Italian Holiday Day 01

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All participants are well over the age of eighteen.

We had decided on a holiday in Italy, to enjoy the food, the culture and the architecture, not to mention some welcome sunshine after our dreadful winter. So we rented a holiday cottage, on the side of a hill, in Umbria. It had taken us much longer than expected to locate the lane where the cottage was, due to having no Italian and a really rather poor map.

It was just getting dark as we arrived late, on a very threatening, Friday evening, and just grabbed the essentials from the car and headed inside. The, somewhat isolated, stone built cottage was clean and comfortable but without too many frills.

We set about choosing bedrooms, which wasn’t a difficult or lengthy job. There was one obvious master which, being the married couple, my wife made clear, was ours. The other bedrooms were very similar and somehow Jackie and Ophelia (I know) managed to sort out between them.

The ladies were work colleagues of my wife and she, always a dominant force in our relationship, told me that we were taking them with us on this holiday.

“After all it’s a three bedroomed place and it will halve the cost.” Unshakable logic.

I had never met the girls before but they were very affable and, during the long drive from the airport, had proved to be quite entertaining. They knew Andrea really quite well as they often socialised together after work, and seemed comfortable enough with me.

Jackie was the bubbly sort, probably thirty something, unattached and enjoying life as a single girl, details of which she seemed unnecessarily open about sharing. I’d only known her since we set off that morning and I already knew her favourite sex position was cowgirl, along with various other snippets of information that had my mind racing and, I have to say, my less than impressive penis, stirring.

Jackie bubbled constantly, something that made her dark hair, cut in a bob, bounce around alluringly, along with her quite generous chest. At about five foot two, Jackie was a compact ball of fire.

Ophelia, whose real name was actually Orly, was roughly the same age but hated her name. It was probably because her parents had chosen to name her after the place where she was procreated and who needs to know that you started life as a frenzied shag at an airport hotel? So Ophelia it was. I actually thought Orly was a much more interesting name.

Orly, or Ophelia was somewhat different, her rectangular framed glasses gave her a slightly severe expression, in a mature school mistressy sort of way. She wore her hair long framing her face, was somewhat taller than Jackie, and had a considerably less generous chest.

She was still very attractive though, as her breasts managed very well without the support of a bra and her nipples both made themselves obvious malatya escort by pointing upwards and outwards as they rubbed gently on the fabric of her blouse. Quite delicious! She too was between relationships so Andrea, my wife, thought we’d make a good foursome.

The next morning I awoke early, probably because of the raging thunderstorm and torrential rain, so I made my way to the kitchen for the first cup of coffee of the day and to take stock.

As I fiddled with the coffee machine, Andrea came down, approached me from behind, wrapped her hands around my waist and gave my balls a friendly squeeze.

“What a lot of rain!” she exclaimed. “Make me one while you’re at it.” I, of course, complied. This was how our relationship worked.

“Get my bag from the car, sweetie.” Came the next demand.

“Have you seen the rain? I’d be soaked to the skin within five yards and the car is at the bottom of the drive.”

“Look I want my bag! Just take your jammies off and run for it,” was the reply, “were on top of a mountain, fucking miles from anywhere, so no one will see your little willy, and the girls haven’t surfaced yet. So, do as your told and get my bag.”

Did I mention that my wife has a strong personality? I pulled my top over my head, dropped my shorts, and grabbed the car keys.

“I don’t think you’ll shrink, and your willy definitely won’t!” A rather snide comment about the less than impressive size of my dick, but these were to be prophetic words.

Have you ever stripped off, in broad daylight, and run through a thunderstorm dressed only in flip flops? No? Well I highly recommend it.

As I stepped outside the feeling of being slightly naughty became considerably enhanced by the sensation of the cold raindrops pounding my back. It was strangely erotic!

By the time I got to the car my cock was tumescent, a quite deliciously sexy feeling, and so totally unexpected. There was nothing sexual about the situation, but here I was, standing in the open, soaked by the cool rain, with the makings of an erection.

When I got to the car, instead of hurrying to stay dry, already way too late for that, I stood and revelled in the new erotic experience. Lighting flashed in the distance, followed by the inevitable clap of thunder and cool water cascaded over my naked body.

There had been a formative event earlier, involving cold water, and my brain had obviously recorded it for future reference. So now, a mature forty something, I stood in the cool rain and allowed myself to revel in the eroticism.

I retrieved the bag from the car and walked back to the cottage now fully erect, not feeling particularly horny, but fully erect. I opened the kitchen door to show my wife this new version of viagra when, to my horror, I was faced with the twin smiling faces of Jackie and escort malatya Ophelia sitting on the kitchen table swinging their legs.

