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Subject: Jaiden – Chapters 40 and 41 Gregory Patrick ail Jaiden � Chapters 40 andouille Cajun sausage and shrimp with cheddar cheese, or any cheese you like by itself. If you have leftovers, you can form them into cakes and fry them in vegetable oil and eat them like pancakes with butter and syrup.” “Dale, do you know how to cook these?” “Seven ways from Sunday, Jaiden. I can make them taste like anything you like. I can also make coffee gravy to put on them.” “What is coffee gravy?” `Jaiden, you cook some country salt-cured ham with a bit of vegetable oil and then let the oil cool a bit and then you add black coffee to it. I love it, but to some people, it is an acquired taste like beer.” “Dale, I would like to try that sometime.” At that moment, Ginny put some country ham on the table along with the bacon. She didn’t say anything when she turned, went back to the kitchen to prepare one more thing for breakfast. A few minutes later, Ginny went back in the breakfast nook and put a bowl of brownish-black liquid in front of Jaiden and said, “Jaiden, I was raised in the south and ate all of these foods I have prepared. That liquid is coffee gravy for the grits.” Jaiden tried the coffee gravy on the grits and raved over it. He ate three more helpings while Ginny sat there eating breakfast with her boys and grinning like a Cheshire cat. Peyton told Jaiden to not hog the coffee gravy and to pass it around. Jaiden passed the gravy to Peyton who passed it to Dale who passed what was left to Charley. Charley looked at Dale and said, “Thanks, Babe, you left me a little bit. When the three southern boys tasted the gravy, they said a few ooh’s and ah’s that made Ginny very happy based on her smile. While they were finishing breakfast, the Anderson and Riley parents walked into the kitchen and the Rileys and Dr. Mom arrived. Ginny very sweetly got up and prepared some more cheese grits, fluffy eggs, bacon, and ham. The parents went into the dining room and seated themselves and poured themselves a cup of coffee. While they were talking, Ginny brought all the extra food she had just prepared and sat it on the table. Jaiden brought in the plates and Peyton fetched the silverware. When Ginny sat the coffee gravy on the table, the Andersons, Rileys, and Leonards were shocked. Dr. Mom asked what it was as Jaiden did. Dr. Dad explained to her that is was a southern favorite to put on Grits and biscuits. Dr. Mom had never tasted grits but agreed to try them this morning. Like Jaiden, she closed her eyes and savored the flavor Ginny had created in the grits. “I would never have believed grits could be so good the way folks up here describe them. I’m going to order a case of these and learn to cook them.” Jaiden said, “Mom, when you get them, call Dale and he can tell you how to prepare them like a pro.” Dale said, “Mom cook them with butter, not margarine, with a half cup of water and a half cup of Half that and a cup of coffee can’t be beaten at breakfast, right Ginny?” “Son, as we would say in the south, you ain’t kiddin’.” Peyton’s phone rang and Dr. Sims told Peyton that considering the crowd expected this evening the board meeting had been changed to the civic center and Peyton asked if the meeting time would be the same. Dr. Sims said it would be at the same time but plan on being there by 5:30 so you can get a parking space in the garage. The parking managers have all your names, so you won’t have trouble getting into the parking garage. When Peyton hung up, he was as white as a sheet and shaking. Dr. Mom gave him another pill like that she had given him yesterday and told Jaiden to put him in the bedroom downstairs and close the door so he could rest and calm down. Like yesterday, he was asleep within minutes. Jaiden went to the den, hugged his Mom, told her to thank you, and kissed her. He sat down on the couch and put his face in his hands and sighed. Mom Riley went and sat beside him and rubbed his back as she told him things would calm down and Peyton would be ok. She told Jaiden that after tonight, don’t let any reporters talk to Peyton. Jaiden agreed and said he wouldn’t. He told his Mom he was going to go nap with Peyton and about an hour before lunch to please knock on the door and awaken them in case they hadn’t already gotten up. Dr. Mom said she would, but before Jaiden went to the bedroom, she gave him the same medication she gave Peyton. He needed it; he was so worried about Peyton being stressed out. Jaiden went into the bedroom and undressed Peyton without waking him. He then shed his clothing and crawled into bed and snuggled closely with Peyton. By the time he got settled in the bed, he was fast asleep. Dale had gone to bed about the same time and was able to sleep without the medication. Charley checked on his hubby and Peyton and Jaiden several times and then sat on the deck and had a long talk with his Dad. He told his Dad he was enjoying Penn State and that he and Dale were maintaining the 4.0 GPA they started keeping since rooming and living with Jaiden and Peyton. He told him how Jaiden had helped him get and stay focused and how grateful he was for that. He mentioned to his Dad how when Dr. Mom gave them their first car, they both sobbed. He said he had never had someone outside the family love him so much and consider him as their own “biological” child. He and his Dad had tears in their eyes at that point. Dad Leonard told him the whole family has been blessed with everything that has transpired, even tonight’s ceremonies. He leaned over and pulled Charley into a hug unlike ever before and put his head on Charley’s and held him for the longest. Mom Leonard looked out the French doors and saw how her husband was holding Charley. She walked up to the bedroom they were sharing and cried her heart out. Dr. Mom went upstairs to talk with her and