Jackie and her fantasies

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Jackie and her fantasiesIf you read my last story, you will know that my wife Jackie had completely stunned me by going from conservative 40 something wife to horny slut in the space of 48 hours, all down to fantasising about being fucked by two or three guys at the same time.The day after the purchase of the dildoes, we drove to our next hotel which was close to a Lake. Now on the way, Jackie did seem very quiet and I had a horrible feeling that maybe guilt was setting in and she was disgusted with how she had behaved. My attempts at conversation and trying to steer that conversation around to sex, didn’t get very far and by the time we reached our hotel, I had convinced myself that everything was going to go back to normal.Thankfully I was wrong!In our room we unpacked enough stuff for the 2 nights we were staying and decided to go out for a walk around the small town we were in. Jackie went into the bathroom to change which I thought was odd and just added to my general sense of doom and gloom.However when she emerged, I was taken aback.She came out wearing a white skirt and a very small, tight white vest top. The added bonus was that she wasn’t wearing a bra and the vest hugged her breasts and her nipples were standing proudly to attention.As I stood there with my mouth open, simply lusting after my wife she said,“Are you ready then?”I managed to stammer a question and ask if she was really going out like that and she smiled and said “Of course, who knows who we might bump into.” So off we went hand in hand, firstly doing a quick sweep of the town, me especially noting the looks some of the guys gave her as we walked around, her noticing more the looks of distaste from some of the females we passed. We then did a journey on the lake aboard one of the boats that ran from the town and both of us noted one older guy who although with his wife, tried to be discreet and kept glancing at Jackie’s tits, but the best bit of the afternoon was after the boat ride. We were looking for somewhere to have coffee and Jackie kept dismissing places until we came to nearly the end of the boardwalk around the lake. There was a small pinbahis güvenilirmi deli, which was devoid of customers and the only person inside was a bored looking teenager.Jackie grabbed my hand and virtually dragged me inside.“Hi,” she said, “Can we get 2 coffees?”The lad looked up and then down and then 3 seconds later, up again.“Sure, take a seat.”Jackie winked at me as we sat down at the table nearest the counter.I could see that her nipples were fully erect, pressing hard against the thin material of her top and the young lad couldn’t stop himself from glancing over as he poured 2 cups of coffee.He dutifully brought them across, trying not to stare at Jackie’s tits as he placed the cups down, but he didn’t do a very good job of it.As he walked away Jackie grabbed my hand under the table and placed it on her knee and using her hand pushed mine up her skirt to her pussy. She didn’t have any panties on and my look of surprise caused her to giggle. What’s more was that she was sopping wet and I easily slipped 3 fingers into her waiting cunt.However I was very wary at this point, surely if I got caught finger fucking my wife in a public place we could end up being arrested. That would be difficult to explain to the British embassy. However at the same time I was so excited thinking that in fact the young lad would see what we were doing and come and join in that I lost all reason. He, however, didn’t seem to notice, even when Jackie let out a slight squeal, but his interest in her tits hadn’t gone away and as I slowly fingered her I kept glancing towards him to just catch him staring and then turning away as he caught my eye.Eventually Jackie insisted we leave quickly and she hurried me back to our hotel.Once back in our room, it was Jackie who took the 2 dildoes from the bed-side cabinet and immediately inserted the slimmer pink one up her cunt.“Do you think that lad Scott enjoyed the show?” she asked grunting softly as she masturbated in front of me.“Scott?”“Yes he had a name badge on, Scott. He certainly liked the look of my tits, didn’t he?”“Mmmmm, I expect he is in the bathroom of that deli pinbahis yeni giriş now, wanking himself off, thinking of sucking your tits and licking your pussy.”Jackie groaned and panted as a stream of cum squirted from her pussy. She rubbed the dildo up and down her labia, teasing her clit as she imagined Scott in her mind.“Do you wish he had come over whilst I was fingering you and did the same?”“Oh yes and then I could have pulled down his pants and sucked his hard young cock.”I lifted the black dildo to Jackie’s mouth and she took it hungrily, closing her eyes.“Oh baby, suck young Scott off, let him fill your mouth with his hot spunk.” I watched as my wife lost herself in the fantasy, pumping her pussy with one fake cock, whilst devouring another. The more I spoke about Scott, the more she moaned and groaned and sighed and orgasmed.As the bed got wetter and Jackie showed no signs of stopping her fantasy based masturbation session, I decided to be a bit bolder.“Perhaps Scott would like some photos of you, sucking his cock?”The black dildo slipped from Jackie’s mouth and she had a wicked grin that I had never seen before.“Perhaps he would.” She then continued to suck the black dildo. I quickly grabbed the camera and for the next 10 minutes took shot after shot of my horny wife as she masturbated and then she said,“I want some for me too.” She then discarded her plastic cocks and pulled me to her mouth and in between her sucking me and then directing me to fuck her, she acted like a film director, telling me to take different photos.By the time we had finished fucking we were both shattered, but Jackie wanted to look through the photos. As we did so she asked,“So what are you going to do with these?”By this time I have to admit that my blood lust had dampened and I simply said,“I’ll delete them if you want.”She looked over at me frowning,“Oh that seems a waste, I thought you would want to share them with others.”I couldn’t believe what I was hearing.“Like who?”“Oh I don’t know, I thought that you might know a web-site you could put them on.”“Are you serious?”Jackie grinned naughtily,“Well I’d pinbahis giriş have to veto a few, but as you seem to like the idea of sharing your wife with other men I thought you might enjoy that. I know I would.”“So you would be okay if I put some of these photos on a porn site?”“Just so other men could have a look.”“And have a wank?”“If they want to.”“So you wouldn’t mind other guys seeing your tits and pussy and fantasising about fucking you?”“No that would be nice, make me even hornier I think.”So that is exactly what I have done. Jackie chose a few photos and I have uploaded them and we hope that people enjoy them.We are back home now in the UK and Jackie’s horny slut side has come back with us, thankfully.Now you might have been reading this in the hope that we would end up in some-kind of gang bang situation, that didn’t happen and I want to keep this as true as I can. However I think that things may develop, especially due to the fact that Jackie let me upload her photos and tell our story and not only that but the day after we got back, Jackie had to phone her boss Steve just to be aware of what to expect on her first day back at work.She had pre-arranged this for 2.00pm and just before she took me up to our bedroom. Once again she was like a wild sex kitten let loose and was soon enjoying her dildoes and my cock and lips. Then she simply picked up the phone and dialled Steve, much to my surprise, but as she said “Hi Steve, it’s Jackie,” she pushed me down to her wet pussy and I realised that whilst she talked to her boss, who is 10 years younger than her, she wanted me to make her cum. So for the next 10 minutes I licked her and fucked her with her pink fake cock all whilst she talked to Steve, or more listened to Steve.When their conversation finished and she put the phone down, she grabbed her bigger black dildo and shoved it deep up her cunt and said,“Fuck me hard Steve darling.”She then masturbated in a frenzy whilst uttering her bosses name over and over.Over the last few days she has continued to bring different names to the bedroom, mainly people we know and even shocked me by telling me that when she was a teenager she had kissed one of her friends, also called Jackie, and felt her tits.So who knows what might be round the corner? And even nothing happens in the near future I am already formulating a scenario to introduce her friend Jackie into a fantasy, even if only on paper.