Jane from Cardiff

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Jane from CardiffIt was a pleasant day as I drove into the quiet small town church yard car park dressed smartly in a suit; wedding invitation tucked away in the jacket pocket and vaguely hoping it was going to turn out to be a good day. That’s when I spotted her. I recognised the battered old yellow Mazda she owned and she was leaning into the passenger well of the car fiddling with something however I only had eyes for her figure and the top of her legs as her skirt rode-up as she leant-in..She was wearing a cream dress suit and matching white nylon tights (Pantyhose) and her legs looked great from the hem of her mid-length skirt to her matching shoes with their semi-high heels. Atop her short bob-cut auburn hair she wore one of those silly fascinator hats but all in all it was a good ensemble.Turning off the engine my mind went back to when we had first met. It was two years ago; I was single and a jobbing plumber living in Bristol and she was living with her partner in Cardiff. A problem with her bathroom plumbing solicited a call to my employer and off I went to remedy the fault. I didn’t take long although she had booked a 2 hour slot so we sat around her kitchen table chatting over a cup of tea. She was about 30, spoke with a soft lilting Welsh accent and was pleasant to look at. Taking-in her round face with its short bobbed auburn hair and emerald green eyes I started to enjoy her company. She told me of Bill, her partner, and how he drank too much and always spent Saturdays at the Football match and ended-up in the bar with his mates until late. I could tell she wasn’t happy and felt that she was lonely and needy. It didn’t take me long to talk myself into her knickers!We became lovers and regularly rutted-away in her bedroom whilst Bill watched Cardiff play somewhere. Being, for some reason or other, unable to use birth control pills we always hatay escort used condoms and, laying there post-coital on the bed she often liked me to withdraw my cock from her and show her the usual fully laden sheath as I could cum like a horse and it amused her, when the end was tied-up, to roll it about in the palms of her hands feeling it slosh and slither about; cooling slowly wishing she could have it coating her uterus in all its stickiness and not wasted in a rubber Johnny.. Bill didn’t want c***dren. After six months or so I lied about a job opportunity up in Inverness so the affair petered-out.But there she was again. Opening the door I approached her car and stood behind her and said ‘hello Jane!’ She jumped at the unexpected mention of her name from behind and almost bumped her head on the roof. Turning round she quickly stammered-out a hello of her own and I took the opportunity to give her a peck on her lips noticing the nice red lipstick she had just finished applying. It tasted good. She was blushing. Telling her how good she looked, I took her by her arm and, as there was 20 minutes or so before the ceremony, steered her to the far corner of the car park where it was quiet and where we could talk.We chatted a while and, blushing deeply once more, told me how much she missed me and that sex with Bill just wasn’t as good as with me. I noticed her looking at my crotch and, taking her hand, gently pulled it towards my trousered cock to gauge her reaction. She gave it a squeeze. God! I needed her right now and told her so. Nodding her head and needing it too I steered her behind a van and kissed those ruby red lips lustfully. Whilst she fondled my hardening cock and began unzipping my trousers I touched the swell of her pert breasts; feeling the hardness of her nipples through the thin lacy bra and satin blouse. Time was of the essence escort hatay now and we both knew it. While she hitched-up her skirt I ran my hands over the front of her tight body control panty briefs letting my hands enjoy her contours and felt the coarseness of the white tights excite my fingers. In a heartbeat she began to shimmy her tights and panties down to her knees and, turning her around, she placed her forehead and palms against the panel work of the van presenting me with the softness of her bum cheeks.. Reaching down to touch her femininity I felt the cotton string of a tampon making me momentarily hesitate. She, realising my hesitation, reached around and pulled it wetly from her vagina and let it drop to the floor at her feet. Urgently I eased my cock from my trousers and, pulling her bum cheeks apart with my thumbs, positioned it at the entrance to her cunt. Pushing the tip into her I felt the lips and their soft hairs part and greedily accept my hardness. She arched her back and pushed-back helping me bury it’s full length deep into her warm vagina. It didn’t take long. With hard thrusts that pushed her up onto her tippy-toes I ejaculated letting it’s hot gushes fly wetly and deep into her inner womanhood and heard her sigh as she too felt its wetness and little swimmers journey for the first time towards her awaiting womb.Shortly, my cock began its transition to flaccidness and it slipped very wetly from her, followed by a steady rivulet of warm sperm that ran down her inner leg and pooled at the junction of her thigh and panty hem while even more slid out from her crack dribbling onto the soft white cotton gusset of her panties. I hadn’t disappointed again with the quantity! Turning her back around to face me I kissed her while she shimmied her now wet underwear back up and smoothed the front of her skirt. We really had to go hatay escort bayan so we walked quickly arm-in-arm to the church, her with a slightly awkward gait and me with a smug look on my face. She said that we had to talk and that she’d leave Bill in a heartbeat if only I’d take her back to live with me in Bristol. I mumbled a reply that sounded like I’d like that and that after the ceremony I’d meet-up with her and talk it through. I didn’t stay.Later that night, laying in her bed in the darkened room she sobbed silently over his betrayal while Bill drunkenly hopped on one leg fighting to peel himself out of his tight jeans. Climbing into bed beside her he lifted up her soft cotton night shirt and rolled on top of her pushing her legs apart as he did so. Within seconds he had penetrated her roughly and was rhythmically pumping away, his beery breath adding to the misery she already felt right now. Suddenly, without her really noticing, he reached his climax and just as suddenly realised he’d forgotten to wear a condom so hurriedly pulled-out spraying his cum over her clitoris, pubes and lower belly. Oh well, she thought, if she had gotten inseminated in the church yard today she could always blame her pregnancy on his drunken cum dump!Meanwhile in Liverpool, near the docks where he now lived, he lay in bed with Inge his Belgian wife. Heavily pregnant and both mindful not to wake their other youngster in the small bed in the corner of the bedroom he lay spooned against her warm body his hands caressing her bump her face buried in a pillow to muffle her cries while his cock slowly softened deep inside her bum passage. His cock wetly slid from the condom he’d been wearing whilst he sodomised her leaving it inside her and with its opening poking out of her rapidly closing hole. Grasping the condom he pinched the end closed to keep its contents within and slowly drew it out of her and watched as it slid out and down onto the bed sheet full as always with his mighty cum load. Tying a knot in it he smiled, patted his cock gently and thought yes, it had indeed been after all, a good day!