try to calm her. Mom Leonard told her that was the first time Charley’s Dad had held him like that since he was a baby. She thought it would never again happen. She said today was the happiest day of her life. She now knows her husband truly loves their son. Lindsey and Dr. Mom went back to the den. Phyllis joined them and told Lindsey that Charles reaffirmed his love for Charley and that it was such a beautiful site to see. She, too, had cried seeing that since she knew how the relationship had been so badly strained since Charley came out as gay. Lindsey looked at Dr. Mom and said, “If you and Jim had not called and chewed his butt over his attitude, he may never have changed. Dr. Mom smiled and said, “Lindsey you are so welcome. Jim had Phyllis’ blessing to help with that problem. I am so glad we could help Charley that way. Jaiden had talked to me extensively about what had occurred and the more he told me the more determined I got that the estrangement was going to stop. Angie spoke up and said that if the same thing had not happened to her husband, he might very well have never changed his attitude. She also thanked Phyllis and Dr. Mom who told her she was very welcome. Phyllis said, “By the way, where is Dale?” “Believe it or not he went to the downstairs bedrooms to check on the three sleeping boys. Neither of us has ever seen Dale and Charley sleep together, so I was amazed to see how worried he was about the boys. I was amazed when he said he was going to do that. He has changed beyond belief for me.” Dr. Mom said she was so proud and grateful to hear that. It was approaching 11, so Dr. Mom went and knocked on Jaiden’s door. Jaiden immediately answered the door and his Mom saw that he and Peyton had already gotten up and were dressed. Peyton went over to Dr. Mom, gave her a tight hug, and placed his head on her shoulder as he said, “Mom thank you so much for helping me through all this stress. I love you so much! “Peyton, you are legally my son like Jaiden and I love you to the moon and back. There is no way I am going to sit and watch you suffer the way you were suffering from the stress.” “I promise you that when you get into your second year of med school, life will become much more enjoyable. Until that happens, you know I am here to help you. You do understand that, don’t you?” “Yes mam, thank you.” “You are welcome, son.” Peyton went upstairs and out on the deck where his Dad was sitting. Dr. Dad asked Peyton if he was feeling better. Peyton said, “yes sir, Dad. I am so blessed to have the mother-in-law I have. She looks out for the stress in me and Jaiden and she is quick to step in if she feels that is necessary. She is totally like you and mom that way. You all have made me feel so loved and accepted and I am so very grateful for that love and support. I don’t know if it is possible to be more loved than I feel I am.” “As for your grandchildren, Jaiden and I have discussed taking Jenny’s offer at the end of the second year of med school. Ginny has demanded that she be allowed to help with the child while we continue med school and get set up in our practices. At the end of med school, we are going to accept Rob’s sister’s offer. You can talk to Mom and Jenny about it, but please don’t say anything to anybody else. Jenny can talk to her sister-in-law. I guess it would be ok if you told Peyton the Jackass too, I don’t think he would say anything to anybody. Dad chuckled through his tears. Mom Leonard came out and sat with Charley and his Dad. My Mom came out and sat with me and Dad. I guess you can say we all cuddled till the call to head out for lunch. “OK, Jaiden, where are we going for lunch?” “I would like to go to Tony’s and get the eggplant parmesan. Everybody can choose what they want for lunch since there are many good choices that Phil has added to the menu. Why don’t you call Allison and see if she and the kids would like to join us? Perhaps Pete could meet us there.” “Good idea! Allison, everybody is going to Tony’s for lunch and we were wondering if you and the children would like to join us? “We would love to, Peyton. Jason is going to be so excited. I have never seen him love anyone like he does you four. I’ll call Pete and get him to meet us there.” “That’s awesome. We’ll be there around 12.” “Jaiden, Allison said she and the children would love to meet us at Tony’s. She is calling Pete to get him to meet us there.” “Great. I’ll call Phil and get him to save a table for 14 plus a highchair spot.” “Phil, this is Jaiden, can you get Robert to set us up enough tables to seat 14 plus a baby with a highchair. We’re going to be there about 12.” “Sure thing, Jaiden. I’ll have him get it done before we get busy and it’ll be ready when you get here?” “Thanks, Phil.” “You’re welcome, Jaiden, just be aware there may be some people here who want to meet you.” “We’ll be glad to shake a few hands and give a few hugs, we just don’t want to be bombarded with questions, especially questions from reporters. Mom had to give Peyton some medicine last night to calm him enough so he could sleep.” “OK, Jaiden, I will help you with that if it starts happening.” “Thanks, Phil we’ll see you at 12.” “OK, the reservations are made for noon for 14 plus Pete and Allison’s baby. If reporters start in on us, Phil will help stop them.” “Thanks, Love, I appreciate you doing that.” All the vehicles were loaded up and everybody headed to Tony’s. When we all arrived, the reporters and vans were gone. Hopefully, we will be able to eat in peace. We went inside and got seated and Robert and Josh took our drink orders and brought them to our table. When all the drinks were served, Josh and Robert took our orders and put them in the computer for the kitchen. They had added a 15th chair and Tony joined us for lunch. We had invited Gampy and Ginny, but they said they would rest up for tonight. While mezitli escort we