Jamie’s Descent Part 2

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Jamie’s Descent Part 2Chapter 2 ‘That’s it, baby,’ Vanessa purred as she snaked her hips forwards andback, gently sliding the strapon in and out of my mouth. I could nolonger think rationally, as any self control I still had slipped away andtrance like, my eyes closed, I sucked the rubber phallus in and out of my lips. ‘Baby, you love this don’t you?’ Vanessa’s voice took on a hypnotictone, gently encouraging me to take more and more into my mouth. I was too far gone with lust and desire to even register the questionlet alone give her any answer. ‘This is what you want, isn’t it? You want to be a cocksucker don’t you?This is what you’ve dreamed about, baby. This is what you were born todo.’ She placed her hands around the back of my head pushing me deeper anddeeper onto the strapon. I gagged as I took nearly the whole lengthinto my throat and she relaxed a little to let me recover and thencontinued her penetration of my mouth. I couldn’t describe what I feltas I knelt in front of my office supervisor, my nose buried in hercrotch sucking on the large black strapon she was wearing. I feltshame, certainly, and fear mixed with a sexual arousal so strong it wasscrambling my senses. From somewhere deep in my brain came faint messages of alarm andwarning. The rush that flooded through me as I gave myself to the womanI knelt before instantly swamped these feelings and I felt mywillpower sliding away. Incredibly, I felt my cock rise and hardenand I knew I had lost the battle with my last remaining inhibitions. Howhad this happened to me? At this moment I neither knew nor cared as Igreedily licked and sucked the rubber tool in my mouth. I had never donethis before but it seemed so right, so natural. How could something thatfelt so good be wrong? Vanessa was right; I was born to do this. How had she known? How had she seen right down to the depths of my soul?Vanessa took her hands from the back of my head and slipped the straponout of my mouth. I swear she could see the disappointment flash in my eyes as the object of my worship was removed. I felt lost without it’spresence in my mouth. ‘Don’t worry, baby. If you liked that, it won’t be long before you feelthe real thing.’Vanessa replaced her finger in my mouth and I heard myself sigh as Isucked it gently and gratefully between my lips. ‘Jamie, things will begin to change for you now. If you don’t want yourcolleagues to see the pictures I took posted on the company intranet,then you will do as I say without question from now on. Do youunderstand me, Jamie?’ Her tone became sharp and she lifted my chin with a finger and lockedher eyes back onto mine. I could not resist this woman who seemed to seeright through to my darkest desires. ‘Do you understand me, Jamie?’ she repeated as she lowered her face tomine and I could not tear my eyes from hers. I vaguely knew that thiswas my last chance to regain control. But her eyes burned into mine andI felt any remaining resistance dissolve away and I nodded my head. ‘Ye… yes,’ I managed to croak. ‘Yes Mistress!’ she barked straight into my face. ‘From now on when others are not around, you will call me Mistress. Is that clear?’ I swallowed and nodded again. ‘Say it,’ she snapped. ‘Yes, Mistress,’ I replied, realising just how much my jaw ached from thesucking I had given the strapon. ‘Good, very good, Jamie. Now I want to repay you for what you didearlier. Stand up.’ I climbed unsteadily to my feet, my legs trembling from what hadhappened. Vanessa took my arm and led me to the armchair that sat in thecorner of her room. ‘Sit, Sissy.’ Her tone of voice was all I needed to make me sit down sharply in thechair. Vanessa quickly knelt in front of me and she undid my zip andbelt with practised hands. She reached inside my trousers and she feltme harden straight away. ‘My, my, you did enjoy that didn’t you, you filthy little sissy.’Vanessa smiled as she spoke and her tongue slid across her lips. Theway she said sissy made me shiver with fear and anticipation. ‘Watch, feel and learn, Jamie. I promise you will enjoy this.’ Her head dropped into my lap and she took me into her mouth so quicklyand so deeply I thought I would faint. I looked down to see her headbobbing up and down on my engorged cock and I could feel her tongueswirling across my cockhead. I moaned with pleasure as she reached upwith one hand and stroked the base of my cock as she licked and suckedthe head. I had become so aroused I knew it would only be seconds beforeI came. My body tensed as I felt the pressure build deep inside me andmy cock grew even harder. Vanessa sensed the climax and closed her mouth around my shaft. I jerkedclear off the chair and came as I had never come before and I moaned asthe cum flowed from my cock into Vanessa’s mouth. She took the load intoher mouth and with lightening speed rose and kissed me on the lips,forcing her tongue between my teeth and transferred the cum into mymouth. Before I could react, Vanessa had clamped my mouth shut and Iswallowed automatically. I opened my eyes wide as I realised what shehad done and I began to struggle. She slapped my face hard and I stoppedmoving, shocked into immobility. ‘Jamie, that’s only the first of many you will swallow, so get used toit.’ She rose and picked up the camera, snapping more pictures of me as hesat, now mentally and physically exhausted on the chair. ‘That’s enough for today my little sissy,’ Vanessa whispered almost tenderly. ‘From tomorrow, you will be promoted to the role of mypersonal assistant and you’ll sit outside my office. I would advise youto accept this new role, unless that is, you want pictures I took of youtonight to end up in everyone’s email.’ From somewhere I summoned the wits to nod. That wasn’t enough forVanessa, who said, ‘Say thank you properly, Jamie.’ ‘Thank you Mistress,’ I responded, my eyes downcast in abject humiliation. Vanessa turned to her desk and took from something from a drawer. ‘Jamie, my little sissy, I want you to start wearing something suitablefor your new status. These will do wonderfully, I think.’ Vanessa handed me a pair of silk panties. I felt my face burn as Irealised what they were. ‘Oh, so sweet… I love it when you blush, Jamie it makes you look soshy and innocent. Yes, that’s the look we will go for – sweet andinnocent by day and a cocksucking sissy slut by night.’I blushed again as I realised how much I liked the sound of that. ‘I’ll see you at 08.30 tomorrow morning and if you’re not wearing thosepanties I will be very, very angry.’ Vanessa stood there with her hands on hips. ‘Now, shoo and go home you silly little girl. I need you fresh fortomorrow.’ Vanessa turned to the mirror on the wall and retouched her make up as Ileft her office, but I don’t think she meant me to see her smile andwink at the mirror as I closed the door. I don’t know how I managed toget home that night. My mind was reeling from the sensory overload I hadgone through that evening. I stumbled back to my tiny flat and I collapsed on the bed. I felt tearsof shame prick my eyes as I remembered how Vanessa had humiliated me.She had made me kneel in front of her and suck her rubber cock, and Ihad not put up much of a fight. I was a pathetic snivelling littleexcuse for a man. The bitch, the bitch, the bitch. I said it over andover. Well I would show her. If she thought she could do this to me shecould think again. I just wouldn’t put up with it. I would leave. Iwould resign and just leave the company. What could she do? I had made my mind up to just not turn up the nextday when I put my hand in my pocket and found the silk panties thatVanessa had given me. It was true they were the loveliest shade of peachand the lace trim felt exciting as I ran them through my fingers. Iturned them over in my hands and I looked at the label – La Senza. I hadoften stopped in front of the La Senza shop in the shopping centre and Iremembered how turned on I had felt looking at the beautiful lingerie inthe window. Without thinking I brought the panties up to my face and rubbed thesilk over my skin. It immediately made me remember how I had felt on myknees sucking the strapon, and I felt a frisson of excitement as my cockbetrayed me as it twitched and hardened at the memory of what I haddone. It wouldn’t do any harm just to slip them on, I thought. I’m notgoing through with this so I’ll just see what they feel like. I strippedquickly and stood looking at myself in the full-length mirror in thebedroom. I had never been exactly an athletic type of guy but I had pretty goodmuscle tone and had looked after myself pretty well. I ate the pendik escort rightthings and hadn’t gone to fat like my brother. I looked down at thescrap of material in my hand and I felt my cock twitch again. I lookedin the mirror and watched as my cock began to grow before my eyes. Ibent down quickly and put one foot and then the other into the panties.I pulled them up my legs and the silk and lace fluttered over my skin,sending shivers through me. I gasped as I pulled the panties up to mywaist and as they cupped my cock and balls I felt my knees turn tojelly. The silk and lace felt so light and cool – yet it held me sodelicately. I turned and looked in the mirror and fell in love with what I saw. Myever-stiffening rod tented the panties out, but I though they made melook so pretty. I did a little twirl and looked over my shoulder and mybum filled the panties just so. I had kept my hair long for as long asI could remember and wore it normally tied back in a ponytail. I nowshook the hair free and it tumbled down over my shoulders. I shook myhead and the hair moved free, my whole body seemed to soften before myeyes. The angular lines of my masculine body blurred before my eyes intosoft and gentle curves. I was now fully erect