Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 11

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Jack’s Big Life – Chapter 11Jack meets Tina Suarez…Miss Simpson chuckled and said “Give me a few minutes, Jack – I’ll make a couple of calls, then I’ll call you back!” As he hung up, the stud was almost panting. He actually began sawing up and down the massive erection in his swimming trunks, proudly watching his pecker create a lump every man at the hotel would be jealous of. Finally, after the longest 10 minutes of his life, Jack’s cell phone rang. It was Miss Simpson calling back. She said, “You are in serious debt to me, Mr. Davenport.” Jack said, “I guess that’s good news, huh?” She laughed and said “Yes it is, sir! I had to pull some strings, but I got in touch with Tina’s promotion agent, at the Hollywood Celebrity Hotel, where she’s staying. The hotel is about a 1/2 hour from where you are and your appointment is set for 11pm.” Jack was in full need of respiratory care! He said, “I – I can’t thank you enough for this, Miss Simpson – thank you very much!”When the call ended, Jack forgot everything else and hurried back to his hotel room. He got himself cleaned up and was ready about two hours later. As he headed there, Jack’s mind (and loins) were reeling, with anticipation and possibility during the 30-minute drive. Although he’d never seen Tina Suarez, Miss Simpson’s vague description of her, had quickened his pulse! Because of travel and the press of business, it had been nearly three weeks since Jack had gotten his rocks off, having given Charlie massive 38L’s a thorough pounding! Because he had enough self-control to not jack off … his cum-flinging, rapid-fire love-gun was primed for countless hours of sex. He was so wildly horny, that he could have pulled off the highway and rammed his rod into the working end of a downspout. In a flash, he was there and pulling into the appointed driveway.Jack parked under an empty car canopy out front and walked through the front doors. He met a bell-hop and informed him of his intentions It was apparent that the hotel staff had been made aware of who he was … and why he was there. After receiving directions, Jack made his way to room 252. He gave the door a knock and was quickly greeted by a lady named Jackie, who said she was Tina’s agent. She smiled and said “Hello – I take it you are Mr. Davenport?” Jack smiled back and said “Yep, it’s me!” She invited him in and asked that he have a seat – Tina was still dressing. She added, “Tina told me it was fine to leave once you arrived, so I’ll be on my way. I’m just down the hall in room 246, if you two need anything.” Moments later, a bedroom door opened and Jack absolutely gasped for air! There in the doorway stood Tina Suarez, one of the most beautiful, insanely top-heavy women he’d ever laid eyes on. As improbable as it seemed, Tina’s unimaginably gigantic 52 inch tits seemed even larger thanCharlie’s – or Jenny’s! They were impossibly gigantic – LITERALLY the size of basketballs! If Jack would have been standing, his knees would have given out! As it was his jaw dropped, as he took in the preposterous, absolutely mind-boggling shelf of tit!As the 25 year-old stud’s pecker achieved maximum length, painfully jutting outward, Tina smiled at him and said “Hello Mr. Davenport, it’s truly – a pleasure to meet you!” The two-piece lingerie outfit she was wearing, could probably be ruled i*****l – wrapped around a mind-blowing figure like Tina’s. Navy blue in color, the bottoms were full-length kocaeli escort and made of a lacy material. The top, was tremendously more revealing. The arms were full-length, but the front was nonexistent, but for two big straps, that were made to be tied while wearing … hiding very little, of the gargantuan breasts, just exploding outward! The gigantic mountains of tit were stretching the fabric into the middle of next week! How on this Earth, could a woman with what looked like the figure of a fashion model … possess a pair of such ridiculously monstrous breasts?Tina seemed taller than 5’5″, but she had on six-inch black heels. Her long, full and wavy black hair flowed down over her shoulders, all the way to the small of her back. Her sexy green eyes twinkled and her pink-painted lips were inviting. After a few seconds, Jack noticed that he and Tina were staring at each other and not even talking!. She broke the awkward silence. She walked over to Jack, as he stood up and said “I’m looking forward to this! The Club’s website photos don’t do you justice – you’re even more handsome in person.” Her tits were so goddamn