were waiting on the food, several customers came over to meet the Amigos and they shook hands and talked for a few minutes. Everyone politely left us alone when the food arrived. We were grateful for their respect for us. When we finished lunch, we made it a point to speak with any customer who wanted to meet us and we thanked them for their support. It was hard to believe and realize we had so much support. Usually, when someone realizes you are a gay couple, they shy away. Not in Erie and especially not at our synagogue. We decided to go back to the wharf to see what we missed in the darkness and to visit some of the shops there. We drove to the public beach and walked in the surf and enjoyed each other’s company. About 2, we headed back to the house to shower and get ready for tonight. When we got home, there was a new dark gray suit, a new shirt, dark socks, and black dress shoes for the four Amigos. Dad Anderson and Dad Leonard had snooped a little bit when they first got to Erie while they were sleeping in the Amigo’s rooms. The went to the suit shop in the mall and bought the suits and had them rush the alterations. Jaiden said they were all going to look very professional at tonight’s meeting. Each boy hugged and thanked Dad’s Anderson and Leonard. 5:30 rolled around and everybody headed for the civic center where they met up with Dr. Sims. President Jefferson from Wellstone saw them and walked over to say hello and shake their hands. Shortly the mayors from their home towns came over to speak to the boys, um, young men. Pennsylvania’s and Virginia’s governors were present as were the governors of Florida and Alabama. Peyton and Dale looked around and saw the mayors of Milton, Pensacola, and Orange Beach. This was going to be a huge event, much bigger than they expected. At 6:45, everyone began taking their assigned seats. Peyton and Dale would be sitting in the front with their spouses. Next to them would be Jason and David and then Carolyn Spencer and her husband, Jerry. The parents of the young men would be sitting two rows behind their sons. Jenny had slipped in without Peyton knowing and was hidden behind her Dad. Dale’s brother had also slipped in and was hidden behind his Dad. As 7 pm, rolled around the Superintendent called the meeting to order and read the order of tonight’s agenda. First, the Governors would speak, and then the various mayors afterward. Surprisingly Rabbi Kravitz had been asked to speak. After they have spoken, Dale will go to the podium to speak to the audience about his gift of working with children who have confidence issues and how the children respond to certain concepts he uses in working with them. He will be followed by Peyton who will speak about how he assessed Jason’s and David’s fear of their teacher and how it affected them mentally, and to some degree, physically. Once Peyton has spoken, Carolyn Spencer will speak about assessing her student’s abilities and getting them to the point where they needed to be in math and other subjects. The superintendent called the Governor of Pennsylvania to speak briefly. He extolled the virtues of what Peyton and Dale had done with Jason and how their efforts affected 30 other children in the classroom. He then asked if there were any parents and children from that class present, and if so, would they please stand with their children. Ninety-three people stood. Peyton, Dale, would you please stand and see the people your dedicated efforts have touched. When Peyton and Dale stood, there was thunderous applause coming from the entire auditorium. Television cameras were panning the audience and shooting shots Of Peyton and Dale. Young men, the response you see is because of your efforts to better your community while you yourselves are in two of the most strenuous educational programs to ever exist. In honor of what you have achieved during the short time you have been in Pennsylvania, the State Legislature has voted to establish a fund to put a tutoring program in every school in the state. The program will be called the “Reynolds-Anderson Educational Enrichment Program.” The State Legislature has funded this program to the tune of ten million dollars. So thank you for what each of you and your spouses has done to enrich the lives of over 35,000 students in the State of Pennsylvania. The superintendent approached the podium and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would now like to present to you The Honorable James Allen, Governor of the Great State of Florida. Governor Allen. “Ladies and Gentlemen, we in the State of Florida are amazed to hear of the efforts of two of Florida’s most esteemed young men, Mr. Dale Leonard-Anderson and Mr. Charley Leonard-Anderson. They have excelled in community efforts in the State of Florida and they have continued to excel in those same efforts in every city in which they have lived since beginning college at Wellstone.” “While two young men are not from Florida, the State Legislature and by order of the Governor, me, Peyton and Jaiden Riley-Reynolds have been granted full citizenship in the State of Florida with all the rights and privileges therein.” “The State of Florida has also instituted in every school in our State a tutoring program for any student having trouble in any subject. To let you young men understand the gravity of that program, we have over 28,000 students in Orlando alone.” We are proud to announce that the program will be named the Reynolds-Anderson Educational Initiative in honor of Peyton Riley-Reynolds and his spouse, Jaiden, and in honor of Dale Leonard-Anderson and his spouse, Charley.” To further honor these young men, the State of Florida has approved $30,000,000.00 to fund this initiative. Peyton, Dale, Jaiden, and Charley, thank you for your service to your various communities which has resulted in this new august educational program in the State