It Happened One Evening 3

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In the glowing light of my bedroom Liz uncoupled herself from me giving me a deep passionate kiss before exiting the room and creeping downstairs. I laid back warm and contented stroking on my nipples excited at what pleasures were still to come.It took only a few minutes before the naked form of Liz reappeared moving quickly around to the bed. I could make out in the light that she was carrying a small Purple Dildo that glowed in her hands. Sliding back next to me she turned to face me and pulled my face against her, our lips met and we shared another passionate embrace our lips opening as our tongues entwined. Her hands slid lightly over my chest and onto my breasts almanbahis şikayet before pulling on my erect nipples. Yet again the sensations she was giving me were so sensual and so erotic my juices were cascading out of my pussy soaking the bed sheet underneath.Liz moved down kissing over my ribcage onto my tummy pushing my legs apart before sliding her delightful nimble tongue over my slit seeking out my now engorged clitoris. I shuddered and moaned as soon as soon as she made contact, her expert tongue flicking and licking over my sensitive bud as I begun to grind my pussy into her face.Suddenly though I felt something cold and hard sliding through almanbahis canlı casino my folds and coming to rest at the soaking entrance of my hole. Lost in the sheer ecstasy I was feeling it took me a few seconds to work out that it was the dildo seeking out the warm entrance to my vagina. Whilst still licking on my clit, Liz slowly but deliberately eased the plastic into my hole. God I was turned on, my hole was so wet and open that it just slid all the way in before being pulled back out and eased back inside of me again. Now in my youth I had used a dildo but the feeling I was getting now was more pleasure than I could ever remember. Liz carried almanbahis casino on her oral assault on my clit as she thrust the dildo in faster and gradually harder until we could both hear it squelching . Every time it came out I released a volley of my pussy cream coating Liz’s face and making it easier for her to slide he dildo back in.Jesus! I was in total heaven being licked and fucked at the same time. My eyes were rolling back my hips thrusting back and forth in time with the fucking and my breasts heaving as I raced towards another mighty orgasm for that evening. I felt my hole expand even more and Liz pushed the dildo further inside me touching my cervix before twisting it around and pulling it out. Opening my eyes I looked down and saw her licking around the head of the dildo, her tongue devouring all of my sweet cream which had coated the dildo before swallowing it down and pushing it back in again.