huge, they bounced and swayed as she walked! Jack was pleased with her slightly Portuguese accent, as well as her spectacularly titanic breasts! She took his hands in hers and said “I know what you like – and I’m really glad you do! We’re gonna have some dirty fun tonight!” They sat down on the loveseat. It wasn’t enough that she was fucking gorgeous – her fantastically voluptuous body made Jack almost dizzy with anticipation. The woman had a set of lungs, that were simply physically impossible! She had a cartoonish, computer-morphed figure!They began to playfully chat, talking about their involvement with H10 and why they enjoyed the company so much! When it came to tits, Jack was all about overall size. This girl’s gigantic tits were clearly not natural and they were sticking outward at an impossible angle! Tina suggested they have a drink and walked over to the bar. Jack watched her and the cock tease intentionally and seductively let those hips swing and sway from side to side! As as she walked away from him, her 6″ heels clicking on the parquet floor. Goddamn, did Jack want to reach down and jerk his engorged cock! He wanted the busty-beyond-belief woman so bad, he could barely contain himself. Wicked, filthy thoughts of Tina wrapping those giant tits around his prick were all Jack could think of!When she got to the bar, Tina looked back at Jack. Her eyes became riveted on his crotch. She pleasingly smiled. The stud’s long, thick dick was so fully erect, that it formed a huge tent in the front of his dress slacks! She whispered, “Mmmm – it’s nice to see a man who really appreciates my mind-altering body. I can hardly wait for you to show me just how much I turn you on!” Jack was lost somewhere in dreamland! Tina’s tit-to-torso proportion was off the charts – and it only enhanced what Jack considered the total package! After she poured them a drink, the girl walked around the front of the bar, letting her mega-mounds swing and sway, to and fro! She motioned at him with a finger, to join her at the bar.At that moment, there was a soft knock at the door. It opened and the one-and-only Terri Hobbs walked in. “Hello, Jack – how are you?” she asked. “Fine, Terri – good to see you again!” he replied. “You two know each other?” Tina asked! “Oh yes, dear”, Terri replied. kocaeli escort bayan “I’ve shot a couple dozen of Jack’s sessions.” Tina said, “I forgot someone would be here to record everything.” Terri smiled and said “Oh trust me, you’ll forget I’m even here.” Jack was in giant tit heaven. Not only did his date possess mega tits – so did his videographer. Terri suddenly snapped, “Damn – I forgot one of the tripods – sorry, I’ll be right back.” As she walked out, Tina made her way back to the couch! She said “She seems like a sweet girl.” “Yes”, Jack sighed, “Terri is really something.” Tina added “From the looks she was giving you, I’d guess you two have been in front of the camera yourselves a few times!”, she giggled! The stud replied, “We’ve been together – but only with the cameras off.” he admitted. Terri returned and began setting the cameras up! One thing could be said about H10 – they spared no expense. Most of Jack’s sessions had been captured by at least 2 cameras.Jack could tell that Tina had decided enough time had been spent on the preliminaries. It was time to get down to business! She slid closer to Jack, putting her hands on his chest. She raised herself up, on her knees, to get a better angle for kissing! Given the opportunity, Jack let his hands find their way to her ass cheeks! They were smooth, sexy, and so petite. Tina whispered “Soooo – I’m all alone with the miracle man I’ve read so much about, huh? It’s my understanding, that you can fuck for hours and shoot endless ropes of cum!” “Oh, I doubt that” Jack said. Undaunted, Tina added “Nope, you are the true miracle man!”, with a sexy smile. “I read your bio – little comments other women at H10 say about you – telling how you have an inhumane sex tool – using it like a sex weapon! You are one amazing man, Mr. Davenport!” Jack said, “Okay. I’ll admit – I do pretty well with the ladies. I wanna know more about you.”Tina smiled and said “Well – it’s been an interesting journey. I’ve come a long way. When I was young, I didn’t have much. My Dad worked his ass off and my family still didn’t have much more than the tiny place we lived in. We lived in a favela in Rocinha and it was horrible. I did without a lot … but from the word go, I had big titties. As I got older, they kept getting bigger … and bigger. By the time I started high school, I was wearing a 44DDD bra. I dated a couple