of Florida.” “There is one more thing we would like to do in honor of your hard work. Two new schools, one in Milton and one in Pensacola will be named the Leonard-Anderson Academy in Milton, and the Leonard-Anderson Magnet Academy in Pensacola. Thank each of you for what you have spurned in education across the great State of Florida. There was a standing ovation and thunderous applause for the Amigos. There wasn’t a dry eye in either of the young men’s families. The mayors of Erie, Abingdon, Orange Beach. Milton and Pensacola were each recognized and gave each of the Amigos a key to their city and proclamations naming today Riley-Reynolds and Leonard-Anderson Day in their respective cities. The awards caused another thunderous round of applause and another standing ovation. At this point, Dale was called to the podium to give his talk on the dangers of ruining a child’s confidence in an educational system. He spoke of the mental damage that can be done to a child when a teacher calls him or her dumb, stupid, and lazy and how that can hurt a child physically by causing the child to shut down in everything, especially physical activities. Then he looked at Jason and said, “Hey, buddy, can you come up here with me for just a minute?” Jason got up from his seat and joined Dale who had a box at the podium for Jason to stand on so he would be at equal height with Dale. “Jason, will you tell the people in the audience what happened to you in school?” “Yes sir, Mr. Dale. I was having trouble in math and my teacher called me dumb, stupid, and lazy.” Jason, what were your grades in all your other subjects?” “Mr. Dale, I had an A in each of my other subjects.” “So, what did you and I do about how you felt about your math class.” Mr. Dale, we sat on the ground and you told me I wasn’t dumb, or stupid, or lazy. Then you took some large balls out of a bag and said you were going to prove to me that I was smart, not dumb, stupid, or lazy.” “How did we do that, Jason?” “You handed me those balls and told me to try and juggle them. I couldn’t so you took my hands and helped me learn to juggle.” “Ladies and Gentlemen, there are several educational ideals involved in juggling: they are attention, effort, concentration, confidence, and math. Math becomes involved when the child learns timing to make the balls go where they need to go to make juggling possible.” “Jason, I brought some balls and batons with me. Do you think you could show the audience how to juggle?” “Yes sir, Mr. Dale, I can.” “Jason, here are three golf balls, please juggle these for me.” Dale handed the golf balls to Jason and he juggled them like an expert. Then Dale handed the batons to Jason which he juggled beautifully. “Jason, have you ever juggled balls that small?” “No sir, Mr. Dale.” “What do you think helped you juggle those small balls for the first time?” “Mr. Dale, you taught me how to have confidence and that is how I juggled them, with confidence.” “OK, Jason, is there anything you can’t do.” “No sir, I have to make up my mind to learn what I need to learn to do what I have to do and then be the best at it.” “Thank you, Jason. Stay with me until Mr. Peyton comes on the stage, he is going to ask you some questions too, OK?” “Yes sir.” Ladies and gentlemen, you have seen a small part of what I do to help restore confidence in children. It isn’t hard to do, it doesn’t even take much time. All you have to do is help the child to see the confidence within himself or herself. Thank you for your time in being here and thank you for your support in what I do. One last thing I would like to mention, Jason has not had one instance where he has questioned his ability since we worked together on that issue. Thank you and have a wonderful rest of your evening. Another standing ovation was given to Dale and the applause was deafening. As Dale descended the stage, he saw his brother and tears began to flood from his eyes as he ran to embrace him. The crowd was still applauding. The Superintendent called Peyton to the stage and the place went wild with loud applause, whistles, and any kind of supportive sounds you could think of. Jaiden began his talk by thanking the audience for their support and encouragement. “Hi, Jason, how are you tonight?” “I am doing well, Mr. Peyton, how are you?” “I am doing well, Jason, thank you for asking.” “Ladies and gentlemen, you just witnessed a child speaking to an adult with the utmost respect. That alone proves he is neither dumb, stupid, nor lazy. He has been raised in a very loving home by a mother who is extremely awesome and well-educated. His father is an excellent attorney who works very hard with his wife to ensure their child is extremely well mannered and studious. When they noticed Jason, normally a straight-A student, having some uncommon difficulties, they came to my home on a Saturday afternoon after our Rabbi recommended me since I had tutored his son who is Jason’s age. When I took Jason into the breakfast nook in my home to have a place for him to work on some math worksheets I had prepared, I was extremely alarmed at the difficulties he was having working the math problems. I stopped him from working on the worksheets and asked him point-blank what was going on in his math classroom. He told me he was afraid of his teacher because she kept calling him dumb, stupid, and lazy. Hearing Jason say that made me extremely livid. I told Jason’s Dad, Pete, he needed to be in the principal’s office when the school opened and talk to Dr. Sims about what Jason had related to me. A decision was made to listen in on the math class. Within 10 minutes, the teacher had called Jason dumb, stupid, and lazy. Twenty minutes later she was seen placing personal items pozcu escort into her vehicle and then leaving the campus” That comment drew loud applause and whistles. “I continued to tutor Jason over the next few weeks as he