It Started So Innocently

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Part OneThe first time I saw Alison, was on her and my first day at a new school. We had both recently become qualified teachers, her from Roehampton and me from Brunel.As a mature student, I had pretty much taken going to Uni in my stride, having spent many years living life, getting married, then divorced, getting married again, and trying to figure out what to do with my life to keep me from being bored rigid.So here I was at thirty-six, starting a new career in teaching at a primary school on the outskirts of London. Me? I’m Denny (pleased to meet you). I’m not a bad-looking chap, really. Small in stature at about 5’8″, a slim to medium build, shortish hair, and a ready smile that I find very easy to use. I’m quite easygoing and like to joke around, using silly voices and witty comments when the opportunity arises. To be honest, not a lot in life gets me down, so I like to laugh and enjoy the things around me.When I attended the first day of school, a ‘training day’, where new staff meets the old, and we’re all shown where we’ll be teaching, and what to expect of the terms ahead, it was Alison that caused the libido bomb go off in my head.Taller than me by an inch or two, she was simply beautiful. A mere youngster compared to me, at about twenty-three or twenty-four, she had legs that were a mile long. She was wearing a short blue skirt with stacked heels that put her up to about six feet tall. A slim frame with a curvy bum, that seemed perfect. Her waist was pinched, nicely, and she had broad, swimmer’s shoulders. But what smacked me in the face (but not literally, sadly) were her wonderous breasts.I’ve always been a boob man, and hers were easily a 34D or even double-D. And then, just to show that life can indeed, sometimes, serve you fruit without lemons, she also had a beautiful, smiling face. Rounded features with a pert little nose that had a smattering of freckles on it. They spread almost invisibly over her cheeks and forehead. Clear blue eyes with just a little make-up. Full, sensuous lips that she had coated with a muted dark pink lipstick and a mane of flowing dark-blonde hair that fell to just above her shoulder blades. She really was an absolute stunner.I spent a lot of that first day doing my best to catch glimpses of her as we all went about the day, and when we eventually got to chatting, it turns out she’s also fun, with a sexy-as-hell Canadian accent.That first year in school as an NQT (newly qualified teacher), was spent learning the job on the hoof, living with the stresses it entails, and having to go on a one-Wednesday-afternoon-a-week course for NQTs. That’s where you’re bored rigid by other experienced teachers, droning on about the best way to do this, or how not to get too stressed by that, or whatever. In all, there were about twenty of us, and we mostly used the time as a legitimate afternoon away from the feral children in our classes. But the real joy for me was that I got to spend an afternoon a week with Alison.Ali and I became much closer during those afternoons, and with me being a bit of a joker, and finding it easy to get her to laugh, we soon became comfortable in each other’s company. We spent most of those sessions ridiculing other NQTs, laughing, and enjoying our time out of school.It was on the tube-train ride heading back home, one Wednesday, that our chatting got round to discussing our ‘other halves.’ I told her about my first failed marriage and my current lady, Amanda, at home. She told me about a few boyfriends and then let on that she had been seeing Richard, one of the other teachers in the school, on a casual on/off basis.“Really?” I said, looking over at her beside me on the seat.“Are you jealous?” She asked, smiling at me and trying to gauge my reaction.“Of course I’m jealous…” I said. But then, after just the shortest of pauses, I added, “…I wanted him first.”That made her howl with that gorgeous laugh of hers, and eventually, the conversation wound on to other topics. But it got me wondering. It was the way she’d looked over at me when she asked me if I was jealous. Was she flirting with me? Was she seeing me as more than a colleague? I was more than ten years older than her, and she was gorgeous. What could she possibly see in me? Even so, I told myself that from then on, I would look out for her giving me any kind of come-on or flirting.It was just a week later, again on the ride home, that she brought up Richard again.“I’m not so sure about him, really,” she said as we sat, side by side, in an almost empty carriage.“Why, what’s the problem?” I asked with a grin, “Has he begun taking out his glass eye before going to bed, or maybe he farts if you squeeze him too tightly?”She laughed and said, “No, he’s just a sloppy kisser.”“Sloppy, how?” I asked seriously. But my heartbeat had risen to double its usual rate.