and as I ran my hands over the silk covering mybum I shivered and moaned aloud as I felt the material slide beneath myfingers. I closed my eyes as my hand moved to my cock and I began tostroke. I felt harder than I had ever been before. My cock felt like arod of steel. My breathing shortened and I opened my eyes just in timeto see my cock spurt for the second time that night. It was as if I were watching someone else in the mirror as I saw thehalf man half girl touch a finger to the cum stringing from the oddlyfamiliar figure’s cockhead and lift it towards their lips. I stared as Isaw the figure in the mirror lick the cum from the finger, smile back atme and suck the finger deep into his mouth. I knew then that I would beat my new desk at 08.30 sharp the next morning. I had half expected Vanessa to be surprised when she turned the cornerand saw me sat at the desk outside her office the next morning. However,she merely nodded to me as she walked up to my desk. ‘Good morning, Jamie. How are you this morning? Did you have a goodevening?’ she asked without even a trace of irony. ‘Yes, thank you,’ I replied, equally deadpan. I looked around and as wewere the only ones in, added, ‘Madam.’ ‘Jamie, very good. You will do very well in this new job I think. Nowcome in to my office we need to organise the day’s work.’I hastened in behind Vanessa who closed and locked the door. I stood inthe middle of the office as Vanessa circled me, looking me up and downseveral times in a frankly disconcerting way. ‘Yes, there are a few things we can start to work on straight away,’ shemurmured to herself. ‘But first, did you do as I asked, Jamie?’ She stood in front of me and looked me straight in the eye, unzipped mytrousers and slid her hand inside. She nodded in approval as she feltthe silk and she squeezed my balls until I squeaked in protest. ‘Good, Jamie. A very good start to our new relationship. ‘Thank you, Mistress,’ Vanessa walked behind me and took off the plain elasticated band I usedto tie my hair back. She pulled my hair back and replaced it with asalmon pink scrunchy. This time though the ponytail was fixed at my eyelevel; much higher than I usually wore it. I moved my head from side toside and I felt the pony tail swing gently behind me. ‘It will make me look like a girl,’ I whimpered. ‘Don’t be silly,’ she said, ‘If David Beckham can wear it like this, socan you.’ I had to admit later as I preened in front of the mirror in the staffcloakroom that it did look good on me. It seemed to narrow my face,make my cheekbones more prominent and my eyes somehow larger. I quickly got used to the swing of the ponytail as I moved my head and soon I had forgotten it completely. The day flew by and it was obvious that my new role wasn’t thatdemanding and I wondered just how Vanessa managed to get away with doingso little work. She had gone to a lunch meeting that had lasted threehours and she had arrived back looking a little flushed. I thought I could smell drink on her breath. The biggest problem I had to deal with all day was hiding the erections I was getting from wearing the panties.Some of the other staff noticed my new ponytail, but nobody said anythingto me, and a couple of the girls said how nice it looked.Five o’clock came and the rest of the office staff departed leavingVanessa and me alone in our part of the office. About six, Vanessa askedme to come into her office. I again stood in the middle of the office asVanessa walked around me. She reached up and took off the scrunchy fromaround my hair so that it fell around my shoulders. She looked closelyat my hair and pulled a face. ‘We’ll need to get your hair cut properly, it’s a disgrace. Luckily it’slong enough to do something nice with,’ she moved away from me and satin the chair I had sat in when she blew me last night. I couldn’t helpbut tremble with the memory. ‘Now for tomorrow, I want you wear these for me.’ She handed me another pairof silk panties, but this time she handed me a bra as well.’But, Mistress, people will see it.”Your problem, not mine, sissy. Remember I have those photographs and I willbe happy to use them if necessary.’ She put her finger beneath my chin andraised my face to hers. ‘It wont be necessary, will it. my pet?’I shivered with fear and excitement at the thought of wearing the bra. Thepanties, and even the pink hair scrunchy were one thing, but a bra? What was I getting myself into?She dismissed me and told me to be in early the next morning for a special assignment. I scurried home to my flat, swearing yet again that I would notdo what Vanessa wanted. However as I let the silk of the panties and bra slide through my fingers, my cock began to tingle and I thought, what harmwould it do if I tried them on. It wouldn’t change my mind of course, I still wasn’t going to wear them for Vanessa.I slipped off my work clothes and pulled the panties up my legs. I sighedas the silk cradled