progressed. Dr. Sims had asked Pete Gray and myself if we would interview the next math teaching candidate after I uncovered the problem Jason was having in class. A friend of a friend who was known to be an excellent math instructor had recently moved to Erie. Pete and Allison invited her to their home and called me to see if I could interview her along with Pete. We scheduled a 2 pm interview. Pete and I interview the wonderful lady for about 20 minutes I had prepared two worksheets of advanced math problems that were above those being studied by Jason’s class. I gave them to the prospective teacher and she taught Jason the concepts of working those problems in five minutes. She did such an awesome job teaching Jason, he worked twenty advanced math problems in 5 minutes. I checked his work and all the problems were correct. I called Dr. Sims and told him what I had witnessed and suggested he come to Pete’s home with a contract in hand. He did that and after interviewing her, he offered her a contract on the spot. She would not sign the contract at that point saying she wanted to make sure she was a good fit for the class and that she wanted to see where each student stood in the class and why. She also wanted to assess their abilities to see where they were and where they needed to go and how they were going to get there. Long story shortened, within a month, she had documentation written on every student in each subject which she presented to Dr. Sims. With his support and blessings, she started taking each student where they needed to go and in one month had a minimally functioning math class one month ahead of the advanced placement math class. The math she taught to get her class to that point was decidedly harder than the math the class had been studying. I understand that teacher is in the house tonight and you will hear from her very shortly. I will let Dr. Sims tell you about the student’s reactions to her in the first week alone. Jason has stood here very politely and very patiently waiting to speak. “Jason, without saying the teacher’s name, can you tell the people what you think of her and why.” “Yes sir.” “Mr. Peyton, she makes math very easy and we have a good time learning what we have to learn. She always tells us we are smart enough to learn anything if we just pay attention and concentrate.” “Jason, before she started teaching your class, what were your math grades like?” “I had a low-C.” “What is your math grade now?” “I have an `A’now.” That, ladies and gentlemen, is the difference between a teacher who rules by instilling fear in the students and a teacher who values the students and gives his or her all to ensure the student’s self-confidence and happiness in the learning process. Momentarily you will meet one of the most gifted teachers I have ever met, the teacher who has helped your children soar to new heights educationally. Thank you and have a wonderful night. `Jason, David, are you ready to go sit with your parents?” “Yes sir, Mr. Peyton.” “OK, let’s go.” As Peyton left the stage, the ovation he received lasted almost 20 minutes. He was called back to the stage to take a gentleman’s bow. When he took his bow, the applause got even louder and lasted another 10 minutes. He was finally moved to smile rather than becoming anxiety-prone. The corner had been turned. The superintendent went to the podium and said, “Ladies and gentlemen you have heard and you have seen what two young men in our city have accomplished for two young boys, not only that, you have seen how their efforts have helped over 100,000 students in one state alone, and over 100,000 students in three other states. Give them another round of applause, they have more than earned it. When the applause died down and people took their seats, the Superintendent announced he had forgotten to introduce several other important guests in the audience. will the following people please stand when your name is called? Dr. Peggy Reynolds, Doctor and Mrs. James Riley, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Anderson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Leonard. Ladies and gentlemen, these are the parents of the young men you have met and heard so much about tonight. Again, there was another long round of raucous applause, whistles, and shouts of affirmation. The parents were smiling from ear to ear and tearing up at the same time. When the applause and affirmation quieted, the Superintendent again stepped to the podium and announced four other adults in the audience had introduced the Amigos to the community and helped start what they have accomplished. Would the following people please stand when your names are called? The first individuals I will speak of asked Peyton to tutor their son, David, which led to Peyton tutoring Jason. Rabbi and Rebbetzin Kravitz, will you please stand. This wonderful couple is the parents of David and was the beginning of Peyton’s and Dale’s work in our community. The applause was long and loud. The Superintendent then told the audience that the next couple he will ask to stand are the parents of Jason and are the ones who worked with Peyton to make the changes made in the Erie School System and the school systems of Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, and Alabama. Will Attorney Pete Gray and his wife, Allison, please stand? To say the applause and affirmations were thunderous would be an understatement. It took 15 minutes before the audience settled down. The Superintendent went to the podium and said, “Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for me to introduce to you the teacher who has taken the class Peyton and Pete help save to new, unbelievable heights. Mrs. Carolyn Spencer, will you please come to the podium. When Carolyn arose and walked to the stage with her husband, Jerry, the audience went wild. The noise was so loud and so intense