“He just… sort of… always has wet lips!” she replied. “It’s not very nice always knowing he’s, kind of, slobbering on me.”I couldn’t resist the opportunity, so I grabbed it while it was there… “I know what you mean,” I said. I reached over and turned her chin towards me. “Kisses should be like this…” And I leaned forward and gently put my lips against hers.Almost immediately, her lips parted slightly, and I knew I wasn’t, going to get slapped for my audacity. The gentle lips-on-lips became a little more insistent, our lips touching and parting and touching again. I pushed my mouth a little harder onto hers, and her tongue slipped into my mouth, and it seemed in no time at all, we were full-on snogging each other’s faces off right there on the train. It was heavenly. I hadn’t felt that much passion in a long time, and all thoughts of my wife were blown away by my hands holding one of the most beautiful girls I’d ever seen in real life, forcing her tongue down my throat.When we eventually parted, our breathing was much faster and shallower. She said, “Wow!” And I couldn’t have agreed more.When we got off the tube and collected my car, we drove the short distance to drop her off at her flat. I pulled up close to her place to let her out, but after she undid her seatbelt, instead of getting out, she said, “Show me how to kiss properly again!” I quickly flicked off my belt, put my arm around her, şişli escort and, once again, gently pulled her face to mine.With our lips locked, I felt her face and hair with my free hand, as the other held her shoulder tightly. She moaned into my mouth as we used our tongues on each other. My bravery emboldened me, I let my hand follow the curve of her neck, then over her shoulder, and I slowly lowered it to cup one of her magnificent tits. She moaned again as I felt the curve of her breast. And as I squeezed a little more urgently, I felt the huge point of her nipple through the blouse and bra she wore. Oh my god, it was like a bullet against my palm as I fondled her and caressed first one breast, then the other.“Oh God, this is so fucking hot!” She said when we came up for air.“Jesus, your tits are fantastic!” I said as I looked down to see her beautiful tit flesh being moulded and pawed by my eager fingers.”“I love having them played with,” she said, smiling at me with those stunning blue eyes. “Richard loves playing with them too!” Her eyes took on a challenging sparkle. Was she trying to wind me up here?“Well, if Richard were here, I’d show him how to NOT slobber on a fine pair of tits when you get the chance.” I kissed her again. This time, I used my fingers to find and pinch her nipple through her bra and, by-now rucked-up blouse. She gave a little squeak into my mouth as I tweaked her nipple, but she didn’t pull away.I quickly realised that if I didn’t stop this pretty quickly, I’d be reaching under her skirt, or she’d be reaching into my trousers, and great though that might have been, we were still only parked by the side of the road in broad daylight, and nothing good for our careers would come of it.Reluctantly, I pulled away. “Fucking hell, Ali. Get out of here before we get arrested.”She gave a little pout and a cute, “Aww…” as she realised I was right. She sighed, straightened her clothes, and collected her bag from the footwell. She paused for a second before opening the car door. She looked over at me and said, “This ain’t finished, mister. This ain’t over by a long way.”Part TwoThe end of the first term wasn’t too far away, and by chance, an early Christmas ‘do’ had been arranged for the following Friday. Being one of the few men working in primary education, the meal out consisted of me, Richard, and twenty-four female teachers and support staff, all dressed up to the nines. The crowd of us pretty much-filled one-half of the chosen restaurant’s tables, and they’d been pushed together and arranged so that we were all ‘sitting at the same table’. You better believe that I made sure I was sitting next to Ali.She looked radiant in a short black dress. It had sequins and diamanté in a sort of butterfly design, covering her breasts. The dress was high on her neck, and the material covered her shoulders and was long-sleeved. It was daringly backless from just below her neck to just above her bottom, so she didn’t wear a bra, and her tits were full and firm enough not to droop or sag in any way. But what was even sexier were her prominent nipples, which were poorly hidden by the decoration on the front of the dress. You can bet your bottom dollar she knew precisely the effect her attire had on any male (and a lot of the females, I bet) who saw her. Her height was increased by a pair of black high-heels that had a similar decoration to the dress. And to top it all off, she had spent ages on her hair and make-up, and she could easily have been mistaken for a high-end model or an actress.As I said, I wangled my way into sitting beside her, and It brought an internal smirk to my face that Richard was seated opposite us but four or five places over so that he wasn’t involved directly with the conversations one