * *

He was not exactly surprised when she leaned towards him. The tension between them had been obvious on the way to the flat, and now they were alone together in private, it seemed natural- but he was still nervous. She looked him in the eyes and smiled. Then, she kissed him softly on the lips. And again. Suddenly, she was kissing him harder, her hand in his hair, and he felt a surge of desire. His hand began to gently trace patterns on her leg, slipping slowly under her skirt.

* * *

She really wanted him now. There was a lovely warm feeling growing in her groin but she wanted to delay the moment just a little longer. She broke off from kissing him and straddled him as he sat, her skirt riding up almost her waist. Fumbling in her haste, she undid his tie and took it off. She quickly worked on his shirt buttons, her hand sliding inside his shirt, fondling his chest hair and then circling around his nipple. His shirt was open to his waist and she bent her head, gently biting his nipple as her hand moved to his crotch.

* * *

Mark couldn’t believe his luck. Her dark hair fell round her shoulders as she sat up, looking at him with a knowing smile. Sarah rubbed his cock through his trousers with one hand and undid her blouse with the other, looking at him all the time. His hands slid up the inside of her thighs, pushing her skirt up right to her waist, revealing lacy black panties. Sarah shook the blouse from her shoulders, and Mark marvelled at her fabulous tits, barely held in by a matching lacy bra. He was so turned on by her body, her curves in all the right places, her soft, yielding flesh. She was a real woman and he could think of nothing but being inside her.

* * *

Sarah pressed herself against him, kissing him harder, engulfing his mouth with hers. Her hand found his zip and slipped into his trousers, then inside his boxers. He was hard and hot. She held it in her hand. God, it was thick! She squeezed his cock and he moaned. She felt his fingers find her pussy through her panties and rub her slowly. Her panties were soon soaked with her wetness. She pushed her hips harder against him and he increased the pressure. The heat grew inside her. She stood up. “Get your clothes off,” she commanded. He was obviously too stunned to move as she unhooked her skirt and dropped it to the floor. Then, he leaned forward as she stood before him, grabbing her arse with both hands. He pressed his face to her panties and licked her through them. “Oh God”, she said softly. He took hold of her panties and slid them down her legs until she stepped out of them. Now, he took her pussy lips in his mouth, his tongue licking up between them, then further up, finding her clitoris and swirling around it, sucking it into his mouth again and again, harder and harder. “Fuck, fuck, fuck”, she gasped, her hands grabbing at his hair, grinding his face into her.

* * *

He could have stayed in heaven for ever, but neither of them could wait that long. She let him go, and he pulled his trousers and boxers off. His cock was harder than he could ever have imagined. Sarah circled it with her hand, delicate fingers playing with the tip, then wanking the shaft. Breathlessly, she straddled him once more, lowering her pussy onto his cock, teasing the tip with her soft wetness.

“Tell me what to do”, she said quietly.

“I want to be inside you.” He tried to pull her towards him.

“Beg.” How could she tease him like this?

“Please, just fuck me. Please.” What else could he say? She smiled again.

“I love the anticipation.” Reaching behind her, she finally unhooked her bra and let it fall away. Her breasts sprung free before him and he gave an involuntary gasp. They were truly magnificent. public agent porno Falling heavily on her chest, they were perfectly round, nipples pointing straight out towards him. His hands moved up her body and cupped her tits, thumbs gently rubbing her erect nipples.

* * *

She sighed with pleasure. Sarah loved to wait to show off her tits- they got too much of the attention otherwise and there were other parts of her that needed touching. She lowered herself onto his hard, throbbing cock. It felt fucking fantastic as he filled her wet cunt. She slid her pussy up and down on his shaft, slowly at first, then with increasing urgency. She was in ecstasy. This had to be better than any drug going. She kissed him again and again, cupping his face in her hands, rocking up and down on top of him, eyes closed, concentrating on the sensations of his fucking hard cock going in and out of her cunt, fuck yes, yes the cock but also their closeness, their breathing together, listening to his gentle moans, loving the touch of his hands roaming her body, fuck this was good, pinching her sensitive nipples, grabbing her arse, as she fucked him and fucked him and fucked him, as the heat built in her, spreading to tingle her entire body, his hot cock pulsing inside her, her hand moving to her clit, rubbing harder on it, his hand covering hers as they moved together, helping her closer and closer, fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, her back arching, one hand on his shoulders, he was thrusting his hips into her faster and faster, oh yes baby, that’s it, she squeezed his cock with her pussy, once, twice, oh god, their fingers entwined on her clitoris, and fuck fuck she could wait no fucking longer, here it comes here it comes, oh god oh god oh god yes baby, yes, yes, fuck, yes….

* * *

Mark had hardly been breathing as he sensed her orgasm nearing, and now she had come, he could feel the pulsing of his cock inside her and knew it would not be long. She smiled at him, took longer and deeper breaths, kissing him once more, then whispering “I want you to come inside me.” Nothing was more guaranteed to bring him to the edge. She continued.

“I love your fucking hard cock moving inside me.” Oh yes, he thought, that’s it.

“Tell me more,” he managed to gasp.

“I can feel it throbbing, you’re so hot inside me,” she whispered, “it feels so sexy, my body against yours, my tits on your chest, your cock in my cunt, in and out, come on, fuck me harder, come inside me, I want you to come, I want to feel your come shooting into me…” That was enough. Mark’s face screwed up, his body tensed, and for a second all thought was extinguished and the sensation of his orgasm filled his body. His cock exploded, shooting come into her as he pushed deep inside. He never wanted it to end.

* * *

They lay entwined on the sofa as the light began to dim outside. Sarah idly held his soft cock in her hand, stroking it slowly. His arm was round her, his fingers tracing the curve of her bottom. For a long time, neither of them spoke.

“You can have a shower before you go, if you want.” He looked at her sharply.

“What do you mean?” She looked back at him evenly.

“It’s ok,” she said. “I know you have to go.” He said nothing. “You’re married.” It was a statement, not a question. He looked away. This is how it goes, Sarah thought. He no longer even looked like the sexy guy she’d seen in the pub, just like a small boy who’d been caught out. She couldn’t even remember when she’d known for sure he was married. She thought perhaps it was his slight hesitancy when she suggested going to the flat- as if he was calculating whether he could get away with it. Whatever, her libido had been too far gone to stop. She leant up and gave him a lingering kiss on the lips. Then she smiled. “Thank you. It was really lovely.”

* * *

As he dressed, he tried to think of something to say, but really there wasn’t anything left. He could try to explain, tell her how things were at home, tell her it was the first time he had been touched like that for months, tell her how fantastic she was… but he couldn’t find the words, and he sensed it was not the time. Chalk it up to experience. He kissed her goodbye, their eyes met for a moment, and then the door was shutting behind him.

* * *

Sarah put on her dressing gown. She drew the curtains, put some lights on, downed her wine in one go, and went to the kitchen to make herself supper. She was still hungry, after all.