it came close to hurting everybody’s ears. Carolyn and Jerry both had tears in their eyes. Never in their wildest dreams did they expect this kind of acceptance in their new community. Carolyn thanked the people in the audience and began to speak about the exceptionally hard-working students she had been privileged to meet and teach. She told the people that there has been a tremendous amount of damage to the self-esteem and confidence of their children and that she will work extremely hard to reverse the damage. The audience began to yell, “YOU HAVE ALREADY DONE THAT, THANK YOU!” Carolyn lowered her head and put her hands over her face. She felt so honored in a way she had never before experienced. The Superintendent walked to the podium and asked Carolyn and Jerry to have a seat in front of the board. As she sat down. The President of the Board of Education arose and took his microphone in hand and began to address Carolyn: Mrs. Spencer, we have never seen a teacher do what you have done in so little time. Thank you for that. We have done the required Federal and State investigations before we can employ a teacher. We found your reputation to be exemplary and exceptional. Your former employer has given you the most glowing recommendation we have ever read, and the recommendation appeared to have teardrops on it. We have revisited the application we allowed Principle Sims to present to you. Upon finding you are about to complete your thesis and receive your Ph.D. in mathematics, we regret that we can no longer offer you that contract.” Carolyn looked shocked as did Jerry, and the audience was showing their disapproval. Mrs. Spencer, we would like to present you with this revised contract and a revised salary offer from $60,000 yearly to $80,000 per year. Please read over it and let us know if you will accept our offer. You could have heard a pin drop in the auditorium. As Carolyn began to read the contract, huge tears began to flow from her eyes as she looked up at the entire board. She looked back at Allison, Peyton, Dale, their spouses, and their parents. She stood in front of a microphone and asked the board President if the contract was for real, and he assured her it was. The entire board was grinning from ear to ear. Carolyn then asked for permission to give her answer to the parents and students in attendance and that permission was granted. She asked all her students in attendance to come to the stage so she could talk with them. Carolyn was amazed when she saw every student in her class come to the stage. She sat on the stage floor and her students sat in front of her. After the students sat down, Carolyn asked them if they wanted her to be their teacher. All the students began yelling “yes, mam.” She then looked at the audience and addressed the parents telling them thank you for having such wonderful children and for being involved in their education the way they had been during the past month. Please, keep up that support and feel free to visit the class from time to time to see your child progress in their education. They will progress in amazing ways, that is my pledge to you. Carolyn then looked at the children and said, “young ladies and gentlemen, it looks like I am going to be your teacher from now on because I am going to accept and sign the contract the board has offered me right now. As she signed the contract and presented it to the board president, the students and their parents went wild giving Carolyn a standing ovation that lasted more than 30 minutes. The board had never seen such support for a teacher. What came as a real surprise to the board members was every child hugging Carolyn and telling her they loved her. She smiled and told each of them she loved them, too, and that she was very proud of them and their hard work. Several of the board members had red, swollen eyes after seeing and hearing that. The board president asked for a vote to approve the contract. It was unanimous! As the meeting ended, the media descended on Carolyn and the students interviewing them about tonight’s meeting and the class’s progress. Peyton and Dale got their share of attention as well. The stories would be broadcast on Friday evenings national news and all the local television channels. As planned, the Amigos and their families, Ginny and Gampy, and Tony and Phil headed to the country club for dinner. The adults told the Amigos to get their favorite items on the menu when they got there and to not worry about the cost. As the families and the Amigos walked into the Country Club, they got a rousing round of applause and many hugs and congratulations. Tonight it was prime rib and grilled asparagus for everyone, especially for Jason. It was so much fun to watch Jason enjoy every bite of his prime rib and even the asparagus. Pete looked at the Amigos, laughed, and said, “See what y’all started? The Amigos laughed and commented that Jason had earned that prime rib. When the meal was complete, Pete asked for the bill and was told that everyone in the club had chipped in and paid the entire bill. Everybody teared up when they heard that. They were so proud of the Amigos and what they had helped accomplish, and so was the entire community. The Andersons, the Leonards, and Dr. Mom would see the news at home. Dr. Mom’s entire staff would be at her house to watch the news with their Rabbi and his wife. Classes on Friday were useless due to student excitement over Thursday night’s events. So all the professors gave the students their reading assignments – delivered by text messaging – and told all the students to stay home. It was an awesome message to receive first thing in the morning. When the Amigos escort bayan got home, Dad and Mom Riley were amazed. They rebooked their flight for Sunday afternoon and would attend temple services with the boys on Saturday morning. As the boys and Peyton’s parents