has in a crowded dinner like that. During the meal, our legs (mine and Ali’s, not mine and Richard’s,) were touching almost the whole time, and she was constantly laughing at things I said or would touch my arm in a friendly way while chatting to me, and the other girls immediately around us.At one point in the evening, I dropped my hand under the table and let it lay on her thigh just above the hem of her dress. Without flinching, she dropped her hand down too, placing it on my thigh in the same place, and gave it a little squeeze. Fuck, I wanted this woman right there and then! Just that simple touch that seemed to say, ‘I want to touch you too’, had me feeling like a little boy with a first girlfriend. But, I wasn’t a little boy anymore. And I was married – and everybody there knew it – I knew we couldn’t show this newfound lust for each other, so I had to resist the enormous temptation of throwing her onto the table right there and then, ramming my by now hard cock into her willing pussy. I would just have to put up with the almost unbearable secret flirting and friendly touches until I could get her alone for an hour or three.As the meal was drawing to a close, the older women began heading off home. Even Richard, who had been a bit sullen and non-responsive during the whole meal, declared he was heading home too. I think he was hoping that Ali was going to join him, but that was made clear it wasn’t going to happen very quickly, and he pissed off sharpish after that put-down. The consensus amongst the younger crowd was that making a ‘proper’ evening of it by going on to a club was in order. Being about ten years older than the others, I wasn’t sure if they’d want me to tag along, but Ali put that question straight to bed by grabbing my arm and hugging it and saying, “You’ll come too, won’t you, Denny? We’ll need a man along to keep the creeps at bay.” The other girls were all up for this too. So before I knew what had happened, two mini-cabs had been ordered, and nine of us were heading to the West End.The first cab took four, and the other five of us piled into the second cab. One in the front beside the driver (that was Seema, I think – she was always a big girl if you know what I mean), I was in the rear on the left with Ali beside me, the two other girls beside her, so it was a bit cramped there in the back. With our coats and bags dumped on our laps, we were all scrunched together for the twenty-minute or-so ride to the mecidiyeköy escort club.With my arms by my sides, I took the opportunity to use the cover of the coats and bags to put my hand onto Ali’s thigh again. But by now, with the rush to all get into the cab, and the moving around to all get comfortable, I found my hand on naked thigh flesh. Her short dress had ridden up as she sat down. Her skin was smooth and soft, and I squeezed it gently as the car began to head towards the city centre.Everyone was chatty and in a good mood as we’d all had a few to drink, and we were all looking forward to having a great night out. As the car bumped and moved through the traffic, I began to slide my hand further up her inner thigh, moving the light dress fabric higher up her leg, rubbing and stroking as I went. I felt her legs slip slightly apart, as my fingertips touched the satin-like cloth of her panties. Within seconds, I was pressing on her pussy mound itself. She glanced over at me with a big smile on her face, and I realised I wasn’t going to get any resistance, so I began to rub a fingertip over her clit in small, firm circles. I could feel her squirming and trying to press her pussy up against my hand as I continued to rub her, and along with her gentle thrusting motion, I slid my fingers lower to where I found her panties sodden with her juices. Because of the angle of my wrist, the movement of the car, and the covering on our laps, it was easy to slip a finger past the tiny piece of material and find myself with a finger buried up to the second joint in a hot, tight, soaking wet and willing pussy.She had been nodding her head at one of the other girls who had been talking about something or other, but now she turned her head towards me, leaned towards my ear, and whispered, “Ooh, you cheeky, nasty bastard. In a cab full of workmates too! Go on,” she urged, “Finger me!”Well, what’s a chap to do? I ground my finger in and out of her while pressing down on her clit with my palm. She put her head back and began to sigh deeply, so I covered her lack of conversation by asking what everyone was hoping to get for Christmas. With squeals and laughs, the chatter turned to what they were all hoping for, and I looked at the closed eyes of the beautiful Ali beside me, whose pussy was leaking like a tap all over my probing hand, and I didn’t think that life could get any better than it was at this very second. I wormed another finger into her as my bravado deepened, and I hope it was only in my imagination that I could hear the squelching sounds coming from below the coats. Her breathing got faster and shallower until suddenly, her eyes snapped open. She quickly whispered in my ear again.