Jan Story 1

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Jan Story 1Story 1 by JanI have been getting tons of email from you guys asking ME to write a story about one of our, shall we say exposing times together. I have never wrote anything like this before, and Jim has kinda explained what I should wirte. so here goes, and I hope you guys enjoy this one.Jim and I went to a movie one night, and I wore a miniskirt and a low cut pull over top. Yes I had panties on, but no bra. At the show, Jim had his hand up my skirt, and under my panties for most of the movie. There were times that Jim pulled his hand out as the movie was a good one that we both wanted to see. After a while, I reached up under my skirt, and pulled my panties down and off. I thought I would make it easier for Jim to get at my pussy.At one point Jim had to pull his hand out because I was starting to make some noises. I was starting to cum, and I guess I didn’t realize I was making noises at a quite time in the movie. A few people turned around, but luckily it was too dark for them to see anything.LUCKILY for me though, the end of the movie was loud, and Jim finished making my pussy feel real good. konak escort I am sure that there were some people in the show that had some kind of idea what was going on, but at that moment I just didn’t care. After the show, we went to a nice place for dinner. We sat at a table and there was only a few people there. I noticed one guy sitting with his family looking over our way quite a bit, as if he recognized me. He kept looking and I told Jim about it. Jim checked the guy out, and didn’t think it was anybody we knew. This is way before we started posting pictures of me, so it wasn’t that way that this guy could have known me.After we ordered our food, Jim went to the restroom. On his way back he figured out why that guy was looking so hard at me. Well, you probalby guessed it. My skirt was up, and I never put my panties back on. Jim said he could see just a little bit of hair under the table, and from where that guy was, he could too.I asked Jim if he wanted me to cover up, and thankfully he said no. Our food came and this guy kept looking over at me, and now I could tell he was looking konak escort bayan under the table. My pussy started getting wet, I was enjoying this guy looking up my skirt. I didn’t say anything to Jim, but I spread my knees just a little bit.I was getting very suprised that this guys wife or girlfriend didn’t notice him looking up my skirt. I was having so much fun, I think if Jim would have asked me to stop that I would not have been able to. I finaly did tell Jim, and he went to the restroom again so he could get a look at what was showing.He came back from the restroom, and told me that he couldn’t see much, just all of my hair, and just a the top part of my pussy crack. Now I was even more excited. I told Jim I wanted to give him a better look, so I went to the restroom.I started to get out of my chair, and I moved one leg out and spread my legs so far that my cunt was fully exposed as if I was posing for a picture. I slowly got up, and as I was looking at him he was staring at my crotch. I couldn’t just walk around the resturant with my skirt up, so I pulled it down, and escort konak went to the bathroom. Believe me, I was so turned on that I almost reached down and took care of my hot pussy.Well, I came back to the table, and this guys head popped up out of his plate, and his eyes went back to my crotch. I pulled the chair out, and took a quick look around the resturant. The coast was clear, so as I sat down, I pulled my skirt just about up to my waist, then sat with my legs spread apart. Finnaly, this guy looked up at my face, and I had a big smile on. He just looked at me stunned so to speak, then his eyes went right back down to my cunt. This time, there was nothing this guy could not see.This guys wife or girlfirend went to the rest room, and we paid our bill. I got up off the chair spreading my legs again. As I walked by this guy, I leaned over and said “thanks for looking up my skirt. I’m going home and give my husband a blow job now”. I am not sure, but I think the guy wanted to follow us out and do some more looking. And that would have been fine with me. I noticed a bulge in his pants that was enormous. I would have loved to take a look at that cock of his. And yes, Jim and I went home, and I gave him a blow job. I got so turned on with that guy looking at my cunt, and seeing the bulge he got from looking at me that I came all over the place while I sucked Jim’s cock.