They both wore the thin cotton kimonos they’d found on the back of their bedroom doors and, by all the evidence, little else. What was worse was my pyjamas were no longer on the floor and there wasn’t even a tea towel to cover myself with. The girls giggled and pointed at my cock.

Ophelia opened the conversation.

“Do you think he’s pleased to see us?” Pointing at my erection.

“Pleased abut something.” Chimed in Jackie.

“Well, as far as it goes, it looks pleased.”

“As far as it goes, yea, but that’s not very far!” Jackie followed the theme. I tried to hide my embarrassment with the bag as they giggled some more. I had known these girls for less than twenty four hours and now they were staring at me, stark naked with an erection and making fun of it.

“Jackie, that’s so cute! He’s trying to hide it.”

“Not that it would take much hiding.” And they both burst out laughing again.

“OK ladies, joke over. Can I have my clothes please?”

“Oh the joke is so not over! The joke is only just beginning isn’t it Jackie?”

“Just beginning.” Repeated Jackie.

“Andrea might come down so please can I have my clothes?”

“Do you think he doesn’t know?” Continued Ophelia, “Andrea won’t be down any time soon. She’s washing her hair, and said you’d look after us, tend our every need. So you see, you are at our mercy for a while.”

“Totally at our mercy.” Repeated Jackie in her parrot mode. She reached for the red plastic fly swat on the side of the fridge, “put the bag on the table.” I moved towards them and placed the bag on the table, but failed to register the swoosh of the fly swat until it contacted my bum. It stung like fuck.

“Now then, little mister stiff willy. You do exactly as we say or I’m going to use this to give that little cock something to think about.” My naturally submissive side took over and my cock stiffened involuntarily.

“I do believe he’s staring at your tits Jackie. I think he’s fantasising about them, aren’t you boy?” Before I had time to gather my thoughts Jackie responded.

“He probably wants to play with them while I ride him cowgirl.”

“You and your cowgirl! But I bet he’d like to try it.”

“Well he’s not putting that up my fanny! I use tampons bigger than that.” Both girls giggled again.

“OK then, we could wank him off.” Suggested Ophelia.

“I’ll nip upstairs and get my tweezers then.” More laughter.

“Better idea, we could have a competition to see who can get him to cum. How say we get five strokes each and whoever gets him to cum wins.”

You and your kinky ideas. Brilliant! Oh look it’s grown a little.” Pointing to my proudly erect penis. “We may not need malatya escort bayan the tweezers after all.” More giggles, I’ll start.” And she wrapped her hand round my cock and slowly pulled the foreskin back as far as it would go.

“So are you going to be a good boy and cum for Jackie.” She stood up close, opened her kimono and continued. “Look at Jackie’s nice big, warm, tits. You can stroke them if you like. If you promise to cum for Jackie.” All too soon her five strokes were up and it was Ophelia’s turn.

“Come over to the table,” she said opening her legs and showing me the first glimpse of the pink lips of her neatly waxed cunt, “Just imagine putting your little willy into that. Feeling its warm wet interior.” And started her stroking, meanwhile Jackie had shot upstairs and returned, thankfully without the threatened tweezers.

“My go, my go.” She squealed and grasped my cock with a pair of silk nickers, “I bet he likes wanking into ladies nickers, specially silk ones!” The next five strokes were definitely getting me somewhere.

“I’ve got it,” said Ophelia, reaching for the bottle of olive oil in the middle of the table. “Watch this.” She poured a generous glug onto the palm of her hand, reached for my cock, and started to smear it over the sensitive tip. She then stood behind me and ran her closed fists right from tip to base, one after the other. The sensation was of penetrating an infinitely deep vagina and by the end of her five strokes It was getting difficult to hold on.

“Close, good try!” Jackie’s voice sounded triumphant as she returned to the silk nicker treatment.

“Look at the tip of his willy! It’s starting to leak. I do believe he’s close and that’s precum. Rub it off with your forefinger boy. Yes like that. Now taste it and tell me if it’s precum.”

I had to admit.

“It’s precum.” At that point Ophelia moved in for the kill. She dropped her kimono to the floor, stood naked in front of me and rubbed her waxed pussy up and down my leg, her pert little tits grazing my chest, as the oil and silk nickers were providing a whole new sensation.

“…..Three, four and…..ooops. There he goes! There he goes!” She held my foreskin back as far as it would go, fully exposing the glistening head. Three or four powerful squirts shot from my cock, mostly into the proffered nickers.

“I won, I won,” she squealed with delight. “Now clean that jiz up, go and wash out Jackie’s nickers, then make our breakfast.”

Day one and I have just discovered that I have been well and truly set up, on top of an Italian mountain, with three women whose main desire is to dominate and humiliate the only man around: me. I’ve got a whole week of this. What a delicious thought!

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