“Oh god, please don’t make me cum. I’m too loud. Please.” Her voice almost croaked the plea, “Please!”So, reluctantly, I withdrew my hand from the centre of my world at that moment. I heard her groan quietly, as I withdrew my fingers from her pussy. I slid them up over her clit, and then off her lap and out into the colder air of normality. I couldn’t resist the temptation, and I brought my fingers to my mouth, to smell and taste her. No one noticed my right hand going to my mouth, as I used the clothing cover to smooth her dress back down under the coats as if nothing had happened. God, she tasted good. Her head lolled a little onto my shoulder, and I heard her say, “Thank you, thank you. That was close…” as she struggled to get her breathing back to normal levels.There was a huge, stupid grin on my face for the rest of the journey. And not long afterwards, as we pulled up to the club, we all fell out onto the kerb in high spirits to join the others waiting for us and going on into the busy club to ‘strut our funky stuff’.Part ThreeThe evening went really well. We even managed to bag a large, semi-circular sofa and table combo, where we could leave our drinks, bags, and coats in relative safety. We danced, drank, and had a thoroughly good time, going onto the floor in groups, pairs, and sometimes as a merry pack.As the night was coming to an end, they began to play a few old, slower numbers, and I was dragged onto the packed dance floor three or four more times by some of the other girls before Ali got me to herself in the middle of the moving sea of dancers. I’ll never forget the irony, as Rose Royce’s ‘I Wanna Get Next To You’ became the soundtrack to the first time I was able to hold this gorgeous woman in my arms and press myself against her.We began to slow dance, her arms over my shoulders, holding me close. My arms were around her back, touching her flesh through the gap in the design of her dress. I could feel the smooth perfection of her skin. Yes, the music was loud, but with our mouths right beside each other’s ears, we could at last talk openly about what was happening between us without anyone else overhearing.“You fucker, you nearly made me cum in the damn car, in front of everyone.” I couldn’t help my grin into the side of her neck. Wow, she smelled nice. A subtle, expensive perfume.“The pleasure was all mine, beautiful lady.” I stroked her back as I spoke. My cock began to harden at her closeness and scent, and the feelings of lust began to wash over me again. “I’ve never been so turned on in my life! Your pussy was so hot and tight, I thought I was going to have to ask for a towel, you were so wet.” I felt her mouth move closer to my ear, and her lips brushed my earlobe as she spoke.“You’ve had me horny all night. You, all dressed up, in a suit and tie, and then cheekily slipping your hand under the table to touch me up. You could of had me right there, y’know. I’ve wanted you so bad for a long time!”“Could ‘have’ had me right there! And, wanted me so ‘bad-ly’!” I corrected, grinning.“Fuck off, you prick!” she snorted as she pushed me away a little and slapped me on the chest. I laughed and pulled her back, close.“I love the way you speak,” I said, as she nuzzled back into my neck. The divine voices of Kenny Copeland and Gwen Dickey seemed to pour over us as I swayed this lovely creature in my arms. “But I draw the line at having to drink ‘waader’ instead of water, and let’s not even go to ‘aboot’ instead of about!” That got me another laughing thump on the chest, and we were then just listening to the song’s lyrics, as she pulled me close again, and I let my hands roam slowly over her back.“I love your hands on me,” she whispered into my ear. “I want to feel them all over!” I slowly lowered one of my hands, until it was just resting on the top of her curvy bum. Her lips, again, moved against my ear, “Touch my ass. Squeeze it and pull me tight!” My hand dropped down, and I caressed her beautiful behind. It was soft yet firm at the same time, and as I pulled her even closer, she pressed her pussy against my by now, raging hard-on. She groaned lustfully into my ear as she felt my hardness. Her tongue flicked out and licked it, sending shivers all the way down to my toes.“Shit Ali, you’re so hot, I can’t even begin to describe what you do to me!” I now had both hands cupping her perfect arse. It felt so soft through her dress, and as she swayed from one foot to the other, I could feel the muscles of her butt that felt so firm through that softness. I was blissfully aware of feeling her pussy mound grind against my cock. The crowd around us was masking my hands, but I desperately wanted to feel all the way up her body. To feel the swell of her hips, and cup and squeeze her massive tits. But I had to remember where I was and had to make do with feeling her press herself as tightly as she could into my willing body.She pulled away from me momentarily and looked deeply into my eyes. Then, before putting her head back on my shoulder, she pecked my lips with hers, an electric shock of pleasure, that she compounded with her next words.