entered the synagogue, to their surprise, there sat all the other parents! The young men embraced their parents with red, swollen eyes. They could not believe their parents had surprised them this way. As the Rabbis entered the temple and ascended to the stage, Rabbi Kravitz asked the boys and their parents to stand. When they did, the entire congregation erupted in applause. When the applause died down, Rabbi Belson stepped to the microphone with Rabbi Kravitz and stated, “Never would I have ever dreamed that four young men, new members of this temple, would put this synagogue on the national map.” “The responses sent via email and the postal service to the temple are in the tens of thousands which we have yet been able to complete reading. Jaiden, Peyton, Charley, and Dale, we are so proud of you and we thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for what you have done for students all over the country.” As of this morning, we have read no less than 20 emails from states all across this country telling us that they have instituted various educational programs to help disadvantaged students excel in their classes. They all related that the programs have been more than adequately funded and that they all have Reynolds-Anderson in the names of their programs.” “Thank you so much for what you have done. We will all be tuning into the local and national news tonight to see what they will report from Thursday night. Thank you again, know that we in the temple love you dearly.” Again, applause erupted in the temple. When the services were over, Rabbi Kravitz announced that the banquet room had been reserved and the temple was taking the young men and their parents to lunch at the Country Club with the entire congregation and that their meals, anything they wanted, would be a gift from the temple members. As they exited the temple, all of the news crews from Thursday were waiting outside. There was only one cameraman as all the reporters shook the young men’s hands and their parent’s hands as well. They each hugged and thanked the young men for what they had started across the country. Peyton’s eyes nearly popped out of his head when he looked behind the reporters and saw his sister Jenny standing there. He ran to her and gave her the biggest hug he could remember ever giving. He took her by the hand and they rode to the Country Club together. Yes, the reporters filmed the surprise and would add it to the evening news run. After lunch, the boys and their parents went home to wait for the local and national news programs to start at their scheduled times. Folks back home would be recording the local news for the Andersons, Leonards, and the Rileys. As 5 pm approached, the families, the boys, and Ginny and Gampy sat down to a dinner Dale had expertly prepared. The food was spectacular and the desserts were heavenly. Dale had done it again. The parents were astonished at what he had prepared and commented accordingly. At 5:45 pm, the ladies from Dr. Mom’s clinic surprised the boys when they knocked on the front door so they could watch the news with everyone else. Jaiden, Peyton, Dale, and Charley lost it when Becky and the ladies walked into the house As the local news started, the anchors told the viewers that tonight’s news would center around one amazing story about four amazing young men along with 31 extremely excited elementary students and a brilliant math teacher. The anchors said that due to the length of the story, it would be completed on the 11 pm news. Everyone was amazed that the entirety of the broadcast was all positive without one negative comment. The boys are now truly famous in the Erie community and their home communities as well. As the national news began, it was announced that the evening news would be about one story, four amazing young men, 31 elementary students, and one truly amazing teacher. The interviews done with Peyton and Dale were aired in their entirety with very little editing except to make the stories flow better. The interviews with the students and with Carolyn were also aired with very little editing. At this point, there was no doubt whatsoever that all the Amigos were famous nationally and that when they finished their education, their careers were going to skyrocket. 30 minutes later, St. Jude’s called Jaiden and Peyton and asked them to consider doing their entire internship and residency at St Jude’s. The Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Duke University Hospital, the Mayo Clinic, the Rochester Clinic Hospital, and the icing on the cake, Harvard University Medical Center joined all the others in asking Jaiden and Peyton to perform their internships and residencies at their respective hospitals. Their parents were completely stunned. Sunday morning, the owner of the Lincoln dealership, where Dr. Mom had rented the new Lincoln Navigator, called and asked Peyton, Jaiden, Dale, and Charley to meet him at the dealership at noon. When they got there, two Lincoln Navigators with bows on top were sitting in the middle of the front of the dealership. The owner invited everyone in and took them to the board meeting room. There, he asked Peyton and Dale to sign some papers which they did. He then handed each young man a set of keys and told them that the two Lincoln Navigators sitting in front of the dealership with bows on top were theirs courtesy of the Ford-Lincoln Corporation. He told the young men that they would each have a vehicle to use if they needed separate vehicles to do whatever had to be done. He told the young men that he was about to tell them something they absolutely could not tell anybody because of legalities. He told Dale and Peyton he was personally going to pay the gift tax and tax, title, and tags for the vehicles as well as two years of insurance coverage with their current insurer. All he needed was social security numbers and