my cock and balls in it’s sensual grip. I let my hairdown and even brushed it so that it had some shape to it. I picked up the bra with trembling fingers and wondered how I would put it on. I remembered seeing a girl do this thing in a porn film. She did her bra up at the front and then twisted it round. I managed to control my tremblingfingers long enough to fasten it at the front and then pull it round sothat the cups were at the front. I slid the straps up my arms and over my shoulders and at the first tug of the straps, I was lost. It felt soerotic, the material soft and silky against my skin and the strapstugging at me as I moved. How weak was I? Vanessa knew exactly whichbuttons to press.I scuttled into work early the next day, my jacket concealing any signof the bra under my shirt. Vanessa strode straight past my desk andinto her office, leaving the door open. ‘Well, sissy, what are you waiting for? We have work to do.’I looked around, terrified that sonebody had heard, but we were the only ones in at that early hour. I scuttled into her office, after which she closed and locked the door before pulling down the blinds.’Take that jacket off, sissy, I want to see if you have done as youwere told.’I removed my jacket and Vanessa came and stood very close to me, her fingers running over my chest so that she coud feel the bra under myshirt.’Good little girl, Jamie, you’re doing very well so far.’She moved her head forwards, her lips almost brushing mine.’Do you like my lipstick, Jamie?’ she whispered. ‘It’s pink, all sissies like pink. Do you like pink Jamie?’ I felt myself nod, too scared to speak. her tongue flicked out and she ran it along those lovely pink lips, my eyes following the action.’Do you want to wear pink lipstick, Jamie? Tell me if you do and I’llput some on you now. If you dont say anything, I wil take that as a yes, my little sissy.’My tongue was frozen in my mouth. I wanted to say no, but my tongue wasn’tlistening to my brain, and I said nothing.’So thats a yes, Jamie. You want to wear my pink lipstick today.’My mind was screaming NO! but my voice wouldn’t comply. I was hypnotisedby her voice; low and dark, full of sexual promise, it bored into my brain.She picked up a tube of and held it right in front of my eyes as she slowly unscrewed it. The pink tip of the lipstick emerged from the tube and as if on cue my cock began to harden.’Pucker up baby, you’re going to escort pendik love this. It will make you look so sexy.’She grabbed my chin with one hand and squeezed, forcing my lips forward.so that she could smooth the slippery lipstick onto them. She let go of me and stood back, ‘Yes, that will do nicely. Now I want you to dosomething for me, Jamie.’She pushed me down onto my knees and she sat behind her desk.’Jamie, every morning, I want you to get on your knees and eat me undermy desk. Do you understand?’I was horrified and excited in equal measure. ‘I said, do you understand me. Jame? Its a simple enough question.’I finally found my tongue, ‘Yes, yes, I mean yes Mistress.”That’s better, sissy. So, get on with it.’I crawled over to her desk and lowered my head so I could get underneath it. She had hiked up her skirt and opened her legs. I couldsee her white thong pulled tight into her pussy.’First you need to pull down my panties.’I reached out and with shaking hands I gripped the sides of her thongand pulled it down her legs. She kicked it off and opened her legseven further. I coud see her glistening pussy right in front of myeyes.’You may begin, sissy.’ she ordered. I inched my way towards her and I could smell her wetness as I camecloser. I bent my head forwards and my tongue flicked out to gentlylick her.’Harder than that, you’ll never get me off doing that.’She reached under the table and put her hands behind my head andpulled me hard into her pussy. My tongue began to lick her harderand I heard her hiss with pleasure above me.’Thats better, my pet. Just keep doing it that hard.’She ket one hand behind me head locking me into place and she broughtthe other one down and began to rub her clitoris just above my nose. I had no choice but to keep licking and she brought her legs together,trapping me between her legs. My neck and tongue began to ache, whenVanessa grunted above me and she came, her juices coating my face withits sticky sweet nectar.’Enough, sissy. you can come out now.’I crawled out from beneath the desk and knelt before her.’Thats a good start, my pet. A bit rough, but practice will cure that.Now, go and wash your face and here,’ she handed me the tube oflipstick, ‘go and freshen up your lipstick.”But Mistress. what if someone sees me?’She frowned, ‘When will you learn to do what I tell you with out arguing? Just do it, you silly girl.’I scuttled away to the washrooms and after quickly checking there was nobody else there, I washed my face and clumsily reapplied the lipstick.I got back to my desk and