of guys, but my family didn’t like it. All we did was kinda fool around. I was still a virgin. I wanted out of there so bad. Two years ago, I met a guy named Ernesto. He lives here in LA. He’s a modeling agent. He was my first too. He helped me relocate to Rio for a little while. Then, he helped me get a VISA so that I could come here legally. He was someone I really cared about. I was naive about sex, but I wanted to learn. Ernesto saw to that. After teaching me how to please him, we did it a LOT! His dick was super big … and I wanted it all the fucking time! Things just kinda fell apart. After some time, I realized he didn’t really care about me. We argued a few times and I basically asked him to leave and not come back. He finally did…””That must have been tough.” Jack commiserated! She continued, “It was. I wasn’t sure where to go from there. I wasn’t sure who to trust. I lived off money I made modeling for awhile. I got a job at a grocery store cashier and I was there for a bit – but it was impossible to hide my tits, izmit escort which were already a 50HH-cup at the time. About 7 months ago, a guy came into the store and we got to talking. He had connections and introduced me to a friend who works for H10. That was the big break I needed! My life has been so great recently! I have been with some amazing partners. They’ve showered me with gifts. I’ve had a couple of them ask me to run away with them – so silly, I know. My tits got so mammoth … I had to have some work done 3 months ago. I was against surgery of any kind … but it had to be done. It changed my cup size to 52JJ. Hopefully, these monsters have quit growing! I love them … but enough, already!!” Anyway – that’s my story.” Jack said, “What a story. You’ve been through a lot.” Tina said, “Yeah, it’s been a long road. When I think back to those times, I feel really lucky. And I owe it all to the twins! Jack swallowed and said “Twins like I’ve never seen!” Tina grinned and said “Well – I can’t hide ’em – I might as well be proud of ’em! You hear about Brazilian girls having huge asses – but they don’t usually have huge tits – especially as big as mine! Most girls from Brazil are basically flat-chested – you can’t imagine the reactions I get.” Jack grinned, while he unabashedly played with the huge lump in his slacks. He took her hand and placed it on his groin. He said “I wanna see your mind-blowing naked body, Tina!!” She gently stroked and massaged his cock head and said “Ohhh my – that thing is a monster! Even bigger than Ernesto!” She pinned Jack against the back of the couch and they began wildly kissing. She took his face in her hands and vigorously filled his mouth with tongue … as the stud reached up and began slowly massage her unimaginably-huge tits!Jack’s prick was so hard, it was on the verge of punching a hole in his dress slacks! As he torridly sucked Tina’s tongue … to the point of almost pulling it out of her mouth … she began to unbutton Jack’s dress shirt. The stud manipulated her gargantuan breasts … pressing them together and twisting them against each other, as Tina began to stroke his now naked chest. Then, she reached downward – toward his iron-clad tool. As Jack squeezed and cupped her fantastically massive breasts, Tina found his cock head and began to teasingly tug on it, causing the stud to coarsely groan! Next, the massive-breasted Brazilian began to unzip her stud’s cock-crammed slacks! As Jack felt his slacks unzip, he let go of the massive bazookas in his hands and expertly pulled them down, while barely lifting his ass off the couch. With his long, astonishing pecker exposed, Tina took the big log in her hand and began tugging on the foot-long tool. The girl must have felt like she’d taken hold of a mule! Up and down slowly, the hot beauty worked her lover’s ridiculously long sex tool – slowly and sensuously turning his prick into granite!Like magic, the couple stood up at almost the exact same time and they began a journey to the bedroom, where Terri and 2 cameras awaited. They stood just inside the opened bedroom door and dreamily gazed into each other’s eyes … while starting a new embrace. Sucking face was taking on a new meaning. As Jack caressed her soft ass cheeks, Tina pressed her massive tits into his burly chest and urgently beat his thick-veined prick, enthralled at how stiff the big pole was! At long last, the sizzling-hot twosome managed to make their way into the luxurious bedroom suite. It featured a huge, circular king-sized bed and mirrors on the ceiling! A perfect place to make love – or fuck like wild dogs – depending on the accepted agenda!