the name of their insurance agent, which they gave him. All four young men shook his hand and hugged him thanking him repeatedly. He told them it was his honor to honor them for all they had accomplished in two short months since moving to Erie When they got outside, more news crews were there to report the story which they had already gotten from the dealership owner. They didn’t bother either of the young men, they just videoed them getting into the vehicles and riding out of the car lot. Dale and Peyton were told by their spouses that they earned the vehicles and they would be the ones driving them home. When they got home, Ginny and Gampy had seen the news during the presentation to the boys and she was crying her eyes out. Pete, Allison, Jason, and his little sister, and Rabbis Kravitz and Belson and their families were standing in the driveway as Peyton and Dale pulled in. Everyone had tears of joy in their eyes. When they went into the house, Dr. Sims, the Superintendent, and the board president called to congratulate the young men. A few moments later, Carolyn Spencer also called to congratulate them and to tell them that thanks to them, she, too, had been gifted a Lincoln Navigator. They all were choked up at that news. Monday morning, letters poured into the boy’s mailbox from areas all over the country and especially from their home areas and their home temples. The postman came back by the house after they got out of school and arrived at the home and gave them two very large and very full mailbags of mail. They cut off the television and began opening all the mail they had received. The first card they opened contained $500. The next ten envelopes contained $1,000 each. By the time the last envelope was opened, they had over two hundred forty thousand dollars in gifted money. Dale called his Dad for advice on what to do since he is an accountant. Peyton’s Dad suggested he talk to Dale’s Dad about how to invest and save the money. He told his Dad that Dale was talking to Dad Dale at that moment. Charley called his parents and told them what was happening and how much-gifted money they had received today. His mother fainted and his Dad said that he would call Charley back as soon as he took care of his Mom. Jaiden called his Mom who suggested Jaiden also talk to her accountant on how to manage the money. After the boys hung up from talking to their parents, they all decided to talk with Dale’s Dad and also with Dr. Mom’s accountant to see if the advice they would be getting would mesh together. First, they had to get the money into several banks to protect all the money through the FDIC. And of course, they would be getting a call from the IRS due to the size of the deposits they would be making. They finished their assigned readings and making their notes and reviewing their notes from today’s classes. Before they had finished, Peyton made several trips to the bathroom and took a while each time. It was getting toward the time they normally went to bed, so Peyton told Jaiden he was stressed and was heading to bed. Before he left the den. He turned to Jaiden and said, “By the way, your Mom told me what she said to you about sex being a good means of stress relief.” Then he turned and headed for their bedroom. Jaiden thought clean, luxurious sheets and pillowcases, and plenty of time to shower; he headed to the bedroom as fast as he could. When he got to the bedroom, Peyton had all the supplies Jaiden liked sitting on the nightstand. Peyton was already naked and in bed and it took Jaiden all of ten seconds to strip and join him. The make-out session was extremely intense with each of the spouses taking a break to smoke a cigar. Their draws on their cigars were long and productive until the fire went out � everywhere. There would be some cleanup tonight. Peyton talked to Jaiden about pulling his `car’ into Peyton’s `garage’.” Jaiden told Peyton he thought he could do that as soon as he could put the cover over the car. When he cranked his engine it needed a little lubricant to get it into the garage. Once he got the drive shaft lubed, he pulled the car into the garage. He wasn’t satisfied with the way the car was in the garage so he kept backing it in and out until it backfired and stopped in the perfect space. Peyton told Jaiden the car was parked in the perfect spot and Jaiden could now take the cover off the drive shaft. Jaiden did that and a little `lubrication’ poured out on the bed. Jaiden and Peyton got up and showered and then replaced the sheets on the bed and put the other ones in to wash. As soon as they got the wash started, they went back to bed. There was a knock on their door and Dale asked if they minded if he added something to the wash. Jaiden told him to go ahead and put his `items’ in the washer and they would let Ginny dry them when she got there in the morning. Needless to say, there was no stress in the house tonight and the Amigos went into a deep sleep with no problems. In the morning, they hid the cash and checks until Dale’s Dad and Dr. Mom’s accountant called them back. When they got home three more full mail bags were waiting on them. They decided to go ahead and open the letters and cards. When they counted all the money that came in the cards and letters, they now had over a half-million dollars and it didn’t look like the mail coming in was going to stop anytime soon. Dale’s Dad called and said he would be in Erie in two and a half hours and they would take care of the situation as soon as he got there. He has an insurance policy the firm took out to insure the money up to $1,000,000. It would be deposited into the company’s account as money invested with the firm to avoid an IRS audit. Any further monies that came in would be handled the same way and insured the same way. The firm was waiving any fees for helping the guys, so they were blessed three times overall.