“You might not be able to describe it, mister, but tonight, I’m gonna fuck the shit outa you. So make sure you get in a cab with me!” She pressed herself against my cock and ground her hips hard into it in a circular motion. Her hand stroked over my hair and pulled my head even closer to the lips beside my ear. “I want to see if that cock’s as big as it feels,” she licked my earlobe, “and I want it in my mouth and in my hungry cunt!” Her use of nasty swear words almost made me cum in my pants right there on the dance floor, and now it was my turn to groan into her ear, as I squeezed her arse again and pulled her hard onto my throbbing meat.With perfect timing, the song ended, and the DJ announced it was time for everyone to bugger off home. She took my hand and led me on trembling legs back towards our table. There were only four of us left, by this point, and neither of the other two had noticed how my marriage vows had tumbled, out there on the dance floor. As we were saying our goodnights, and making arrangements for a cab to get us all back home, my thoughts drifted to Amanda, waiting for me at home.She knew I was ‘out with the girls’ and, with me being an old ‘disco queen,’ I was quite likely to be very late home. But could I really be so easily tempted to stray, when my trusting wife was waiting for me in our bed at home? My doubts were beginning to build as I began to realise what a shit I was being when Ali turned from who she was talking to and looked me straight in the eyes.“You ready for this mister? There’s a cab outside, who’ll drop Seema and Jill off first, then it’s back to my place.” She touched my hand surreptitiously and grabbed one of my fingers. “Take me home, Denny. I want you inside me!”That was all it took. Her eyes, her scent, her perfection. My mind was buzzing, and only partially from the alcohol. Who was Amanda again? I know that name means something, but holy-fuck, look at this goddess in front of me, begging me to take her.We all headed up to the waiting cab.Part FourJill sat beside the driver, so the other three of us got into the back, with me between Seema and Ali, who was on my right. The car set off, and although there was a little more room now, Seema’s size (sorry Seema, but you know it, girl) meant I was tight up against both girls. The cabby had his radio on, and we were all a little tired from all the dancing and loud music, so we were happy to just let the music soothe our minds without the need for chatter. It was Ali who made the first move this time. She half turned towards me so that she could put her right hand in my lap, and again, under cover of the coats, a minicab adventure began.I wasn’t expecting her to be so blatant, but she slid her hand straight onto the front of my trousers and started stroking my bulge. I looked over nervously at Seema, but she was looking out the window, at the closed West End shops as we passed them by. Then I looked over at Ali. She was looking right at me, with a sexy smirk on her face. She leaned closer to me and whispered, “I’m so gonna pay you back, you little shit. I’m gonna make you so fucking horny.” as she began to slowly stroke and squeeze my hardening cock.The feelings were wonderful as her hand rubbed gently down my growing length, gave the head a squeeze, and then rubbed up again. She did this four or five times, by which point my tool was straining against my boxers in the awkward, down-the-leg position. I looked at her and groaned in the back of my throat, as I felt her hand rubbing me. A glance at Seema – still looking out the window – then back at my tormenter, as she gripped the head of my cock through my trousers, and gave it a quick tug.I was going to have to do something about the position I was in. It was becoming painful with my cock down my trouser leg, making a huge tent. I needed to pull it up straight somehow to relieve the pressure. I put my hand on Ali’s thigh and squeezed as I tried to slowly thrust my bottom down to try to ease the damn thing up, but all that did was alert Seema that I was wiggling against her, and she glanced over. Now, Seema’s not stupid. As soon as she looked over, and at the way Ali was sitting, she could see where her hand was – even if it was hidden under the coats. She knew what was going on! Her jaw dropped open, and I could see she was about to squeal or say something. Ali put a finger over Seema’s lips, mouthed a “shhh”, and winked at her.I was mortified. I would never live this down. The whole staffroom would know I was getting felt up in the back of a cab in full view of everyone. I looked at Seema with a sense of dread and was stunned to see a big grin on her face as she looked between Ali and me and then back again. Then, to my shock, and still with a big smile on her face, she turned and looked back out the window.