Vanessa had closed the door to her office,so I sat outside, terrified that somebody would notice that I waswearing lipstick. Yet again, a couple of the girls stopped by mydesk and complimented me on the colour of my lipstick. I was mortifiedthat they had noticed but nobody seemed to worry or make a fuss.Vanessa returned after lunch, again smelling of drink. She calledme into her office and asked how the morning had gone. I told herabout the few calls she had received and that nothing else hadhappened. She waved her hand at me to dismiss me, but I hesitated.She looked up with a frown, ‘What is it sissy?”Well Mistress, I dont understand why, but nobody seems to care thatI’m wearing lipstick, I even had a couple of compliments.”So you should, its a lovely colour.”Yes, Mistress, but why doesn’t anyone seem to mind?’She leaned back in her chair, ‘Well I suppose you’ll hear about itanyway. I have told everyone that they will see some changes inthe way you dress and look.”But why?’She glared back at me, ‘Why what?”Oh, I’m sorry. Why, Mistress?”Because I’ve told everyone you are beginning to transition. You came and told me you are transgender and you wanted to act and dress as a girl.’I felt like I was going to faint, ‘But why did you tell them that?”Because that way everyone accepts that you’re wearing your hair like a girl and wearing lipstick. They think it’s cute.’I felt tears flooding my eyes and I wiped them away.’Don’t snivel, girl, its better this way, you’ll have to learnto trust me, now go and fetch me a coffee.’I did as she asked and sat outside her office for the rest of theafternoon, trying and failing to make sense of what was going on. I had fallen under the spell of this woman, I felt powerless toresist her and I had no idea where this was going to lead.At the end of the afternoon she called me into her office andhanded me a new panty and bra set, but this time a suspenderbelt and a pair of stockings.’I want you in the office wearing these tomorrow, ready to dowhat we discussed this morning, complete with lipstick. isthat clear?’I nodded meekly.’I didn’t hear you say anything, sissy.”Yes Mistress,”That’s better, and you had better make sure your seams arestraight in the morning.’I returned to my flat and collapsed on the bed, unable to processwhat was happening. A few days ago, I was a bored but happy intern,one of thousands no doubt, just doing what they have to do get by.Now, I am the submissive slave to a mistress, who seems bent onfeminising me. Well, it has to stop now, I said to myself. I won’t do it any more. I fell asleep determined to stand up toVanessa.The next morning I woke early and looked at the pile of lingeriethat I had left on my bedside table. I reached out a hand and felt the shimmering nylon of the stockings and it was as if theywere calling to me. I shook my head but the desire to just trythem on kept growing and growing. I showered and shaved, made some coffee and tried to ignore the voice in my head telling mejust trying the stockings on wouldn’t be so bad, I could always take them off again.So, I slid the suspender belt around my waist and rememberingwhat I had seen in porn films I rolled the stockings into a doughnut shape and slid them up my legs. I alost fainted from the sensation they created. The smooth nylon electrified me as I pulled them tight up my legs and managed to fasten them to theclips on the belt. I walked around and the gentle tug of thestraps on the belt was so arousing I was soon hard and I had tostroke my cock until I came, my knees almost giving way beneathme.After that, I had no choice in the matter, I pulled on the panties and fastened the bra before putting on my work clothes.I would put the lipstick on when I got to work. The journey to the office was a nightmare; the pull of the suspenders, the tug of the bra strap and the silkiness of the panties was enough to keep me in a state of permanent arousal. I dashed into the washroom and applied my lipstick, hopefully a little better this time.Vanessa arrived and I followed her into her office. ‘Good morning, Jamie, I hope you have done what I asked?”Yes, Mistress.”Alright, prove it my pet.’I unbuttoned my shirt to show her the bra and I rolled upa trouser leg to show her the stocking.’No, no, silly girl. I want to see it all.’I removed the shirt and trousers and stood there trembling, clad only in the lingerie. She walked around me sliding her fingers over the front of my panties and, of course, my cock began to respond.She giggled, ‘I see my little sissy girl likes wearing prettylingerie. Well. don’t worry, there’s plenty more where thiscomes from. I see your seams are straight too, you must have dressed carefully this morning. Now on your knees and get underthe desk.’I felt so exposed, on my hands and knees under Vanessa’s desk,dressed in bra, panties and stockings bringing her off with my tongue. I felt vulnerable, yet the whole thing