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Subject: Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (1) This is a supplement tale In the ‘Me and James O’ story I have on here. I have chatted with his hot guy a few times after inadvertently finding his oage on Twitter. Although we have not hooked up. And the more I do chat with him. The more I want James. James is a bicurious,. average guy with average body and a nice bearded face. But it’s his cock and balls that make me crazy. Perfect size. About 7 or so inches long and with a nice curve. And a set of balls I could eat for days. This take is from the betraying roommates view point. And how after the fact he too wants James. And seduces the hairy hunk. Enjoy. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Me & James O (Jaden Gives In (1) … “James. Jaden!. What the fuckk!…” He heard It echoed in Jadens head. Even now over a year after the incident. Over a year after his ex roommate and friend Oscar caught him in bed with James, the guy Oscar was dating. Or at least trying to date. And Jaden did feel bad about it. Very bad indeed. But his desire and want for James was overwhelming. More powerful that any sense of morality or loyalty to his friend. Especially after that first rime with the hot hairy James. “Best fuck I had ever had” he said to himself “James I pure sexuality” “I had to have him” Yes Jadens betrayal to his old roommate was terrible. But in essence he was claiming what was originally his in the first place. Oscar would not have met James if he did not bail on the date Jaden had set up with the guy. James bursa escort had wanted to know him first. Even before he threw the chance with James away that first time. Telling him to make up an excuse for him as he had found someone hotter and beefier. “Tell him I have another engagement” he had asked Oscar to tell James. And Oscar did. When James showed up there was not Jaden to go on a date with. And Oscar quickly became smitten with the guy. This hot bisexual guy James was. “He was mine first” he would tell himself every day guilt set in. And the thing was James really wasn’t completely his type. Save for his hairy body and great looking cock. James wasn’t beefy or muscular enough for his normal tastes. He was handsome and had a nice body. Of this he found later when he finally got the guy. And certainly James was a hell of a lover in bed. “My god is he incredible” he said But the average height and build was really not Jadens normal wants. So, yeah he pushed James off on Oscar. And Oscar did fall for the charming James. And that was when he knew he had to have the guy. Maybe it was the fact that Oscar was happy. Just like James said at confrontation. Maybe he did like taking what was not his. But it happened and he did. Breaking his friends heart and ending their friendship. Not alone losing a roommate and having to move again. And he got what he wanted in it. At least whole it lasted. He got James. But now he wanted more if the man that made his desire explode like no other man before him. He wanted more of James. It had become bursa escort bayan all consuming. And why his breaking with his old friend seemed not as bad as it should. Yes he felt bad. But not as much as he wanted James. “I need to feel him inside me again” he said “Fucking hottest guy I have ever had” All this started well over a year ago. It was when Jaden was up for a new hot hook up. Some sexy hairy dude to give him what he wanted. A good hard plowing. He had been on an online hook up site to meet guys many a time. Especially when the local waters had run dry at his usual hang outs. And the online place helped when he needed it. The thing was Jaden was not the type to settle down and be with someone long term. It just wasn’t part of his DNA. He needed to enjoy as many men ad he could. He was nothing like his friend and roommate Oscar who wanted that whole love and commitment thing. So he made some connections and hook ups on the hook up site. A few hot guys to have some fun with. And whomever responded first was his hook up far that week. “He is hot” he said as he clicked through the guys “He us hot too” Then James found him. Jaden wasn’t looking for the hot guy as his criteria only had muscle dudes on it. Bug hairy muscle dudes. But he was on James criteria as he came up to the guys search and then he received a ‘poke’ from James. And as James looked at all pokes from guys he opened it up. “Never know” he always said “May still be a hot guy” “Or at least someone with a big dick” Its one if his flexible wants. A nice escort bursa big dick. So he always looked at the guys that had interest in him, as he may bend for a hot fuck. So Jaden opened the link to this guys page. His face was handsome, so that was good. Beard and nice smile are always a good start. Karen then looked at the guys images. Shirtless and in briefs. He considered the good looking man on the site. His tight lean but nicely toned body. He was hairy which was a definite plus. And that bulge in this striped briefs was definitely promising. Big and full looking. So his mouth did. Water from it. “He is hot.” Jaden said “Just wish he had more muscle” “Would be readily hot then” But he decided to send a greeting back to James. Thanking him fir the poke. And to tell him he was pretty hot too. The hit hairy guy responded with a “thanks buddy” and that they should sometime meet up for drinks. “Sure sexy man” Jaden sent back “We should” “Would love to get close to that cute body” So it was somewhat set. Jaden would meet up with this dude that found him on the site. Again not perfect to his standards. But he was probably good for a hot fuck at the least. “Talk to you soon gorgeous” James had said “You too man” And that was all he left it at. Jaden was in hopes to get this guy to buy him some drinks. Then take him back to his place and get a nice ass fucking by the hot hairy James. His thoughts of what lay under those lucky briefs a consideration in his decision to meet up with James. The possibility of a nice big dick for him to suck and sit on. Then he could move on to the next guy. The next, more suitable candidate for his lust. “We will meet up next week” he had said…. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ To be continued