was so exciting, serving my mistress in such a slutty outfit. My cock was rock hard by the time Vanessa poured her sweet juices onto my face.I crawled from under the desk, my neck aching and my face slippery with her cum.’Good girl, that was better than yesterday, you’re learningfast. Now when you go to freshen up I want you to wear this.’She reached over and pulled from a bag what appeared to be askirt and blouse. ‘No, Mistress, please, I couldn’t wear those, everybody willlaugh at me.’She slapped me hard across my backside. ‘I will spank youif necessary Jamie, I promise you. Nobody will laugh becausethey think you are transitioning. The expect you to wear this.Now go and do as I tell you, and use the ladies washroom.’I ran off, hoping that no-one else was in yet. I made it tothe ladies washroom and leant against the wall for support. I couldn’t do this, could I? I realised had little choice inthe matter now, I had been manipulated into this and I could see no way out. I slipped on the white blouse, and was horrified to see that my bra was visible through it. I pulled on the skirt and pendik escort bayan managed to get it fastened. it was black andcame to just above my knees. I let my hair down and looked atmy self in the mirror.I was shocked to see a girl looking back at me. I couldn’tbelieve it, I didn’t look that bad. Sure, I could see it was me, but a different me, softer, more feminine than I could have everbelieved. I fixed my lipstick once more and walked out of the washroom right into one of the other office girls. ‘Jamie, you look great, that blouse and skirt really suits you.I wanted to tell you yesterday how brave I think you are doingthis. let me give you a hug.’She pulled me towards her and embraced me.’Look, I hope you don’t mind me saying but you could use a little more makeup than just that lipstick, a little foundation andblusher maybe? Do you have any?’I shook my head and she grabbed my hand and dragged me back into the washroom. She opened her bag and within a few minutesshe had made up my face and reapplied my lipstick.’Now that looks better, just something simple for the office.What do you think Jamie?’I looked back into the mirror and this tine it was somebodydifferent looking back at me.”Thank you,’ I stammered,’it looks so nice.”You’re welcome honey,’she said, ‘Got to rush, good luck girl.’I returned to Vanessa’s office and she looked up and did aperfect double take.’Well, don’t you look good, what happened?”I met one of the girls and she did it.”Well all you need now are some shoes, and look what I’ve gotfor you, my pet.’She produced a pair of black shoes with what looked like aridiculously high heel.’Your task today is to learn to walk in these babies. Becausetonight I have a surprise for you, so cancel any plans youhave.’With that she disappeared and I didn’t see her until late inthe afternoon. She called me into the office when all theothers had left. ‘Have you learnt to walk in the shoes?’I had spent the day practising and although my feet were now extremelysore and my ankles ached, I had mastered them more of less. I walked across the room and she clapped her hands, ‘Perfect, I’m very pleased with you. Now, take off the skirt and blouse and leave your lingerie on.’I obeyed and stood there feeling very embarrassed, not knowing what todo with my hands, and I ended up holding them across my chest, just as agirl would do to cover her breasts I realised.’Jamie, your training has started very well and will continue this evening. Tomorrow you won’t need to come in to the office, as Ihave made you an appointment with our company doctor for a medical aswell as a visit to the hairdressers.’ Vanessa moved over to the office window and closed the shutters so thatno outside light could get in. ‘Yes Mistress,’ I began to worry what was going to happen next. Vanessa handed me a small box. ‘I want you to wear this at all times.’ Inside the box lay what looked like a small gold chain.’It’s called a slave bracelet. You wear it around your ankle.’ I looked closely and there was a tiny inscription ‘Sissy’. ‘What’s it for?’ I asked.Innocent or stupid? I don’t know even now. ‘You don’t need to know, just make sure you wear it all the time, isthat clear?’ Vanessa’s tone was sharp and I quickly bent over and fastened thebracelet to my ankle. She took the opportunity to slide her hand over mysilk covered backside. ‘So smooth,’ she whispered to herself. Vanessa reached into a deskdrawer and held something behind her. She moved behind me and she askedme to put my hands behind my back. As I did I felt a sharp pain as mywrists were cuffed together. ‘What the hell?’ I said, startled. Vanessa gave me a smack across my bum with something hard and I yelped.’Next time you swear at me it will be ten across your arse,’ shegrowled. ‘I promise you will not get hurt if you behave yourself. Thisis part of your training and you must learn to trust your mistress, isthat clear? There is no pleasure without some pain but if you do wellthen the pleasure will truly outweigh the pain.’ Chastened, I nodded. ‘Yes Mistress.’ ‘Now, I am going to turn the lights out and it will be very dark, sodon’t be frightened.’ Vanessa moved to the door, locked it and turned the lights off.Immediately, the room was plunged into absolute blackness. I could seenothing at all, and despite the warning I became very nervous. Almostnaked, handcuffed, in total blackout; who wouldn’t be nervous? I suddenly sensed a new presence in the room. I couldn’t see anythingbut I knew there was somebody new in the room. I opened my eyes widebut I could see absolutely nothing, but I sensed someone moving aroundme in the darkness. ‘Who’s there?’ I croaked. ‘Silence!’ a male voice commanded.I almost jumped out of my skin as I felt a hand glide across the backof my panties. ‘Be still!’ the voice ordered. This was not a voice to argue with for sure. The hand stayed where itwas and began to gently rub to and fro across my bum. I began to feelaroused as it relentlessly kneaded my cheeks. I felt a second hand brushacross the front of my panties. This hand began to rub my swelling cockthrough the panties and I thought I would faint with the sensation thatwas being generated. My knees began to wobble as I struggled to contain the feelings causedby the attack on my front and rear. The hands now moved inside mypanties and I almost could not cope with the waves of pleasure thatsurged through my nerve endings. I whimpered with ecstasy as a fingerslid down between my bum cheeks and probed my anus at the same time asmy cock was being stroked vigorously – whichever way I moved it seemedto intensify the pleasure I was feeling. The darkness was no longer frightening; it produced a sense of isolationin me that added to the erotic quality of what was happening to me.Suddenly, the hands moved away and I stood there panting, desperatelywanting the climax I had been heading towards. A hand pushed me to myknees and I almost fell over because of my cuffed hands and unfamiliar heels. The man moved in front of me and I felt my nipples twisted and tugged by strong fingers. My nipples had always been sensitive and I almost fainted as they stiffened with the man’s assault. The hands moved to the back of my head and as I felt my head pulled forwards, I instinctively jerked back.’Do not resist me!’ The voice hissed out of the darkness. The pressure continued and I felt my head slowly move forward. Somethingbrushed against my lips and I gasped aloud as I realised what it was.The man’s cock felt warm against my lips – totally unlike the coldunyielding rubber of the night before. Almost with a life of its own, mytongue pushed its way out of my mouth and flicked out to touch the cock.I was rewarded with a soft ‘Aaaahhh’ from the man. I continued toexplore with my tongue as the man held his cock in place. The cockheadfelt like velvet as my tongue lapped and slid across the surface. Theman pulled again at the back of my head and I opened my lips and allowedhis hard cock to enter my mouth. This felt completely different from the previous night. Then the phalluswas cold and lifeless; a pathetic substitute for the object I now heldbetween my lips. This was the real thing. I could feel the veinsstanding out from the surface and felt the cock twitch as it slid deeperinto my mouth. I could feel the heat and I could smell the man’s odouras well – an aroma of pure masculinity. Although this was the first time I had ever held a cock in my mouth Iremembered what Vanessa had done last night and began to move my head upand down the shaft. I gagged once or twice, and the man sensing myinexperience pulled back to allow me to recover. Once, I brushed thecock with my teeth and the man hissed in anger. Despite my inexperienceI quickly found a rhythm and slid my mouth along the length of theshaft, once feeling my nose graze the man’s pubic hairs. Despite my lack of skill the man moaned once or twice so I guessed I wasdoing OK. I began to feel I was dreaming. As if in an out of body state,I felt myself rise above my body and look down on the scene below. I sawmyself, wearing stockings, panties and a bra, kneeling with my handsbound in front of a tall well built man. The man had his hands round myhead and he was pushing his large hard cock in and out of my mouth. I watched as the man tensed and approached his climax, moving his cockfaster and faster as the moment of release approached. I heard the mangrunt and saw his knees sag slightly as he came and I watched withdetached fascination as the man climaxed. I saw myself suck the cumeagerly from the man’s cock and swallow greedily. I watched as the manwithdrew his cock, saw him wipe it casually across my face and myself smile as I licked my lips to collect the last of the cum that hadspilled from my mouth.I had found my destiny.To be continued